Melbourne Day Two

You have no idea how great it is to be able to sleep on a nice comfortable bed after an overnight flight and one whole day outing? Priceless even.

Strange enough, even after such a long day yesterday, I managed to wake up early. While the boys go have their breakfast at the coffeehouse downstairs, I got ready and had my breakfast, a small carton of Chocolate flavor Up & Go. Diet tek nak…

Today’s itinerary is to the farmland in Geelong for sightseeing. A bit odd but I guess doing something is definitely better than nothing at all.

Making our way to auntie and uncle’s room

Since they were not exactly ready to go out, we went downstairs to take photos of my favorite but I can’t exactly go there shops.

Yup, Chanel at the doorstep of our hotel. Torture. Boohoo!

Luxury brands surrounding our hotel. Meh.

Wishing I could buy ALL the bags and shoes.

Once everyone was ready, we set out to Geelong, a hour plus drive from Melbourne.

Crossing one of the tallest bridge in Melbourne

Aslan, a happy driver

Auntie and Rapik

Yours truly

First stop, to check out Avalon Airport or the Budget Terminal where Jet Star and Tiger Airways are based. Also for a toilet break.

Half an hour later, we arrived at Geelong. The farm land area is so huge, almost endless!

Raining so I used the scarf to cover my head

Aslan and I

Rapik don’t really like the cold spell but he loves the scenery though…

I was probably the only one who was comfortable with the chilly weather

I love this photo of auntie and uncle…

We were somewhere in Africa. *Wishful thinking*

While everyone was still at awe with the farm land, Rapik and I began to pester Aslan to take photos of us posing as if we were models.

Can’t explain why I posed like this…

Group photo!

Hungry and tired from all that farm land, we went to Fishermen’s Pier for late lunch!

Before lunch was served…

Now for the food. Are you ready?

Fresh oysters. Kinda frustrated with the size, so small. The sauce was alright, a bit bland.

Uncle Bong and wife were in for a surprise when their lunch arrived. A humongous seafood platter for two that required help from all of us. Lol! really good though!

Seafood chowder was alright but boring in taste…

Aslan’s fried flounder!

Rapik’s half lobster

I didn’t order anything too heavy because later at night, we would go to a Greek restaurant for dinner. Yup, more food photos ahead!

Posing with the locals.

Group photo again!

It was my turn to drive on the way back to Melbourne. Bad idea to drive with a full tummy, especially on long smooth road. One tends to get ever so sleepy. Luckily, I managed and got everyone safely back at the hotel.

Apparently, I am one heck of a driver and I drove very well in Melbourne. Hehehe. I still hate the right hook turn, so nerve wrecking especially when the tram is nearby.

Sitting up straight to keep myself awake while everyone else was asleep, except for Aslan, on and off.

You can tell my eyes were heavy.

Melbourne city seen from the bridge!

Less than four hours after lunch, it was time for dinner. Earlier on, we all could not resist a quick nap and a refreshing shower. We drove to Chapel Street to have a very good dinner at Greek Deli Restaurant.

Aslan and his mum

Before dinner, this is what I call a slim pose.

Rapik and his Captain America hairdo.

I LOVE Greek food. Simple but oh so delicious. I truly enjoyed the starter which consisted of warm pita bread served with caviar, eggplant and yoghurt dips. Mmm…

Fried whitebait. SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!

Rice wrapped in olive leaves with yoghurt. This dish was a bit unfamiliar, not my kind of dish.

Fried sardines! Mmm!

Fried Haloumi!

Greek style lasagna

Fried calamaris. Freaking amazing!

Mixed grilled meat with tzatziki sauce

Grilled vegetables

Greek salad

Greek desserts! L-R: Turkish delight, vanilla custard, fairy floss and baklava

Enjoying the fairy floss


At the end of the day, my tummy cried because it was happy for all the good food it had today. Usually, I don’t eat this much but I guess being on holiday, I deserve a wee break from the tedious diet routine.

I will regret saying that. Hahaha. Till the next post!







Melbourne Day One Part Two

First thing we did after we settled down in the room was none other than… SHOPPING!

Okaylah, I only window-shopped but Rapik shopped his socks off. Reason being? His luggage was still on its way from Sydney so he was without a proper jacket. Thank goodness for budget shops like Target, he managed to buy one at the kiddie’s section. Lol.

Once retail therapy session was over, we went to QV to have high tea at San Churro!

QV, where most Malaysians in Melbourne lepak. Hahaha.

It was a hard decision what to order as they have so many delicious things on their menu!

Aslan and I: He has yet to find his perfect leather jacket.

Muka orang puas shopping…

My regular hot chocolate, not the Spanish one, too rich for me!

Churros for two, but more than enough for the three of us!

Aslan and Rapik

Aslan and I, before the food fest began…

Why I dubbed this holiday as the food fest? Well, uncle’s friends never stopped stuffing us with awesomely good food. My diet was non-existence the whole time. Boohoo.

In order to burn some calories from everything we consumed at San Churro, we walked around the city centre.

I will let the photos do the talking.

Aslan and Rapik in front of the library

Rapik and moi

Inside Melbourne Central

Town Hall

We’re in NYC! *I wish*

Near Collins Street where we stayed.

Little Collins Street just behind our hotel

We then rested for a wee bit before heading out for dinner with uncle’s friends. Initially, I wanted Aslan to take a photo of me chilling on the bed but I ended up sleeping!

Posing for the camera…

I blacked out so fast! Aslan thought I faked everything until he realized I was actually out asleep. Lol.

After a whole day traveling, who wouldn’t be tired?


My nap lasted for an hour plus. When I woke up, Rapik was already showered and ready to go out. So we headed up to auntie and uncle’s room on the seventh floor. Their suite rocks!

This time Rapik fell asleep. Hahaha.

I look fed up here because Aslan’s camera took so long before it took the photo… Agh.

With my lovely Aslan.

Tonight’s dinner venue… Grossi Florentino!

A very posh Italian restaurant, apparently always full! Luckily uncle’s friend managed to book us a table.



We were served two complimentary starter from the chef.

Poached quail’s egg with something. (Bad blogger for forgetting the name of the dish!)

Veal with volcanic salt.

I shared this starter with Aslan and Rapik; fresh oysters with some sort of chili garnishing…

Pan fried scallops which Aslan and I truly enjoyed. Beautiful taste!

Rapik’s main meal, probably a sea bass. Can’t remember.

Uncle ordered Rack of Lamb

My main meal: Seafood salad which I didn’t really enjoy. Tasted weird.

Aslan’s main meal: Steak!

Desserts at Grossi Florentino are epic! I almost cried tears of joy upon the first bite. So good.

Lemony sorbet

Chocolate Souffle

Caramel ice cream with grilled bananas.

I don’t know what this was called but it had all kinds of chocolate in it, from dark to milk, to white to even chocolate beans! Just crazy! Delicious!

I went to bed feeling extremely bloated but very happy. I won’t like the flabby tummy when it comes. Oh well, must not worry too much, I am on holiday!

Till the next entry, cheers!



The Last Minute Holiday: Part 1

Okay… So, today was bizarre. Imagine, going to bed on a plane and waking up in a totally different place, two hours ahead from the country of origin.

My journey began on a flight from Kuching to Singapore via Air Asia. I regret purchasing the Red Carpet service because it is pointless in Kuching. No lounge. No priority entrance to the plane as promised. The escort person was friendly but I still needed to queue and well, the most I got out of the escort was a friendly conversation. I could have just stuck with my priority seat, I would still get to board the plane first. In short, I wasted RM80.

The Red Carpet check in counter… Meh

The flight was alright, smooth and quiet. I met a friend of mine, Adam, who was co-piloting the plane. He gave me a complimentary mineral water. Lol. This is one of my solo flights this year, Aslan left for Singapore with his family last Friday and now waiting for my at the  next destination.

The country I visited many times this year.

Still, I must give credits to Air Asia’s Red Carpet service. It was not completely hopeless. My bag arrived the moment I reached the baggage carousel. Haha. I met up with Rapik, whom was in Singapore since Saturday before I checked in with Emirates and then went to the departure terminal. I put on my best poker face at immigration clearance. The officer didn’t ask anything. No sarcastic remarks.

At this point, this would be my shortest Singapore trip, half an hour. Hahaha.

Accompanied Mr Diva at Burger King Changi International Airport Terminal 1 where he had dinner.

Rapik will be flying there using a different airline. This will be his first trip to that particular country. Since his flight via British Airways departed at 755pm, we had to part ways again.

Bye Rapik, have a safe journey…

Then I had at least 2 hours plus to roam around before I can go to the departure lounge. Luckily, I was upgraded to Business class! I utilized all the facilities in the Emirates lounge, even showered, believe it or not!

The almost empty Emirates Business Class lounge at Changi Airport T1

I didn’t take many photos of the lounge because I was extremely shy. Don’t want to appear to sakai in front all of the professionals. Awkward.

When it comes to food and drink, there was quite a variety. I didn’t eat anything because I was still full from last weekend’s wedding.

After Skype session with Aslan on my iPhone (probably internet connection was a bit too weak for Skype through the laptop), I decided to go for a shower.

The toilet

One of the shower rooms.

Posing before the shower. :p

Honestly, I felt so out of place in Business class. Mostly old men in business suits. I was wearing a casual batwing top from H&M paired with tights. Traveling alone sucks. Boohoo.

Initially, I was given a seat at 7K but then I moved to 7A because I wanted more privacy and space.

Before the move

The seat in Business Class is alright, just the right size for me. Thank goodness for the mattress, it helped made the whole journey more comfortable as the seat can be quite firm after a few hours.

Touch screen control for the seat adjustments, lighting, media player, massage mode etc

After the move to 7A

The official language for Emirates is Arab, so the announcement will always be in Arabic first.

Happy but extremely tired.

I must apologize for the lack of airline food photo or any other photo on the flight. After the plane took off, I blanked out completely due to the exhaustion gathered from last weekend. Trust me. I slept all the way.

I woke up to this amazing view…


I was about to watch some tv series on the ICE systems but then the pilot announced we would be landing shortly… Meh.

Perhaps on the way back…

Ladies and gentleman, after almost eight hours of flight, I am now in…


Hehehe. I never thought I would be seeing Melbourne again! Immigration clearance was fast since the counter for International passport holder was very short compared with Australian passport holder.

By the time I arrived at the luggage carousel, my bag was not there yet. I had to wait for at least five minutes before it arrived. The best thing about this holiday was when I was reunited with my one and only, Aslan! Imagine, almost six days not seeing each other. RINDU!

We then waited for about half an hour for Rapik to arrive from Sydney. His flight to Melbourne had to go through Sydney first. Rapik had an interesting journey. First of all, he was stopped by the immigration officer for questioning. I’ve been to Australia for quite a number of times as well as travelled solo to this part of the world twice and I’ve been fortunate, I was never stopped for questionings.

Apparently, Rapik was asked a lot of questions. Rapik was amused and nervous at the same time. I know the officers were simply doing their job. If I were them, I wouldn’t let anyone to enter my country. I think it was just Rapik’s luck. Rapik told me he answered every questions honestly and behaved like he normally would. The officers also took his phone and looked through it. Rapik is a very happy go lucky person and he didn’t make a fuss out of the whole deal. He found the whole experience as something he would never forget, just too funny.

The questioning took almost half an hour, at the end of the session, the officer complimented Rapik’s friendly attitude. I laughed so hard when Rapik reenacted the whole ordeal, his body language was too hilarious! Due to the questioning, Rapik missed his connecting flight to Melbourne. Luckily for him, they put him on the next flight. Just when he thought everything would go smooth, his luggage arrived later. Hehehe. Qantas was very apologetic about it and offered to send the bag to the hotel.

It felt so surreal to be back in Melbourne. This stay would be slightly different as we rented a car.

Driving gives a different perspective of Melbourne.

Aslan and Rapik!

The journey from the airport to the hotel took around 45 minutes. The last time Aslan and I were in Melbourne, we stayed at TriBeCa Serviced Apartments at Albert Street. I look forward to our hotel this trip!

Located at Collins Street, Westin Melbourne is ideal for those who likes to stay in the CBD.

Right in the city center, shopping at your doorsteps!

The workstation, tv and minibar + coffee tea making facilities

The very comfortable and soft beds

The wardrobe

The bathroom area

The bath

I love the room at Westin, so chic and comfortable! Stay tune for the next part in this series.


Zarith’s Hens Night at the Limelight Rooftop Lounge, LimeTree Hotel

A close friend of mine, Zarith, will be getting married this Friday. I am honored to be chosen as the one to organize her hens night.

To be honest, I have zero experience in this field. I always thought event management is not really my kind of thing but I made it through. For a first timer, I think I did okay.

First of all, I thought of a whole day event but due to time constraint and financial issues, I don’t think that would work out well. After so many considerations, it has been decided it would just be a dinner event.

As for the location, I have chosen the LimeTree Hotel at Jalan Petanak. Why?

  1. Amazing view from their rooftop lounge, Limelight that is also peacefully quiet and offers a lot of privacy for us girls.
  2. Amazingly affordable. A three course dinner and delicious lime juice at RM35 per person.
  3. A fresh location instead of the usual spots. Undiscovered treasure.

I will let the photos take over now. Enjoy!

The simple setting for the night

Gorgeous view of Kuching skyline from the lounge.

Last minute arrangement. Pink is not really my color, is it?

A gift for Zarith from all of her bridesmaids, you will find out soon!

Zarith’s younger sister, Azzah, and I

Finally the bride to be arrived!

Bride-to-be-veil from Sereni & Shentel was the star of the night!

Group photo after polaroid shots were taken.

Before dinner was served


One of Zarith’s close friend, Dja, awarding Zarith with a bride to be badge. I got an ‘L’ badge, does that means I would be next??? Hmm….

Sorry, no photo of the starter, a nice bowl of cream of vegetable. Main course was butter fish, stuffed chicken and grilled vegetables. Delicious!


Zarith was in for a surprise…


What surprise? It is a secret between us girls! Hehehe.

Before karaoke session began, it was time for some cake!

I did the writing myself, should have got something more clearer. Meh. American chocolate cake from Bing!

It was such a fun night, I hope Zarith and the girls enjoyed themselves. All the best for the wedding, Zarith!


Wedding Bells Blue

Last weekend, Rapik and I went to Kuching Central to check the place out. I must say, there are so many interesting shops there. We found this cute haberdashery shop where we spent almost an hour admiring all the diy stuff. Drat, we are getting old.

Anyway, it was there when we were stopped by this promoter from France-Taipei Bridal boutique. Since we had time to spare, I thought why not? And so, she showed us tons of pre-wedding shoot album.

After looking through all of the gorgeous albums, she started taking a piece of paper out and highlighted the awesome stuff under their RM2999 promotion. The package includes Actual Day Photography and Pre-Wedding Shoots added with so many F.O.C. extras.

Honestly, if it was not for me being broke, I think I would have paid the deposit on the spot. Fortunately, I came to my senses after walking away from the extremely good deal.

First of all, I cannot say for sure when will I get married. It is true their package has no expiry date but I just don’t like the idea of committing myself to something that is so uncertain and if it is certain, it would require the agreement of both parties. I don’t think planning the wedding based on my decisions alone is ideal, I want Aslan to be as involved as I am. I don’t think buying that package without his consent would be fair.

I am also scared of the never will get married curse because I bought their package. They told me that some couple bought the package since 2005 and till now, they are not married yet. SCARY! I don’t want to be that couple. Poor love-birds.

But then again, frankly, I have been feeding my brain with ideas for the uncertain wedding. I always go to wedding guide blogs/websites, browse for the perfect wedding dress, research on wedding venues, photographers, the theme, barang hantaran stuff, the honeymoon, suitable dates etc.

Heck, I even suggested ideas to Aslan regarding the ‘perfect romantic proposal’. After I finished blabbing, he said, “Your ideas are good but I already have the perfect plan in my head.”

I tried digging more of the so called perfect plan but he refused. Meh.

Without a doubt, I am nervous at the prospect of planning the wedding but I am sure it would be one of the most unforgettable experience, ever. I look forward to having the wedding bells blue.

And turning into a bridezilla.

Just kidding. Love,




Latest Obsession

I am so busy with work and life in general at the moment BUT I MUST share this obsession of mine with you…

Celine Phantom

So beautiful, I wish to own one. At the same time, I am in dilemma whether to splurge on a Chanel 2.55 Reissue or to save on this absolutely beauty?

Ah, a tough decision indeed.




At the last minute, the Sabah holiday had to be cancelled. *Frust menonggeng* Reasons why I look forward to the Sabahan retreat:

  1. Rejuvenate and relax at Shangri-La Tanjung Aru
  2. Hang out with Dave
  3. Visit to Mount Kinabalu
  4. Island hopping trip

Air tickets? Burn, baby burn. *&^%

Still mourning.

Same Old Brand New Me

I would never thought today would be the day I would experience perhaps one of the biggest changes in my life.

No, Aslan have not proposed yet…

I’ve always been known as the girl with the long curly hair. Well, I used to be that girl lah. No I did not cut my hair as a result of any negative events. It is for the good of my hair.

Almost three years of memory, gone in a snap.

It was something I had to do. My hair was damaged beyond repair. In order to let the healthy hair to grow out, the damaged need to be rid off.

I could not describe how sad I was when I saw the above photo. I just could not believe what I just did. At the same time, I felt relieved.


An hour plus later…












Who is this person in front of me?

I do not recognize my own reflection on the mirror. This Effa looks alien, strange, unfamiliar, etc. I could not help feeling there is something missing.

I admit, although I am not yet accustomed to this new style, it definitely feels lighter, easier to maintain and most importantly, it looks good.

So far, the comments I got from my friends on Facebook are: Refreshing new look, makes you look more youthful, sexy (in which I beg to differ), bold and very different from my previous hairstyle.

With the one with the magic fingers, Jacqueline Change of Essensuals Hairdressing at Prescint 88, Jalan Song.

As happy as I am with my new look, I am still very sad about the loss of my long hair. Boohoo.

At the end of the day, I always tell myself, change, is not necessarily bad but always for good.


Riung Kuring Masakan Khas Sunda

I have been hearing things about the new restaurant at Satok, Riung Kuring Masakan Khas Sunda.

Located behind RHB Bank at Satok, it is a quaint little home turned into restaurant. Parking is easy to find and there is a warden to guide you.

The menu looks alright, not too many dishes, just enough to give you some choice. Since I am perpetually on diet, I did not order anything but Longan Susu so Aslan and Rapik became my test subjects for tonight’s review.

Rapik’s Jus Ayu and my order, Longan Susu

Rapik enjoyed the combination of green apple and spinach juice. It reminded him a lot of soursop juice. As for my drink, I think it was a tad sweet but it was alright. At the same time, nothing too exciting about it. Aslan did not enjoy his Jagung Susu.

I munched on the tempe goreng we ordered as a side dish. Perhaps I am so used to the home cooked style, the one at Riung Kuring tasted average to me.

Rapik decided to give the Ayam Timbel a try, while Aslan opted for the Ayam Bakar.

Nasi Ayam Timbel. I love the way they present their dish but I guess, that is where my compliment ends.

Rapik said the dish was alright but he said he still prefers the Nasi Lalapan from Muara Restaurant at Miri. He did say how much he loved the rice, very fragrant.

Ayam Bakar 

Aslan is not a big fan of chicken so by right, he can’t really judge this meal. So, I had a little taste. It was alright, quite standard actually.

For dessert, we ordered Pisang Keju Coklat to share.

They are very generous with the cheese, that’s for sure!

Honestly, the pisang keju coklat was nice but it is not exactly my cup of tea. The portion is decent but it did not excite me in the way I hope it would.

Overall, Riung Kuring is a nice establishment with decent food. Maybe those who likes masakan Sunda will appreciate this more than I do. Anyway, there is always space for improvement and I hope the restaurant management will try to do something about it. I mean, it is a great concept, something different in Kuching.

All the best!