Hellooooooooooo! It is good to be back. I am extremely sorry for the lack of entries in August. It was an impromptu hiatus from blogging. A holiday to clear my mind, relax my body (Well, hardly relaxing, more like exercising) and energize my soul.

I will update this blog with my travel related entries, just keep on scrolling down to read them.

I am now in Singapore, heading back home tomorrow. Unfortunately due to a lousy laundromat service at Marina Link, I have to extend my stay just to pick up the clothes we dropped off last Tuesday. Frustrating. Luckily, I am a good person, otherwise I’d ask them to pay for my flight ticket because of their mistake. The lady promised me everything will be ready yesterday evening.

You should see the look on my face when she told us our clothes are not at the shop and she cannot do anything about it as their factory is closed on Sunday. The very guts of her to tell us to pick it up on MONDAY when we are flying back home on SUNDAY. In my opinion, when I told her I am from Malaysia, she assumed that only Johor is Malaysia. As if I could easily drive or take a train to Singapore just to pick up my flipping laundry.


She kept on saying sorry but I refused to look at her just in case I turn into a nasty Medusa and turn her into stone and smash her into a bazillion. Your sorry does not mean anything to me.

At this rate, the laundromat services in Kuching are way better than that particular shop. If my clothes come back in a lousy state, I WILL reveal your company name. Meh. Lesson learned: Never trust a foreign laundromat shop, no matter what.

What a way to to start blogging after several weeks of hiatus. Meh.

Anyway, cheers to September, may it bring joy to all of us! This bridezilla to be has a lot on her plate. Wish me luck!


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