All the engaged ladies (Put your hand up!)

Apparently, Aslan planned the proposal for over a year. As I said in my earlier entry, he thought of proposing on a lovely cruise around the Mediterranean (Exactly like my I-am-just-joking definition of the perfect proposal).

Being more of a logical thinker than a dreamer, he proposed in Singapore instead as he didn’t want to get the wrong ring size.

Aslan almost propose with a packet of diamond but he thought that would be so unromantic. So tacky. So cheap.

I am 100% clueless of what are the specifications for the ring (Like carat size, diamond grade etc) but I must admit, it is the most beautiful object I have ever seen in my life! Wait, let me rephrase that. The engagement ring is the most beautiful object I have ever received in my life!

So, after proposing, the next day, he brought me to Lee Hwa Jewelry at Somerset 313 to get my ring finger measured.

Nerdy me after sorting out the ring measurement…

It was ready just one day before we were to fly off to Glasgow.

Still speechless everytime I see this ring around my finger. Ineffable.

He even suggested I should get an insurance for the ring. It scared when he said that. I hope he doesn’t spend ALL of his savings for this. I am absolutely fine with a simple ring… A ring is just a ring, can’t marry it. Hahaha.

“You can’t put a price tag when it comes to love…”


Will blog more soon,


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