Happy Halloween!

Don’t really celebrate Halloween but I love how festive it could get, especially all the costumes and spooky decorations. Trick or treat?


Mama, there's a finger in my oreo shake!


Hehehe. Bing’s Rotten Oreo. I feel slightly nauseated when I first saw it. Luckily, this was a treat!

So, did you celebrate Halloween? What did you dress up as?



Hello my sayangs! First of all, I must apologize for neglecting this blog for a while. I was extremely busy during graduation week.

I am proud to announce that I am now a GRADUATE of UNIMAS! Woohoo! Bachelor Degree in Communication Studies (With Honours) under the Faculty of Social Sciences.


Good thing I didn't wear heels or I will be taller than the Vice Chancellor (Who was on a platform!)


I remember the first night I stayed in the hostel, I told myself, “This is where I will be for three (In actual fact, four) years!” Jee Whiz, four years sure did fly fast! Dayyuummm!

Anyhow, due to some reasons as follows, I can’t really blog about the big day yet.

1. I’ve got some packing to do!
2. A flight to catch at 3pm!

The happiest day of my life. I got to graduate with my best buddies, too!


From L-R: Moi, Rapik, Augustine and Hamimi


From L-R: Rapik, Hamimi, Moi and Dave


Stay tune for the actual entry!





My Graduation Day

A lot of things happened this weekend. First, my mum came home. She had been in KL for a few months and she will be here for a while before going back again. Secondly, my sister, Aefi, safely gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Zhafri.

Finally, my convocation.

The first time to be held in the new hall, too!


It was fortunate it took place in the afternoon, thus giving my friends and I enough time to have a long sleep in and make ourselves up in order to look fantastic for this big day.

I am not sure if there would be any more convocation in the future, therefore, I must make the best out of it. Aslan, mum and Anisha came to witness me graduate from Unimas. My father chose the ANNUAL Moto GP over me. Well, since he made his decision, I shall exclude him from my life. In short, I LEARN from the best *this sentence oozes sarcasm*.

Enough of utterly depressing and frustrating story, we arrived at Unimas around 1230 in the afternoon and the hall was already packed with anxious graduates and even anxious family members. Hamimi, Rapik and I went to the FSS counter to register.


I brought Monalisa with me... :D


I was graduate number 342!


For this wonderful day, I designed a very simple modern kebaya. Light chiffon with stones studded on the neck paired with a silk Bornean tribal print skirt. Light so I don’t sweat a lot and thick enough so I won’t freeze in the air-conditioned hall. A fusion of cultures, just like me. Hehehe.

Aslan and yours truly in custom made modern Kebaya.

I also met a friend of mine, Keith, whom just graduated in the morning. I known him from my St Joseph days. He is now a lecturer at Lim Kok Wing Kuching!


Keith and I. You can see more of my modern kebaya here.


Fearing that I might be too tall with high heels and the scary thought of tripping on the stage, I decided to wear flats. Lucky I did coz we had to stand for quite a long time before we received the certificate!


Hamimi, Rapik and I with the black bow flats... Boring but comfortable.


We were still fooling around when it was announced that we were to go into the hall soon. It was time to put on the graduation robe, complete with the mortar board.


Rapik helping me to adjust the robe, still was too big for me even if I got it changed to a smaller size.


My best buddies in uni!


Aslan told us to practice the ‘smile’ when receiving the certificate on stage.


Of course I didn't smile like this, too creepily happy.


Yours truly with momma and Anisha


We started queueing and boy, it was at least 45 minutes before we entered the main hall where the convocation took place. And guess who was on the big screen?


None other than yours truly... I was told I appeared on the big screen quite often. Ah, I guess the camera loves me. Hahaha.


Once we were seated, it took quite a while before it was our Faculty’s turn. We were the last batch. The first batch was the Faculty of Engineering, followed by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

My whole body started to shake a bit when we were told to make our way to the stage. I kept on telling myself this is just a graduation ceremony. All I had to do was walk, smile, bow, say thank you, get the certificate, pose, and walk back to the seating area. Simple.


A lot of things were on my mind then... Among them was how to not trip while walking towards the Vice Chancellor.


I did not look at the crowd because stage fright somehow managed to overcome my senses.


Yours truly on the big screen again. I bet I looked gigantic.


At one point, I was so stunned, I had to be pushed forward. Miraculously, I recovered and managed to get whole of myself before I do anything silly.


In my mind, I imagined that the crowd was asleep.


Trust me, from that moment on, everything happened in a flash. I was walking towards the Vice Chancellor, I smiled and bowed, I can’t remember if I said thank you or not, posed for the photographer and walked back to the seating area. It all happened too quick, I didn’t even have time to absorb everything. In a way, that was good but somehow, I should have taken my time. Hmm…


Yes, it wasn't a dream.


New graduate in K-Town!


Can you spot yours truly???


Once the ceremony ended, we were bombarded by anxious family and friends with tons of graduation gifts at the exit.

I didn’t make it such a big fuss that neither Aslan or my family members brought me flowers or teddy bears. What mattered most was the fact that they were here with me to witness one of the many important events in my life. Flowers die, teddy bears just gather dust but Sereni & Shentel headbands last FOREVER. Thanks, Aslan!

Besides, the best gift for myself on this very day is none other than my graduation. Also the best gift my family could ever give me. Without my family, I wouldn’t be able to complete my studies.

Momma and I


With Aslan <3


With the dudes, minus Dave who was missing in action.


Mum wanted to wear my robe but I was willing to lend her the square hat as I was still enjoying wearing it.


We went back early and missed the little party at the faculty because we had other arrangements that needed urgent attention. I wish we had more time because I regret not taking more photos with my lecturers and friends. :(

Maybe that can wait, during a reunion or something like that. In the evening, the dudes and I managed to do a DIY graduation photo taking session at Aslan’s house. I will show you those photos once the dudes receive their perspective copies. Hehehe.

What’s next for me? Well, I plan to relax and do nothing for the rest of 2011. Once work starts, no time for that.

I hope this plan carries through or else, I need to find something to do. Hehehe.









Six Headbands with Love

Aslan surprised me with not one but six beautiful headbands from Sereni & Shentel.

The best gift is him attending my graduation and yet in his eyes, that won’t be enough. He knows how much I love Sereni & Shentel and he wants me to remember this auspicious event every time I wear them.

He even managed to get me some headbands from the 2012 collection. I don’t know how he did it but he is truly an amazing, not to mention romantic boyfriend.


Nothing compares to you, never. Thank you so much for the gift.


P/S: I will type a proper entry to introduce my new babies. :D

Hello, My Name is Zhafri.

The day before my graduation, a joyous event took place. My sister, Aefi, gave birth to a very beautiful baby boy.


Moi visiting Aefi at KPJ, waiting for the superstar to arrive.


A friend of mine told me she saw me at a grocers with my eyes glued to the phone. Well, I think my hands are also glued to the bloody phone.


Presenting Wan Muhammad Zhafri Ar Razzaq ( Apparently it means blessing and victory)…


The best way to describe how Zhafri looks like: "A more masculine version of Sera"


Although I already have one niece and nephew before this, it was actually my first time waiting for the birth at the hospital. I wasn't in Kuching when Sera nor Darren was born.


35cm long and weighs at 3.58kg at birth.


Zhafri and I


Oh happy day!




Hotel Review: 360 Urban Resort, Kuching

Located near Padungan, 360 Urban Resort Hotel will be one hotel which you can’t resist not staying when you are in town.

Dave and his family stayed here for the graduation weekend and I am blessed to have an opportunity to check it out.

They booked the Executive King Bed Room located on the higher floors for RM164 per night.

Check in process was okay, a bit slow and the staff was somewhat bored-looking. I can’t blame him though, the lobby was dull. This hotel has two towers, Tower A especially for room only accommodation while Tower B is one and two bedroom apartments accommodation.

The elevator is a bit dodgy but I guess it is safe enough, if not, I wouldn’t be blogging about it.


Absolutely heavenly king sized bed.


The workstation/tv/mini bar area


I am quite pleased with the decoration of the room, tastefully done. It is very comfortable too.


The closet with the usual stuff; bathrobes, ironing board, safe and hotel slippers.


I am disappointed at the fact that they don’t have a bathtub. Boo…


No bathtub but they do have a shower stall and a toilet... I guess that is more than enough...


Another flaw I found with this room is the bathroom door, frosted glass door with tiny gaps to the sides. Not much privacy and I sure hope the air vent is strong enough to suck out any uncomfortable smell… Lol.


The view from the room- at least you HAVE a view, some hotels have no windows or worse, the back of some ugly building...


Breakfast was… Hopeless. You are better off having breakfast somewhere in town, cheaper and tastes a whole lot nicer!

Swimming pool and gym facilities are good, you have a shopping complex downstairs and very near to tourist hubs.

For enquiries and reservation:

360 Urban Resort Hotel
Hock Lee Centre, Hotel Towers A & B,
Jalan Datuk Abang Abdul Rahim,
93450 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tel:+6082 – 484888 Fax:+6082 – 484999



Finally here

Hamimi, Rapik and I went to Unimas to get our robes today. It was our first time at the new hall. It felt surreal to return to Unimas.

It was as if only yesterday I started hanging out with them. University life can get quite tedious, luckily I have amazing friends to keep it entertaining!

The moment we tried on the robes, we could not believe the fact that we will graduate this Sunday!





I wonder what’s next for us?


Apple VS Blackberry

My current phone, Blackberry Bold 9780 @ Brian, has served me for over three years. After many accidents and incidents, it is showing signs of a breakdown. Honestly, I am not quite bothered about buying a new phone but before it gets out of hand, it is time for Brian and I to part.

Before I go deeper into the discussion, I must explain why I never bother with buying phones anymore. I used to be a phone freak but that era has ended eons ago.

  1. Every month, several new models will be released. What sucks the most is it only happens AFTER you buy the previous model. (You can use this rule with cameras and laptops too)
  2. A smartphone is not cheap. Cheapest maybe around RM 2000 and the most expensive may set me back up to RM 3000. If I only use the phone for six months, damn, that’s a lot of money down the drain.
  3. With that amount of money, I’d rather save for a bag.
  4. Even if there is a package available for trade-in and contract, I am not desperate to pay extra(If you think about it, contract is more expensive due to the hidden charges) and get myself committed to a phone for two years.

As much as I love Blackberry, recent events made me love it a little bit less. RIM getting a bit unstable and BBM has lost its exclusivity with the rise of many similar apps. The new Bold 9900 has freaking touch screen and the reviews are not satisfying. Man, if I wanted touch screen, I would go for the iPhone. In relation to this, the second phone I have in mind is none other than Apple’s iPhone 4s

Now, I am not a sore loser for wanting to buy that particular phone just because of Steve Jobs death. Before Blackberry, there was always the iPhone 3G. In fact, it was my first smartphone which I got in Singapore in the year 2008. I just realized how much I have missed having an iPhone when I helped Aslan’s mum to update her iPhone 4 to iOS5.

Of course no phone is perfect. Should I buy the iPhone 4s or wait till next year for the mystical iPhone 5? I am reluctant to buy a new phone because of the first golden rule as mentioned above. MEH. Oh well, wish me luck!


Something Light at Simplicious Restaurant

Angie, Zsa and I went to check out the new restaurant at Jalan Pisang, Simplicious Restaurant.

The decoration is chic and retro at some places while at certain spot, can be quite bare.

Where we were seated

It is undeniably a nice establishment but when were there, there was a birthday/sports party upstairs. So noisy. =.=”

Since we were sort of dieting, we ordered salads and cake to share. I ordered cream of mushroom because I fancied it.

Lime and plum juice

Watermelon juice


Orange juice

The drinks were alright, nothing special about them.

Turkey ham salad

Caesar Salad with Roasted Chicken

I can’t explain why I am disappointed with the salad. It was not the best nor worst but it tasted so boring, I swear I could have fallen asleep eating it. There was not enough passion added into the making of the salads. Meh.

Cream of Mushroom

Either my taste palate is very hard to please or this wasn’t a nice soup. I did not enjoy this, same reason as above.

Now, what follows next is the savior of this restaurant. Dessert.

Tim Tam Cake!

I could hear the bells were ringing the first time I tasted this beautiful cake. Wonderful!

Overall, we had a nice experience here. I hope the chefs will take my criticism positively and improve his/her recipe. I

Maybe they are still having teething problem. I will return and give Simplicious another try.

Group photo!

For more information and reservations:
Simplicious Restaurant & Lounge
39, Pisang Road off Green Road, 93400 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
+6082-253 813




My Kind of Saturday

First thing in the morning, an almost healthy breakfast at Stoned Ice, Wisma Saberkas with my Aslan.


Mee Belacan


Not the best Mee Belacan. A total disappointment. I’ve never seen this dish with fried bean curd or without century egg before. Appalling, indeed.


Mixed Fruits Rojak


Stoned Iced can never go wrong with the rojak paste. One thing I love about Stoned Ice is you get to choose your own fruits and vegetables.

Once we’ve filled ourselves with food, it is baking time. I haven’t been baking for quite a while, I must admit, getting a bit rusty.


Chocolate Surprise and Red Velvet Cupcakes


I decided to name it Chocolate Surprise because you will never know what you’ll get in that cupcake. It could be chocolate chips, dark chocolate pieces or BOTH! In truth, the surprise is none other than a hint of caramel. :D Both of these cupcakes turned out amazing and oh, tasted absolutely beautiful. Where’s the icing? Too tired to even bother with it. Maybe next time.

My kind of Saturday may some boring but that’s exactly how I love it. Relaxing and with a purpose. Obviously better than just lepak at mall and stare into nothingness. Meh.