Of Credit Card

I do not own a credit card but I occasionally bank in my money into Aslan’s debit card and do my online business using that method instead. I think debit card is much safer than a credit card. For one, you definitely can control your spending  and secondly, you can be within budget.

So far I have no trouble using the debit card until recently. I’ve banked in enough money to pay for what I wanted to purchase online and so far, most of them rejected saying I’ve got insufficient amount. Bullcrap. It’s frustrating! Especially when you need to book something asap.

For example, last night, I tried booking a flight on Air Asia and it won’t accept the debit card payment when in fact there is enough money in it. Aslan and I had to go all the way to the airport and paid cash at Air Asia’s counter. So much for online payment. Pfft!

I’ve done most of the bookings online; air tickets, accommodations and attractions etc and thankfully, I managed to do the most before the card wouldn’t be accepted. Now, to anticipate. Hehehe.




Last weekend, Elaine told me I look happy, actually happier than I ever been. Honestly, even my life is not perfect, I am grateful I am still happy. Pardon me for being over-emotional at times because in the end, I’m still only human.


  1. Aslan. I can’t imagine my life without him. He’s always there for me and always always supportive of everything I do. He’s my everything.
  2. Family. Broken but still can be fixed. At least I still have both of my parents, all of my siblings and precious niece and nephew. They’re the reason home is still here.
  3. Friends. You know who are, every one of you makes life worth living.

And then, there are the little things in life. I can’t list them all out here but I think you have an idea or two.



Tech Dilemma

Aslan and I browsed at Satok and the Spring today for Sony’s Playstation 3. Gamestation offered a good price and cheap too. I can get a 320GB PS3 for RM1500 in which I’ll get two remote controls. Sadly, no free game as the game itself costs around RM160-260 each. Meh.

I always wanted to get a PS3 but the moment never comes. This time I’m considering it because Sims 3 for PS3 will be available in October. I know it’s silly as I’ve got the game on my Mac and all. Just curious I guess. Sometimes I wonder, is it really urgent to get the PS3? Will it be beneficial? Will it intervene with my studies? So many questions in mind.

Anyway, I bought two new games for my PSP, Dante’s Inferno and the Sims 2 Pets. It took quite a while to upload them into my PSP so Aslan and I walked around the Spring to kill time. We walked around Home and Living and we never knew how interesting the shop is. If I had the money, I’d buy everything in it. Lol.

Since I wanted to get another pair of gym pants, we went to Corneli. I found one really good gym pants from Adidas. Apart from being a really good gym pants, it also helps in improving body posture. I really like that concept, I’d like to get gym pants that can help to shape up the tones of my leg muscles and oh, bum too. Apparently, I have small bum, maybe a little uplifting will do the trick. ;D

Unfortunately, the only size left was a size 34 which I’d never fit in. The sales guy said to check Reebok or Puma for another similar one but I found none. I did think of trying to squeeze in the pants but since it wasn’t cheap, I abandon the idea completely and decided to check out the Nike store on the ground floor just opposite Sushi King.

I didn’t have to look hard for it as the moment I entered the store, I found the pants. It doesn’t really claim to help with body posture but I love the sound of “Tight capri- Don’t hide those muscles, show them off”. I will buy the body posture improving gym pants from Adidas online.

So far no luck because I couldn’t access Adidas Malaysia’s website. Meh. I think I am addicted to gym pants. Am I turning into Sue Sylvester? I don’t think so.

We then made our way to MPH. Along the way, we noticed quite a number of shops were closed, no longer doing business. Especially on the second floor, at least 4 shops out of business. We also noticed that Miss Whatever and Evelyn & Crabtree will be available in the Spring soon. I’m not excited with Miss Whatever but I am anticipating Evelyn & Crabtree! I love their cookies and oh, their beauty products are amazingly good although pricey.

Anyway, I bought Frank Cottrell Boyce’s Millions and I’m halfway finishing the book. I’m thinking of slowing down a little and resume reading Beach Babylon. About that, I’m a swinger when it comes to books. Why? Well, once upon a time, I used to stick to one book at a time. Now, I swing from one book to the other, thus finishing multiple books at one time. I haven’t got the plot mixed up, yet, but I am sure that will happen one day, sooner or later.

I can’t imagine that happening.

So, after wondering aimlessly around the Spring for an hour, I finally got my psp back, uploaded with two new games. Went home and after playing with the PSP for an hour, I decided to read book instead. It led me to a very scary question about my thought of getting a PS 3.

What if I bought it and the excitement died just days after acquiring it? Won’t that be such a waste? I have an on and off relationship with tech gadgets (Except for the laptop, mobilephone and camera), therefore, the PS3 won’t be a good idea. Might as well save whatever dime I have in the bank for a rainy day. Yes, sounds better than seeing the black box gathering dust in my room.

Or witness it being abused by my brother. If it was human, it’d go bonkers and committed suicide.

Ah, tech dilemma. How I hate it.

Another story to share before I end this post, it’s about my trip to the immigration office with the dudes this morning. Even if the visit wasn’t a complete waste (I forgot that one must photocopy their ic and birth cert in order to apply for a passport), it was still quite a waste of time when the lady at the counter said the system was down and nothing can be done about it.

Oh please, please, please, make it possible for Rapik and Mimi to get their passports done tomorrow!\




I had a small gathering today, only a few of my friends came and we had fun. I woke up around 8am, an hour late to cook. Fortunately, I managed to get everything done just minutes before my friends arrived. Mom helped me too, so did my sisters and cousins.

My lovely friends, Sara's not in the photo coz she left for futsal

Taken from Gwen's blog: I look fat. Hahaha. Sara's looks really nice.

Taken from Gwen's blog: Aslan and I

The buffet of the day

Red Velvet Cupcake which I baked especially for the day

Maybe next year I’ll stay back in Kuching for Raya…



I’d figure, why bother with the negativity? It’s not really worth it. I’m sorry for bursting with such dreadful emotions. So here’s a photo I’d like to share.

Shoes Shoes Shoes

I am amused how I managed to do it, how did I pack all the shoes I bought in the UK back to Kuching? Well, 3 in the medium bag, 4 with Aslan and the rest in the big bag, as in the photo above. Amazing, isn’t it? I think I should control my urge to go crazy on shoe shopping the next time I’m there. Thankfully, we didn’t get charge for overweight. THANK GOD.

Back to Porridge

It is dreadful to adjust back to life after a nice two weeks holiday. I’ve been jet lagged and thank goodness, I managed to go back to the normal sleep cycle last night! I think it was easier to deal with last time as I had class as early as 10am therefore, I had to get up early.

As for this week, I didn’t do much but rest and being plain lethargic. Life finally resumed as normal or as they say, back to porridge then. Life is bland once more. Or so… I managed to meet up with Mimi and Rapik whom I’ve missed so much, it was really good to see them.

We went to the Spring for lunch and walked around. I’m glad they enjoyed their holiday and we do look forward to our getaway soon. Where we’re going? *Wink*Wink*

One clue, I need to accompany them to the Immigration Department this coming Monday to do their passports. Aslan and I had our flights booked and paid for as for them, they’ll book theirs next week. I am so excited and I can’t wait to bring them around the place where I am so familiar with, I can easily call it my second home. Hahaha.

We’ve sorted out a budget plan and we’ll be staying at chic hostels, except Aslan, who’ll be staying with his family at a swanky hotel (Which I love to death, by the way) and enthusiastically plan our to do list. We’re gonna balance this getaway with touristy itinerary and undeniably, SHOPPING! Woooooo!

On another note, Aslan and I are hooked to watching Family Guy. The other day we bought a compilation dvd of seasons one until three. Family Guy is soooooooo stupid but funny! I can’t count the times when we nearly choke ourselves laughing. Lol. I love Stewie, he’s awesome!

Since coming back from the UK, Aslan and I really miss BRITISH food! OH MY GAWD. We’re spoiled! I felt like dying whenever I go to the local supermarket, I’d say, “That’s it???”. So sad. I want Waitrose. I want M&S. I want Sainsburys. I want the Fresh Farm Produce shop!!! BAHHHHH.

Oh well, at least things are cheaper here. Everytime Aslan and I went out to eat, we will convert the price to pound. Habit, I guess. This time, we feel our money is well spent. Hehehe.

I’ve got nothing much to share, really. No photos either as Cammy is now on a rest in her solitude bag. I’ll take photos next week and definitely this weekend. I sure hope it will be awesome!

Have a nice weekend,


Young Forever

All in for smiles

I’m proud to say that everytime I go out with my sisters, people would often assume that I’m the youngest, even if I’m the tallest. In fact, I’m the eldest. Both of my younger sisters are married with a child each. I guess that explains it all, being married and having children really does make one looks more mature.

Therefore, I will enjoy being unmarried until the day comes. Young forever, forever young.



P/S: I must say that this theory does not apply to everyone. Some people are lucky, they always look young no matter what. We’ll see if I stay this way in the future. Who knows?

How does this works again?

I think I’ve reached the age where I can’t stop feeling jealous whenever a friend is getting hitched. I feel absolutely happy for her but at the same time, I can’t help to wonder, when it will be my turn?

I’ve known Aslan for eight years, I know him like the back of my hand. We’ve been dating since I was eighteen and honestly, sometimes, I can’t stand how my family pressures me to get married.

Then again, I don’t think I am ready for marriage even if I have the desire to do so. This is confusing, isn’t it?

Anyhow, the pressure has been passed down to me, therefore I asked Aslan about it in the most subtle way, ever.

“So, will you propose to me in the form of a surprise or you’d let me know about it first?” I know, what a silly question!

“It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you, would it?” said Aslan to me. Somehow, I knew he’d said that.

“When will that be?” Another bonus question. I failed at being subtle.

“I don’t want to raise your hopes up by telling the exact time but I’m sure it’s not too long from now,” he said with a smile on his face. Aslan is sensible. One of the many reasons why I love him.

“You’re saying you would like to be married to me?”

“Very silly of you to ask that question, of course I do. It’s just that I want to make sure I can give you a good life once we’re married.”

Sometimes I don’t get it why men think that the weight of the world is on their backs.

“We can start from scratch, we’ll work things out together,” I said, still thinking this marriage thing is easy.

“I know we can but I prefer it when I have a good steady job. I want to have a proper wedding and I am determined to get you a nice engagement ring and the best wedding ring.” He made me sound like I’m some sort of a gold digger with this ring deal.

“Aslan, I don’t think it’s even necessary to get me an engagement ring, what a waste of money. A simple ring will do, I don’t mind.”

“But I don’t want people to think I’m cheap.”

“You’re not being cheap, you’re simply cutting back some cost.”

“No. I don’t want to cut cost on you, I want the best for you,” he said to me as he held my hand tighter. Aslan is such a rare diamond. Honestly, I don’t give a damn about rings, they’re just rings in the end. What matters to me is him. His love.

In the end, we’ve concluded that it is a bit too early for us to get married. Aslan haven’t finished studying, neither have I. I have one more semester to go. I want to work for a couple of years first, collect money and buy all the things I always wanted. Of course, I’ll save some money for a grand wedding in the future.

We’ve decided our wedding will take place in BCCK to accommodate both our families and friends. Talking about weddings, he asked about traditional malay weddings and the processes involved.

I explained that first of all, there’s the merisik ceremony in which his parents would go to my house with their closest relatives and asks my parents on his behalf, for my hands in marriage to him. Then there’s the engagement ceremony, this can be skipped altogether but suppose there is money to spare, why not? Then finally, the wedding itself.

The wedding itself has a few stages. At the end of the day, both of us would be extremely knackered. I can’t imagine how will we survive through the long haul flight to Hawaii for our honeymoon. Oh well, I guess not sleeping will make the journey easier.

I thought of having a simple wedding but he wouldn’t have any of that. His argument? It’s not everyday you get to get married. I love Aslan.




I know I owe 9 days of entry from my holiday. I will blog about it soon. For now, I just want to relax and enjoy the moment. Here’s a photo of me trying the make up I bought in the UK and well, being vain.

Foundation: You Rebel, Face Powder: Hello Flawless in Beige, Lipstick: Betty Flirt Alert Eye Liner: Bad Gal in Black (All from Benefit), Blusher: 60 Rose Temptation by Chanel, Eyeshadow: Colour Rush in 002 Smokey Burn, Mascara: Lash Accelerator in Black both from Rimmel London

Lips are a bit smudged. Lol. And oh. Hair doesn’t really look that nice either. Oh well, can’t be too perfect, I guess. ;)