The Last Day of My Birthday Month

First thing I did when I saw Aslan today was proposed to him. It was very last minute, I had to  make do with a 50 cent coin. Not just any 50 cent coin, but dated 2005, the same year we first went out together.

What made it all random was the realization of today being a leap year. Everything is supposed to be the opposite today, or so they say. Perhaps is a celebration of eccentricity and whatnot. Leap year only happens once in four years, why not do something crazy on that very day?

I could only hope for the right answer and I also had a backup plan just incase things does not go according to plan. If the answer is a no, I would tell him everything was a joke. If yes, well, I would feel guilty for not planning ahead and buy a decent ring. Meh.

I guess proposing to a less than a morning person guy in the morning was not a good idea. It took several minutes before he could answer me back. He did not say no nor did he say yes. “I will marry you but could you please let me do things the traditional way?”

Later I realized his answer is both yes and no. Ha-ha. No wonder it took him so long to answer my proposal. He was computing the best answer to avoid any unwanted crisis or drama in our relationship.

Frankly, I wouldn’t feel mad or sad if he did say no because seriously, a woman proposing to a man? Not romantic lah. It makes me look desperate. Needy. Crazy. So un-ladylike.

Aslan was not exactly happy after I proposed to him. He said, “You took my moment…” His sadness did not last long. While he was preparing his breakfast, I could just see a little smirk on his face. I wonder what is he plotting?

My birthday month’s been great. A lot of rest and guess what, my holiday has been extended. I submitted my job application, now more waiting game. I called the editor twice. He said he will call me back. I am in dilemma of whether to call him again and ask about the status of my application. But I worry I might appear too persistent and pushy. But those traits are considered desirable in a journalist, aren’t they? Hmm…

But he did suggest I work part-time as a stringer while waiting for the actual confirmation from KL. At least that would give me something to do. Time to try out my luck then.

Oh March, please be good to me.






Sephora Make-up Haul

Last month, I went to KL, not once but twice. The first trip lasted a week and the second one, about 2 days minus traveling time. Amidst the hectic schedule, both business and leisure, I managed to do some make-up shopping at Sephora.

Personally, I think I enjoyed my shopping experience more at the KLCC branch. The staff are amazing compare to the I don’t care people at Bukit Bintang branch. KLCC staff are not only friendly but very professional. They greeted and attended to me the very moment I entered the door. The staff at bareMinerals counter sanitized the make-up brush before applying make-up on me.

It was completely different at the branch in Bukit Bintang. None of the staff bothered to greet nor attend anyone. They were busy chatting and gossiping with each other. I think I waited for 10 minutes before someone came to assist me. They didn’t seem to be happy that there were customers around. The lady did not sanitize the brush at all. She was helpful but it seemed like it was forced. Hmm…

Meh. Anyway, if you are planning to do some make-up shopping at Sephora KL, go to the KLCC branch, you won’t regret it!

So, here are my conquest from Sephora!

Make-up for 2012! I am sure it will last for two to three years!

I absolutely love bareMinerals! They are good for the skin and oh, the colors blend in so well! Since I am a newbie with this brand, I decided to try the starter kit! Worth every penny I tell you.

Versatile minerals!

Just a dab of the powder, you can cover the whole face easily. If you want it to be thicker, just increase the amount. You can also blend the colors to adjust to the tone of your skin. So far, I love the mineral veil, it makes my skin glow!

The staff suggested I blend medium and medium beige but to be honest, I can use either one on its own.

Mineral veil can also be used as a finishing powder but I love it so much, I sometimes just use only the mineral veil for my face. Warmth is perfect for bronzing and face contouring purposes.

Blusher powder is not included in the kit

Summer bisque is used for the region under the eyes. A quick solution for eye bags everything else.

Heavenly brushes are also included in the kit and I love the one in the middle! Fantastic brush!

The kit also comes with a tiny handbook on how to apply the powders as well as a cd. Quite easy and believe it or not, this brand is so good for your skin, you can even wear it to sleep. Click here for more information.

I also bought a whole lot of eyeshadow palettes. One set is never enough.

Smashbox Click You're It

Simply divine! Lots of color and so many ways to pair them for the ultimate look!


Even comes with a little brochure on make-up styles and a primer for long lasting effect!

I am a sucker for eyeshadows with some glitter effect so I couldn’t resist this little wonder by Sephora…

Moonshadow baked palette!

Doesn't take much to make the eye region shines!

Since I don’t have Cammy with me yet, here’s a photo taken using the iPhone of me in bareMinerals makeup:

I thought of copying Angelina Jolie's Oscar makeup but turned out different. :p

I promise I will camwhore for you once Cammy’s back from the service centre. Wait for it! Hehe.



As I am still jobless, I spend quite an amount of time babysitting my niece Sera and her baby brother, Zhafri.

Lepak outside the house in the late afternoon with the sister and her kids

Zhafri is one demanding baby I tell you, explains the lack of updates from me.

One way of me entertaining Sera, Photobooth!

Well, better enjoy the simple days now. When work starts next month, I doubt if I can have the time for leisurely activities.


Bake-a-thon 2012

I noticed I have not done a baking related entry for so long. Today I felt like baking, so, I took out the dusty cupcake recipe book and chose a recipe. Actually, the decision was not that random.

No thanks to 9GAG, I have been craving Nutella. Here, Murphy’s Law kicked in and decided to annoy me. When I do not crave for Nutella, I see jars and jars of it all over Kuching but when I start craving it, I could not find a single jar, even the smallest of Nutella anywhere!

Until my friend, Hisyam, mentioned Thong Hin, where I found the last two big jars of Nutella. Yay! I have delayed this project for quite a while and I am happy it is a success. Today, I baked not only Nutella cupcakes but Nutella cookies as well!

For those of you who have a penchant for sweet things especially cupcakes, this entry is dedicated to you.

Nutella Cupcake without frosting...

Nutella Cupcake with frosting!

Not everyone likes frosting and I cheated a bit with the frosting here. Instead of using the chocolate frosting recipe, I just spread Nutella all over. Thinly of course as I do not want to give diabetes to whomever eating it.  Besides, the cupcake is already rich on its own, what more with frosting!

To be honest, I sucks in baking cookies. Either I fail or the cookies end up burnt. Today, my luck changed and I made such perfect batches of Nutella cookie! Thank you Nabiya for sharing the recipe!

Easy from the beginning to end, a must try recipe!

If you want to take your love for Nutella to a higher level, spread Nutella on the cookie. Muahahaha.

Hope you enjoy this little post from me!


Yong Hua Cafe, Satok

This is my first time dining here. Considering the years I’ve stayed in Kuching, this is epic late. This cafe has been here for ages. Why, according to my friend, she’s been a regular since the noodle maker was single.

What makes Yong Hua Cafe so unique is the fact it is one of the places in Kuching where you can get Halal Mee Kolok and Ba Ku Teh! The cafe is located near Satok Wet Market, if I am not mistaken, next to a frozen meat shop, and believe me, it is very packed, hard almost impossible to get to during the weekend. What more of trying to find a table? Therefore, go there during the weekdays.

Anyhow, apart from Mee Kolok and Ba Ku Teh, they also serve a variety of dishes.

Love the simplicity of the menu design

Since I am a fan of Mee Kolok, I decided to give it a try. Ayu ordered the same thing in small and Zarith had the Mee Pok. We shared a bowl of Ba Ku Teh with lots of garlic.

Oh, epic yumminess. Mee Kolok looks simple but oh, the taste, is mind-blowing.

So far, this is the best Mee Kolok I ever tasted. Simply divine! Next time I go there, I want to try the Mee Pok or Kuey Tiaw Sapi. Zarith’s a fan!

I guess it is almost similar to Mee Kolok but I can't tell for sure. I will let you know once I have tried it.

I have never tried Ba Ku Teh before so I am pretty much clueless on how it should taste like, what determines if it is good but I must say, it was lovely. Strong taste of herbs and quite beefy. Kinda warms you up and if taken with the mee kolok, damn, orgasmic. Hehehe.

And this is how we (minus me) looked like halfway eating our meals…

Good food = Happy people

I can barely finished my regular sized mee kolok, Ayu was smart to order small. Oh well, if you’re looking for something different, do try out Yong Hua Cafe.



Of Cars

On my birthday, I went to Tan Brothers to have a look at cars. I found two possible candidates.

BMW X5 4.4i 2003 (This is not the actual car, just a reference)


Honda Crossroad 1.8 2007 (Again, just a reference)

I bet you will find it hard to believe that the Honda Crossroad is RM 20K more expensive than the BMW X5. The BMW X5 is a used car, that explains why it is cheap reasonably priced.

I’m not sure which of these cars I will bring home but you will find out soon enough. Pray that I will make the best decision.


P/S: If you want to read a more personal blog of mine, check this out. Thanks!

Quarter a Century Already. Damn.

Happy birthday to me and happy Valentine’s day to you!

I woke up at 530am to drop off my mum at the airport and then my sister Nisa at school. Continued sleeping until 1030am and got ready to go out on a lunch date with my one and only.

I was choosing my shoes when Aslan came into my room with a big bag from RPS, a single rose sticking out of it.

A victory smile on his face because he successfully surprised me.

I told him so many times not to get me anything for Valentine’s day but the lad just won’t listen.

Valentine won't be perfect without a cheesy card and a red rose. He managed to be over the top by surprising me with a bolster from Sereni & Shentel.

Earlier on this week, I had a simple dinner with my family to celebrate my day.

I made Mac & Cheese and mum cooked everything else.

When I saw the gift wrapper in which Aslan printed himself, I couldn’t stop smiling.

All things Chanel!

The birthday card is very interesting too! A cd containing popular songs in the year I was born, 1987!

I only know less than three songs in the album. Lol.

When I unwrapped the gift, upon seeing the red bow with red shiny stones, I squealed like a little girl!

Sereni & Shentel Bow Down in Red!!!

Moi wearing the S&S Bow Down in Red with my one and only

Anyway, back to today. After the surprise, he took me out for lunch at the Waterfront Cafe, Hilton.

In order to be more romantic, we decided to share lunch.

Sharing is caring and my diet is safe too! :P Service was a tad slow and it can get quite annoying when we wanted to call someone but no one was around. Meh. Nonetheless, the dishes were alright.

They didn't inform me they didn't have Perrier nor lemon, simply changed my order. Same thing but would be nice if I was informed first...

Grilled vegetables with hummus. When they said grilled, I was expecting the veggies to be warm, they came quite cold. Overall, it was nice but I am sure it could be better...

Love their Mee Kolok. Simple and yet, delicious. It is perfect for those who can't take beef or pork since it's strictly chicken based.

We went to have coffee, tea and dessert at Cafe Cinno straight after lunch. I fancied Tiramisu and luckily it was available.

While waiting for the cake and drinks to arrive...

Cold Tiramisu, I think they just took it out from the freezer or something... Nice but nothing special about it... The tiramisu does look like it is angry, doesn't it? Hehehe.

Latte and Chai Latte.

What a day and I am sorry if my photos are of low quality. I just sent Cammy for its annual servicing at Canon Malaysia yesterday. Boohoo. For the time being, all photos will be taken using an iPhone 4 unless stated.

Hope your day has been as great as mine, will blog more soon!



Jesselton Hotel and Bella Italia, Kota Kinabalu

Our flight to KK from Singapore via AirAsia departed around 530pm. It was quite a boring flight. Nothing much really happened. We arrived at KKIA 2 on time and took a cab to the hotel. It cost us RM30.

The last time we were in KK, we stayed in two lovely resorts. This time, we stayed at the Jesselton Hotel in the heart of KK.

It was a nice room, quite spacious too. Imagine the four of us stayed in one room.

This was before the extra bed was requested

The design of the room reminded me a lot of Damai Beach.

Everything except the flat screen was old school but the room was comfortable nonetheless

The only thing I don’t like about this room is the toilet door. So thin and between the gap between the blinds was quite a size, therefore, when it comes to ‘business’, boy, one can definitely stink the room.

The bathroom

The shower and bath area

At the price they are charging, RM 210+ (Including extra bed), it is quite pricey. If the room was not as aged or worn out, I wouldn’t mind paying that price.

Still, the hotel is conveniently located to so many eateries, malls and just a stone’s throw away from the craft market. There is also a weekend market along Gaya Street every Sunday.

We were too tired to go anywhere else for dinner, we decided to try out Bella Italia just downstairs. Dave and Rapik joined us too. Here are what we have ordered:

Mushroom soup: It was nice but I have had better.

I can't remember the name of this pizza but it had cheese in its crust. Aslan enjoyed it

There are no photos of Dave and Rapik’s meals because Aslan forgot to take them. Rapik had Chicken Curry with rice while Dave had a salmon pasta.

Rapik, Dave and Aslan

Overall, the food at Bella Italia is okay but I think the price is a bit expensive. Meals for 4 person cost around RM120+ Then again, cheaper than the Italian restaurant at Shangri La Tanjung Aru. Oh well…

After a long day, what a relief to be able to shower and lie down on the bed.

Blog more soon.


Hello, Birthday Month!

Nothing like spending the first day of my birthday month in Singapore!


Took the afternoon flight via Air Asia (The only photo taken of this trip...)

We will be here until Friday before flying off to KK to attend Dave’s sister’s wedding.

We arrived at the hotel around 730pm. Once we settled down, we went to the mall downstairs, Raffles City to buy several things from the supermarket, etc. We walked to Bugis Junction where I bought some stuff for my family.

We did not do much after that. I didn’t even shop crazily like I usually do. I only bought two black slacks for myself for work. Boring.

Nevertheless, it was a good day and I am thankful for everything.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.