Looking Back: 2011

It is scary how ridiculously fast we reach the last entry for the year 2011, almost in just a blink of an eye!

I will not drag on this topic further, instead, I will go straight to the point.


I spent the last day of 2010 in Phuket, Thailand, celebrated New Year on a cruise liner, bedridden as I was sick; and had a lovely New Year’s day in Langkawi.

In my cabin on board the Royal Caribbean!

Chaneling Kate Winslet in Titanic.

One of Phuket's Buddhist temples

Royal Caribbean Legend of the Seas.

Goodbye Langkawi!

Once the holiday ended, university started and it was the final semester of my final year in Unimas. I had one whole year to do my thesis but I only felt the pressure now. Hence, nothing much happened in January because I devoted most of my free time researching, reading, watching Disney animations and typed till my fingers bleed (A mere exaggeration, of course).

In January, Aslan and I celebrated our fifth year together. He got me an autobiography of Coco Chanel as an anniversary gift. On the same day, I received my first Bowerhaus bracelet from the lovely Elizabeth and Shentel.

This trio bracelet overshadowed Aslan's gift... How can it not? Talk about wrong timing.

I kept on telling Aslan the best gift is none other than to have him in my life. I feel bad I couldn’t plan anything over the top for our special day so I have planned something very special and insanely luxurious for our sixth anniversary. So, there you go!


My birthday month! I attended my friend’s engagement on my birthday. I had no plan to celebrate my birthday nor Valentine’s day, therefore the day was better spent that way.

I knew her since high school and now she is married. Darn it, shows how old I am... Grr...

Three days before the engagement, I celebrated my birthday with my family. It was simple and Aslan was not happy I had to do everything myself. Well, the name’s Miss Perfectionist and I don’t mind planning my own birthday party, thank you. I baked red velvet cupcakes as a birthday cake, I made roast beef with roasted vegetables. My family contributed some dishes too. Aefi made some sherpard’s pie while Boy and Eaiz grilled some chicken wings. It could be said I didn’t do everything.

Turning 25 was a bittersweet moment. I was happy I aged well and in such good health. I was sad at the fact that my parents were no longer together.

Moving on, in February, I met my idols, Sereni and Shentel at the Lancome French Kiss event.

All dolled up by Lancome with Sereni and Shentel

In the same month, I went to Melbourne, Australia with Aslan and Zarith. In Melbourne, I visited a lot of beautiful places, got to know so many amazing people and ate tons of good food.

A sprained ankle did not stop me from enjoying my holiday with my friends!

Aslan, my one and only.

Zarith, moi, Jaez and Dwayne at the 12 Apostles.


I did a crazy thing at the beginning of March. I went to Singapore and stayed for a night on my own. I was there for a very important mission and it was successful. The highlight of my trip was the hotel I stayed in; Wanderlust Hotel.

The room I stayed in is a capsule-like dubbed the Pantone. It is compact and quirkily design but it catered to my basic needs very well.

Nadia’s wedding was beautiful! At the same time I was pestered by the golden question: “When is your turn???” People, if you would kindly donate to my wedding fund, I will be more than pleased to have my wedding next year, thank you. The fund covers all cost of what happens before, during and after the wedding. Oh yes.

With the lovely bride, Nadia.

Aside from the wedding, March was rather uneventful. I prioritized the need to get the thesis done before anything else. That pretty much explains why I was very anti social at the start of the year.


Designed my custom Blair with Shentel! It was very chic and demure, maybe I will design something eccentric next time. Hehehe. I had such a fantastic time with both Sereni and Shentel.

Being a designer is harder than I thought, especially with all the crazy amount of beautiful ribbons, stones to choose from!

I look very boring compare with Sereni. She looks fabulous!

Aslan celebrated his 25th birthday and I got him a little something special.


He managed to assemble the camera during the Easter weekend and took some photos , first attempt was not 100% successful but it was a good effort nonetheless.

We couldn't stop laughing when we saw this photo. Old school, much!

With less than a month before I handed up the thesis, everything was at full speed. Spent most of my time at Unimas library and in my house, completely devoted to the thesis. Sad but true.


May was rather uneventful. I lived a life full of misery fearing I could not finish my thesis on time. Aslan, friends and family motivated me. Thankfully, they gave me the strength to go on. Oh, such joy when I handed in the completed and bounded thesis to my supervisor.

My passport to a very calmed and peaceful mind.


June brought with it freedom. The start of my long holiday. I organized a get together here in Kuching with the dudes. Reunited for one weekend before we meet again in September.

My buddies.

I went on a two weeks holiday in the United Kingdom with Aslan and his family. Visited Portadown, Belfast (Although very briefly), Glasgow, Edinburgh, Glencoe, Inverness, Skye, Norwich, London and Stonehenge.

Walking through the town of Portadown

Supposed to be summer but it was so chilly!

Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland

Day trip to Belfast where we visited the Titanic site.

Tea time in Glasgow!

A day out in Edinburgh!

In which Monty Python's & The Holy Grail theme song kept on playing on repeat in my mind...

I became a giant in Edinburgh

Went to Jamie Oliver's Italian in Glasgow

Braved the cold weather just to take photos at the Glencoe

Went on a hunt for the Loch Ness Monster in Inverness...

Visited so many castles/ruins all over UK

Witnessed so many breathtaking sceneries

Went on a drive around the Islands of Skye

Only in Skye

In Norwich

Medieval loo at Norwich Castle



When I was in London, I got to ride on not just a limo but a Hummer limousine!!!

My ride for the night

Chilling like a rockstar.


A month where I relaxed most of the time and catch up with the happenings in Kuching. It was also the fasting month, therefore not much happened.

Just visiting y'all during my one night transit in Singapore


It was a last minute decision. Aslan barely remembers his trip to New Zealand eons ago, so in order to refresh his memory, we flew to Auckland!

At Mission Bay with Rangitoto in the background

On North Head, Devonport


Copied Tyra Bank's favorite pose at Piha Beach or famously known as the black sands beach.

In August, I also celebrated Raya in Kuching after two years away from home.

Aefi and family not in the photo though...

Funny thing was I only stayed 2 days in Kuching before flying off to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for a beach getaway at Shangri La Tanjung Aru and Shangri La Rasa Ria.

Day one and still looking quite fair

Chilling somewhere shaded after good tanning sessions.


I thought August was an adventure until September came along. I went to Singapore and Phuket, Thailand with my university friends. It was crazy!!!

My first time staying in a hostel in Singapore...

On top of Marina Bay Sands.

Phuket Fantasea Show

My first elephant ride!

Karon Beach on a sunny day

Sunny day was quite a rare occasion during our visit to Phuket during the monsoon season. Boy, when it was sunny, it was really hot!

I also managed to go for a day trip to Phi Phi Islands where I went snorkeling for the first time!

To be honest, the water was too rough for snorkeling...

Phi Phi Lay Island after buffet lunch

Went on two crazy roller coaster at Universal Studios Singapore


When I found out I would graduate few months back, it felt unreal. The journey was long and tough and when the day happened, it didn’t last as long as expected.

Four years in Unimas had been a roller coaster ride but it was definitely worth it.

Aslan and I on my graduation day. <3

October was also the month when the newest member of my family was born. My nephew, Zhafri!

What an angel...


I was invited to Sereni and Shentel’s an afternoon with Shu Uemura. A wonderful event where I learned more about applying make-up and saw the new headbands by Sereni & Shentel!

With the ever so beautiful Sereni and Shentel and my darling Aslan

Also went to Singapore a few times this month. Just a quick visit, nothing our of the ordinary.


I celebrated an early Christmas with my dudes in Christmas.

This year, we celebrated Christmas in Perth. A new experience for all of us.

Hot and Sunny, Christmas Down Under was fabulous!

So, that was the highlight of my 2011. It was a good year for travel, I am thankful to have the chance to see more of the world this year.

I am also happy because I managed to achieved most of my goals. Number one on my list was to graduate from Unimas. :D

I hope 2012 will be a better year for me and my family as well as you, my dear readers. Thank you for reading my humble blog. Without you, I am nothing.

Frankly, I don’t know what to expect in 2012. I’m not in a rush to start working. I am not feeling inspired enough to continue my Masters. I can hear wedding bells ringing but I doubt they are mine. I don’t plan to travel a lot next year, instead, I plan to save money.

Life isn’t what it used to be but I won’t complain. Life is what we make of it.

Rain or shine, life goes on. Happy New Year!


Perth Day Six

Our last day in Perth. To be honest, I can’t wait to go home. The weather getting really hot here and my skin is already sunburnt and peeling quite bad.

Most of the morning was spent shopping. We drove all the way to Belmont Forum Shopping. The suburb mall is a nicer place for retail therapy. More locals and less tourists if compared to Hay Street in the city.

For lunch, we went to Mount Lawley for Grill’d burger. Parking was a bit tricky but we managed to find a decent spot just a few blocks away from the restaurant.

There was a bit of miscommunication problem after we ordered our meals. I have no clue how the girl who took our order could misheard ‘Baa Baa’ Burger as Mighty Melbourne.

It wouldn’t be such a problem if it did not have bacon on it. We sent the burger back and asked for one without bacon. Then I recalled, the lamb burger never comes with egg on it. Aslan reconfirmed my order and the one the sent to us earlier was in fact Mighty Melbourne and not Baa Baa Burger.

In the end, they had to make three burgers before getting my order right. I feel guilty, if I had pronounced it clearer, perhaps they wouldn’t get my order wrong. I offered to pay for the two burgers but they refused my money saying I should be careful next time. Still perplexes me how Baa Baa could sound like Mighty Melbourne.

Waiting for my burger... There goes my diet.


Herbed chips... Epic.

Simply Grill'd with Tasty Cheese

Baa Baa Burger...

Burgers from Grill’d are worth all the calories. I am so going to miss this once I go back to Kuching… Boohoo.

After shopping and lunch, we relaxed for a while before heading out with the rest of the family to King’s Park.

Our shadows

Aslan’s parents wanted to go on the tree top bridge but by the time we got there, it was already closed.

Open from 9 to 5 only

Since there was nothing much to do, we took some photos instead.

I miss wearing denim shorts

I can’t imagine myself wearing shorts in Kuching without people giving me the stare. Come on, y’all, they’re decent length!

They are not Kylie's hot pants!

Not that I dare to wear hot pants. Oh no. Never.

We walked around the garden and just enjoyed the view.

Just chilling, y'all...

Ducks at the park

Yours truly beautiful tresses... :p

I just posed there, did not even go down the hill... Too lazy

With Aslan's family


Since Aslan and I had half an hour to kill, we decided to go for a drive to City Beach.  We underestimated the distance, the journey took at least 20 minutes. Lovely beach but abundant in terms of flies and dog poo.

Five minutes walk/hike to the beach

The sun was almost setting when we reached there...

One of Perth's popular beaches, sharks are spotted here sometimes but the locals don't give a damn at all.

I wish I have the courage of a local and jump into the sea but nope, that did not happen at all...

FYI, beach properties in Australia have gone down in price.

I think this photo would look a lot better minus the garbage bins...

Aslan and the fishing enthusiasts

Trying to keep those pesky flies out of my mouth and nose...


As we were already late for dinner, we didn’t stay for too long at City Beach. Our last dinner in Perth was at Zafferano, a mediterranean themed restaurant located at the Old Swan Brewery.

Here are some of the dishes ordered:

Lamb Chops

Seafood Chowder, I still prefer Scotland's Cullen Skink!

Grilled Beef Tenderloin: Well done, tender and delicious but the gravy was a bit sweet.

Last photo of the night before we started to do the packing etc…

Goodbye, Perth, I shall see you again!



Perth Day Five

You must be wondering, whatever happened to day four? Well, simple. Day four is in fact, Boxing Day, a worldwide sales phenomenon. Need I explain more? Hehehe.

Okay, today’s itinerary was quite straightforward. Seafood at Fremantle, recreational activities at Sir James Mitchell Park and King’s Park.

Aslan enjoying the weather and scenery at Fremantle

I wore leggings underneath my dress because I want to prevent any Marilyn Monroe moment...

Fremantle was booming with activities today, more people too!

We went to Cicerello’s for lunch where I finally satisfied my craving for salt and pepper squids and fish and chips!

Aslan patiently waiting for lunch...

I think we waited for five minutes before the pager went off...



Australia is the number one country for out of this world seafood! Mmm… I love Australia.

Posing with his meal

In order to kill that I-ate-too-much guilt, we decided to have a look at the Market.

Fremantle Market

We didn’t buy anything there. I regret not buying the honey roasted macadamias, they are really good.

I think E-Shed Market just a few blocks away have more choice of things. Anyway, here are some photos of the market.

The aromatherapy and candles smelled so good but I didn't buy any as I have a feeling my luggages are already overweight...

Cheap in AUD but crazy expensive when converted to MYR.

Pricey! A lot cheaper in Bugis Street, Singapore.

The printed t-shirts are slightly expensive but they are of high quality and most of the designs are really good.

I was quite relieved when we managed to get a space at St James Mitchell Park at Point Walter Reserve. It was quite packed but not as packed compared with Christmas day.

Posing before we walked to the middle part of the sand bank...


Windy day always brings out the Pocahontas in me...


Water was refreshing but the ground was a bit mushy...

My sayang enjoying the breeze!

Aslan enjoyed walking barefoot on the sand

We didn't manage to walk all the way because the tide already came in and we didn't want to be stranded on a wee island even if the water was quite shallow...

Five minutes earlier, this path was dry until the tide came in...

We didn’t spend a lot of time at King’s Park as it was already quite late. We only managed the War Memorial.

Wouldn't it be great if we had something like this in Kuching?

Look what I found at the Whispering Wall!

Aslan and I communicated with each other with this wall. Entertaining! Hehehe.

King’s Park is beautiful! Not too fond of flora and fauna? Fear not, there’s always the city skyline for you to adore.

The city of Perth

Effa and the city

One thing you will always see me doing, no matter when and where…

What would I do without technology?

Why I love King’s Park:

Gorgeous Eucalyptus trees!

Aslan <3

So far, Perth has been really amazing although I doubt our luck will last till tomorrow. Weather forecast is 39 degrees! Goodness, I hope I can survive!



Christmas Down Under!

I usually celebrate Christmas in Singapore but not this year. Christmas in Perth is different.

I went to bed quite early the night before, therefore I missed the gift exchange session with the family. Nothing like waking up to Christmas gifts waiting for you!

The weather’s hot, I’m talking about dry heat here. Fortunately, the wind cooled down the temperature, even if just a slight amount.

Instead of snowman, they have sandman. Hehehe. The locals celebrate Christmas day by going to the beach, park etc and have a great picnic and barbecue with their friends and family.

Aslan and I went for a drive to Point Walter.

Before I go out of the hotel, I always apply a generous amount of sunblock all over me and yet, I still get sunburned. Shows how intense the sun is here...

Shaded area is my friend here in Perth

Aslan and the city

Sunny Perth city

These crows can get quite annoying. Qwack. Qwack.

Yes, I have gained weight.

The locals really love their water sports. Not surprising since this hobby is quite affordable here.

Boats all lined up...

I wanted to show Aslan Sir James Mitchell Park but it was soooooo packed with people, we decided to go there another time. One thing I found frustrating about driving in the city is the speed limit. 60-70. Meh.

In Kuching, the slowest speed I drive is 90. To drive 60 on smooth straight road was tormenting.

Thank God for GPS. Well, I am sure we could navigate well without it but it saves time by preventing us getting lost etc.

Kwinana Freeway, what a cute name, don't you think so?

Before going to Fremantle, we fetch Aslan’s parents at the hotel. Initially, we planned to have a walk around and then maybe have lunch there. Little did we know that most business establishments are closed from December 25 until 27! (With the exception of Boxing day, of course… SHOPPING WAR!)

Spot Santa!

Walking across the Fremantle esplanade

I was really bummed upon finding out all of the seafood restaurants were closed. I was looking forward to seafood! Perhaps Diet Deity didn’t agree with with craving.

Spot Malaysia!

I gained weight just thinking about fish and chips.

Odd mermaid sculpture...

Fremantle Beach... I wish I could go for a swim...

Or at least posed at the edge of the water, like this dude...

Instead, I ended up with an awkward pose and overexposed photo...

Posing with a local babe... Next to her, I am a giant...


Ahh... I wish I can wake up to this view every morning!


Oversized blouse is not a good choice for a day out at the beach...


At the dockyard, we noticed a ship with a funny name…

Hehehe. Cheesy but funny.

Our trip to Fremantle was not a complete waste because there were a couple of shops opened.  We had gelato and kebab. Odd but true. I didn’t get any photos because they were not worth mentioning. Mediocre.

We went to Globe restaurant at the hotel for dinner. Everyone else but me ordered the turkey meal while I went for a seafood plate. I had my share of turkey back in Kuching… :D

THIS WAS EPIC. If I weren't dieting, I would have no problem finishing this meal but because I am constantly on diet, I shared it with Aslan.

The turkey meal everyone else was having. Nice but I had better. :p

Before retreating to bed, we took a family photo.

Merry Christmas!

Have a blessed Christmas, everyone.



Perth Day Two

Spent half the day shopping for Christmas gifts. After breakfast, Aslan and I went to Garden City and Belmont Forum Shopping.

The rental car made shopping much easier! Sorry for the lack of photos, too busy shopping!

After a long day of shopping, on our way back to the hotel

When it comes to clothing items and shoes, I’m not too bothered with brands. I’m quite happy shopping at Target, Big W and K-Mart! Of course, I couldn’t resist the sales at Valleygirl, Cotton On, Supre, Jeanswest, Sports Girl etc

Thank goodness for the car, can’t imagine how to shop with all the shopping bags!

This is just 20% of the shopping bags...

I am shoe-crazed but I don’t really buy branded shoes. First reason, crazy expensive and shoes don’t last as long as bags. Secondly, no size. This trip, I think I went overboard with the shoes shopping.

Another four pairs not in the photo...

In the evening, we went to Shun Fung on the River for dinner. During our last visit there in 2009, the food was good. Somehow, this time, it was a big disappointment. A few dishes cost freaking AUD 400+ :(

Fried Whitebaits. Totally tasteless and where's the fish? Too tiny! I prefer the one in UK.

A cold dish consisting of dried chicken. Terrible!

Jellyfish in Chili Marinate. Absolutely horrible!

Peking Duck: I don't take duck but I enjoy the pancake with the plum sauce. Mmm...

Kangkung Garlic. A sad dish, nothing beats the real McCoy in Kuching.


Steamed fish but the odd thing about this fish, not much meat!

A very expensive and disastrous dinner. The same amount of money can buy me a pair of branded shoes at David Jones. Meh.

So far the weather here been kind. Not as hot as I thought it would be. Let’s pray it would stay this way, pleasant.



Perth Day One

Less than five hours sleep. Tough. Tempted to sleep-in but since  we had a lot on our plates, had to burn that thought.

First thing first, breakfast at Globe Coffeehouse.

Aslan and uncle

The choice of food was simple but very satisfying.

What I had for breakfast

We then went to the airport to pick up the rental cars. Since Aslan’s brother’s booking had a slight delay, we had something light at Dome.

Everytime I dine here, it reminds me of going home... Luckily not today!

Got my local number, thanks Vodafone Australia!

Chai Latte and coffee

Minestrone soup

Driving in Perth is very straightforward compared with Melbourne.

Posing with the rental

First stop, to Aslan’s brother’s place in Nedlands to get all his stuff to the freight company in Kewdale.

Aslan helping his brother out.

Neverlost GPS from Hertz!

We used the GPS to get to where we wanted today, it was very accurate.If it wasn’t for a small signboard, we wouldn’t gotten lost trying to locate Easy Freight. Seriously, some companies should invest in a large signboard…

It was almost five in the afternoon when we got back to the hotel. Spent the rest of the day shopping for Christmas gifts. Such a headache trying to find the perfect gift for the family.

Oh well, the hunt continues tomorrow!




Every hello comes with a goodbye

I can’t believe how fast time flies when we’re having endless fun. Before we left for the airport today, the guys managed to do a last shopping trip at Bugis while I stayed back and packed my luggage.

First, we dropped off Aslan and his parents at Terminal 3, then to Terminal 1 to get the guys checked in to their Air Asia flight back to Kuching. It was really convenient to have the barcode on my iPhone. Simply scanned it at the machine and poof, tickets printed immediately.

The check in process went smoothly with the only bizarre comment from Rapik. He felt nauseas. I told him probably from all that food coma and shopping overload combination.

Once the guys went into the departure lounge, I made my way to Terminal 3 to meet up with Aslan and his parents. There was no problem checking in. Once the immigration officer cleared me, he said, “Go in and out, in and out…” upon noticing my many trips to Singapore throughout the years. Not sure whether that was meant as a joke or sarcasm. Either way, I was not offended, I found it rather amusing.

I told the guys to take the sky train to Terminal 3 and meet up at Burger King for late lunch.

I ordered a single mushroom swiss burger while the guys definition of diet is a Junior Whopper. Meh.

We said our goodbyes after lunch. I cannot wait to see my dudes again in February. We will be attending our friend’s sister’s wedding in Sabah! Yay! :D

All around Changi, we noticed a flock of very popular birds.

Angry Birds!

Teehee! Squawk!

Aslan and I managed to get a nice crystal foot bath and reflexology before we board the plane. I must admit, the price was a bit steep, $45 for half an hour, but it was really good and relaxing.

Our seats on Singapore Airline flight SQ215 was at row 32, A and C. It was the second front row in Economy class, quite good.

Before take off

Christmas decoration in the plane

I still prefer MAS salted peanuts.

Wasted time by watching two episodes of the Family Guy, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and a 45 minutes documentary entitled Cat Crazed. Also listened to some albums, I am in love with Chihiro Yamanaka’s So Long.

Dinner was a bit disappointing. We can’t take pork, so, the only choice we had was a fish dish. I had my meal without the main course. Basically, I had a piece of wholemeal bun with lots of butter for dinner.

Take it or leave it...

Aslan tried the fish and he found it alright.


Aslan excited for ice cream!

Not the best... :S

You must be wondering, where is this girl going to this time? Well, after 4 hours and 50 minutes of flying…

Perth, Australia!

Oh, Perth, how I miss you! :D

Immigration clearance was a breeze, officers were friendly and pleasant, luggages arrived quite fast, in short, no problem! Perth International Airport, you are awesome!

We will be staying at Parmelia Hilton and the moment Aslan and family walked into their suite, they were surprised! (Except me lah coz I arranged the booking!)

Luxurious suite on the 10th floor! :D

My room is awesome too!

Complimentary treats!

The sitting area

The work desk

The bedroom!

The bathroom


Luxurious bathroom amenities! <3

Last photo before I end this post and go to bed…


I look forward to tomorrow!


Gone Shopping

It never crossed my mind to go shopping today. But how can I not resist a 50% sale at Dorothy Perkins and $50 voucher from Topshop?

Darn that little temptation, I ended shopping the whole day!

Proof? No photos as I was too busy fighting other shoppers whom were anxious as I was to find the perfect bargain.

Luckily, there was no pepper spray incident, the madness died down after a long queue at the payment counter suddenly appeared.

In the evening, we went to Bugis. I helped someone to buy a few dresses and accessories for her online shop. There were a lot of pretty frocks on sale but the best ones could affect the fixed budget.

One thing I find it annoying shopping at Bugis (Minus the overcrowding and merciless heat and humidity) is how the sellers react whenever I want to buy clothes from them.

“Miss, you’re too big…”
“Moi, kamu punya size XXXXXXXL baru cukup….”
“You want to buy for yourself, is it?” (With a I-don’t-believe-it-stare)

These words come with the head to toe stare, usually very condescending. Some don’t even bother to attend to me. Meh.

Once upon a time, I used to feel bad when I was called fat/big/gemok/buntuk/plus-size. Instead of listening, I ignored them. Then I came to the realization that those people were merely stating the truth. I was fat, big, gemok, buntuk and plus-sized.

I began to embark on a strict diet and exercise regime. I am now not as fat, gemok, buntuk and plus-sized anymore. In fact, I am healthy. Why, I can even buy clothes from so many brands now, not limited to shops that carry plus-sizes. True, I am still fat compared to all the (petite-slim) Asians but hey, why must I compare myself with others? I am unique in my own way.

The point is, I was browsing along on the second floor of Bugis Street Market when I came across a shop called The Good Old Days. And guess what? They actually sell dresses in my size!

I’m from the good old days, man! Old school rocks. Old gold. Okay, that doesn’t sound right.

To all sellers out there, if you wanna make money, please stop judging people like me. One day, we will rule the world. No more size 0 or 2. The perfect size will be in between 10 and 14.

What a revolution that would be!


Singapore Day 2

Our day began with breakfast at Prego. Nothing extraordinary about the choices but the quality was amazingly delicious.

Everyone but me started with hot meals...


Mimi and Rapik wearing shirt of almost the same tone.

All of us became really full pythons after the big breakfast. We rested for at least an hour before heading out to Orchard via taxi. It took at least 15 minutes to get to Wisma Atria from our hotel.

Usually, we would use the MRT but because of the recent breakdown, I thought, better stay clear of them, for now anyway.

Aslan bought some jeans and top at GAP while I did some shopping at New Look. Of course I got a few things from H&M too. Hehehe.


This year’s Christmas decoration is boring. I personally think the 2007 decoration is the best!

Posing with the Elephant Parade!

We spent the rest of the day rushing from one place to another. After Orchard Road, we  went our separate ways. Mimi and Rapik went to Bugis Street to shop for tonight’s musical while Aslan and I to the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands to pick up our tickets.

I bought a green top from New Look especially for Wicked, the musical!

It was the guys first time watching a musical. I am glad they enjoyed this experience very much.

Since we are on a budget holiday, we bought the second cheapest seats (The cheapest seats were already sold out!) It was all the way up in the Grand Circle!

Before we went into the theatre

I thought I was all dressed up until I saw a family, I think they are from Australia, dressed up to the nine! Beautiful!

We were only allowed to take photos of us in the theater and not the stage. Boohoo...

The stage was awesome although it seemed a bit small. I found the dragon mechanism above the stage creepy. “Ngutik” as local Sarawakian Malays would say.

Okay, one perk of sitting up in the Gods, you can see almost everything but I barely could make out the faces of the actors. SO sad! Even with my glasses on, I could only make out their figures. I identified Elphaba by the color of her skin and Glinda, her blondness stood out, in both figurative and literal sense. Hehehe.

I love Wicked. Absolutely beautiful storyline. It is about friendship, people’s differing perception(s) of things, love, family, selflessness, society and beauty. It was almost bittersweet too.

Because of the extremely ridiculously long taxi queue, we decided to walk back to the hotel. Because we stopped at so many spots to take photos, it took us almost an hour!

Metallic reindeer.

Model wannabe's.

We did the Vogue walk

The cover girl pose


Aslan joined in the fun too!

The walk felt much easier once we were at Marina Square.


The best way to end the day after such a long walk? Room service! Hahaha. Well, I only had a glass of mango juice while the guys ordered pasta, pizza, fried mee etc. I wish I could eat everything but I can’t! Boohoo.

Anyway, I hope my entry today entertains you! Will blog more soon!


Singapore Day 1

After an hour and 25 minutes of flying with Air Asia…

From sunny Borneo...

I am now in very monsoon-y Singapore.

Flight was uneventful but as we approached Singapore, it got rather bumpy. Aslan and his parents left for Singapore yesterday. Mimi and Rapik also joining me to Singapore.

Rapik and I

Hamimi and Rapik

Aslan surprised me at the airport! I wasn’t expecting to see him there because we arranged to meet up with each other at the hotel.

First stop was Beach Hotel, where the guys are staying. It was the most reasonably priced hotel nearby our hotel. Once I put away all my stuff in the room, we went to have lunch at Kopitiam.

Aslan and I, reunited!

Here are what we ordered:

Rojak for sharing

Aslan's Beef Kway Tiaw

My Fried Carrot Cake

Hamimi's Singapore Laksa

Rapik's Hainanese Chicken Rice

The portion was so huge, after we finished our meal, we felt so stuffed, it was nauseating. Don’t get me wrong though, the food was lovely!

With a real Christmas tree at Fairmont Hotel

We left the hotel for Bugis Street after the food settled down in our tummies. Since the MRT breakdown, we try our best to avoid using the train. A bit phobic.

Rapik and Mimi shopped like mad while I almost sneeze my head off. After they found what they were looking for, I brought Aslan to try the big bun.

Because there were four of us sharing one bun, it finished quite fast. Hehehe.

A must try if you are in Bugis!

Aslan patiently waiting for the bun...

Nothing much happened in between 430pm to 8pm. We rested and I napped for a while after taking some flu medicines. I do hope I will feel better tomorrow. So many things to do and I don’t want to waste my time here by being sick. :s

Anyway, it was 810pm when I forced myself to get up in order to bring the guys to try Long Bar at Raffles Hotel.

Long Bar, also known as the birthplace of the Singapore Sling!

It is the only place in Singapore where you can get away with littering! The guys ordered the non-alcoholic version of the Singapore Sling while I went for sparkling mineral water.

Eating peanuts can't get anymore classy than this. :P

Don't know why Aslan posed like this...

You go here not for the food or drink, but to litter.

In the original recipe, there's a bit of Sarawak embedded in this drink. They use Sarawak pineapple juice!

My sparkling mineral water cost a bomb. You want to know why?

Sparkles with Bulgari... $12 a bottle.

We haven’t been to Orchard Road yet, maybe tomorrow. We did take photos with some Christmas trees.

At Raffles Hotel Shopping Arcade

In front of Raffles City Shopping Centre

Despite the sudden cold, nonstop rain, overcrowding and food coma, it was such a fun day. Wonder what’s in store for us tomorrow?

Hint: Green!