Sereni & Shentel Made in Borneo Book Launch

by theborneogirl

Three weeks ago, when I received this invitation in my inbox, I jumped for joy and squealed with the uttermost glee.

First of all, it is a Sereni and Shentel event. Of course I would get super high, I always feel like I own the universe when it comes to Sereni and Shentel .

Secondly, their very own children’s book launch!!! Oh, how exciting! As the launch got nearer, I couldn’t help wondering what will the story be like. I had a hunch it will be about their friendship and journey to become the most ahmazhing headband designers, ever! Wooohooooo!

Third, their collaboration with the ultra chic and talented Jessica Wong of Plasterdoll. Look at the artwork, fabulous! Perhaps one day I will get it done for theborneogirl too! (I have never seen a fat plasterdoll, so, that will have to wait till I lost another 10 kilo or so… Sobs…)

Okay, I will stop fooling around and get on with the intended entry.

The day began with the birds chirping out of my window, sun shining ever so brightly and all of my animal friends came rushing to help me get ready for today’s event.

Twirling my way to the wardrobe, I whimsically chose a few dresses. It was a hard decision. Should I be wearing something pink, orange or blue?

My mind was made up when I saw the playful zigzag pattern and harmonious colors of blue and beige of a Topshop dress.

Paired with a playful limited edition Sereni & Shentel Blair, it would be the right outfit for the event. I can’t really describe the urge to coordinate the colors of my outfit, I ended up with a camel Celine Boston tote bag and unbranded camel/tan mid heels. I can be quite uniformed when it comes to choosing outfits. Meh.

The setting for today’s event at 4 Points by Sheraton, Kuching

And thankfully, my outfit matched the very colorful event. Tadaa…

From L-R: Jessica Wong, Sereni, Shentel, yours truly, Cynthia and Aslan (Photo credits: Sereni & Shentel, Fazli Taufek)


For RM50, Sereni & Shentel Made in Borneo is available online at as well as selected bookstores, such as MPH and Kinokuniya!


My guess what the book is about is spot on. So proud lah. I absolutely love their first children’s book. It’s chic, fun and very inspiring! I love the simple but very entertaining and INSPIRING storyline:

Sereni & Shentel is a true story about two best friends living in a little city in Borneo who have managed to turn their dream into reality through friendship, laughter, hard work, determination and a little headband magic. Written in rhyme and packed with colorful illustrations, Sereni and Shentel are turned into Plasterdoll characters as readers follow their adventures as accidental headband designers.

The illustration is so pretty and I admire Jessica for doing such a great job! It is not easy being an illustrator and I am happy that Jessica managed to bring out the magic of the dynamic and energetic duo perfectly, again, bravo! (Oh, I love how she draws the Chanel bags… Mmmm… And Hermes Birkin… One day, baby, one day)


One of the illustrations by Jessica


More plasterdolled Sereni and Shentel with oh so delicious bites around the venue


Especially for the kiddies but then again, we are all children at heart, aren’t we?


Kuching Cat galore!


Yours truly and her collection of Kuching Cat. (One day, baby, one day)


Moi posing with the magical book.


Throughout the event, whenever I have my photo taken, I will repeat the above pose. Automatic response. In other words, I might be practicing for my own book launch. Who knows what the future brings??? Haha.


With the ever so elegant Cynthia of Treasurebox


With Elizabeth Lee, the lovely co-founder of Bowerhaus and Shentel’s sister and Cynthia


With my girl Irene!


Before the reading started, Aslan and I had some photo booth fun!


New props, yay!


Since it was a children’s book launch, there were quite a few kiddies running about here and there. Most of them decided to hang about at the coloring station. (Photo by Fazli Taufek)


I miss being a kid, so carefree. (Photo by Fazli Taufek)


The atmosphere calmed down a bit when the reading began. All the children settled down on the cushions and was spell bound by Sereni and Shentel’s first reading of their book.

Elizabeth, the emcee of the day.


I love Jessica’s outfit!


Kuching’s (Perhaps, even the whole wide world) very own sweethearts, Sereni and Shentel


Sereni and her inspirational speech. I was and still is, super inspired, I couldn’t help thinking about taking up a space program coz there was a time when I wanted to be an astronaut. Haha.


The crowd today


My very first book reading. I should have recorded the reading so I can play it for bedtime. (Hint: Audiobook in the future, perhaps??? Hahaha)


Sereni reading Shentel’s story


Shentel reading with explosive expression, shows how awesome their book is!


Once the reading session ended, it was time for the book signing and more photos…


These ladies are truly inspiring. I want to be just like them. One step at a time. One day, baby, one day.


Regarding that, if I am 999999999999 to infinity inspired by these ladies, I wonder how the children feels for them? Must be beyond words. So, papas and mamas, buy this book for your children. Nothing inspires children more than real people. Hehehe.


Group photo!


With PR extraordinaire, Adeline.


I had a lovely time with all of my friends at today’s event. Thank you very much for inviting me to be part of this super historical day. I can imagine one day, reading the book to my children. I can tell them, “You know what, I was there when the book was launched and yes, I know Sereni, Shentel and Plasterdoll (aka Jessica)…” Hahaha. Dear Sereni and Shentel, keep on inspiring girls like me to be the best we ever could be. Thank you for painting more colors in our lives. I love you long time!!!

Yours always,