My Favourite Things

Hello, I wish you a lovely long weekend. I am very busy with my thesis, especially now that I only have less than two weeks to submit everything. Hmm. I am feeling the pressure. &^*%

I don’t want to bore you with the update from my thesis. Still, I feel obligated (For unknown reasons) to share a photo of me focusing on my thesis. Lo and behold…

Scary. I better not frown as much, there goes La Mer. :p

This is not the actual post. Quite random, really. Since I can’t spend too much time on leisure, I want to share you some of my favourite things.

Sereni & Shentel New Money

This particular headband from Sereni & Shentel is very precious to me. They were given to me by none other than the ever so beautiful ladies themselves! <3

Chocolate Sprinkles and Cream Bun!

I remember the first time I had this awesome bun back in kindergarten. Unforgettable!

Grocery Shopping with Sera

Trapped in the trolley. Lol.

That’s all for now, stay tune for more entries from me in the near future. Hopefully interesting entries… AGH.


Newbie Lomography Enthusiast

Aslan went on a photo taking frenzy after he assembled his camera. It took him less than a day to finish 36 exposures!

Being his first attempt, out of 36, only 11 were clear enough. The rest were too dark, too blur or completely blank.

Only now he knows how to make the image clearer on the TLR. Better late than never when it comes to learning. Hmm…

Images below were taken using a Twin Lens Reflex Camera on an ISO 200 film. Here are some of my favourites:

A slim yours truly posing by the pool. Fortunately you can't really see my face. Muahahahaha.

Aslan and I, a bit blurred but hey, this style is totally IN these days!

We attempted to take two photos using one exposure. Didn't quite work. Either that, we did it wrongly.

One of the clear photos Aslan took is a of the Angel statue near the pool.

The funniest photo ever! Back to the 80's man!

Now compare these images with the ones he took using the Mini Diana on an ISO 400 film.

Yours truly typing her assignment!

Left: Aefi and I Right: Sera

Can’t wait to see more photos!


Of Fate and Destiny

After reading about the recent tornadoes and terrible storms in the USA, I am glad I am still here in Kuching. Thank you God almighty for protecting me from harm.

I was planning to go for the Summer program but it was not meant to be. I am now in the process of finding out whether I can make it for the Autumn program in late October.

If that does not work out well either, there’s always the Winter program. Wish me luck!

Anyhow, I’ve still got one more chapter left to type for my thesis. After I submitted this chapter, the editing process will begun. In two weeks time, I will be expected to pass up the complete thesis to my supervisor. I do hope I can settle everything by late mid-May.

I can’t hardly wait to be free like a bird. I’ve got so many things plan for May.

First on my list is to review Rumah Hijau (Green House) Cafe at Rubber Road. I’ve been there twice and I really love their food. It’s a pity every time I dine there, I don’t have any camera with me.

Another fabulous dining place I’d like to review is Hubaba’s Arabic Kitchen at Wayang Street. To be honest, I didn’t enjoy my first visit there. I had a higher standard in mind, plus, maybe take-away quality didn’t do much justice. After I dined in with Aslan last week, I came to love their food!

As of traveling plan, Aslan and I are thinking about visiting Rapik in Miri in late May. I haven’t been to Miri in ages! The last time I was in the city was almost seven years ago! We’ve calculated the rough cost and the probability of us going is quite high.

Lastly, I have a surprise for you in May. Hehehe. I’m excited about it but I can only share with you the juicy details once I’ve got my hand on a copy of it. Wait and see!

I’ll blog more soon, okay?


Taking the Risk

Decided to make rice krispies with melted marshmallow. It didn’t turn out the way I expected. The next time I attempt this recipe, I better look it up online.

I think the marshmallows were of the wrong kind. Meh.

If you’re interested to learn more about the recipe, click here.


Missing Cammy

Life is not the same without Cammy...

It has been two weeks plus since Cammy went for her annual servicing. I am aware that she might have problem with her lens but I never knew it would take this long. I’ve missed so many photo opportunities because of her absence.

Sure, I can use Brian or Tabby but it’s not the same! Let me justify this point by giving you an example.

Sera in a big trolley, sitting among the groceries, enjoying her not yet paid strawberry milk. What a great photo opportunity that was and yet, it was hard to get Tabby out of my bag. Sera would unleash a temper monster if I refuse to give her Tabby. She will hold on to it forever and ever and keep on rewinding that silly video of a whale brushing his teeth.

At the moment, I’ve been using Aslan’s camera and my God, I think Debbie has some identity crisis paired with the Tamron lens. A reminder to Aslan that the next time he wants to buy lens, he better get it from Canon ONLY.

Frustrating. Oh, Cammy, come back home soon!


P/S: So sorry for this dull entry. I have three weeks left before I must submit my thesis. I can’t hardly wait for June!

Say hello to Fufi!

The list-it-out theory worked again for me. You’ve never heard of such theory? Well, I came up with it just last year.

I believe in listing out what I need/want in life and BAM, I get it. Okaylah, it is not THAT easy but with the list in hand, it serves as a motivation or reminder that I must work hard to make it happen.

One thing one has to keep in mind when starting a list is to keep it realistic. You don’t see me putting a Hermes Birkin on my list… Not yet, anyway. :P

So, without any further ado, I present the newest camera into my family, Fufi or commonly known as Fujifilm Instant Camera Instax 210.

The promotional price was so attractive, I couldn't help not buying it!

The photo of Aslan and I was the first photo taken using Fufi. Seeing the whole process happening instantly was like magic, yo! *Sakai mode*

Polaroid photography is one expensive hobby/interest/etc related. Why? 10 exposures cost me RM35. Therefore, RM3.50 per exposure! I have to be stingy with the exposures too! There’s always the polaroid app if I want to take random photos.

Fufi and I

I chose this particular model for one reason: Film size. The other model is smaller, cute and easy to carry but I didn’t like the fact its film is half the size of Fufi’s film.

Maybe it’s just my taste. Hmm…

Here are Fufi’s specifications:

  • Wide picture format
  • Low light automatic flash (Can be adjusted to make photo lighter or darker)
  • LCD display (Don’t expect DSLR quality lah, just simple digital display of modes)
  • 2-zone focus (0.9mm-3mm and 3mm to infinite)
  • 45 cm close-up lens

Candid photo of me adoring Fufi

If you want a photo of you on polaroid film, let me know! Rm4 a piece! (Why Rm4? 50c profit mahhhh…)


Current Obsession: Polaroid Camera

Remember that DSLR fever that hit Kuching a few years back? Well, this time a new fever just started. Polaroid camera. Unfortunately, I have the fever too.

Saw the brown limited edition at One Jaya costing around RM400+ Meh.

Maybe this is just a phase I’m going through. Last time, I had a thing for Lomo. But then I found out I do NOT have the patience with this whole film thingy. I am more of an instant photo girl. Point, shoot and see. That’s me.

Oh, vintage love!

Perhaps I should stick with my Little Photo app on Tabby. Maybe this polaroid obsession is caused by me missing my Cammy so much. Camera-deprived!

Oh well, oh Fairy Godmother, please send me a nice polaroid camera. Thank you.


Aslan’s Birthday

Aslan posing with the card I gave him <3

I am happy Aslan loves my gifts, he was really surprised with the twin lens reflect camera I got him from the Lomo store at One Jaya. He said he’ll spend the Easter weekend assembling it. Hehehehe.

Love the surprised look on his face when he unwrapped the present...

Happy birthday boy. Hehehe.

In the evening, we went to Hilton’s Toh Yuen restaurant to celebrate his special day.

Group photo!

Happy birthday, darling.

Why two cakes? Well, his friend also got him a cake. I got him NY Cheesecake from Secret Recipe. Mmm.