Who knew that on the last day of February, I would still be receiving birthday gifts. Haha. Well, apparently Aslan ordered something for me from Bower House but it never came until he claimed it at the post office this morning!

I was very surprised when he brought it over, I thought there would be no more gifts for me. The La Mer set was more than enough and I am very happy with the beautiful Garland from Sereni and Shentel. Clearly, Aslan is spoiling me. Tell you what, my love. Just to have you by my side now and forever is all I ever want for my birthday. Thank you for the lovely gifts. I really appreciate them.

Here’s the photos!

Amethyst, my birthstone. How very thoughtful of Aslan


A gift from Bower House in conjunction with Valentine's Day, thank you!



I also went to pick up my door gift from the Lancome and Sereni & Shentel event. They surprised me with a French Kiss Purple!


According to Thai belief, purple is also the colour of my birth day. Perfect!

I am so proud of Sereni & Shentel! Made in Borneo, y'all!


Heeeeeeee... I love this colour, it's sooooo pretty!

And I would like to surprise you with a little treat I got for myself as a birthday gift…


Taadaaahhhh! Limited Edition Blair in Charcoal! OMG. It's so prettyyyyyyyy and glitteryyyyyyy.


The glitter in the fabric doesn’t fall out nor does it sticks to your hands! I love the texture of the fabric too, it’s so comfortable and it helps the headband to stay in place too!


This exquisite headband puts Shooting Stars in mind! I feel like a star just wearing it.


Heee. This post won’t be complete with a photo of me wearing it. Mind you, no make-up on me. I’ll try to do a fashion shoot one day.


Roman Goddess in training. I must admit, this LED Blair makes me feel so UP. In other words, classy and posh. So happy!


This year’s birthday month been great! I get to make new friends, I’m all loved up by my family and friends, especially Aslan, I get to meet my idols Sereni & Shentel in person, I spent an amazing week in Melbourne, Australia, a very close friend of mine got engaged and well, life couldn’t get any better than this. Ah, bliss.


La Mer

When it comes to facial care, I don’t mind spending a bit of money. During my late high school years, I used Neutrogena meanwhile in my first year of university, I switched to Simple. In my second year of university, I changed again, this time to Loccitane.

The reason why I kept changing all these years was because they didn’t make much difference to my face. I noticed that all of the mentioned products made my skin so dry after usage, even after moisturizer was applied. Just last year, I decided to try out Khiel’s. For a moment it worked like magic but that didn’t last long.

So I researched for the best or something within my budget anyway and I stumbled upon this… La Mer.

First of all, like Chanel, this brand of facial care is very expensive and way out of my reach. Now that I am 24, it is important for me to take care of my face, especially in terms of aging and whatnot. I buried La Mer in the deepest region of my head and try to forget about it.

Until Aslan surprised me with a starter kit called Miraculous Beginnings from La Mer on our last day in Melbourne.


Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the box


On top of that, Aslan said the salesgirl also gave two samples of Gel Creme De La Mer! One sample can cost up to RM60 each!


My journey to good skin begins now


Here’s some information about the starter kit from the booklet that comes with it.


Years ago, aerospace physicist Dr Max Huber suffered severe chemical burns when a routine experiment exploded in his face. Neither science nor medicine offered sufficient promise of help, so Huber decide to help himself.

Twelve years and some 6,000 experiments later, Creme de la Mer and its nutrient-rich Miracle Broth were born.

Now the legendary Creme de la Mer and a selection of supporting skincare treatments are brought together in special travel sizes. Designed to be used in synergy, these remarkable treatments work to bring the skin to its center. When skin is centered, there’s a visible difference: lines relax, clarity is restored and skin reaches optimum hydration.

Presented in a custom travel case, the limited edition Miraculous Beginnings collection is an ideal way to experience the best La Mer has to offer.

Creme de la Mer The Moisturizing Cream
The legendary Creme de la Mer and its nutrient-rich Miracle Broth have the power to transform the skin. In a short time, it becomes softer, firmer, looks virtually creaseless. Aging lines and pores are noticeably less visible. Even the driest of complexions are healed. Sensitivities are soothed. And, of course, there are those who insist it has produced astonishing results.

The Regenerating Serum
Born from La Mer’s heritage of healing, this transformational serum is infused with a powerful anti-aging trio- a high concentration of the Miracle Broth, The Regenerating Ferment and the Marine Peptide Ferment- that helps skin trigger its natural production of ‘youth proteins’, collagen and elastin. You’ll see a difference as skin looks rejuvenated on contact. Use every day and the appearance of lines, wrinkles and pores is radically diminished, revealing a vibrant, smoother and firmer looking complexion.

The Eye Concentrate
This concentrated, ultraluxe treatment utilizes three unique forms of Miracle Broth to deeply condition, smooth and hydrate the delicate eye area. It significantly reduces the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, lines and wrinkles for a bright and healthy luminous new life.

The Cleansing Lotion
This milky emulsion utilizes magnetized tourmaline and exclusive Deconstructed Waters to thoroughly, yet tranquilly, draw dirt, debris and eye makeup out and away from the skin. It works equally well with or without water.

The Tonic
This soothing tonic utilizes exclusive Deconstructed Waters to infuse the skin with Colloidal Mineral Water, revitalizing, enlivening and toning the skin to prime it for the benefits of skincare to follow.


In a nutshell, this product will keep me looking young and fabulous. I do hope so too. I’ll let you know how’s the result like in 3 months time.

Click here to find out more about La Mer.



Have you ever realized it takes so long to reach a destination but time flies on the way back? For instance, just a week ago, I was in Melbourne. The journey to down under from Kuching felt like forever. And yet, on the way back, everything happened in a flash.

It doesn’t mean I am not happy to be back home but the holiday felt surreal. It’s almost like I haven’t been there at all! That’s crazy of course but it just feels that way. I am now in the process of uploading all the photos on Facebook before I could actually blog about it.

So, it may take some time before you could read about my adventures in Melbourne. Well, back to porridge!



Melbourne Day Five

Another building inside a building at Melbourne Central

Trying to locate Max Brenner which we didn't go to as we wanted something more filling instead.

Our itinerary today was to go to St Kilda to have some fun time at the beach. Before we made our way there by the tram, we decided to have lunch first. When I was in Perth last year, Zsa Zsa brought me to this fantastic burger place called Grill’d. I was really happy when I saw it was available at QV, Melbourne.

I kept on telling Aslan how crazy delicious their burger and boy, Aslan was really excited when he found out we were going to Grill’d for lunch.

The order counter

Luckily we came just in time before the office workers started to fill in the place fast. We shared one lamb burger between us. Their burger is HUGE!

Aslan patiently waited for the burger...

Our drinks


Where we were seated

After waiting for almost ten minutes, our lamb burger arrived!


What I love about Grill’d burger is they prepare the meal using quality ingredients and cook them in a healthy way! Why, they proudly boasted their burgers are 98% fat free. Really convincing for someone who is constantly on a diet like me.

Cross section of the lamb burger. Mmm...

Once we’ve done fueling ourselves up, we got on the tram and our half an hour ride on the tram began.

The tram ride was uneventful, Aslan fell asleep

The sight of the beautiful sea really perked everyone up, especially Aslan. He got the shutterbug instantly the moment he stepped out of the tram.

A quick pose before we headed down to the beach

Australians really do love their sun. I was looking for the shade like a vampire.

Notice the cardigan? I didn't want to be tan. So Asian of me. :p

Ahh, the beach!

Sunbathing, the Malaysian way

Sunbathing, the Australian way

Aslan hunting for a good photo opp.

At the beach and among the first thing they did was to check their phones.

I was looking through the photos I took... :p

It may look hot here but it was actually quite pleasant

This photo is funny.

Vain me

After we sunbathed for a wee while, we dipped out feet in the sea. It was freezing cold!

The obligatory take a photo action before we actually do what we intended to do. Hehe.

I was disappointed at the fact that Luna Park was closed today. It didn’t stop us from taking photos there though.

Take two

Luna Park and Palais Theater

The tram ride back to the city seemed faster. In the afternoon, both Aslan and I had an appointment at the salon. It was a Korean hair salon called Good Morning. I got my hair treated and trimmed while Aslan decided to try a new hairstyle.

With my cousin, Shai at QV Old Town Mamak Kopitiam

Straight after dinner, we went to check out Crown Casino.

Aslan and Shai posed while we waited for the tram

And the sight at the banks of Yarra River at night was spectacular!

I love my newspaper so much, I brought it with me all over Melbourne. :p

Would be nicer if Aslan was with me in this photo...

I must admit, it was a huge casino. Pity we weren’t allowed to take any photos of the interior.

Near the entrance of the casino...

Take two

More photos near the entrance... Lol.

With Aslan <3

We then walked our way back to Swanston Street. Here are some night photos of the area near Yarra River.

It was quite a walk and I was surprised how I actually managed to walk that far with a sprained ankle. Thank you, comfortable feet friendly sandals from Sketchers!

It is like walking on air!

Anyway, that’s all for today, stay tune for day six!


Melbourne Day Four

Before I begin, I must thank you, especially Mdm L. C. for being so patient with me. I’ve been delaying this post for weeks. No thanks to my thesis, family commitment and general fatigue. Meh!

Today’s plan was simple, more city exploration which included shopping and a lot of eating. We met up with Farouq nearby Victoria’s Market. They’ve got dry and wet sections. Unfortunately for us, only on our last day in Melbourne we noticed the part where they sold non-food items. %&^* Never felt any sillier.



It was 10 in the morning and the market was still full with people


Fresh desserts and pastries!


Freshly made dips and sauces...


Fromage of all kinds! Mmmmmm...


Oh mama, olives galore!


Smoked salmon, beef bacon, sausages etc


They even sell wine here.


I love their market, so clean! If only our market was just the same, wouldn’t that be interesting? But then again, if every market in this world is the same, what fun is that? :p

For lunch, we went to Cafe Laurent. We’ve been wanting to go there for ages to try out their macaroons and we were so happy when we found out it was still open. Aslan and I were famished, we decided to eat in. We were so excited we forgot to take photos of the cafe! Fear not, the Internet has plenty of photos of the cafe. :D


(Photo credit) When we first saw Cafe Laurent, we thought we were in Paris!


If I wasn’t on diet, I would have bought nearly everything they sell. OMG. They serve wonderful desserts and scrumptious savory pastries! Zarith and Jaez went straight to buy some macaroons while Aslan and I felt into the temptation and bought some sandwiches. Hahaha.


Lamb Pesto Sandwich


I’vr never smiled so wide after taking the first bite of this sandwich. It was delicious! Oh God, I’d love to eat here again! Maybe next time. As much as I loved it, I only ate half of it, too full! The portion was really big!


Roast Beef Sandwich


Aslan enjoyed his sandwich so much, to this day, the memory still is fresh in his mind. With a full and not to mention, satisfied tummy, we made our way to DFS or Duty Free Shop.


Before the long walk, photo time. :D


My sprained foot got worse and worse while we were walking. It took me longer than usual to walk that length.


Pain was written all over my face. But for the sake of discounted items, no pain could stop me! Sheer determination.



How can you not resist? Up to 70% off!


Aslan browsing around YD


We spent a good while there, browsing and having self-conflict whether to buy it or not. Zarith ended up buying five pair of shoes! I bought a few tops, a pair of jeans and a nice pair of killer heels from Aldo. :p

I wanted to try Greek food, so we went to a Lambs restaurant in Lygon’s street for dinner.


Greek Pita


Dips for the pita


Lamb Tzatziki

The meal was nice but I bet it was not anywhere near the real deal in Greece itself! Decent attempt but then again, who am I to compare? I’ll just have to wait till I go to Greece. :D

It was a slow day, if it wasn’t for my sprained foot, we would have done more sight seeings. Sighs.





Melbourne Day Three

Today Zarith invited Farouq to join us on a culinary adventure in Sofia, an Italian restaurant just at the outskirts of Melbourne city. Before we made our way there by train, we walked around the city for a bit.


Happy faces


Temperature was nice, not too hot, not too cold, made it a lot easier to walk.


Some of the city's skyline


Windsor Hotel reminds me of UK



It took us half an hour to get there and the train ride was okay.


Zarith almost ran with excitement when she saw this building...


The interior of the restaurant


Before the food arrived


Two things why Sofia is sought after; one tasty and secondly, very generous portion!


Small Vegetarian Lasagna


I can’t imagine how a large portion looks like!


Fried Calamari!


Thank goodness for Farouq and his friend, Faizal. They helped us clear most of the food we ordered. Lol!


Three in One Pasta!


Salmon Pizza

To tell you the truth, after this lunch, I couldn’t eat anymore seafood. Seafood overload. So did Aslan. It was good food but too much seafood can be very bad.

We were there in Sofia for about one hour plus before we got on the train back to the city. Everyone was so full, happy and sleepy.



Instead of going back to Melbourne Central, we went to Flinders Station. We went to explore a bit of  the Yarra riverbank.



I was expecting something like Swan River but I was expecting a bit too much. Yarra River reminded me a lot of Sarawak River…


Yarra River



It was almost like the Waterfront, except more beautiful sceneries, no kampong settlements and a lot busier.



Aslan and the Yarra River


Yours Truly




We crossed the Yarra twice as there are two pedestrian bridges over it.


Reminds me more of Sarawak River... Regatta. Hehehe.


Crossing the first bridge to the other side of the river



And here are some photos of the riverbank and its surrounding area



Since we were in the area, we wouldn’t want to miss the chance to visit the Federation Square. I didn’t really get to see the exhibition areas as by that time, my left foot was really painful. I think I might have sprained it somewhere. :(





We met up with Jaez there after Farouq and Faizal left as they’ve got another outing to go to which again, involves eating. Hehehe. Jaez then brought us around to have a look at the heavily grafitied alley.



Admiring the wall modern art...


I think it’s good that the government allow this kind of art to flourish by giving a permitted area for the artist to do their thing. Art is an expression of many many things and well, this grafitied alley clearly reflects the mixed culture of Melbourne.



We were not the only ones there


Posing before we went to have late high tea


This shopping arcade was really interesting, too bad it was already closed



Chocolate Brownie


Chai Latte


Flat White


Hot Chocolate

After a short rest at Cafe Taro, we took the tram to Jaez’s place where we rested for another short while before we went out for dinner. We went to Oldtown Kopitiam Mamak at QV. Zarith really missed Malaysian food when we were there. She ordered Nasi Ayam (which she insisted was better than back home) while Aslan and I decided to try the Fluffy Malaysian Pastry or more commonly known as Roti Canai. Lol.


Nasi Ayam


Roti Planta

It was slightly different from the roti canai back home but it was nice lah.

Jaez tried their Beef noodle which came in a very big bowl.


Beef Noodle

Honestly, what a day! Stay tune for day four!


Melbourne Day Two

Since it is a Sunday, we thought of just walking around the city and have a good time. We walked from our apartment to Collins street using Victoria Parade street still and this time, it wasn’t much of a distance. We met up with Zarith’s friends, Jaezemine and her brother Dwen there and they brought us around the city’s central business district. Collins Street is where all the big brands line-up are and boy, was I excited to see Chanel. Hehe.


Walking down Collins Street after we had a brief stop at Louis Vuitton and yes, I didn't buy anything...


Oh, LV...

Before we went into Chanel, we decided to adore the display window of Miss Louis…


Alexander McQueen may you rest in peace.


Dwen, Jaez, Zarith and I


When I finally went into the store, it was so small and the staffs were snobbish. DON’T BOTHER going there unless you look rich.







These horses were smelly and horse ride was expensive.


Only on our third day in Melbourne we knew how to use the tram. Lol.

After we walked around David Jones and Myers, we went to Kings Kebab for lunch.



Aslan posing with his favourite energy drink, Mother. Odd name but it works!


Shows how today's generation is very technology dependent... Hehehe.


Honestly, Kings Kebab has the best and yummiest kebab, ever! You should make a trip there if you’re in the area! Aslan and Zarith had lamb kebab while I decided to be adventorous and try their falafel. I’ve been missing the one at Portobello Road so much! It wasn’t disappointing! :D


Best falafel, ever!


Aslan said the lamb kebab was really good, I ordered a sharing platter of just lamb meat to snack on… Hehehe.


Mmm, lamb kebab...




I was also surprised with the size of the meals here in Melbourne, really generous portion and reasonably priced too! How can I not love Melbourne???


Satisfied look on our faces after a good meal

In order to burn some calories, we explored the CBD again, this time went shopping at Target and surrounding shops.


Walked along Melbourne's Chinatown.


A little piece of home in Melbourne!


Reminds me of our Chinatown in Kuching, just smaller...

Spent quite a while just browsing and well, didn’t buy much. Once we’ve done our shopping, we decided to go for high tea at none other than San Churros! Spanish donuts!




The thickest chocolate milk I've ever had in my life.


Before going out for dinner (I swear this holiday felt like a culinary adventure as all we do, apart from shopping and sight seeing, was eat!), we stopped by Jaez and Dwen’s place for a brief pitstop. Menu for tonight was… Indonesian cuisine at Indolicious at Lygon Street! Nice name, by the way!


My drinks for the night...


Aslan's choice of drink

Nasi Goreng Sayur




Kway Tiaw Goreng


Nasi Ayam Penyet, look at the size of the chicken and how spicy the sambal looks!

We went back around 1130pm and boy, I look forward to tomorrow!




Melbourne: Day 1

After we refreshen up a wee bit, we went to explore the city and have lunch. Since we were clueless on how to use the tram, we walked. And by jinxs, now that I googled the map, it was quite a far walk! See it for yourself by clicking here.

My goodness, 4.4km??? I think it was excitement and hunger mix with pleasant weaher that made us not feel the long walk. A bit crazy everytime I think about it. According to Google Maps, it took us at least 45-58 minutes to get from our apartment to Lygon Street.

Instead of taking the most direct route to the city, we took the longer one. Of course by mistake and pure ignorance. Meh. That 4.4km was a nice walk, thank goodness for no humidity!


Nice buildings along the road, the architecture reminds me a lot of New Orleans!


Zarith and I walking ahead of Aslan


Nice day to walk, it may look hot here but it was actually quite cool.


Pit stop before we continued the walk...


Today alone, we saw at least five couples getting married. I can’t argue with them, it was a lovely day to tie the knot and take wedding photos for that matter.


Wedding bells ringing...


Saw this mural at the Fire Station building


Mary Poppins was on but we didn't watch it, no time.


Saw a lot of trams too and we only knew how to use them on our third day in Melbourne. Believe me, it saved a lot of time!


When we finally reached Lygon Street, Zarith was so excited, she almost jumped. She kept on saying she wanted something Italian. We went into the first Italian restaurant we saw, Toto’s Pizza House.




We ordered two pasta and two pizzas to share.


Aslan looking very tired.


Zarith and I


Aslan and I shared Lasagna and on top of that, he also ordered one small Vegetarian pizza. I wish he ordered Magherita or something.


Spinach Lasagna


Vegetarian Pizza, quite big for small!


Zarith had the Marinara Pizza


I love prawns!


Once lunch was finished, Farouq came to see us. Farouq is a cousin mine studying in Melbourne. It was really nice to see him. He brought us to Il Freddo Dolce where we had the creamiest gelato, ever!


Guess what? Their most popular flavour is DURIAN! Lol.


Zarith insisted that we took a photo of her. Hehehe.


Happy face!


When I was in Melbourne, I always share my meals with Aslan, except for the Falafel lah. Why? It was one of my strategy to not gain weight. Lol.



We shared Rum and Raisins and Rocher


Honestly, in Melbourne, we spent most of our time eating. No wonder I gained 2.6kg! *^&%! But fear not, the walking balanced it all out… I’ve lost most of it anyway. In order to burn a bit of fat, Farouq showed us the park and the city shopping area. Zarith seemed more excited to see the city shopping area than the park.


Aslan bringing the leftover pizza for a walk all over Melbourne. Hehehe.


All that walking gave me a sprained ankle. It was just my luck, it never happened to me before... Boohoo...

Nice car and cute plate!



It is a nice park, I wouldn’t mind lying down on the grass and just be lazy but since time was precious, we didn’t stay for long here.


Another married couple


Close up of the fountain


We then proceeded to Melbourne Museum, Aslan and I plan to go there the next time we’re in the area. Save some places for the next trip sort of thing.



Farouq and I


We spent the rest of the day walking around Burke Street, window shopping at Target and Big W. Zarith brought home three pair of shoes from that shopping trip. Lol. I didn’t buy anything, was so tired. The walk back to the apartment was not as far, quite a nice walk too.


One of the shopping streets in Melbourne CBD


The Library



The Parliament



Upon reaching the apartment, Zarith straight away went to bed while Aslan and I watched tv. It was just too early to sleep even if we were so sleepy. Aslan had dinner of the leftover pizza. Before that, we both went to IGA downstairs to buy a few things like bread, butter, cheese, cereal, milk etc for breakfast and general snacking.

That’s all for today, will blog about day two, soon!



From Kuching to Melbourne

Today was a long day for me. I didn’t sleep for a day plus. I wanted to sleep on the flight like I did with the flight to UK but it was harder! Funny thing was it was a shorter flight, about eight hours flight. Hmm. Anyhow,  our flight to KL was delayed three times.

KIA can be quite a boring place, especially if you have to wait for hours and hours... The only form of entertainment was browsing the Chanel section. I wish they had bags etc. Hmm...

I was very anxious, couldn’t sit still until I was on the plane! Zarith tried to calm down my nerves by recommending me to try the massage chair. It worked but no matter how good it was, my mind couldn’t stop picturing these worst case scenarios. AGH.

Zarith and I on our way to KL via Air Asia.

Luckily we arrived just in time for the next flight, which was to Melbourne! If it wasn’t for Zarith, I don’t think we would have enough time for dinner. The queue for the check in was so long by the time we reached there!

The queue was like a long snake... Most of the passengers where students and their parents (For the 'freshies' lah)

Even after checking in, I was still Little Miss Anxious. Only after I was properly seated on Air Asia X A330, a smile appeared on my face. I was smiling even wider when the plane took off safely.

Overall, Air Asia X is okay. The seat was nice but I didn’t like the head rest, I found it uncomfortable. After seven hours flight, it was quite a miracle that my neck was still okay. We didn’t do much but sleep, read Air Asia magazine for billion times and eat. We were too frugal to rent the entertainment system…

It was quite a pleasant view to see dawn after hours of darkness.

After several hours and somewhat little sleep, this was how I looked like.

Braided my hair so it will look fine once we touch down

Suddenly, it was bright and sunny outside.

Quite a change from dawn and this is more like it!

What made me more excited was the fact that we were almost there!

Descending slowly onto ground.

I was ecstatic at this view, I wish I could go out of the plane that instant!

And just minutes before landing, I saw the city of Melbourne. I almost cried with joy!

Melbourne airport was quite packed at 930am (Melbourne is 3 hours ahead of Malaysia, therefore, it was 630am when we reached there) and it took us under an hour to get our bags and go through immigration. They were friendly and very laidback. I say, the most strict airport in Australia must be Perth.

We bought the return ticket to the city via Sky Bus as it was cheaper than using a taxi. Melbourne Tullamarine was roughly 30 minutes away from the city. From the Southern Cross station, we used the hotel drop off service from Sky Bus to get to where we stayed, Tribeca Serviced Apartment at East Melbourne.

We stayed in the two bedroom apartment. We’re pleased with the apartment, it’s got everything.

I shared a room with Zarith. On the left is my wee bed. Comfy though.

One downside about this apartment is that it doesn’t have proper air conditioning in our room. But they were kind enough to lend us a fan. Aslan, has some sort of cooling machine in his room…

Aslan got the bigger room.

Surprisingly, when we were in Melbourne, it was the coldest week ever! Literally speaking, it didn’t feel like summer at all! More like late autumn or early winter. Yes, lucky! I’m not exactly a fan of dry heat and thank you Melbourne for being so nice to me.

In the bathroom, we have a washing machine and a dryer! Very convenient, we don’t have to wash our clothes back home, we did it all in Melbourne. Lol.

The toilet was decently sized but very basic. I do wish they had a bathtub, that would have helped with my sore muscles. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers!

The apartment was not too big, neither too small. It was just the right size for three to four people.

Dining area and living room, not forgetting the balcony

The deco of the apartment was all about minimalism. Not a problem though as we treated the apartment as a nest to rest. The apartment also has a functioning kitchen complete with utilities and utensils.

To minimize living cost, we usually have breakfast here. We usually cook something simple but filling. :D

Before going out for lunch, we decided to refresh ourselves a bit. The shower helped with waking me up. After the long flight, I swear, all I wanted to do was sleep. But I refused but decided to stay up and explore a bit of Melbourne. Since we didn’t know how to use the tram, we actually walked from East Melbourne to Lygon Street.

I shall continue this travelogue soon, stay tune!


February Baby

I got this from Anna’s blog. I find it hilarious and I’ll discuss it with you whether or not it is true.

Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract. Intelligent and clever. Changing personality. Attractive. sexiest out of everyone.A real speed demon. Has more than one best friend. Temperamental. Quiet, shy and humble. Honest and loyal. Determined to reach goals. Loves freedom. Rebellious when restricted. Loves aggressiveness. Too sensitive and easily hurt. Gets angry really easily but does not show it. Dislikes unnecessary things. Loves making friends but rarely shows it. Daring and stubborn. Ambitious. Realizing dreams and hopes. Sharp. Loves entertainment and leisure. Romantic on the inside not outside. Superstitious and ludicrous. Spendthrift. Tries to learn to show emotions.


First of all, when it comes to abstract thoughts, I think there is some truth in there. I like to be different from others, I like individuality. Then again, I’m not always the one who think outside the box but prefers something more traditional rather than radical. But this depends on the situation.

Loves reality and abstract. In other words, I like to imagine. Quite true, I always drift away in my daydreams. Nothing wrong being a dreamer, what more someone who like to imagine. So long as I know the limit, I should be fine and not fall from my coconut tree or continue building that castle in the air.

I’m not exactly a genius but, I could say that I am intelligent and clever. If not I wouldn’t make it to uni or play school or kindergarten etc. I think we all are intelligent and clever, provided we use the brain that God gave us… :p

Changing personality. Sheesh. This is such a wrong statement to be labeled on February babies alone. Everyone changes through time, for better or worse, it’s in their hands.

Attractive. Why, thank you. Hehehe.

Sexiest out of everyone? Probably but I don’t feel comfortable admitting that. Sexy is subjective, open to interpretations. Hehehe.

A real speed demon… Depends on the car I’m using but I can’t stand people who drive slow on the fast lane… Hello?

Has more than one best friend. Why limit yourself to one?

Temperamental. This is quite true. I am unpredictable, I think it’s easier to predict the English weather than trying to predict me. Ask Aslan, he tried. :D Forgive me if my mood swings a lot. I am after all, only human.

Quiet, shy and humble. Three words best describing me. I may seem loud on my blog but once you meet me, especially if we just met, I’m like a mouse.

Honest and loyal. Sometimes honesty doesn’t always work because the truth is different through other people’s eyes. I am certain about being loyal though. Once I love something/somebody, I’ll never stop loving them, ever.

Determined to reach goals. As you can see by now, I am a very determined person especially with my needs and wants. That Chanel bag is still on top of my list and I shall get it soon!

Loves freedom. Yes, I love the feeling of emancipation. No strings attached. No monitoring. No restriction. I am an Aquarius, you can’t contain water for too long, I need to go with the flow, baby!

Rebellious when restricted. In a way, I can be quite stubborn, of course depending on the cause lah. I’m a rebel with a reason. Ooh, I like the sound of that. Sexy.

Loves aggressiveness. Na-ah. Wrong person. I’m a very gentle person, not at all aggressive unless provoked.

Too sensitive and easily hurt. I guess this is true but not entirely. There are some serious matters which can make me cry that instant but not a lot though…

Gets angry really easily but does not show it. I am generally a peaceful, friendly and good natured sort of girl but if you cross my line, I’m like an epic volcano about to erupt. Still, I don’t get angry that easily lah.

Dislike unnecessary things. Hehehehe. So not me. I’m into unnecessary things. A bad habit!

Loves making friends but rarely shows it. I’m a very shy person, so don’t let me make the first move, I’m hopeless.

Daring? Not all the time. Stubborn? Maybe.

Ambitious. Yes but since I am an Aquarius, I’m finding it hard to decide which path I should go to as ‘you can’t step into the same river twice, as the water is always flowing, always changing’ (Got this from Pocahontas). Meaning that through time, my ambition can change. Hmm…

Realizing dreams and hope. What is life all about if we work all year long like a zombie without caring what we actually want to do, all the things we always dream about and hope to come true. Life’s too short, spend it wisely, fulfill your dreams. Some may think I am silly for always dreaming and hoping and wishing, but in fact, the silly ones are them.

Sharp. Quite an abstract term. I’m not sure what sharp exactly means. Therefore, I have to skip this one.

Loves entertainment and leisure. Spot on!

Romantic on the inside but not on the outside. Hehehehehehe. That spells me all over. So much for being born on Valentine’s day. Hehehe.

Superstitious and ludicrous. To a certain extent, I can be quite superstitious although I’m not too sure if I am ludicrous.

Spendthrift. Half true. I am more about quality than quantity but ONLY if I have the resource to do so. :p

Tries to learn to show emotions. Perhaps at times, I wish I know how to express the right emotion at the right moment. But then again, I don’t like to show how I really feel. Why? I don’t want them to know how I actually feel because I’m scared if they do. Odd, right?

Well, that’s all for today. Will blog more.