Summer Break 2012

After relaxing and resting for six days in Singapore, it was time to board the metal bird for the actual holiday.

Posing at the lobby with Mimi before making our way to the airport.

This was our first odd hour flight. Leaving Singapore at 230am! I spent the whole night trying to keep myself awake. I couldn’t count how many times I actually dozed off.

At the check in counter. First long flight with Emirates.

It is a treat indeed to be able to fly Business class. One of the perks being a member, one can use points for upgrade! The Emirates lounge at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 is okay but I still think Singapore Airlines lounge is nicer.

Chillaxing before the long flight.

Just a mug of hot chocolate for me…

While Aslan tried almost everything at the buffet spread.

It was  already 1am when it was time to board the plane.

Aslan putting away all our hand luggages.

Our seats, 7A and 7B

I love Emirates business class. Okay, that is an understatement. I love traveling business class, no matter what airline it is. It is a lovely experience indeed. Business class may be more expensive than economy but I think the extra fee for comfort is worth every penny.

Still, business class in Emirates Boeing 777-300R is a bit crowded with the 2-3-2 seat arrangement.

Ample space for my extra long legs.

Inspired by Kim Kardashian’s travel style, I decided to wear a loose leopard print top with a pair of tights. Comfortable but still is stylish.

All announcement in Arabic first, then English.

Socks, eye shades and noise canceling headphones my best friends to ensure a good sleep.

I love how Emirates does not switch off the a/c mid-flight like SQ. The cool temperature is important for a good night sleep. No photos of food onboard as I slept throughout the journey. I only woke up half an hour to landing time. Crazy, but true.

Before bed

After a good rest but I was not happy because my sleep was interrupted.

After 6 hours and 45 minutes, we reached the transit airport, Dubai International Airport Terminal 3.

Dubai Airport is probably the most packed airport I have ever been to, so far! It is narrow but ridiculously long in size!

Since we were only transiting, we didn’t have to go through immigration. But before we made our way to the lounge, we went through security check. When they opened up another line for me, I felt like a Queen. Hahaha.

My stay at Dubai airport was short but sweet. Perhaps I will go to Dubai for a holiday in the near future. Maybe during winter when it is cooler.

Before the arrival of bazillions people…

Emirates Business class lounge.

We spent less than an hour at the lounge. Even with the huge lounge, it was barely enough to cater for the large amount of travelers. Aslan and I then went on a hunt for Patchi chocolates.

After 20 minutes of searching and wandering around the never-ending long terminal, we finally found it!

Hard decision but this would be enough, for now!

The next flight was at 750am, taxing delayed things for almost an hour. The traffic at Dubai airport was just like the amount of travelers in the terminal, crazy!

Aslan and I

Goodbye Dubai airport, see you in a couple of weeks time!

Before the plane took off…

Some sceneries of Dubai from air…

Have lots of money to spend? Buy land and build a house here. :p

I think I slept for a good 4 hours and spent the remaining time listening to music, audiobook (Superfreakonomics) and watching movies.

Current favorite of mine!

Somewhere over Amsterdam…

Where am I heading to this time?

Glasgow, Scotland, UK!

This route is more laid-back compared to SIN-LHR-GLA. Going through Heathrow, London is a bit of a hassle with all the security checks and what not. Aslan and I have no problem with that but Aslan’s parents are getting tired of it. SIN-DBX-GLA route is definitely more relaxing but it takes slightly longer.

We will be in Glasgow for nine days and this is my first actual UK summer holiday experience. Excited!


I will blog more, I am so tired now. Must sleep!



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5 thoughts on “Summer Break 2012

  1. yup!u r my ispiration! :) i really2 love ur blog!can’t wait for more pic!tke k E! :)
    btw i did saw u at immigration office in kuching last time, cant believe that ur so tall.. :)

  2. You’re always travelling.. i’m so so so jealous .. hahaha.. thanks for sharing the experience.. love reading it.. i might not be going anytime soon, but who knows in future.. it will be my turn to blog bout this.. hehehe.. :)

  3. Doll, thanks for the advice on the transit thingy. Having read this entry, really ease my burden in planning our future trip to UK. Yay..thanks ya. Love ya ;)

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