I have a feeling September will be excitingly hectic.

  1. Family meetings to discuss wedding-related stuff
  2. Bertekol ceremony (In which we exchange rings to signify we reserve each other, loosely translated, bertekol means hammered)
  3. Hall viewing, food tasting, fabric hunting etc for the wedding
  4. Arranging trips to KL and other destinations in relation to the wedding such as wedding invitation cards, door gifts, barang hantaran etc
  5. Researching for the honeymoon!
  6. Diet and gym begins (Another 10 kilo to go!)
  7. More wedding planning.
  8. Work. (Meh)
  9. Open house for Raya
  10. Arrange for the wedding course!

I guess September will go by quickly like August did. Oh, so many things to do and yet so little time!


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