Ice Ice Baby Red by Sereni & Shentel

I know today will not be like any other Tuesday when Aslan brought in a little package. I asked him, what’s that? Honestly, I can be very blur sometimes.

The mysterious package

I tore off the post bill thingy and saw this:

As soon as I saw Sereni and Shentel, I went speechless, so speechless babeh!

My endorphins went rocketed high sky. Could it really be it? I opened the package greedily, I wanted to ravage the box but of course, I did it gently, didn’t wanna ruin the content of the package. Anticipation was killing me slowly. And then, there it was. In a black bag with Sereni & Shentel label on it. For a moment, this felt surreal.

It came with a small bag and a cute postcard. <3

It was so beautiful, I didn’t touch it for at least 10 minute, just adoring it. It was almost like finding love, man. Such a heavenly moment. Ahh… So addictive. Lol!

Red bling-bling y'all.

Finally, we’re united.

I'm so happy I could die.

Ice Ice Baby Red matches my lipstick y'all.

I love Sereni & Shentel, they make me feel special.

Now I can dream more.

Sereni & Shentel

Sereni & Shentel; Made in Borneo. I love that, so catchy, so exotic, so appealing… That is why the Borneo Girl supports them. <3

If it wasn’t for my shopping instinct, I would have missed a one day 25% discount for any products from Sereni & Shentel last night. I even rushed to the bank at 11pm just to top up the debit card in order to pay for it. I paid RM135+ plus shipping for an Ice Ice Baby in Red. I never stop smiling since then. I’d smile wider if it’s in my mail box.

I knew of this particular brand from my aunt and how can I not miss it on Facebook and Twitter?  The obsession for their headbands only kicked in after I saw it live. Either that, I’ve been brainwashing myself by going to their website for far too often. Hehehe.

I remember the first time I saw the red headband at Rock, Paper, Scissors at Green Height Mall. It was love and hate at first sight.

For one, I love the idea of a bejeweled headband, especially in ruby red and secondly, I always have a thing for headband in general. Hehe. Honestly though, I was taken aback by the price tag which was a bit too expensive for a student like me. Why would I wanna pay RM160+ for that?

I resolved my frustration by trying to make my own bejeweled headband. Bought the materials needed at Tabuan Jaya for under RM20. I know I’m supposed to hand sew the jewels on the fabric but since I’m too lazy, I just super glued them. Mind you, temporary only lah until I get the will power to sew them and buy a better fabric. This is how it looks like:

Not exactly Sereni & Shentel but this will do until the real McCoy arrives in the mail!

Even with the DIY headband, I am not satisfied and I figured, maybe I should invest in a Sereni and Shentel headband. That explained the whole rush to the bank last night. It was my good luck that I decided to buy one when they have a 25% sale. I feel so happy. After one hour of debating with myself in regards which one should I buy, I’ve narrowed down to two. Gold Digga or Ice Ice Baby in Red. It was a tough decision. I wanted both, actually, I wanted ALL of their headbands.

In the end, I went for the red one, the one I am always in love with and yet seemed so impossible to get… Hehehe. I call it my forbidden love and after all those time apart, we shall be united. I sound like a psychopath here. Okay. This is a photo of my red Ice Ice Baby which I got from

Look at them bling-bling! Red bling-bling, couldn't get any better than this!

And once I have collected enough money, I will get my hands on these babies too:

I have a thing or two for Gold...

Yes, I need you, Mandy!!!

I can already see how sophisticated this will look on me.

If I can't buy all the colours from Ice Ice Baby range, this will do for now. Hahaha.

New Money: I like the sound of that. Sexy. Hahaha.

All I need to do now is dream, dream, dream.