He Put A Ring On It!

Aslan finally proposed to me last night, just before midnight. He took me completely off guard. Well, I knew he would propose one day but never thought it would be so soon!

Before he proposed, he asked me, “In your point of view, what is your ideal wedding proposal?”

Pulling his leg, I answered, “On a cruise around an exotic location and the moment you proposed, Angels will sing, the sun shining forming a halo on us, unicorns with wings magically appear and Atlantic emerged from the deep sea, restored to its former glory.” Then I laughed hysterically. He looked quite annoyed at my playfulness.

“Just kidding, it does not matter how, where, when etc, so long as you mean what you ask, that is perfect enough for me.”

“It does not have to be too elaborate nor perfect, what matters most is us together, always in love…”

He then held me in his arms and looked deep into my eyes.

It was then I realized he was about to propose.

Suddenly, I felt like the whole world just stopped spinning. I thought I knew how it would feel but expectation cannot beat reality!

In nanoseconds, so many ifs came to mind. I began to wonder, am I really ready for this?

It was almost like I was on the edge of a cliff and I had two choices; retreat to my comfort zone or jump into this new but uncertain journey in life.

“Effadylia Affendi, will you marry me?”

With a blush and a big smile I said yes.

This is the real deal, not just a playful status change!

12 thoughts on “He Put A Ring On It!

  1. OMG! OMG! OMG! finally, the moment has arrived. congratulations doll. i’m so happy for both of you. you must be over the moon, head over heels, love is in the air, etc. yay!

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