I knew I always always always have a thing for two for bracelets, okay scratch that, jewelry. And when I came across BOWER HAUS, it is confirmed.

Mama mia... Now, I bet they'll look even better dangling from my wrist. Mmm...

Bower Haus is founded by sisters Shentel (Sounds familiar? Yes, the same Shentel from Sereni and Shentel <3) and Elizabeth Lee (I am beginning to love her too!).

Power sisters of Bower Haus! <3

Out of this world entrepreneurs, I must say. Their passion for business and fashion inspire me to the max in starting my own fashion line some day.

I am bewitched by Bower Haus collection, especially their Trio bracelets. It screams “Effaaaaaaaaaa” all over! I can’t describe how I felt when I first saw them but here’s my confession: It’s like falling in love again.

Yes, I can see myself with them beautiful bracelets. Mmm...

I must remind you I’m not really into gold based jewelry as I often associate it with nenek crowds you know. Haha. At this age of just 21 (Wishful thinking…), I’m into chic, glamourous BUT simple jewelry. It doesn’t have to be all blinged up like you always see on these Datins, I just want something suitable for my age and lifestyle.

And Bower Haus offers me EXACTLY that! How amazing is that? Plus, the price range is affordable and considering they use precious gem stones and pearls, it is also quite reasonable. Here are some of the pretty bracelets I am in SO CRAZY in LOVE with:

Chao Trio- Baroque & Freshwater Pearls with Aquamarine RM372 : If you love me, you can get this for my 24th birthday on Valentine's day next year. Okay? Thank you!

Selamat Datang Trio- Baroque and Freshwater Pearls with Amethyst RM 372: Oh, this one is lovely too, comes with my birthstone! *Hint hint*

Salaam Trio- Baroque and Freshwater Pearls with Cracked Agate RM 310: Why, salaam indeed, you pretty little thing! I'm in love!

Yai Sou Trio, Baroque and Freshwater Pearls with Amber, RM 372: Hmm... Amber is the colour of my energy... Wooooo oooohhhh!

OMG. Is there a birthday discount for me? If only I could buy them all. AGH. I’m driving myself up the wall. Lol. But fear not, I will collect money and hopefully, I could get one for my birthday. Mmm…

Apart from bracelets, Bower Haus also sells beautiful necklaces. Among my favourite are:

Hello Hello, Huge Keishi Pearls RM 2077: Gaga indeed. Wait till I win a lottery ticket. I'll buy EVERYTHING.

Chao, Keishi Pearl with Aquamarine, RM930: Absolute beauty. Mmm...

Hmm… Want to join me dreaming of these beautiful creations? Well, visit and experience falling in love all over again.

I am confident, I will be united with my Bower Haus one day, sooner or later, come what may.


Christmas with Sereni & Shentel

A big smile was plastered on my face when I saw the box from the postman this morning. Heeeeeee.


Yes, I did not miss the 20% Christmas discount, so I ordered one Ice Ice Baby Shine in Off White and Mandy in Gold. It was quite a hard decision. If given the chance, I would have ordered everything. But since that was not the case, two would do for now.

I should have requested for them to put a warning on the box, ‘Do Not Open Till’ Christmas’. This was suppose to be a Christmas gift for myself. Oh well, more reasons to get more, is it not? Haha.

Ice Ice Baby Shiny in Off White and Mandy in Gold. My theme for Christmas this year. ;)


I chose these two because I wanted something simple but still over the top for Christmas. Talk about being indecisive. As much as I appreciate being subtle, somehow, I can’t resist shiny things!

Ice Ice Baby Shiny in Off White: Simple and yet, still is glamourous in its own way.


Off White goes well with the bling-bling


I relate snow to the colour white, suitable for Christmas in the Tropics. Shows how enthusiastic I am about Christmas even there is no snow here.


Mandy in Gold


Baby, I am the Shining star of Christmas.


For a twist, I think I'll hang some of my S&S on my Christmas tree in Singapore hotel room. Hehehe.


They say all that glitters is GOLD. Gold reminds me of shiny things and shiny things reminds me of Christmas decorations!


The first one is the headband I got from H&M in Windsor but nothing can compete with the beauty of Sereni & Shentel's headbands!


Hmm. Everytime I get my S&S, I get high.


Just a preview, I will take more photos of me and the lovelies soon. :D

The photo reminds me of why I chose Ice Ice Baby Shiny in Off White. I want to be the Ice Queen. Hahaha. Well, that’s all for now, will update this post with more photos.