I want to ride my Bicycle!

Aslan and my brother's bicycle


I am tempted to buy a bicycle.

I love it when the wind blows my hair back as I ride down the hill. I love it when the world just pass me by everytime I cycle around. I love that carefree feeling everytime I cycle. I miss going on an imaginary adventure on my bicycle.

Cycling brings back so many good memories of yesteryears. Maybe I should consider investing in a good bicycle rather than a Chanel bag. I can’t cycle with a Chanel bag, can I? :p

We’ll see.


Hummingbird Bakery: Adventure Three

I finally have the time to bake one recipe from the book and this time, I made Banana and Cinnamon Muffin!

I used milk instead of buttermilk as I forgot to bring the white vinegar. Boo, so, the muffin is not as moist as it should be. I also forgot to buy the muffin cups, therefore, again, I made a loaf.

I’m proud to say it turned out good and delicious too!


I was really happy when I saw how well the loaf turned out to be...


I was expecting it to be flat and well, not tasty. Thank God, it was the opposite. :D


Aslan is a fan of cakes and he loves it everytime I bake. :D


I’m not too happy with the bananas I’ve used. I wish they were softer and sweeter. Then again, it was not that bad. Aslan couldn’t stop stuffing his mouth with it. Hehehe.

Next adventure… Probably Hazelnut Cupcake… Mmm…


P/S: I’m definitely going back to Portobello Road the next time I’m in London just to buy them cupcakes! :D

Of Shoes

If I were an animal and you would want to trap me, the best bait will be a gorgeous pair of shoes. It must not be any kind of shoes, I’m into those sky high platform ones. I know I am already as tall as a pole but hey, the sky is my limit! :p

Unfortunately, I am left with not much choice here in Malaysia, the land of the wee people where the majority wears a size seven and the biggest will be a size nine or a size eight UK.

Someone like me, who is in fact a size nine UK or size 13 malaysian (I am referring to shoes from Princess), my feet are definitely bigger than Ronald McDonald’s.

Before the era of imported shoes, I was restricted to buying lame looking shoes or slippers. Either that, really expensive shoes that didn’t do much justice to how my feet would look. Meh.

I am very disappointed. Obviously there is a market for bigger size shoes. I’ve met a lot of people who complained that the shoes we have here are a bit too small! I would understand if clothes are small as it is a desired trait to be slim and all but you can’t make your feet smaller, can you? If I can diet to make my feet smaller, then, small shoes won’t be much of a problem. But wait, I CAN’T!

In order to be more sensible, I’m not saying there ought be a shop specializing in bigger size shoes but at least, have a quota or a wide feet range to accommodate the need for bigger size shoes.

Anyway, that’s my two cents on this matter. I’m not going to be bitter about this as I already have a solution now.

The internet as well as online banking plus, worldwide delivery service, I can now order shoes online. Okaylah, not all of the shops offer global delivery but if there is a will, there is a way! (Green means yes, Red means no delivery service to Malaysia)

In the budget corner, there are Next, New Look, ASOS, Evans.

NEXT Nude Platform Court: Hubba Hubba and it's only 25pounds or roughly RM120

I am thankful that New Look is available in Singapore and I would never miss the hunt for the limited size nine shoes whenever I am in the area. What makes New Look more irresistible is the price tag, A-F-F-O-R-D-A-B-L-E!

NEW LOOK Canvas Multi Strap Heel: Why, hello there, lovely! 27.99 pounds or RM134

Everytime I shop at Evans, the only thing I buy there would be… SHOES! Evans is a size plus shops catering sizes 14 – 32! I rarely buy clothes there as they area bit too big for me. Even if I love shopping for shoes here but I always limit myself to two pairs the most. It’s quite pricey unless you’ve manage to find a sales item! ;)

EVANS Multi Buckle Strap Platform: This will go lovely with denim or a high waisted skirt... Mmm... 35 pounds or RM168

Suppose money is not a problem for you, why, then there is unlimited choices for you online! My favourite haunt? None other than Net-a-Porter! If money wasn’t an issue for me, these are the shoes I’d totally go for…

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Bibi 140 Leather Platform: WOOHOO, definitely want to get this baby one day! 468.08 pounds is a lot of money but I promise, this will be the only time I will splurge on shoes... I hope. Hahaha.

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Decollete 100 Jazz Pumps: This timeless classic is a must for shoe lovers! Hmm... 300 pounds!

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Open Lips 120 Snakeskin Pumps: Oh mama... 589.79 pounds

Mind you, not just these Louboutins, in fact, ALL OF THEM AVAILABLE IN MY SIZE! If I were to list down all the shoes I want to get, it will take ages as there are so many other brands such as Miu Miu, Gucci, Yves Saint Lauren, Salvatore Ferragamo, Jimmy Choo, Chloe etc!

This dream of Louboutin, where do I begin?

Sereni & Shentel Biggest Fan Contest

I would love to join the contest but I’m too shy to do so. I feel grateful to know that both Sereni and Shentel acknowledge me as one of their biggest fan. Hehehe. It goes without saying. Refer to the diagram below.


I love Sereni & Shentel so much, I want to wear all of them at one time! Shows how fanatic I am... <3


Besides, how can I beat the other contenders? The top three has votes of more than one thousand likes! Maybe next time…



Something New…

I know this is unusual for me but I want to share this song with you. A favourite of mine whenever I karaoke. Hehehe. It’s called ‘Baby Come to Me’ by James Ingram and Patti Austin.



What a nice song for a lovely Sunday. Hope you had a nice weekend.


The Countdown Begins Today!

I received a very good news today. The ‘Great Escape’ in June is confirmed! All the flight and accommodation arrangements had been booked and paid for, all that’s left is the waiting bit!

I am happy due to a couple of reasons as follow:

1. I never thought I would be flying to that part of the world again
2. It will be an extensive tour of three regions of that particular country, with most of the locations will be my first visit!
3. Three weeks away from Kuching!

Overall, I must say this is the BEST graduation gift, ever! It definitely motivates me to carry on with my thesis, come what may the obstacles are and get university over and done with as soon as possible!

Over the moon happy,

Sera’s Favourite Hobby

During my last trip to Singapore, I managed to buy a new bikini set from Cotton On Kids for my niece Sera. We went swimming today and she really loves it!


Cheeky smile as usual.



If you see Sera in fashionable clothing, it’s all my doing. Hahaha. I am also the one responsible in encouraging her love for shoes and beautiful clothes!



Bikini top still too big, I had to tie it up with a rubber band in order to adjust it to her size.



It’s always fun swimming with Sera. She’s one adventurous toddler, not afraid of the water and a fast learner too! At the end of the day, guess who’s tired the most?

Yours truly of course, who else? Hehehe. Worth it though, always a pleasure to see her happy face when she swims!


Hummingbird Bakery: Adventure Two

Since my mum requested that I bake some cupcakes for her, I made Chocolate Cupcake. It was easy to make and delicious, too! I paired it with Cream Cheese Frosting because I wanted to finish the Cream Cheese. Sayang bah if it goes bad.


Sera was the first to try it, she couldn't wait for the frosting!


In my opinion, this recipe will be much better if we had superior baking ingredients here in Kuching. Unsweeten chocolate powder was still sweet and not so chocolatey. It tasted more like milo cupcake. Meh. Still, it was delectable.


I'm still learning how to make the perfect frosting. Mine still looks a bit depressed and not perky like you would expect frosting should be... :p

Anyway, that’s all for today’s baking adventure. Stay tune for the next one!


Effa, the Dreamer

As simple as I claim to be, I do enjoy a little bit of luxury in life. I have a weakness for handbags.

In 2010, I’ve managed to accomplish my goal of getting the bag. Oh yes, spent months working my butt off just so I can save for the bag. And when I paid for the bag using my hard earned money, it felt so good.

Nothing beats that feeling, EVER. This year, I am feeling very ambitious. Generally speaking, 2011 is the year to be ambitious. But don’t cakap-cakap jer, do it lah. Anyway, I have my eyes set on two beautiful bags.

Mind you, I won’t get both bags in the same year because that’s suicide for my mentality, not to mention my pocket. At least one lah, whichever I could afford. :p

Now, the first bag is the ULTIMATE bag. I am confident I won’t be able to get this bag, well at least not now. Ready?


Chanel Classic Flap Bag Caviar Maxi


As my friend, Zarith, puts it, “It is an investment”.

Sure is if it costs RM16k +/-! Now, this dream bag of mine will only be possible if I’d won the lottery! I mean with RM12k, I can buy a lot of things! Damn, imagine the amount of opportunity cost that comes with buying this bag! Shudders just to think of it.

How to save RM16k if I have so many other needs and wants to cater to every now and then? I guess I need to be more of spendthrift if I want this particular dream to come true. I am constantly building my castle in the air…

But I must admit, it is a beautiful bag, simple and yet, stunning and most elegant. Ahh… I’ve grown more curious about the founder of Chanel, Gabrielle Chanel. I’m reading her biography now. :D

The second bag with the more realistic price tag will be none other than Louis Vuitton. Off all the designs, I somehow love the simplicity of the Epi Leather. More specifically, Passy GM. I’m still torn which colour but I am heading towards Noir.

Why? Purple is the colour of my birth stone, Amethyst. Coincidentally, it is also the colour of my birth day, Saturday, according to Thai belief.  Hehe. :D


The bag that 'almost' resembles a Hermes Birkin and within my reach, too :p


The damage? RM6500 +/- Again, I’m not confident I can buy this bag but suppose if I work hard this year, this dream is possible. Start working after June and by Christmas, Passy GM will be mine.

I know I love Louis Vuitton Monogram designs but there is no sense of individuality to it. Why, just go to the Spring and you see at least five monogram Louis Vuitton in Ta Kiong alone, both authentic and fake. Passy GM offers me this little piece of individuality, I haven’t seen anyone with this bag in Kuching yet.

Chanel or Louis Vuitton? A very hard decision to make. But food for my thought, one Chanel bag equals two Louis Vuitton bags. Not only I get to buy the Passy GM but Artsy GM as well. The concept of opportunity cost sucks! AGH!

Hey, at least it’s not a Hermes Birkin I have my eyes set on! That will take me ages to get! Two years worth of savings working as a journalist then I can afford it! That bag will be my car, my house, might as well live in it! Hahaha.

Well, it is always nice to dream. Even nicer when our dreams come true. I look forward to that!


P/S: I’m not materialistic when I want these kinds of bag. I just appreciate the finer things in life. I mean, it is my personal choice. Suppose if I can afford it, why not, right? What do you think? Is it materialistic to want branded things?

Weekend Withdrawal Symptom

I am one of those people who always have a Weekend Withdrawal Symptom.


weekend |ˈwēkˌend|
the period from Friday evening through Sunday evening, esp. regarded as a time for leisure : she spent the weekend camping | [as adj. ] a weekend break.• (also long weekend) this period plus one or two days immediately before or after : the long holiday weekend.

Withdrawal Symptom
the unpleasant physical reaction that accompanies the process of ceasing to take an addictive drug.


Let’s assume that the weekend is the addictive drug. The drug only lasts for a few days and abruptly stops on a Monday. Whether or not you have had a good weekend, you ALWAYS feel terrible on a Monday.

Long or short weekend, Monday is the day that you don’t look forward to as it only brings you back to that tedious and borderline depressive routine of work or school or even worse, both.

Monday comes bringing with it so many things that you have to deal with such as traffic jam, daily expenses, people problem, office/school work load etc unpleasant. Small worries can burden you more than you think it can.

Being the first day of the week after the weekend, Monday sure is a mood killer. I’m not the only one who thinks so.

For instance, Garfield hates Monday.

Oh, exactly how I feel...



Bad things always happen to him on a Monday.



And no matter how hard he tries to love Monday, it won’t never happen!


We all have tried reverse psychology... And failed miserably.



All around the world, people finds Monday depressing. It is a popular day for committing suicide, call-in sick and generally be in a foul mood.

How do we combat this WWS? It’s gonna be hard but the best way is to get a decent eight hours sleep before you face Monday. Monday can be quite a tough day and if you’re not well rested, you can crack easily.

Moreover, as Garfield puts it, at least Monday only happens once a week! Don’t forget, the weekend will always be waiting for you after the weekdays.