Sereni & Shentel The Borneo Collection: Semembai Literacy Project

What would this world be like without written words? Knowing how to read is as important as communicating itself. Why, even Shakespeare acknowledged the significance of the written words in one of his famous sonnets, Sonnet 18.

“So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this and this gives life to thee.”

In relation to this, I am most delighted when I found out that Sereni & Shentel’s latest Borneo Collection supports this cause. The Borneo Collection features Block Party, Mandy and New Money of the S&S line in a variety of pua kumbu designs reflecting Sarawak’s beautiful colours and traditions.

Block Party is available in four colours:

Borneo Block Party in Turquoise


Borneo Block Party in Black

Borneo Block Party in Olive Grey

Borneo Block Party in Regal Purple

Borneo Mandy is available in four colours:

Borneo Mandy in Turquoise

Borneo Mandy in Black


Borneo Mandy in Olive Grey

Borneo Mandy in Regal Purple

And oh, Borneo New Money is sexy as hell. It is available in red!

Borneo New Money in Red in which I will get in the future.

By the way, with every purchase from the Borneo Collection, 50% of the proceeds will go to the Semembai Literacy Project, an adult literacy programme designed for rural women. The donation will be given to the Society for the Advancement of Women and the Family, Sarawak spearheaded by dynamic duo Fiona Mowlem and Grete Fozdar.

There is nothing more beautiful than fashion and charity combined. Therefore, log on to and get yourself an exotic plus unique headband from Sereni & Shentel Borneo Collection! Price ranges from RM50 to RM180. Just keep in mind that half of that money goes to a good cause!



P/S: Yes, I bought mine. Better start buying before I buy them all!

A Girl Can Always Dream

Before I begin, I would like to quote India Knight in her book, The Shops (2003):

“In recent years, I have… become obsessed with the magic of online shopping. You have to kiss a lot of frogs, but eventually you find a real prince of a shop… You sit there in your pyjamas, click a few buttons with your wee mouse, and a few days later a wonderful, thrilling parcel arrives. There is such a special delight in opening a parcel, tearing through the cardboard, feeling like you’ve got a fabulous, perfect present from someone who knows you really well. Which, in fact, you have. Only yesterday a lovely pistachio-and-violet coloured suede backgammon board arrived from an online shop (and it was cheap), which probably explains my good mood today. Hell being other people, you don’t get a mood like that from schlepping up and down Oxford Street on a Saturday afternoon.”

She described exactly how I felt when I received a package from Mr Postman this morning. Especially the bold phrase. Spot on!


Hmm... I wonder what's inside?




I smiled from ear to ear when I saw Sereni & Shentel.


Honestly, all I expected was the Black Gift Bag but Sereni & Shentel was kind enough to give me a complimentary lookbook for this season’s headbands. Now I can stare at them beautiful headbands all day long. Okay, that sounds freaky. Sereni & Shentel are so beautiful. I wanna be just like them when I am slim one day. Hmm…

I wanted to rip open the box but Aslan advised me to take my time, enjoy the moment and unwrap the treasure inside gracefully. And then I saw what was inside the box.



Sereni & Shentel Lookbook and two cotton bags?


I was amused when I saw there were two cotton bags. I thought there would only be one bag because it is the Black Gift Bag that I bought. Nonetheless, I was really excited. I took out the contents and my jaw dropped opened. Why?




I couldn't believe it, NEW MONEY! And ohhhhh, the trio from the Black Gift bag are sooooo pretty too! Shiny bling bling y'all!



Sereni & Shentel granted a wish of mine to own a New Money and plus, they’ve given me the one in Black, my favourite colour! I love you, Sereni & Shentel!




New Money Black by Sereni & Shentel: A dream come true. Sereni & Shentel, you are such a star!





Black Gift Bag: From Top to Bottom: Ice Ice Baby Mini Black, Blair Black and Block party Black. Suitable for any occasion, that's the beauty of Sereni & Shentel!



Pretty Little Things.



Here are some photos of me and the beautiful headbands from Sereni & Shentel.

New Money: For that classy and luxurious look


Block Party: For that chic and fun look, oh, makes you look French too!

Blair: Beautiful and posh, that's me doing my best impression of Blair in Gossip Girl.

I love them all, I want to wear them all at one time. Crazy, I know!

I can’t stop smiling.  Thank you Sereni & Shentel for telling me that a girl can always dream.