Holiday with the Dudes: Day Two

After a quick and simple breakfast, we were ready to explore a little bit of Singapore. This trip was supposed to be a backpacking adventure but since the backpack itself cost so much money, we decided to start our own way of traveling. It is called luggage dragging.


In order to qualify for luggage dragging, the size of the luggage must be small or medium-small. Nothing bigger than a checked in luggage.


Enthusiastic luggage draggers.


First stop of the day was The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. In order to save money, we decided to use the public transport. Lady Luck was on our side today. Amazing how the MRT was almost empty.


Hamimi tried his best to walk the distance, taking a break anytime he could.


It was not hard to get to the Marina bay area from Bugis. It was straight forward. It was a bit of a walk from the MRT station to the Shoppes. Nonetheless, the dudes did not complain. The city skyline impressed them and well, they were enjoying their cuci mata session.


And of course, what is a holiday without crazy photo taking sessions?


I was dressed for adventure today. :p


With the gals...


The only thorn among the roses- if you get my drift. :p


I like this photo of the dudes, so cute.


It was after we finished cam-whoring, the dudes noticed an Angel* sleeping peacefully on one of the benches. My theory is that he passed out during the F1 party the night before. Either that, he was so tired, he just wanted somewhere to nap or sleep. And well, being flamboyant as ever, of course the dudes took a photo of him.


The so-called sleeping Angel. Hehehe.


If you know this dude, well, let me know. At least I can inform the rest that he's okay.


Before the dudes do anything more, I dragged them away from the sleeping Angel and led them into the shopping area where I longingly look at the Chanel store… From afar. I can’t afford anything at the moment. I must detox from shopping.



We didn’t do much there. Just walked around and adored all the big names. The dudes had a jolly good time taking photos of themselves while I tried really hard to ignore Chanel.


Dave expressing his love for all things Prada...


Dave took this photo... Thank God, Chanel doesn't carry a size 9UK shoes... If not... Oh, the horror. There goes my future savings...


Before meeting Teh Kah at Marina Bay Sands Sky Park, we had lunch at the food court.


Believe it or not, this is the only photo of the food court, we were too hungry, we forgot to take photos of the food! Meh.


In a nutshell, the food court is alright but slightly expensive. I had a chicken shish kebab with hummus and shared a plate of roasted chicken rice. Teh Kah said it is one of the best chicken rice in Singapore but I still feel that SCR’s chicken rice is the best, ever! The irony is Singapore Chicken Rice or SCR is a Sarawakian born company. Hehehe.

After lunch, we went up to the Sky Park. The bummer was that not all of it was accessible. The pool and garden area was closed for a private function. We were given choice to go for the evening tour but since we had a flight to catch, it was impossible. Whether we liked it, we had to go then and then.

The dudes didn’t complain, so everything went well even if we only got to see the observation deck. Initially I suggested Teh Kah and the rest of the group to try Ku De Ta but the price of drinks and food were sky high!


Have you ever noticed how photographers using DSLR will close one eye when taking photos?


Teh Kah and I


With my roses...


There was nothing much to see or do with the two areas closed, so we went to accompany Teh Kah have lunch at the food court at the Shoppes. She had the chicken rice, which she loves so much. I am sure there is no chicken rice as nice as the one you get here in Asia in Auckland, New Zealand. :D


Teh Kah is sooooo adorable!


Group photo (minus Hamimi) at the Shoppes


We said goodbye at the entrance and from there, we made our way back to the MRT station. Unlike yesterday, we decided to try using the MRT to get to the airport. First, it was cheaper and secondly, since we had time to kill, the path not taken seemed attractive.

We are forever grateful and thankful to God almighty for we arrived at the Budget terminal just on time. The moment I started to queue up, we were already called out by the Tiger Airways staffs! Phew. The journey from Marina Bay took almost an hour. When I realized how late we were, I was on the brink of crying. Who would want to miss their flight? Anyway, after we got off the MRT, we had to take a transfer bus from Changi to the budget terminal.

We had just about enough time to use the toilet and buy sweeties before it was boarding time. The moment I was seated in the plane, I quickly dozed off. Dave captured that moment in the photo below.


I hope I didn't snore...


The flight took one hour and thirty minutes. The weather got a bit nasty as we approached Phuket and 20 minutes prior to landing, there was a harsh series of turbulences, it almost felt like a roller coaster ride. Because the cabin crew ran out of Thailand entry form, we had to fill in the form last minute and that resulted in a long wait for the immigration. It took us almost an hour to go through immigration and get our bags.

Poor Elysha, she waited for us at the arrival lounge for over three hours! When we thought the journey was over, we were mistaken. The van ride from the airport to the hotel took another hour plus and well, the driver dropped us off at the wrong hotel. Instead of Sugar Palm Karon, he dropped us off at Sugar Palm Kata.


The look of relief on my face when we arrived at the right hotel


Famished, we went out in search of dinner after settling in our rooms. Since we were already exhausted, we went to the first Thai restaurant we came across. It was called Up Seafood, Karon Beach.


Elysha and I waiting for our supper!


The dudes very excited with supper...


Here are the photos of our supper:


Steamed sea bass in Chili Lemon sauce


Simple and really beautiful.


Thai Egg Omelette


Nothing special about this dish but it was decent.


Tom Yang Gung


Not exactly spicy, the guys were a bit disappointed.


Pineapple Fried Rice


I had better before, this was a bit boring. Meh.


Beef Pad Thai or Glass Noodle Salad


I LOVE THIS DISH! It was ammmaaaahhhzzziiinnggg! Mmm…


Spicy Prawn Salad


Reminded me a lot of umei. Lovely taste but it was not the best lah. Very citrusy and when they said it was spicy, they weren’t kidding.

Before we went back to the hotel, we bought a few necessities at a close by shop. It was after we bought our things, it suddenly rained heavily. We rushed inside and bought a rain coat each.


Funniest moment, ever! I will tell you why in a bit...


After we put on our rain coats and ready to brace the rain, it suddenly stop! Not a single drop. Nada. The odd thing was when we were about to take it off, it rained a little. Fearing there might be another unexpected shower, we went ahead with the rain coats on.

And the whole of Phuket town laughed at us as we made our way back. Oh, the embarrassment! Hehe. While in the van, Elysha and I discussed about going for a massage and well, we actually did! Just next to our hotel was a massage parlor. The aunties were really friendly and oh, their massage was divine! The best part is… One hour Thai Massage only cost us 200 Baht or RM20!

Thai Massage is like being assisted at a tough yoga session. A lot of cracking and stretching involved but it felt soooooooo good!

And if it wasn’t for the massage, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the sleep on the firm mattress.

I will blog about the room soon, for now, too tired!









Holiday with the Dudes: Day One

We’ve been planning this holiday for months and when the day came, it felt a bit surreal. After a few months not seeing each other, finally, we have been united again.


Moi, Rapik, Hamimi and Augustine

Moi, Dave, Rapik and Hamimi


Everything was carefully researched and tailored to our student budget. The whole holiday cost RM 1600 per person. That is quite a good price for a nice holiday in two countries. :D


At McD for some ice cream before we went into the departure lounge.


Unfortunately Aslan could not join us, a bit of a bummer, really. If he had no class, he would have joined. Oh well, maybe next time.


Making our way to the departure gate...


It was my first time going on holiday with Augustine and Dave whom I just met last year thanks to Rapik and Hamimi. It is amazing how we managed to get along with each other even with the age difference and different study course.


The flight was delayed for over an hour due to the late arrival of the plane. :S


Being a super budget holiday, we decided to use Tiger Airways to the first destination, Singapore.


The metal bird of the day...


Before take-off face...


Luckily Hamimi had no problem trying to sit comfortably on the plane. Due to the unfortunate accident last February, he couldn’t really bend his left knee.

The flight was uneventful. It took us half an hour to get through immigration. There was four other flights arriving at the same time, so, you could imagine the queue.

Since there were five of us, we decided to use the maxi cab to the city. We also had the choice of taking the shuttle bus to the city but it was only 50 cents cheaper than the maxi cab. At that price, might as well use the cab!


Dave and I in the maxi cab which can take seven passengers.


I look terrible here because of the allergic reaction. Talk about bad timing. :s

We have chosen to stay at Footprints Hostel located at Perak Road.


I didn't take any photo of the hostel building, so, I hope this will do...


The guys enjoyed their stay here because they got to ‘cuci mata’ (Meaning people watching in Malay). As it was the F1 weekend, there were a lot of tourists!

The hostel was alright but I found it annoying they only booked for four persons, therefore one of us had no bed. Tired and hungry, I didn’t bother to argue but asked the receptionist if they had a family room. We ended up having to pay more. :S But it was a good decision since we got to have our own space and privacy while the former room, we had to share it with five strangers!

After a quick check in (I will show you the room later), we walked to Bugis Street to look for something to eat and do a little bit of window shopping.

On our way to Bugis Street...


Almost there and you can see how excited I am there... Hehehe.


If I weren’t tired, I would have spent more time window shopping but because of the allergy, all I wanted to do was get something to eat and go back so I can take my medication and sleep.

Luckily, the guys were also quite exhausted so we didn’t really spend too much time there. We all bought one set of bun each thinking it would be the usual size we get in Kuching. It turned out really huge and it took us at least two days to finish them! Lol.


You see the red plastic bag? That was just half portion of the super big bun! This was taken at the hostel's eating area.


The guys bought cup noodles for dinner and after eating quarter of the kaya, butter and peanut butter toasted bun, I went to the room and showered.


All ready for bed. Augustine slept on the bunk above me, Rapik on the other bunk while Hamimi and Dave shared one bed.


After skyping with my Aslan, I went to bed. Early rise tomorrow!



Grand Margherita & Riverside Majestic Service Day

I was lucky to have the chance to witness how the staffs of both Grand Margherita and Riverside Majestic let down their hair on Service day, a day of fun filled activities held especially for them as a token of appreciation and celebration for their dedication and hard work.

Happy staff = Great work performance = Better quality = Happy customers

.’. Hence, according to this formula, it means everyone wins!


GM Arthur Yeap, launched the event by releasing the balloons into the air.


Let the fun begins!


The launch was then proceeded with a hand stamping event to mark the auspicious day.


Little did the GM know that behind him, the little kid in most of his staffs was unleashed.


Why? See the following photo:


Since there was not enough space for everyone to stamp their hands on, why not do it on their friends? Hehehe.


Everyone was running after one and another, I pity the ones who got group attacked. Hehehe. Nonetheless, everyone had fun. When else can they do this if not today?


We may be of different colours and sizes but in the end, we are still alike. I guess that is the message they are trying to get across in this hand stamping event.


Once everyone was satisfied with the stamp war, the fun began with words scramble in which the groups competed with each other who can solved the puzzle first.


Most of the games involved teamwork and team building as well as focus, dedication and determination.


I am truly impressed with how enthusiastic most of them were this morning. For instance, take a look at the winning team for this game:


I bet the emcee almost jump off his platform seeing the blue team all running towards him like starving sharks. Hehehe.


Next game was table arranging but with a twist. First, must walk from point A to point B, retrieve one item on a tray, walk back to point A and repeat until they have got everything needed to arrange the perfect table setting.


Who says being a waiter/waitress is easy???



No such thing as a running waiter/waitress, so they had to do the fast walk. Hehehe.


What is a family day without Food Fear Factor?


I know what these things are but I won't mention the names as they are so revolting. Kudos to them who had participated.


This photo obviously describes how the food tasted... Hehehe.


The day continued with a bed making competition. It would have been easy for the housekeeping staffs but not if you are from security or front desk etc. Lol.


The dude in purple is from the security department


I have absolute respect for housekeeping staffs, I can never make a bed so nicely.


The next game involved a lot of egg peeling and eating. I can imagine having to eat 5 or more eggs when two is more than enough for me.


10 eggs in one go? Oh no.


That would be mean if it was so, luckily for the staffs, one group was allowed two representative. So, the maximum number of boiled eggs one had to eat was five or six each.


Eggs (Stakes) are high in this, everyone counting on them to win!


I am sure this dude wouldn't take anymore eggs until next week.


The following game also involved eggs but luckily, did not require the participants to eat any.



They had to run, carry the egg in a spoon to a designated place and try to fill up as many bottles with water.


It would be too easy if they did not have to go around circles for 5 times before running... Lol.


Dude wearing sunglasses was hillarious, I bet it was like running on a ship during a stormy weather.


Next game was Teh Tarik making.


Must be tasty and lots of foam, y'all!


The last two games involved a lot of teamwork. First, three legged futsal and then, the ski drag thingy.




And this is what I mean by ski drag competition. (Please do enlighten me if you know the correct term for this game… Thanks!)





Well, at the end of the day, everyone had a good laugh and definitely enjoyed themselves!


Group Photo!


Thank you to the generous and super friendly staffs of Grand Margherita and Riverside Majestic for inviting me to witness this joyous event!





Hotel Review: Riverside Majestic, Kuching

When an opportunity knocks on my door, I will never hesitant to let it. Of course, I will not do that without peeking into the peep hole first. Hehe.

Located in Kuching’s golden triangle, Riverside Majestic is an ideal hotel for those who wants to check out the tourist scenes of Kuching. It is merely a stone throw away from the Waterfront, a few blocks away from the touristy hub of Main Bazaar, Chinatown and India Street and a stroll to the eating heaven and happening night spots of Padungan.


My room on the sixth floor


Upon entering the room, I was slightly disappointed to see the room was not as impressive or modern looking as the newly renovated lobby. Still, it was a decent comfortable room.


Hey, at least there is a flat screen tv and broadband internet!


For a city hotel, it is up to standard although I strongly believe it could definitely do better. I have faith in this hotel as the service is good, the staffs are friendly and location is to die for! I am sure they will upgrade the rooms sometimes in the near future, the decoration and furnitures are getting a bit worn out.


Coffee, tea and water: The basic needs in life.


Wardrobe area with a safe equipped inside.


I am happy with the air conditioning, it works well and not noisy. The only thing that bugs me about this hotel is how thin the walls are. Sound proofing the room will be a good idea.


Awesome toilet but the shower and bathtub were a bit dodgy.


Sitting area


Overall, it was a pleasant stay and I do hope I will see a new and improved room the next time I stay over.





I have a lot of wants but I can only fulfill one at a time. So, here are some of the things I want to buy.


Blackberry Bold 9900


Sac Céline Boston in Black Venison



A small bath tub (It does not necessarily be this model)



The speculated new MacBook Pro



I want the brown one...


La Mer for my body!



Chanel Red Caviar Long Wallet


Then again, as I re-examine my wants, I must be crazy. The cute rabbit is a bit silly since I don’t think I would have the time to take care of it.

We’ll see which one of the wants will become a reality. For now, I can just dream on…


P/S: I will properly introduce Gabrielle’s sisters; Monalisa and Danielle when the time comes. :D







Hotel Review: Four Points by Sheraton, Kuching.

Since I didn’t particularly like my stay in Hilton Kuching last year, I decided to try out Four Points by Sheraton Kuching, situated nearby Kuching International Airport.

I was torn between Pullman or Four Points. I opted for Four Points since it was closer to the airport. Why is that factor so important? Well, since I had to catch an early flight to KK, it seemed like a better idea to stay somewhere close by just in case we got up a bit too late. Luckily, that never happened. Phew.

Since there were a few of us staying, we decided to stay in a bigger room, the Junior Suite. Twice more expensive than the standard room, dubbed the comfort room, the Junior Suite is more spacious and perhaps, a little nicer than just a wee room. Here are some photos.


The first thing that comes to view once you walk into the room is the sitting area


A bit empty looking. A nice painting over the sofa would add some nice atmosphere to the whole room. The sofa is lovely though, comfortable even. Honestly, I think to call this room a Junior Suite is an understatement. Generally speaking, a suite usually have separate sitting/living area and bedroom.


Sera and I.


The bed is comfortable although when I lied down on it, I sank in it a bit. Room air conditioner unit was a bit dodgy but comfortable temperature nonetheless.


From the bed, you can see the tv, working station and the sitting area behind it.


Next to the bed is the minibar and tea/coffee making facilities.


I am a bit disappointed with the standard of the Junior Suite. Perhaps it was a bit too much for me to expect more. I was expecting a small expresso maker but I got what any other room gets. In a way, I should have just booked the standard room if this was the case.


The walk-in wardrobe leading to the bathroom


The sink area with generous amount of toiletries.


The bathroom was nice but I wonder why must they bothered with that frosted glass? But Four Points not the only one who is fond of frosted glass window, in fact, some 5 stars hotels do that too. For what, I will never know, neither will I understand.



Any bathroom with a nice bath tub is a plus.


Separate areas for shower and toilet business


In a nutshell, I enjoyed my stay in the Four Points Junior Suite. Although the room was clean, comfortable and catered to all my basic travel needs, somehow, I feel it lacked something. True, less is more but with the price they are charging, there is no harm in trying to make it more worth it for the guests.

That aside, room service was excellent, we were provided with free high-speed internet connection and it was not noisy.

Breakfast was decent although it could be a little more interesting. It was a full breakfast but with little variety.

Anyhow, Four Points by Sheraton is a lovely hotel and no doubt, could be better. I do hope there will be improvements in the future.


Of People

People are like stars.

Sorry for the crappy illustration but I do hope this graphic presentation helps.


Some are meant to shine and some just don’t but it does not mean they are not there.

Some people are far, some people are near but distance does not matter.

Like stars, some people are good for us and some are not.

Still, even if they look like they are good, it does not always mean they are and vice versa.

A star that is so full of itself, eventually will collapse and turn into a monstrous black hole, sucking everything into it.


Simple but to the point. You don't wanna mess with or get any near to any black holes!


My point is, sometimes, people unknowingly destroy themselves and blame others for everything. They drag innocent people into the black hole they’ve created and turn their lives miserable.


People can be like the sun.




They have the choice to do right or do wrong. They can be good or evil.

Stars differ in so many ways, be it in size, colour, age, origin, characteristics etc but they exist for the same reason, to light and fill the universe.

No one can tell why there are stars at the first place, nor can anyone explain why people really exist.



What I have been up to these past few weeks…

I will let the photos do the talking. :D

Spinach Fettucini Bolognaise I made for brunch today

Changed to the Old Faithful and let Danielle rest with her sisters.

Yesterday I stayed in my room all day watching Season 1 of the Desperate Housewives and I missed the beautiful weather, ever!

Aslan teaching me how to iron. Hehehe.

A late Raya celebration with my paternal family

Still putting away clothes, shoes, bags, headbands etc... Meh. Any volunteers?

Traded flat screens with my bro, he wanted the HDMI and I got the bigger tv.

Fried tempoyak (Durian paste) with prawns: A local delicacy I can never say No to... My kryptonite!

Durian season!

Babysitting Sera.

Kiwis and Mooncake!

My suit for the convocation in October!

Always buying new shoes for the graduation. So far I have four shoes. Hmm...

Rm75k and it hurts to know this is a far fetched dream...

Missing the nice resort in KK already!

Sunset at Dalit Beach, KK.

Aslan taking a nice outdoor bubble bath! This was at Shang-ri Rasa Ria, KK.

Sun bathing!

Seafood at Ocean, KK. A bit too much for just three people!

Aslan and Dave sunbathing. Taken at Shang-ri La Tanjung Aru, KK.

The consequence of not using sun block. Aslan learned it the hard way.

Now I am going through a post-holiday blue. Boohoo. I promise I will get back on track with the blog very soon.


What pops in mind when I hear a song

I wonder what did one do till he/she burns him/herself that critically


At the same time, I couldn’t help humming to Kings of Leon ‘Sex on Fire’ after looking at the image above. Now, wouldn’t that be something if I were to draw out what pops in mind when I hear that song. My blog would not be for general viewing anymore. Hehehe.