Sereni & Shentel: Ice Ice Baby Luxe and New Money

I just love receiving this bag, it's like Christmas, Magic, Birthday, Goodies, Heaven in a Bag. Ooh... Love, Love, Love!


There is no denying that I absolutely love Sereni and Shentel very very very very (x infinity) much! No one else could steal my heart so many times over and over again but Sereni and Shentel. Having met the girls themselves, my love for them has grown into more than just loyalty, more like worship. :D

I am sad to announce that I missed the 10k promotion but nonetheless, that did not stop me from getting them.

Usually when I order online, I will go for the free delivery service but since I want to help to conserve the environment, I figured, might as well do a self pick up! Killing two birds with one stones. Not only did I pick up my babies at RPS, Green Heights Mall but I did some shopping as well. Hehehe. Anyway, meet Pearl.


Ice Ice Baby Luxe Pearl


Classic, ladylike and yet, very simple. Subtle chic. Pair it with a white toga dress, people might mistaken you as a Greek Goddess!






I will illustrate the above point by showing you a photo of me with Pearl (Minus the white toga dress and serene background)


Definitely will bring Pearl along with me island hopping in Sabah later this month!



My current New Money is feeling a bit lonely, so I got her a sister. I present you, Olive Grey!



New Money Olive Grey



This is very suitable for those who loves bling but prefer it to be modest or subtle.

I experimented with combs on Olive Grey and I must day, totally worth the extra ringgit! New Money can be a little tough to wear, sometimes it slides off my head unsuspectingly. Imagine me at a cafe, looking all gorgeous, chatting with a friend, looking fine until the headband just slides off my head, down my face and ends up at my collar. There goes the hidden bad hair day. Oh no. Thank goodness for combs! Genius!



Golden combs of glory, to save you from social awkward moments!


With your Sereni & Shentel on, all you need is a wonderful smile and you will look like a million dollar (or more)!


I feel like I own the world every time I wear Sereni & Shentel New Money



Plus, I got a freebie!



LANCOME Tresor in Love, ooh la la!



Sereni & Shentel never fail to make me feel extra special. Always *ALWAYS* in Love.













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