Back to Wanderlust

I am not really a fan of an early flight but since I was on a budget, I had no choice. We flew to Singapore via Tiger Airways at 840am. So, imagine waking up at 5am on a Saturday. Boohoo.

But this flight was not as early as my flight to KK last year at 6am. Still, Aslan and I were almost walking zombie today. While waiting to depart the plane, we had breakfast at the Coffeebean.

Hungry and Sleepy Aslan

Almost empty at 745am

Aslan's meal

My meal

After breakfast, we went to the departure hall 8 and we waited less than half an hour before we boarded the plane.

Inside Tiger Airways

Zombified Aslan and I

I am not too keen flying with Tiger Airways but today it was surprisingly fine. The plane arrived earlier than expected and when we landed in Singapore, we were 30 minutes ahead of schedule!

Being a short stay, we decided to stay at the Wanderlust. I was there last year and I enjoyed the quirkiness of the hotel. Upon arrival, our room was not ready. To kill some time, we decided to go to Bugis Street as I wanted to look for a cheap bag and a sun hat for the next beach holiday.

In less than hour, I found everything I wanted to get and everything cost SGD 25, which was such a bargain! We then bought some lunch and walked around the almost empty market. Easy stroll compared with the peak hours of this super popular market.

Colourful jeans

Our favourite place to buy affordable and delicious juices in Singapore.

We were hoping we could get our room was we got back to the hotel but sadly, we had to wait another hour! :( Apparently the previous guests overstayed. Sakai!!! Hmmph.

Anyway, the last time I stayed here, I got the White room, this time, black!

The theme is called Fade to Black by Metallica.

Aslan thought he was getting the bigger room since he saw the last room I stayed in but I didn’t know that. Eik. Anyhow, he found the room interesting and just the right size for a short stay.

The enclosed toilet

The sink area, in between the two enclosed areas

Enclosed shower

The bed on the platform with the neon lights on the wall

From the bed, you can see the little shelf with the lamp, coffee/tea making facilities, iPod dock and flat screen tv.

Self portrait

We rested for a short while before going out again. You see, two days before, we bought tickets to watch the Hunger Games at GV at Plaza Singapura. While waiting for the taxi to arrive, Aslan took some photos of the lobby area.

Old barber chair turned into a lounge chair

Trolley chair!

The football game table thingy

Wallpaper just next to the counter

We arrived at Plaza Singapura around 3pm and went straight to the cinema on the seventh floor to redeem our tickets. The Hunger Games movie was entertaining but I must say that the book is more impressive.

Anyway, will blog more soon, early flight to catch tomorrow!



Saving for the Future

I must be honest, I am not one for saving money. Sure, I save money to buy things but that is not the point, is it?

Since I started to earn some income in 2010, here are the top five things I spent money on:

  1. Designer handbags, jewelry and wallets
  2. Holidays
  3. Clothing and shoes
  4. Books, CDs and DVDs
  5. Room improvement

Before I get on with the topic of saving, I must announce this year’s bag goal. None other than a classic from Chanel.

Chanel Reissue 2.55

In usual Effa style, I would always go for the largest size but since that is rare, I’d have to settle for a Large, or A302227.

The downside? $5400 in the USA, £3,230 in the UK and  S$7,870 in Singapore. Damn. With a dream like this, it is no wonder why I can’t save money for my future. :s

Okay, bag goal aside, I have knocked some senses in me and opened up an Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB) account. The annual interest from the investment motivates me from not touching the money in the account. I will leave it there for it to grow and who knows, one day I can afford that Birkin and go on a luxurious around the world holiday with my Aslan. If not, at least have some sort of security net if anything happens in the future.

“Sediakan payung sebelum hujan,” a Malay saying that explains the need to be prepared for any worst case scenarios.

So, what are you waiting for? Check it out!


Tumis Cafe, Kuching

I have been hearing great reviews about Tumis Cafe from my friends on Twitter. Due to my curiosity (I should know better not to entertain that silly inquisitive nature of mine…), I decided to give it a try.

Tumis Cafe is located opposite of the main entrance to Hilton. The construction to the left of the cafe made that area looks dodgy and dirty. It is a relatively new cafe but it already looks so worn out. There are some discoloration on the floors and it seems like the staff rarely cleans the place out. I don’t know but maybe it is just the design of the floor pattern.

At the time, there were only two waiting staff and perhaps two chefs at the back. If you are short for time, do not go here because it took at least 15 minutes before our food arrived (They do warn you in the menu). The food and beverage menu is extensive but that does not mean good news.

One, not all items were available that day. I mean, why bother put it on the menu??? Secondly, due to too many dishes, I doubt it they can keep up with the standard. Third, their speciality dishes are not so special after all.

I am disappointed at how these cafes never learn. They always serve the same thing every other cafes and restaurants in Kuching serve! Are these people kiasu or something? Why not come up with something different? So what if you think you can prepare a better dish than everyone else? So generic, it bores me. Meals here are averagely priced.

One thing I must give credit to Tumis Cafe is Roti Milo. Somehow tastes better when other people makes it for you. I am sure this establishment can be a whole lot better than it is now, pity that.

Mmm... Milo.

If you are looking for somewhere to chill and have something light, Tumis Cafe is alright. The selection of the roti bakar is nice and the portion is quite big. I mean, what can go wrong with toast? :p

Mee Goreng Tumis

This dish is supposed to be one of their best dishes according to FourSquare but Aslan did not agree to that. It tasted nice but there was nothing special about it.

Ayam Bakar Solo

This dish would be a big disappointment if it was not for the sambal. Sad to say that this is not their best dish. And yet they claimed this is one of their specialities. :s

Ayam Penyet

A disappointment. Chicken was too dry.

Some people promises more than what they can handle. This cafe is one of them. They should stick to just a few unique and signature Sarawakian dishes.

Pisang Cheese

Okaylah but the banana fritter was slightly burnt.

Overall, I personally think that this cafe seriously needs to re-evaluate their menu. Don’t go overboard with the food selection, sometimes, less is more. Focus on your strong points.

Honestly, I think Tumis Cafe can do much better. Let me know when that day comes.



Comfort Food

I have been on a diet since 2010. Dinner is a very rare meal for me. I can say, it is an almost extinct affair.

Sometimes, I cannot say no to dinner, especially when I make my special Macaroni & Cheese. What makes it special than usual is the fact I use Red Mature Scottish Cheddar. Epic.

I serve is like they do in Glasgow, with some buttered toast. Mmm...

Nothing heals a stressed soul like comfort food. Of course, must not be taken in excess lah. Life is about moderation.

I am very unorthodox when it comes to cooking. When I cook, I don’t bother much with measurements, I simply throw ingredients and hope it will turn out okay. Almost like a witch brewing a portion or something. Hehehe. But hey, what is important is the taste!

I also managed to bake Key Lime Pie while waiting for the macaroni to boil. I will show you the photo tomorrow because it is still setting in the fridge at the moment. I do hope it will taste nice.

Hmm… Well, blog more soon!



New Swimsuit

I ordered a swimsuit online a few days ago and guess what? It arrived today! Woohoo.

It is quite a relief to see the package on the table this afternoon. My last order from Asos haven’t arrived yet. It’s been three months and no sight of it. I sent a complaint email to Asos and they replied they are in the midst of ‘investigating’ it. :S

Anyway, this time I ordered from a local company, defashion, through Ebay Malaysia. I am quite satisfied with their service. Fast, reliable and most importantly, the price of a very gorgeous one piece swimsuit cost me less than RM60, Pos Laju shipping fee included!

How the swimsuit was advertised...

How it is actually:

Close to the previous photo, very nautical, suitable for the destination too!

Here is the link to the product if you are interested to buy one for yourself. I chose the biggest size there is just in case it is ‘Asian’ size. But it is a good fit, not too tight nor too loose.

Can’t wait for my beach getaway!


P/S: I sure saved a lot of money, if I were to buy at the Spring, it would have cost me at least RM200 and the choice is limited. Meh. Thank God for the internet! Don’t you just love online shopping??? Woohoo!

Lunch at Tarot Salmon Japanese Restaurant

After months not seeing each other, we finally set a date for lunch at Tarot Salmon Japanese Restaurant. Located in Batik Boutique Hotel, the restaurant is decorated in a minimalistic style, almost rustic. The dishes ranges from salad, sushi, sashimi, udon, tempura and chef speciality.

We sat at the high table near the entrance, Nutt and Zsa looked absolutely pretty with their dresses, made dear old me, in a halter top + cardigan and skinny jeans feel quite underdressed.

The table setting

Service here is average but not to say bad or anything. As I am (constantly) on diet, I ordered light dishes.

Wakame Salad RM8.90

I was quite disappointed to see this dish when it was served. When they said wakame salad, I was expecting the seaweed with lettuce, corn, tomato etc. Rather misleading, don’t you think so. Tastewise, a bit bland, perhaps a bit of chill will spice this dish a bit.

California Temaki Roll RM 7.90

I am a spoiled brat. I am so used with Minoru, I didn’t really enjoy TSJR’s version. At RM 5, Sushi King’s California Temaki Roll is tastier.

My main meal was the last to arrive. Perhaps they knew the fact I am dieting, the size of salmon was so small. It was almost two grilled salmon slices.

Very slim grilled salmon with fish roe mayo.

This is one of the chef’s speciality and I am sorry to say it wasn’t the best. Maybe it is just me. :s

Nutt and Zsa on the other hand, enjoyed their meals.

Nutt's starter: Salmon Bagel Rolls

Zsa's starter: Salmon Mayo

But I must praise Tarot Salmon Japanese Restaurant for their unique sushi choices. If you are looking for something different than the usual offering, this is the place to go.

I heard their Salmon belly dish is a hit! Can’t confirm that for you because I am obviously put off by the word belly.

Zsa's main meal: Chicken Teriyaki Don

Nutt's main meal: Prawn Tempura

I am sure this place has the potential to be better than it is at the moment. Such a pity because everything about it, apart from the food, is fabulous!

Don’t let my judgement stop you from going here though, who knows, you might like it. Price of the meals can be a bit expensive but not as expensive as Minoru.


Mac-Over with Sereni & Shentel at the Photobooth Events

These days, we tend to take things for granted. For instance, we take photos using our digital camera and then post them on Facebook. Sure it is convenient but remember the days when we use to print the film rolls and anticipate the outcome? It does make a difference to see the photos in print form, rather than limited to the screens of technological device.

Talking about instant photos, how many of you loves the photo booth? In Malaysia, our choice of photo booth is limited to the Japanese ones where you take a photo, edit it with stickers etc and have it printed as stickers. Besides that, we have a manual photo booth in which often used for passport photo. Then again, it is not technically a photo booth but, close enough.

We are now at the age of appreciating printed photography. Notice the sudden increase of lomography and polaroid enthusiasts? It does not matter whether it is film or instant, it is more fun to have a physical copy of your photograph.

Sereni & Shentel brings back the fun of photo booth through their latest venture, the Photobooth Events. Thanks to MAC Cosmestics Malaysia and Sereni & Shentel, I was able to experience this fun booth!

Of course, as always, what is a camwhoring session without a makeover? Yours truly was chosen to be the model for the make-up demonstration. I ought to be called the Girl on Water (A cheesy parody of The Hunger Games heroin, Katniss Everdeen’s nickname of the Girl on Fire). I will explain later.

Enjoy the photos!

MAC Cosmetics is here to promoted their latest product, Cook and Shop, targeted for the career women who is always on a go, looking for a hassle free and quick fix make-up!

I absolutely love their color range, so fun, quirky, energetic and full of youth!

Before the makeover began, the makeup artist, Harry*, prepped my face with amazing facial care product from MAC. She recommends using similar facial care of the make-up you are using to ensure they are compatible.

Trouble is… La Mer does not have any make-up range, not yet anyway. Meh. Anyway…

Yours truly all prepped up for the make-over. Sereni & Shentel Charlotte in Olive, Long back, short front dress from Cotton On, black cardigan from M&S and black flats with chains from K-Mart Australia.

I have the urge to wear animal print when there is an event by Sereni & Shentel. Can’t explain why.

The secret to even, long lasting and smooth foundation on your face is to mix the liquid foundation, concealer and moisturizer before applying it on the face with a specific brush. That is where the BB cream gets the idea. :D

Harry (I do apologize if I spelled your name wrongly... :( ) decided to use the second color palette on my face. A bit worried because I don't think I look good in blue or green.

I may look calm here but truth is I was having epic tremors within me during the demonstration...

Honestly, I was quite nervous and that led to this ridiculous non-stop sweating. Throughout the make-up demonstration, my sweat glands were working overtime! Damn. I can’t count the number of times poor Harry had to pat off the sweat off my face. So embarrassing! Hence, the title Girl on Water (Because Wet Girl sounds so obscene and pornographic) is officially mine.

Au contraire, Ivy was as cool as ice. The perfect demonstration model!

The best way to apply lipstick is to use a lipstick brush, more even and smooth that way.

Harry did say that, the most minimal make-up one ought to wear would be mascara. Eye is the window to the soul and the first thing that people will notice about you, thus, the phrase eye-catching does justify the need to use mascara daily! :p

The result from the makeover?

Taadaa! My face is now ready for a camwhoring session at the photo booth.

The reason why I am not a fan of blue or green make up is I don’t want to end up looking like this character from The Drew Carey Show…

Mimi Bobeck, the mean secretary...

To be fair, if done moderately, I think I should be okay, like today’s make up! :D *Phew*

Harry and I

How the photos will look like and the available props for the camwhoring session.

Inside the booth

The photobooth is portable, easy to install and does not take up much space. Photobooth hire is RM 2500 for three hours with UNLIMITED double strips photos for the event. The package also comes with DVD of all pictures (post event), two weeks online web gallery, fun props, free delivery within Kuching area, one free photo album, free photo album and two photo booth operators to manage it. Ideal for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, hen/stag nights, anything really!

How I look like with a curly mustache...

Aslan and I photos are decent or mild to say the least…

Love the last photo. Hilarious!

Tempted to pose slightly crazier but I was too paiseh.

Photos to bring back! Woohoo!

With the lovely Priscilla and Faizal, the cool and friendly operators of the photo booth.

Also met Adeline at the event!

Chicken lasagna on her plate deserved to be in this photo because it was really delicious!!!

Yes, you guessed it, we fooled around with some upcoming headbands from Sereni & Shentel’s 2012 Photo Booth Collection.

Mini Bunny Ears and Mini Zamunda for the more paiseh crowd... Hahaha. Of course, this is a candid photo lah.

Stay tune for the release of these babies in April!


I am a bunny rabbit!

Of course we fooled around in the photo booth. A must.


What is up with me and the Kanye glasses? Lol.

Sexy? Hahaha.

With Cynthia, the gorgeous owner of the Treasure Box

With the beautiful ladies, Bridget and Ivy

The event took place at the VIP Room, Level 2 at the Four Points by Sheraton, Kuching. The food served was amazing. High tea style too!

Foochow mee with steamed chicken

Deepfried spring rolls

Chicken and seafood Five Spice Rolls

Epic chicken lasagna!

Curry puffs

I had such a wonderful time and boy, with all these awesome stuff, it is like the world is preparing for the wedding of the year! (Ahem******)

Thank you, Sereni & Shentel, MAC Cosmetics Malaysia and Photobooth Events for having me at your lovely event!

With Sereni and Shentel and the MAC Cosmetics Malaysia crew! <3


P/S: MAC latest products are on sale at the Spring and Photobooth Events has a promotion going on, check it out here.  Like their Facebook page here!

PP/S: At the moment, there is one unit of the photo booth, therefore, do book early to avoid any disappointment!!!

A Risk I am Willing to Take

Maybe, just maybe, I am not trying hard enough. Opportunities flew towards me all the time and I always dodged them. Yes, I am still jobless and *gulps* loving it.

First of all, I don’t need to wake up so early and go through the unnecessary stress that comes with having a job. Traffic jam, looking for a carpark, chasing and dealing with people from all walks of life, assignment dateline threats, exhaustion etc are not in my book.

Still, there is one thing that bugs me. Anxiety.

1 his anxiety grew: worry, concern, apprehension, apprehensiveness,uneasiness, unease, fearfulness, fear, disquiet, disquietude, inquietude,perturbation, agitation, angst, misgiving, nervousness, nerves, tension,tenseness; informal heebie-jeebies, butterflies (in one’s stomach), jitteriness,the jitters, twitchiness. ANTONYMS calmness, serenity.
2 an anxiety to please: eagerness, keenness, desire.

Everyday I wake up wondering if there will be any call from the company. It’s been over a month but no news at all regarding the position I applied for. At the end of the day, I can’t stop questioning myself whether I am competent enough to be employed? Is there even a job opening?

Meh. Don’t let me start with how others view my unemployed status.

In relation to this matter, I have reached a conclusion. I have decided to take a gap year on top of last year’s half gap year. It is risky but I have planned out what I want to do for the rest of 2012.

  • Reinvent myself
  • See more of the world
  • Look for my true calling
  • Set my path in life
  • Seek inner peace and the road that leads to Him

I am not too worried about money matters because I’ve sorted that out by having a part time job. The pay may not be much but it is enough.

Sorry for not blogging too often. So many things happened this month but I find it hard to blog about every single one of them.


P/S: Anyone wants me to review and advertise their products/services? I will do it for free! Just send me an email at ;)


I have spent every single penny in my savings account for these upcoming holidays (Okay, not all but most of them anyway :p) :

Mystical island...

I look forward to my return to this beautiful land below the wind

After two lovely beach vacations, time to head to somewhere cooler!

Quite a change from the tropics!

You see the snow capped mountain range in the photo? Well, somewhere there, I will attempt skiing for the first time… Ever!

How I imagine myself skiing for the first time

How it will actually turn out like...

Once exhausted from all that adrenaline rush, a nice break in the city…

I miss you oh city of sails in the South Pacific

Then again, I could just be dreaming. Boohoo.


What’s Playing on My Car Stereo

I am not such a big fan of the local radio stations due to the following reasons:

  1. The choice of music they play is limited, horrendous and too main stream. Don’t even mention some of the ear deafening remixes! Some even play the same bloody song over and over again!
  2. The presenters talk way too much, like shut the freaking up and play good music instead!
  3. Too many advertisements and odd PSAs! Hey radio presenters, what matters to you, does not necessarily matters to everyone. Please lah, the center of the universe is not you.
  4. I am getting sick of prank calls and hearing to other people’s SILLY dilemma. Attention seeking ……

Due to these reasons, I have resolved to listening to the cds of my choice. Yea, I still prefer cds coz I am so old school like that. Lately, these are some of my favourite albums to listen to when I am on the road (Mind you, in no particular order)

Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

If I were to list more, this post will definitely be longer. I don’t carry all my favorite cds with me, just two or three at a time. Well, hope you find this post entertaining.