Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball 2012 Auckland

When I found out that Lady Gaga will be in this part of the world for her Monster Ball, I was more than ecstatic. Quickly, I looked up the dates for the Singapore shows. Unfortunately, the May weekend, from 25-27, I was extremely occupied with my girl’s wedding, I had to let it go.

Then, another opportunity came along. The Monster Ball would be held in Jakarta! I had everything planned out, almost bought the ticket, flight and hotel when I found out about our last minute holiday to Melbourne. It was definitely a blessing I did not purchase the Jakarta concert because it was cancelled! Phew.

I can’t describe my disappointment for not being able to go but I kept calm and said to myself, “If Gaga and I were meant to be, destiny will arrange everything.”

I was in Singapore, waiting for our flight to Auckland when I read Teh Kah’s FB status update. “Watch out for Lady Gaga, she is in Auckland for the next few days!”

I realized Lady Gaga NZ Monster Ball would be on the same day I was due to arrive in Auckland. I quickly asked Teh Kah if there would be any more ticket to the concert. The rest? History.

Long story cut short, due to the snowstorm in Christchurch, a lot of concertgoers couldn’t fly to Auckland. That unlikely event was the key factor how I managed to get a ticket at the last minute of a completely sold out concert. A miracle!

The original price was NZD180, I got it for NZD30 cheaper!

After lunch at Fish Pot at Mission Bay, we went to Vector Arena downtown Auckland to check out the scenes and perhaps purchase concert merchandise.

By the time we got that, there were already a few enthusiastic monsters lining up at the entrance. Some were dressed like Gaga herself! I bought one t-shirt, not exactly cheap, NZD50 each but the memory comes with it is priceless!

Teh Kah and I before queueing up to buy the merchandise…


Teh Kah posing with some of the nicely dressed monsters

The queue to the front row is super long.

Later at night, after dinner and change of clothing, Teh Kah’s father dropped us off. People were already slowly filling up the arena. Believe it or not, it was Teh Kah’s mum who insisted Teh Kah to go to the Monster Ball! How cool is that?

Vector Arena at night

We went through security check without any problem. The opening act was by Lady Starlight. The performance was interesting although I could not wait for Mother Monster herself!

Warning: All of the following photos are taken by me, unless stated. If you want to use it, do ask for my permission. I swear, I won’t charge, I just want my credits. Thank you!

Oh yea, I forgot to tell you my ticket is general entry, standing. Burned so much calories from all that standing, jumping around and dancing.

Lady Starlight in action

We waited for about five minutes after Lady Starlight performance ended before the curtain withdrew and bam, the stage set was visible. It was such an epic moment. All the monsters squealed in delight in great harmony.

A medieval castle?

The lights were dimmed and suddenly, this chamber melody began and Gaga’s dancers were on stage bearing the G.O.A.T banners.

I then realized hey, this is not some chamber music, it is the intro for Lady Gaga’s ‘Government Hooker’ and at that instance, Gaga appeared on stage on a big horse! Her outfit is epic cool!

This was when she started singing ‘Government Hooker’

I am not exactly an expert photographer, so not all of the photos I took turned out great. I am quite sad that a lot of good moments were blurry. Meh. But do enjoy the photos!

Lady Gaga before giving birth to herself.

Lady Gaga’s live voice is powerful, rich and sweet. She sounds a lot better live, more soul. Not to say she does not sound as good in her album but her live performance is legendary!

She performed over 25 songs from Born This Way and The Fame Monster album and went through numerous costume changes! Her stamina is amazing, her dancing does not affect her vocal ability. I was completely blown away by her impressive performance!

Her dancers are amazing!

By this time, she was performing ‘Born This Way’

It was hard to take photos of the concert due to a few reasons…

First, I wanted to enjoy the concert and at the same time, capture these moments. There are some uncaptured moments because I was savoring it to the last bit. Secondly, the enthusiastic monsters who danced and jumped wildly around me kinda make it hard to take photos. I don’t want to hurt them with my zoom in lens. Also, I would like to respect them as concertgoers myself. Third, damn lighting kinda messed with my photos. Boohoo. Still, I am thankful I managed to get some good shots of Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga performing Bloody Mary

She wore this costume and performed Bad Romance and Judas

I love her make-up!

Only Gaga can look good with this hair color. I’d look plain crazy

Lady Gaga performing Fashion of His Love and then Just Dance

The following photos are blurry. Sorry!

She came on stage as a bike performing Heavy Metal Lover. A very sexy performance too!

She definitely has a nice ass.

Not my photo, taken from just so you can see how the whole thing looks like. I didn’t manage to take any clear photo. :S

She also performed the acoustic version of Hair on her piano bike. I was completely in awe, therefore I didn’t take any photo. I love it when she performed You and I. Awesome!

Her epic meat dress made an appearance too although I couldn’t take any clear photos of it.

Photo credits: The List UK



Scheide was her last song before she came back on for two performances, The Edge of Glory and Marry the Night.

I love this outfit

The last photo of the night…

A dream come true. Would be absolutely crazier if I managed to meet her in person. Oh well, I am more than thankful already. Maybe next time. Hehehe.

Hope you enjoyed this post!