Dining Up in the Sky

Fancy an intimate Christmas eve dinner up in the sky? Well, you are definitely in luck! The Peak offers you the Contemporary Set Menu Dinner on Christmas and New Years Eve priced at RM 148+ per person!

It is intimate because this venue can only take in less than 20 tables, so, you better make your reservation NOW!

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...

The beauty of this dinner is it is a semi-buffet and set dinner. While you wait for your a la minute dishes to arrive, why not head over to the buffet table first?

Among the dishes served at the buffet table are as follows:

Fresh oysters although small in size but absolutely scrumptious in taste

I put some tomato and coriander salsa on the oyster and a marriage of flavors just exploded in my mouth. So freaking good.

Seared rock lobster in champagne glass on prawn bisque jelly

I love this dish very much! Absolutely beautiful! Luckily I managed to get one as it was running out quite fast!

Slow poached black Atlantic cod fish with citrus vinaigrette & onion relish

Cod fish tasted more delicious with the citrus vinaigrette and onion relish. It evens out the oiliness of the fish.

Fresh sliced tuna, red snapper & salmon are also available

Nothing like a bit of sashimi to make Christmas eve dinner more Asian. Fusion!

Fresh water prawn skewer with expresso coffee sauce

I found this dish a little bit peculiar but for Mr Coffee Lover, Aslan, truly enjoyed this dish. I mean this because he is not usually fond of prawns!

If you are as health conscious as I am, there is also the healthy corner where you can get healthy yet delish dressings for your salads compromising of finely shredded carrots and Japanese julienne, romaine lettuce, green oak leaf, red coral, green frisse and tomatoes.

For the set dinner, the dishes are as follow:

Entree for Christmas eve dinner: Coriander scented Foie Gras, slow-simmered young abalone & caramelized in pomegranate jus

Entree for New Year's Eve dinner: Saffron Lobster bisque topped with truffle oil

Two choices of main course:

Hazelnut crust young lamb rack & 98c baked US beef ribs, Gratin sweet potatoes timbale & midin black pepper gravy


Pan-seared black cod, edible flower with saute baby sprout, celeriac relish & Seafood duet- King Prawn cured with jumbo mussel in lime broth and citrus oil

Now, the part of dinner I love most… DESSERTS!


Green kiwi fruit tart!

Chocolate eclairs

Chocolate expresso Yule log

Christmas Stolen Bread

Chocolate Macrons; other flavors are available too!

Mini ginger bread presentation!

Raspberry indulgence torte

Unfortunately, this lovely Santarina from Korea is not included in the set dinner. :p

Trust me, there will be more selection available, this is just a preview!

Sadly, roast turkey is not available at the Peak, perhaps you can try your luck by asking for one in advance. Good news is it will be available at Puzzle in its Christmas Eve and New Year Eve Buffet dinner priced at RM 99+ per person.

Christmas came early this year, I had the nicest turkey meal, EVER!

The classic chestnuts stuffing is perfect! Pity they didn’t have any cranberry sauce to go with it.

Going gaga for roasted turkey...

For more information and reservations:
Pullman Hotel and Resort,
No. 1A, Jalan Mathies,
93100, Kuching, Sarawak.
+6082 222 888

Tis the Season for Giving

Less than a month from Christmas, I am giving you a chance to win a Christmas gift from Santa Sereni & Shentel.



You might be wondering, how could I possibly give you that chance? Well, I am giving away my chances of winning the gift because I am informing more people about it. Only top ten best answers will win.

Interested to try? Click here. Contest ends on December 7.

So, all the best and have fun planning Christmas gifts for your loved ones!


Of Monster Pizza

I’ve always wanted to make my own pizza topping so last night Aslan and I went to Ting and Ting to buy the ingredients.

Friday is Make Your Own Pizza day.


Pizza base sauce, diced tomatoes, mushrooms, beef pepperoni and two type of cheeses.


If I had the choice, I would have bought fresh herbs and juicy baby tomatoes but since I couldn’t find them anywhere, maybe next time.

Aslan’s creation was monstrous. Instead of using the tomato and mushroom sauce as the base, he decided to try New York style pizza in which the cheese forms the base, then the sauce.


Layer upon layers of pepperoni, mushroom and diced tomatoes topped generously with mozzarella and Scottish mature red cheddar.


Mine looked quite tame and boring too.


A very friendly looking pizza made by yours truly.


And the result?


Aslan finished his pizza without any help...


Since I am Miss Diet, I only had quarter of my pizza. Both of our pizzas tasted so good. If I weren’t dieting, damn, I’d eat two whole pizzas. Mmm…


Pizza making is not as easy as one might think...


But we kinda cheated. Haha. All of the ingredients were bought and ready made. Save time and energy by just sacrificing a little bit of taste.

Maybe next time we will try to make pizza from scratch. Hmm…



Are you familiar with this acronym, MBT? No, it is not a fast-food chain nor some sort of food but it stands for Masai Barefoot Technology.

If you could walk barefoot anywhere on any kind of surface, wouldn’t that be ideal? After a long day of walking, it sure feels nice to feel the ground on bare feet. High heels look fabulous, but you are aware of the fact that wearing them all the time is not healthy for you, aren’t you?

MBT is dubbed as the world’s smallest gym. Here are the benefits of MBT shoes:

(Photo courtesy of www.walkingshoesreviews.com)

Basically speaking, wear these shoes and you will lose weight, gain more muscles and have absolutely great body posture.

I’ve been saving up money to get myself a pair of this fabulous shoes and well today, I managed to do just that.

MBT has a branch at Marina Square, Singapore and I got the one that looks more like a platform shoes than a pair of sports shoes.


These shoes are made for walking, INDEED!


Damai Central

After lunch, Aslan and I thought hard where to bring Teh Kah for a nice drink or two. I somehow wondered, wouldn’t it be nice to escape from the monsoon season and escape to somewhere sunny?

We were at the traffic light before the toll bridge when I noticed Santubong area was clear of any dark clouds and the bulb in my head was switched on. We brought her to have a look at the newly opened Damai Central.

If the weather was not as hot, it would have been nice to stroll along the beach.


One thing I found interesting about Damai Central is the tastefully done sculpture of the hornbill, our national bird here in Sarawak. I prefer this to the one at the flyover just after the airport heading towards the city center, ugly.


What a nice looking bird.

Next to Damai Central is none other than Damai Beach Resort and just opposite Damai Central is the Cultural Village. Strategic location for the tourism industry.


One don't have to drive to Cultural Village from Damai Beach anymore! A plus point especially during the Rainforest World Music Festival!

I couldn’t be more Asian by using my trusty umbrella from H&M to shield myself from bad old Mr Sun.


Floral umbrella, H&M $14.99

Teh Kah and Aslan enjoyed the sun and well, I have to admit I felt quite odd with the umbrella so I took the risk and went under the sun without any sun protection- and camwhored.


Teh Kah and I: I kept on telling Aslan to hurry up because I was melting slowly...


Aslan and I


The tide was low but Mr Sun was quite generous with its ray and heat, none of us bothered going to the beach.


In my head, this looked like the Sahara Desert, not a beach.


Here at Damai Central, one is spoilt for choice when it comes to dining options. There’s the food court where they serve both local and international food and for those who love their seafood but not in the mood to drive down to Buntal, can always try Bayridge Fine Seafood Restaurant.


Bayridge Fine Seafood Restaurant


I will do a proper review of this restaurant the next time I go there. Damai Central also have a bar, I think it’s called Escobar, it looks lovely and well, I heard it is a nice place to watch the sunset!

Damai Central also have locker, towel and shower rental for those who wants to have a nice time at the beach without having to check into any hotel.

When we were at Damai Central this afternoon, Brooke Dockyard held their family day.


- Next game was Limbo, how low can you go?

Quite a space for sports activity or a mini concert etc


Damai Central also have a few shops lots available for rent. So far I only noticed one convenient store open for business.


Nice view of mount Santubong just behind Damai Central.


Guess who we met having their lunch at the seafood restaurant? None other than Teh Kah’s dad and his nephew from Miri. They invited us to join them but since we had something before going here, we only ordered drinks.


Group photo!


I had a nice time at Damai Central and I look forward to returning there again.

Curious? Visit Damai Central Facebook page here.



Rainy Afternoon at Tarot Cafe

Looking for somewhere new to dine, we decided to give Tarot Cafe at Jalan Keretapi a try.


I like this part of the cafe, daunting and mysterious...


And add Aslan and Sera to the background, it doesn’t look too daunting nor mysterious anymore…


Happy Aslan and cheeky Sera


Famished, we ordered quite a few things from the menu. The drink menu is expansive, according to the tarot cards and horoscope characters. Quite interesting.


Our order for the day


I ordered something chocolaty for Sera and when her drink arrived, it was huge.


Tarot Cafe should consider kiddie's size drinks.


Nonetheless, Sera enjoyed her Enriched Chocolate drink. Aslan and I on the hand, took quite a long time to decide. I think I changed order twice.


Honey Lemon Juice is refreshingly delicious! Quite a generous size too. Aslan declared this his favorite drink


The Lover: Dragon fruit milkshake


A fabulous drink, I never thought of mixing dragon fruit with milkshake, divine!


Since Sera is a very fussy eater, I thought rice with fried egg and sausages will be alright. Unfortunately, she only had a few spoonfuls.


Not the most interesting looking dish...


Aslan randomly ordered something from the menu, he depended on the recommended dish logo to help him decide.


Nissin noodles with Chicken Ham, Sausage and Fried Egg


Honestly, Aslan didn’t really enjoy this dish but not to say it was horrible. Mediocre to say the least.

I fancied something Korean, hence, I crossed my fingers and ordered the Prawn with Kimchi noodles.


Bland and spicy...


We ordered chicken teriyaki for a side dish, Aslan enjoyed it, he said it added some flavor to his noodles.


Edible, taste wise, nothing special.


I guess I was just too hungry, I also ordered dessert for us to share.


Dragon fruit with sago and vanilla ice cream.


In a nutshell, Tarot Cafe is the best place to go for drinks and desserts and not for the food. Perhaps we ordered the wrong dishes. Everything cost around RM 52. The furnitures and decorations are a bit worn out.

Well, maybe the one near Swinburne University is nicer. Who knows?




Sereni & Shentel 2012 Collection

Thanks to Aslan, I now have some of Sereni & Shentel 2012 collection headbands. The 2012 collection have a few changes.

1. From now on, all Sereni & Shentel headbands have a little headband charm sewed on it, hence, making it more distinctive and unique! Sereni & Shentel trademark!
2. The new bag with zipper. Classy and it keeps your headband save!
3. Of course new designs and colors!


The best graduation gift ever!


I don’t know how he did it but his choices are PERFECT!


The Queen in Gold


Akeem in Red: You can't get this color online because it is a limited edition, especially for me! Woohooo!


Charlotte in Olive


He also got me a few headbands from the classic line.


Bow Down in Black


Kuching Cat in Willow


Ice Ice Baby Luxe in Platinum


And now, the whole lot together…


Now, excuse me while I hug all my babies.


P/S: Surprise your loved ones or treat yourself to a beautiful piece from Sereni and Shentel by clicking here. Trust me, you WILL NOT regret it. xx

Sunday in Singapore

Last day in Singapore before heading back to Kuching in the evening. So what did I do today?


Breakfast at Prego


Rested for half an hour in the room before we go out.



Minimalist top from Dorothy Perkins and thick leggings from Primark.

Aslan surprised me with a spa session! We went to Willow Stream Spa on sixth floor. Stress Relief Massage for Aslan and Shopper’s Relief Massage for me.



The treatment room!


All relaxed and relieved, we went shopping at Raffles City Shopping Mall just downstairs where I shopped crazily at Topshop.



Conquest for the day...


We spent quite a while doing retail therapy, we got back to the room just in time to get ready to go to the airport.

I decided to change into something more chic.



Topshop galore! Woohoo.


I know it is not a big deal for most but for me, it is a historical day. I am no longer a size 22. I am now a size 14. It is still a bit hard to look for a size 14 item but at least I can wear beautiful clothes from Topshop! Woohoo. I aim to be a size 12 by my 25th birthday.

The painful irony of this tale is I still love my food. A rare occasion where I actually crave something from Burger King. And so we had BK for late lunch at terminal 2 of Changi Airport.




Whopper with Cheese for him and Double Mushroom Swiss for the lady.


And I just had to order dessert.



How can you say no to Hershey's Sundae Pie???


Looking forward to the next time I am in Singapore! December, come quick!


11 things I did on 11.11.11

Since it is 11-11-11, I will use 11 photos to describe my day. Enjoy!


Early flight to Singapore!


Laksa fix at Sin Chong Choon Cafe at Green Heights Mall before we boarded the plane.


Up in the air with Air Asia


Fairmont Hotel, Singapore = Love


How I was dressed today: Batwing top with super skinny jeans


Afternoon rain in Singapore.


Skinny Pizza's Buffalo Mozzarella Pizza


Current obsession: Truffle Fries!


Went shopping and I found these simple gold foldable pumps.


Aslan on the phone on the balcony of our room


Afternoon tea at the Executive Lounge on the 23rd floor


11:11:11 AM I was making my way towards the immigration counter at Changi Airport, Singapore.

11:11:11 PM I had a hot bubble bath.

It was a good day and I had a lot of fun.


Shu Uemura Christmas Preview Party with Sereni & Shentel

Little do we know, it is now November. Do you know what that means? Christmas is just around the corner. Christmas is a time of celebration, family, food and of course, FASHION!

A fabulous way to celebrate Christmas is with a pair of beautiful eye lashes and gorgeous make-up from Shu Uemura, complete with a headband from Sereni & Shentel!

Talking about Sereni & Shentel and Shu Uemura, today, I was invited to…


Gold is one of my favourite colours!


Since the majority colour of the poster is gold, I decided to make it my dress theme. The last time I went to a Sereni & Shentel event, everyone was beautifully made up, dressed up to the nines with perfect hair, I felt really out of place. Therefore, this time, I made an effort. I even went to the hairdresser’s! Lol.

I came to the event fashionably late although unintentionally as the hair treatment took longer than expected. When I arrived, the make-up and false eyelashes demonstration had already begun.


Lisa made it look simple to put on falsies...


All eyes on the demo!


Shu Uemura offers the most versatile colour pallette for the face, you can have a day or night make-up, cream based eyeshadow that is long lasting and looks natural plus, you can even use some of the colours for blusher and bronzing!


Foxy night make-up! It is amazing, isn't it?


This is what I have learned from the demonstration:
1. After applying glue on falsies, let it become half dry, that will make things a lot easier and stick more
2. Chin up and your falsies application will be smooth sailing
3. Three things you should never leave home without: Amazing eyelashes (Either mascara-ed or falsies; Highlights your already beautiful eyes more), Rosy cheeks (With the right amount and shade, your cheekbones will be highlighted and dayyum, instant supermodel look) and finally, lipstick (A dab of lipstick, does wonders!)

After the demonstration, Sereni and Shentel led me to a magical room where I got to do my very own custom brooch! Oh yes, for the 2012 collection, there will be brooch.

What colours should I pick?


I swear I almost pour out all the blings onto my custom brooch card. Greedy, much!


After quite some time and countless bling swapping, I finally came up with a design.


I call it in between proper and cheeky. A dash of fun.


For today’s event, I wore Sereni & Shentel The Queen in Gold with a lot of other gold things.


Aslan said I somehow managed to pull the young and chic Datin look. I am still debating whether I should take that as a compliment or sarcasm. :p


While waiting for my brooch to be ready, I did a little bit of exploring and found some treasures!


Yours truly in Sereni & Shentel 2012 Look Book! Woohoo!


I had the chance to browse the new look book and OH MY GOD! An exquisite piece of ART! A friend of mine, Adeline, commented it looks more like a magazine, which I can’t agree more!

I also stumbled across…


Bunny Ears!



The moment I had it on, I couldn't help feeling happy and a bit cheeky! Hahaha.


I couldn’t resist being more of a Queen by trying on…




If I were to try out all of the headbands, I’d faint due to excitement. I bet you will salivate over these photos!



I must say, after trying out Bunny Ears and Zamunda, I have the itch to buy them! Bunny ears are absolute trendy at the moment. Even Beyonce is spotted wearing them! Don’t trust me? Watch her latest video, Party and you shall see!


You wanna be like Beyonce? Get Bunny Ears in Black now!


Aslan also loves them bunny ears!


I can imagine what an adorable bunny Aslan could be with the bunny ears!


Adeline wearing Zamunda in Gold, Moi in The Queen in Gold and holding a white Bunny Ears!


After we fooled around a bit with a few headbands, I had a makeover session all thanks to Shu Uemura!


The WKW for Shu Uemura collection, available now for Christmas!



The best thing about this makeover is… I get to keep the falsies! While I am being transformed, I shall show you what I have eaten.

*Warning**Hunger inducing photos ahead**Warning*


Turkey Bagel


Vegetarian Springrolls


Turkey, Mushroom and Leek Pie


Chicken Lasagna!


Fried Noodles!


Christmas Minced Pies!


Gingerbread Christmas Tree Cookie!


Black Forest Christmas Log Cake!


Oh, I am so hungry now! Meh.

I will end the hunger by showing you the transformed me… Ready???


Yes, I can't believe it myself.


I couldn’t stop admiring myself on the mirror.


"Is that really me???"


Shu Uemura, I love you! Here are more photos of me (Vanity alert):


If you are curious: Gold sparkly batwing top from Dorothy Perkins, Skirt from H&M, Casio Gold Data Bank watch, Baroque pearls bracelet from Bowerhaus.


All dolled up Adeline and I!


This event would be meaningless without Sereni and Shentel, hence, camwhoring session with them is a must!


My my idols <3




Us with Aslan!


Ladies who high tea...


Moi with beautiful beautiful beautiful ladies of Kuching!


The amazing Marissa and I


Before I went home, I got my brooch!


Many ways to wear a brooch and I am absolutely fortunate to be among of the fews to have them! :D


On top of that, I also received a gift from Shu Uemura…


They truly do pamper my skin! :D


For more information on Shu Uemura, click here. They have an outlet at the Spring, do give them a visit to check out the wide selection of gorgeous fake eyelashes!


Can't get any more festive than this... Or can it???


Do check out Sereni & Shentel website here and you can now design your very own custom Blair ONLINE by clicking here.

Thank you Sereni and Shentel for everything, always a pleasure to meet my idols again! Love you gals long time! Thank you Shu Uemura for making me feel and look beautiful!

Love, Love, Love,