I am Still Alive

Oh my God. I am extremely sorry for neglecting this blog, life is quite hectic at the moment. I am quite occupied with family affairs. Believe it or not, I am in the process of moving to a new room.


The main area of the master bedroom, to the right is the wardrobe area and bathroom.


To be more specific, my parents’ room or old room, more like it. Well, as you already know by now, my parents have been divorced for over a year. Just last week, my father got married to someone. Since then, he moved out of the house. I feel sorry for my brothers for not having a room of their own (They’ve been sleeping in the living room, on the sofa), so I came up with the idea of occupying the empty master bedroom.

First, we emptied the room by clearing all the junks that my parents left there. It took half a day to do that and I ended up sneezing after we were done with it.

Next, we dismantled the furnitures. Mom told me to get rid of them, either throw away or sell to someone. So far, we managed to sell the bed but not the wardrobe. So, if you’re looking for a huge wardrobe, I am definitely selling it. Very cheap. If I can’t find any buyer by next week, it will be thrown away.

If my budget permits, I will do the flooring, specifically laminated one. I found a company called Goodrich and they also do curtains and wallpaper. I will call them in for measuring once the room is painted. I chose Apricot for the bedroom area while plain white for the walk-in-wardrobe and bathroom.

As for the bathroom, I plan to retile, install new toilet and sink as well as bath tub although all that can wait till after raya.

Anyway, another reason why I don’t blog regularly is my laptop. I think there is something wrong with it, it is running really slow and it always freezes. Really does kill my mood to blog. So, in order to solve this problem, I finally sent it to Perfect Mac servicing centre at Jalan Abell. I hope everything will be okay.

I will blog more soon, I have renewed my domain for another year, shows how committed I am with this blog.

Toodles and love,



Flinders Station

I always welcome new dining establishment(s) in Kuching. Flinders Station, located in Matang Jaya, next to e-Mart, is not exactly new but the kind of food it offers does excite the taste buds. Especially their beef pies. Mmm…


Before this, if I crave Australian beef pie, I usually buy from the Frozen Food section at Choice Premier 101 or Choice Daily. Not only you get fresh beef or chicken pies at Flinders Station, they are also a lot cheaper! Below Rm 5 each! A steal indeed. While waiting for my beef pie!


I ordered beef and chicken ham pie while Aslan, beef and tomato pie. We both couldn’t resist ordering Pepsi Float. Hehehe.


Vanilla Ice Cream and Pepsi... HEAVEN!


If you are not too keen with pies, they also have a few grilled dishes such as chicken wings, lamb chops, rib eye steak and barramundi fish grilled to perfection!

Still doesn’t tickle your fancy? Flinders Station shares with Pizza Junction, therefore you can order from their menu too! Aslan and I ordered one regular size pizza for sharing.


Beef pies!


Beef Tomato Pie: A bit dry but not that bad.


To be honest, Aslan didn’t enjoy this pie. He said beef and chicken ham pie is a lot nicer.


Beef & Chicken Ham Pie: Moist and absolutely delicious!


When the pizza arrived, we were already full! We had one piece each and the rest we took home. I forgot what is the name of the pizza but it is under the gourmet selection.


I love the wholemeal crust, better than Pizza Hut!



Overall, I had a good time here and the food is delicious! Definitely one of my new favorite haunt. ;)



Kayu Manis

Staying or working in Matang Jaya? Bored of the usual offerings available from the restaurants in that area? Well, there is a new coffee shop in town and they will sure excite your taste buds!


Presenting... Kayu Manis!


Kayu Manis is Malay for cinnamon. For your information, cinnamon is a very versatile spice, used in both savory and sweet dishes. Why, cinnamon is also used in hot and cold drinks! My friend, Nadia, is truly a genius for picking that name.

Kayu Manis speciality is Indian-Malay cuisines such as Nasi Briyani Ayam/Daging, Rojak India, Laksa Sarawak, Nasi Campur and a selection of rice and noodles fried to your liking!


Lauk for the Nasi Campur: Different dishes everyday!


The perfect way to start your day: Laksa Sarawak and kopi panas!



Last week, my gals and I stopped by to try some dishes. Food brings people together. :D


Elaine and Zsa


Warning: Lauk for nasi campur (And other popular dishes) usually finishes quite early, the best time to go here is first thing in the morning! ;)

Here are the dishes we tried:


Nasi Briyani Ayam



Elaine enjoyed her briyani so much, she did not realise there was a grain of rice on her face. Hehehe.



Spot the rice!



Zsa on the other hand, tried the Nasi Campur selection.


Paired with extra yummy briyani rice, oohhh... Why must I blog when I am fasting???


Zsa and her meal.



I wanted to try something different, so I ordered Mee Mamak.


Mee Mamak Kayu Manis: Generous portion, slightly spicy but it was really good!



For those who wants something light and simple, there’s a selection of toast to choose from the menu.


I think this was roti bakar susu.


Iced Kayu Manis Teh Tarik, a favourite of mine!



Good food at such affordable price. What more can you ask for? Plus, they even have catering service! Good news for those who live a bit too far from Matang Jaya, you can check out Kayu Manis dishes at the Kuching Festival or Bazaar Ramadhan Kampung Semarak this coming August!

For more information, visit their blog here.










The Year of the Birkin

I officially declare that 2012 will be the year in which I will try to conquer the ultimate bag, the coveted Hermes Birkin 35.

I’ve got a lot of dilemma. First, money. Second, colour and type of leather.

Then again, knowing me, a dreamer, I have found solutions.

As for money, once I start working in January, I will save 90% of my salary for the bag for one whole year. On top of that, I will try to find side income. I will work all around the clock if I have to! Plus, I will cut down on the amount of holidays for 2012. Yes, I am that crazy and determined to own a Birkin, I would sacrifice traveling.

I am not a fan of exotic leather. I am fine with Togo leather. Togo is very textured & scratchproof, fairly lightweight leather and keep the shape.

So, these are the colours I am seriously considering:








At the moment, this is a love-hate relationship. No, a love affair. Forbidden love affair. I’m sure one day, sooner or later, we will be reunited.


P/S: Of course I don’t simply dream about things, I usually work my ass of to make sure it will be a dream come true. True story: Gabrielle and Monalisa.

Coffee-O-Corner, Satok

Or locally known as Kopi-O-Corner is a local food gallery opposite Majlis Islam at Satok. They have almost everything there and so far, all the dishes I have tried are worth every penny.


Mee Kolok RM 4.50


Simple, nutrional, filling and delicious. What more can you ask for? Taken on its own, it is not too dry nor too moist. But you can also add more soup to it if you like. Their ‘sup tulang’ really compliments the dish.


Mee Jawa Special RM 5



Yellow noodle with curry based and sweet potato gravy along with bits of beef, half a boiled egg, a few sticks of chicken satay, of course topped with a generous amount of satay gravy (very nutty and savory, by the way) and condiments. One serving of this can really fill you up and it lasts for a whole day!


Laksa Sarawak RM 4.50


A bit different from what I am used to but still is quite nice. Slightly sweeter from my usual haunt but it is definitely in a class of its own. It somehow has a strong taste of santan more than curry. Not too spicy but that can be arranged by adding some of the sambal paste.

There are tons of other dishes available there but I will try them in the future. My experience here is not disappointing! What I love about Coffee-O-Corner is how economically friendly it is. Hehehe. Affordable delicious food, what’s not to love about that?


Raja Ayam Bakar, Padungan

For those of you who loves Raja Ayam Penyet at Satok, Raja Ayam Bakar is a branch of the franchise. Situated at Padungan, next to Bus Asia, it is ideal for those who wants to escape from the usually crowded branch at Satok.



The decoration is modern, chic and minimalist but what is more important is the quality of food they serve.


Finger licking good. Hehehe.


More seats at the back...


What makes this branch more appealing to the one in Satok is that they have other stalls selling a variety of dishes apart from the usual RJ selections. Among them are Roti Canai and Laksa Sarawak. Aslan had his share of RJ dish the other day so he decided to try the roti boom ayam cheese.


It may look small but it can be very filling!


Basically it is deep fried canai dough wrap, filled with chicken breast, dahl sauce, onions and cheese. The best thing is it only cost RM4.60!

I, on the other hand, ordered Nasi Ayam Bakar with extra tempe (soy bean block or something like that).


Tastes as GOOD as it LOOKS. Mmm...


I must be honest with you, the first time I tried their Nasi Ayam Penyet and Nasi Ayam Bakar, I didn’t think much of it. I thought they tasted generic. But through time, after so many different stalls, I came to the realisation that Raja Ayam Penyet definitely has the best ayam penyet and ayam bakar. Why? Apart from their scrumptious chicken, the sambal is just OUT of this WORLD!

Ohh, initially sweet and then BOOM, an explosion of hot and spicy on your tongue BUT they don’t kill the flavor at all. Absolutely mind blowing! Yes, crazy spicy (They should have a challenge in which whoever can finish the meal without drinking a single drop of water, gets 30% off their dish! Lol) but it is the delicious kind of spicy. Mmm… Mmm…

So, curious to experience this mind blowing sambal? Do visit Raja Ayam Bakar or Raja Ayam Penyet now!


Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks, Tun Jugah.

Since I came back from my little holiday, I have this endless urge to rediscover Kuching. Today, I went to try out Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks at Tun Jugah. Aslan and Mimi joined me in this little adventure. Since there were three of us and only six items in the menu, we decided to order five items for sharing. The look on the cashier’s face was priceless. Maybe we were the first to order almost everything on the menu.


Handmade Oyster Mee Sua


We enjoyed this mee but it was a bit salty for my liking. Aslan thought it was spicy but I did not taste anything spicy. Odd. Despite having oyster stock, which usually have this full bodied taste, it was rather plain. It came with two small oysters, shredded chicken and garnished with some vegetables.


Seafood Tempura


The first thing Aslan said after trying one of these was, “It reminded me of keropok lekor.” Which was almost true except for the fact that the seafood tempura is nice in its own way. The description below explains what it is all about:

Handmade from seafood paste infused with secret ingredients, the paste mix is painstakingly kneaded and tossed until the correct consistency is obtained. It is then flattened into small pieces and blanched with hot oil before being cut into strips and deep fried. A sprinkle of our specially blended spice powder completes this delicious and crispy Taiwanese delight! (Source)


Sweet Plum Potato Fries


Now, this is a must try treat! It is basically  golden potatoes that are washed and air dried, battered and then lightly fried garnished with their specially blended plum powder. It does sound weird to mix potato and plum but don’t let that stop you from trying it!


XXL Crispy Chicken


Warning: Only order this if you’re feeling really hungry or have two or more friends to help you out. It is really HUGE! It does stay true to its name. Hehehe. I can’t resist not to quote their website for the XXL Crispy Chicken description, I find it hillarious!

A large, tender and succulent piece of bone-in chicken breast, painstakingly marinated to perfection, coated with imported flour and fried to a golden crisp. A special blend of oriental spices is sprinkled on top of the crust, and the chicken is served uncut for maximum goodness.

Taiwanese believe that food is not simply just food, it’s art. Then again, they have a good point there. Every food must be prepared painstakingly to perfection. YES to TAIWAN! Anyhow, the chicken was really lovely, the guys thought it would be better if eaten with rice.


Crispy Egg Floss Crepe


Frankly speaking, we did not enjoy this meal. It was disappointing. It could have been better. I expected it to be soft but it turned out to be chewy. Maybe it is not my cup of tea to begin with.



Mimi, one happy man.


Overall, we had a lovely experience at Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks. It is definitely a break from the usual cuisine one would get here in Kuching. Located in Kuching CBD, sitting near the roadside surrounded by tall buildings actually made us feel like we were in Taiwan. The total cost of five items and 3 drinks was RM36.50. The portion of food is quite generous.

Although I must warn you that this is more of a stall than a restaurant serving only snacks or light treats. You know, the kind of food suitable for a meet up among friends and so on. Hehehe.

That’s all for today, hope you enjoyed my little story. Don’t forget to scroll down further to read the updated entries of my UK holiday!


P/S: This is what I wore today:


Chillaxing in my harem pants and nude pumps. ;)



Where do I begin?


Just after my thesis was submitted, my holiday began instantly. My room was left in an upside down state. Now I have returned, more free than ever. I need to tidy up this mess. Decluttering. Oh nos.

Wish me luck!



Hello my dears!

I am now back at home. Sorry for not updating my blog as often as I used to, I’m still exhausted from my holiday. I arrived in Singapore from London last Friday. Spent two nights in Singapore before boarding Silk Air to Kuching on Sunday. Once the plane touched down at KIA, it was hard to believe that I was on holiday.

Holiday withdrawal sucks. Anyhow, now that I’ve rested well, I will blog about my UK holiday.

But for now, enjoy this sneak preview:

Yes, Christmas came early.

Stay tune!