The Ultimate Borneo Princess

The delivery boy had  a bit of a trouble trying to locate my house. Fortunately, he didn’t give up and walla, found my house! Yay to Tan & Tan Courier Xpress! Finally, my babies are here!


I love receiving this parcel!


What did I order this time?  Well…

Borneo Mandy in Black & Gold Digga: Ooh La La! Bling bling y'all! I didn't photoshop this!


I’m ecstatic about the Borneo collection, plus, I’ve been eyeing Gold Digga for such a long time and finally, I have them I can’t describe my feelings when I had them on me. Definitely the happiest gal on earth!


Just enough bling-bling to compliment the already beautiful print of the Pua Kumbu


I absolutely love Sereni & Shentel’s Borneo Collection. I guarantee you can’t find anything as amazing as this collection! Ridiculously good looking! (I got this from Sereni & Shentel)


I also love the simple design of the Pua Kumbu used for Borneo Mandy in Black


By purchasing this, not only have I contributed to the Semembai Literacy Project but also, I always have a piece of my home with me. Truly Sarawakian in a way. Hehehe.


Gold Diggaaaaaa! Look at how shiny it is! And oh, so classy!


I love how shiny the fabric used for Gold Digga.


Because I love them so much, I’m gonna post more close ups!


Ahhhh... I feel so calm just looking at them, what more to wear them?


I love this photo. Oozes glamour and luxury.


When I wear them, it totally makes me feel like the ultimate Borneo Princess! Trust me, I can never be more vain than this (Or can I???)


Borneo Princess (In my dreams) using her gold tiara. :D


Borneo Princess with her ultimate tiara. Hehehe. <3


Mmmm… One of these days I’m going to fall off my tree for dreaming too much. Oh well, not this one, I did work hard for it and I deserve everything!