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As you all know by now, I absolutely love bags although the kind of bags that I love can be quite heartbreakingly expensive. Did you know the latest price for a Chanel Maxi flapbag in KL is now RM16150? My heart did fall down to the floor when I found out about it.

Luckily, there are some solutions to this dilemma for all of us bag ladies out there.

First, fly to either UK or Europe where it is about RM4000 cheaper (This does not include transportation, accommodation etc cost and TAX). Let’s do a rough calculation suppose we include all this costs: RM4000 seems about right. You can’t win, can you?

Second, gather a group of friends and play ‘hoi’. I shall give you an example. Let’s say I want to buy a RM6000 bag from YSL. I’ll look for 11 friends interested to join into this money making venture with me. The arrangement is as follows:

For every month in a year, the group members will pay RM500 each. 12 times Rm500 is RM6000. One randomly selected member from the first month will receive the lump sum collected from all members. She or he will not be able to receive anymore after being selected and this continues until the one year duration is up. It is like gambling but everybody wins although it may take a while. :p

If you’re not too keen on waiting, this is where the third solution comes in.

Glampot Boutique where you can find amazing new and pre-loved designer bags at such affordable price! What makes Glampot more unique is the fact that they carry a variety of designer brands such as Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Balenciaga, Gucci, Burberry, Coach, Yves Saint Laurent, Miu Miu and even HERMES just to name a few!

Apart from selling bags, they also sell designer brand shoes, clothes, jewelries and accessories. They also offer pre-order services and credit card installments for some of the bags. :D

Among some of the bags up for sale:

YSL EZ Bag (1766-1-2) RM4888 Condition: Excellent INSTALLMENT FROM AS LOW AS RM222.00 per month!

Mulberry Dark Brown East West Bayswater (2096-1-2) Condition : Gently loved, excellent RM 3650 NOW ON SALE RM 3199.00 Installment for as low as RM 145.28 / month

LV Monogram Palermo GM (5610-1-1) Condition : Gently loved, excellent RM 4299 Installment via credit card for as low as RM 195.26 per month

Miu Miu Black Coffer (2443-3-2) Condition: Very Good Price: RM 5699.00 Installment as low as RM 258.83 per month

Proenza Schouler PS1 Black Large Satchel (5194-1-1) Condition: Brand New Price: RM 4299.00 Installment: RM 195.24 per month

Balenciaga Mint Green Giant Rose Gold City (2387-1-2) Brand New, Latest color to arrive in Paris, not shown on website RM 6399.00 Installment as low as RM 290

As for Hermes bags, whether it’s Kelly or Birkin, one have to pay for the full price. Among my favorite:

Hermes Red Birkin 35 Mysore Leather, very rare and hard to get. Palladium Hardware Stamp G (2003)RM45,500

Yup, RM45500 alright. *sighs*

They also have a brand new Chanel Maxi in Black caviar with Silver Hardware selling for RM1000 cheaper compared to the price at Chanel KL boutique.

This beautiful baby yours for RM15150

If you’re planning to invest on a Chanel bag, better do it now before the price rises again. There is a speculation online stating that Chanel aims to make their bags as exclusive as Hermes in the near future. Exclusive in this context means crazy expensive. Yes, heartbreaking indeed.

The best thing is… FREE SHIPPING for Sarawak and Sabah! So, what are you waiting for? Visit Glampot Boutique now!

Glampot Damansara, PJ:
A-1-02, Block Allamanda, 10 Boulevard, Jalan Lebuhraya Sprint, Damansara, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Glampot Taipan, Subang Jaya:
22 Ground Floor USJ 10/1B Taipan USJ Subang Jaya 47620 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.


2 thoughts on “Glampot Boutique

  1. Heehee.. I’ve recently bought a vintage bag from them! It was such a steal and in very good condition, almost new. Their staff are really professional and prompt in replying emails too. Most people have qualms about buying 2nd hand things but for me its great cause it means I might find an older design which I love but have previously missed (and with a lower price tag too ho ho).

    By the way, I have been totally and seriously considering taking up their installment plan for a new Chanel before the price hikes up any more. What do you think? Invest now and pay interest rates/cut back on other luxuries for a few mths.. or wait for a future date where it might be MYR30k but I wont have to pay in installments?


    • Xen!

      You are one lucky girl! Please do blog about your latest vintage conquest, I am also fond of vintage bags! ;)

      You know my answer, babe! Better to invest in a Chanel before the price goes even higher! To pay a few months interest is definitely cheaper than paying RM30k. You can buy two Chanel bags with that amount of money or a nice Hermes Birkin! Hehe.

      I hope this helps. :)

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