Sereni & Shentel French Kiss for Lancome

16 Feb

When I first received the invitation, I couldn’t make it as the initial date of the event was the 18th February at 3pm. My flight to KL is 430pm, therefore a bit too risky.

I was ready to let my disappointment go when I received a new invitation with new date and venue in my email! It was like finding the Golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! Hehehe.

I was so estatic, I replied confirming my attendance as soon as I finished reading the email. And last night, I went through my closet to look for the right thing to wear. It took me quite a while to decide but in the end, I settled for a simple top and nice smart jeans from River Island.

Aslan dropped me off at 255pm and as I walked to the elevator, I couldn’t stop feeling nervous. Thank goodness I managed to calm down a bit and made it to the Presidential Suite where the event took place. Before that, two gorgeous girls accompanied me up and told me to follow the red carpet to the room. For a second, I felt like Alice in Wonderland, just that this time it was the red carpet, not a white rabbit. Hmm.

Guess who was the first person to greet me? It was Sereni! And then came Shentel. These ladies are absolutely beautiful, even more in real life! I was completely starstruck. I’ve finally met my idols and boy, I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I LOVE them MORE! :)

I'm so going to frame up this photo. Thank you Sereni & Shentel!

The pampering session began the moment I sat down. Geraldine from Lancome offered me a hand massage and it was so relaxing. I swear I could have fallen asleep there and then. I picked Treson In Love lotion and the rest was history. I was told to pamper myself more often. Not only it will benefit me in terms of beauty and health but pampering can also help to ease my mind a bit. Quite logical reasoning, I must say.

She also commented how cold my hands were when the room was not that cold. She concluded I needed more hand massage to help the blood circulation. It was nice while it lasted. I should ask Aslan to massage my hands more often now. Hehehe.

While I was given the hand massage, I watched the making of French Kiss. It was such a simple video but it was really interesting and I love the background music too. Now I can’t get Tres Magnifique out of my head. Hehehe.

Here’s how the video looks like. You can view it on Youtube too.

Hand massage in session

Apart the hand massage, there was also a manicure session, skin analysis and… FOOD. If I weren’t on a diet, I would have eaten everything in sight! They sure know how to pamper my tummy, too!

A selection of nachos and dippings, desserts and oh, the Croissant with Cream Cheese was delish!

Mini Sausage Rolls

Spinach Quiche

Boneless Chicken something... Drat, I forgot the name... So sorry.

Peking Duck

Spring Rolls

Chicken Satay

I'm not sure what this is but Shentel enjoyed it.

I was having my Cream Cheese Croissant when I made a new friend. Her name is Adeline and boy, she is such a lovely girl. Amazing how two complete strangers can click through their love for headbands. Hehehe.

This is Adeline wearing a Limited Edition Blair. Isn't she lovely? :)

Adeline wearing a Surprise! ;)

Wow, purple is definitely her colour! She looks completely amazing wearing it!

Tell you what, when we both found the only Limited Edition Blair in the make-up room, it was like stumbling across the holy grail! Hahaha. It was soooo pretty!

When they said it is limited, sure is limited, 3-4 pieces for each colour!

Yours truly wearing a Limited Edition Blair! Thank you Adeline for the photo. ;)

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the one in Charcoal. I’ve ordered it but I’m not so sure if I’ll get it but OH, I must have this one. I NEED IT. Okay, creepy. Moving on…

While waiting for my turn to use the skin analysis machine and makeover, Adeline and I went around and snapped photos.

French Kiss on display on the dining table (Photo courtesy of Adeline)

Manicure table was a hit among the ladies. (Photo courtesy of Adeline)

And this is how I imagine my room to be like in the future. This is what I expect to see everytime I wake up…

Muahahahhaha. Imagine having this in my walk-in closet. WOOHOO! One headband for every day of the year. Wow, that's a whole load of headbands! (Photo courtesy of Adeline)

Mandy and New Money

Garlands galore!

Ice Ice Baby and Mini Ice Ice Baby

Bow Down!

More Garlands!

Kuching Cat and Mini Ice Ice Baby

It was like a headband bar, we tried on so many pieces!


Heee… I’m so happy at the thought of having the complete collection of S&S. I’ll make that a life goal. Hehehe.

I am in love with the French Kiss. It’s simple but very beautiful. I look fabulous wearing it. See below:

Hehehe. Cantek. Thank you again, Adeline for the photo.

So proud to read this label... Made in Borneo... Yea, baby, yeah!

A close up of the French Kiss. I love this colour, so classy!

Lancome Spring colour is really wonderful. I like the shimmery gold palette.

Sereni & Shentel all dolled up by Lancome. Stunning!

The skin analysis was really educational and I’m happy to know that overall, my skin is in top condition except for a few imperfections such as pigmentation and fine lines near my eyes. Darn. Signs of aging. Definitely will splurge some money for skin care as soon as I am able to do that.

Magnified camera etc, this tool did look scary for a while.

My result?

After the skin analysis, the makeover began!

Nervous at first but the makeover was really pleasant, thanks to Zam, the make-up artist. :)

Full of enthusiasm. Hehehe.

If I were to include the photos showing the process, there will be tons of them. Thank you, Shentel for helping me take the photos! ;)

Getting my brow done.

Zam applying the fake eyelashes.

After half an hour or so, here’s the result of the makeover…


With the ever so beautiful Sereni & Shentel.

Goodness, I look absolutely different here. As Zam puts it, Beyonce material… I wonder how did he know I love Beyonce? Hmm…


Go grab your Limited Edition Sereni & Shentel French Kiss available in three awesome colours at just RM30 if you purchase RM300 and above at Lancome outlets in Parkson at Riverside or the Spring. Hurry, now, you don’t want to wait till they’re out of stock!

Thank you so much to Sereni & Shentel for inviting me to this fantastic event, I feel so blessed! I also feel very very very lucky to have met you girls in person and boy, I shall never forget this!



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8 Responses to “Sereni & Shentel French Kiss for Lancome”

  1. harizan khaider February 17, 2011 at 12:41 am #

    Wow! Tremendous party. Love!!:)

  2. santafire February 17, 2011 at 8:25 am #

    Awesome day!
    I want to get some headbands :)

    • theborneogirl February 17, 2011 at 11:28 am #

      It is an investment to buy these gorgeous headbands. :)

  3. Adeline Ho February 17, 2011 at 10:47 am #

    It is great pleasure to meet you my dear! Yes VERY beyonce material, fierce! You go girl! xx

    • theborneogirl February 17, 2011 at 11:28 am #

      Hope to see you around soon! You’re coming to Nadia’s wedding right? :D

  4. Eve February 18, 2011 at 3:55 pm #

    My my!One would go hysterical to owned e every piece of each.

    Im going blind with your photos.*tempted to buy again*

    • theborneogirl March 1, 2011 at 5:40 pm #

      Eve, that is how I dream how my S&S collection will be like one day. One for every day of the year. LOL!

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