U Bistro, Kuching

My endless gratitude goes to Sarawak Bloggers for introducing me to yet another wonderful eatery here in Kuching.

Talking about food establishments in Kuching, once in a while, a gem pops up among the many mushrooms you see around you.

U Bistro is one of the few gems. Located at Jalan Song Thian Cheok (Next to Lyn’s Tandoori), U Bistro offers delicious food made from the freshest and natural ingredients available.

They serve fresh food only!

U Bistro dishes are grilled, not fried. I absolutely adore such belief as food tastes much better grilled than fried. Frying does not retain the flavor and oh, the bad cholesterol you get from eating fried food is not worth it! Plus, grilling not only retain the flavors, it also helps to enhance it! Nothing like promoting good food and eating healthy! Way to go, U Bistro!

I shall waste no more time, here are the highlights from my food tasting session at U Bistro today:

Situated in one of Kuching’s many hot spots, it is busy in the day but quiet at night. Still, parking is not an issue and the area is generally safe. The ambiance at U Bistro is casual but relaxing. U Bistro can cater up to 40 guests at one time. They do private function(s) upon request. Opening hours is 930am-10pm from Monday to Saturday.

Cosy corner to chillax and enjoy the food.

Outside seatings (Where you can ‘wash your eyes’ and breathe in Kuching)

U Bistro deco and layout is simple but clean. The staff are friendly and professional. The chefs are surprisingly young but I must say, they really do know what they are doing though! Hence, never judge a book by its cover.

The kitchen as seen from the entrance

The drink station

U-Bistro Free Wi-Fi, something quite necessary in this day and age! :P

Now, on to the food!

U Bistro drink menu is simple and consisting of the usual soft drinks, juices, tea, coffee etc but I find the Mint and Sprite drink interesting.

Refreshingly interesting! A non-alcoholic mojito, perhaps?

U Bistro has quite a few selections of starter. We had the Garden Green Salad, Coral Salad with Pesto, Bruschetta Conpomodoro and something especially for your recently turned vegan Borneo Girl, Wild Mushroom Soup.

Garden Green Salad in caesar dressing: Simple but satisfying, you can opt to add chicken or lamb or beef to it at an extra cost

Coral Salad with Pesto: If you want a healthier option, this is the one for you. U Bistro homemade pesto sauce is rich but delicious!

Lovely onion, tomato and herbs bruschetta. Crispy and light, a joy to share with friends and family.

This wild mushroom soup can give the 5 stars international hotels in Kuching a run for its money! Absolutely divine! A perfect matrimony of garlic bread and mushroom soup.

U Bistro will leave you torn between oh so many good food to choose from as a main course. However, I will show you the showstoppers!

Introducing U Bistro Tropical Grill! What makes this dish special is the side dishes consisting of grilled potatoes, eggplants, pineapple and midin rather than the usual mashed potatoes, broccoli and carrot. This lamb shoulders tropical grill is only RM22.80!

I don’t take meat but from my observation earlier on, the grilled selections are a must try! All the bloggers were eating quietly and on their faces, pure joy was very obvious.

The meat is well marinated and perfectly grilled, dry on the outside but moist and tender inside. You can always inform the preference of how well you want your meat to be, wether well done, medium raw etc to the waiter.

Scrumptious: Close up of the side dishes

U Bistro unique homemade green chill sauce, excellent pairing to the grilled meats. Don’t worry if you are not a fan of chili, you can always request for the normal sauce such as black pepper etc.

Suppose you are not such a big fan of lamb shoulders, you can choose from chicken, to beef sirloin, lamb cutlets, fish, or combo of everything for the tropical grill!

Beef sirloin grilled with love!

These lamb cutlets will please your taste buds!

U Bistro also have other selections of grilled dishes in their menu. They sure take pride in their grilled chicken.

U Bistro Grilled Chicken does not only looks good, tastes even better!

Want some tender chicken loving? Go on and give U Bistro a try!

Cyril is a big fan of U Bistro pizza, so, things would not be complete without some! We had Cheese and Herbs Pizza and Pepperoni Pizza.

Cheese & Herbs Pizza: Simple but precise in taste. The dough is just right, not to crispy nor too thick. Perfect.

Can never go wrong with a Pepperoni Pizza

If you are not such a big fan of grilled food, U Bistro has other dishes in their menu that might take your fancy. From pastas, sandwiches to local favorites like fried rice, char kway tiaw to name a few, there is always something for someone at U Bistro.

In a nutshell, U Bistro offers simple but delicious food made from the freshest and natural ingredients available. They don’t fry nor add any MSG into their dishes. They believe that food should be simple but wholesome. They want you to enjoy eating food and feel good afterwards. Breakfast is available in the morning and their lunch set is irresistible!

U Bistro does not serve pork or use any byproduct of pork. They do serve alcoholic drinks but do not infuse alcohols in their dishes.

Thank you so much to U Bistro for the invite, I truly enjoyed myself and you might be seeing me again, soon!


4 thoughts on “U Bistro, Kuching

    • Hello Dinah! Thank you. I thought I would be extremely busy last weekend so I made sure the entry would be posted as soon as possible. Don’t want it to end up like my holiday posts, always postponed. Agh. Nice meeting you that night, see you around!

    • Hello Wayne! I guess being a journalist, it has been a habit of mine to do my assignment early. Apart from that, I don’t want to let my hectic schedule to get in the way of this post. Then again, bear in mind that, content is more important than the speed of the entry being posted online. For all I know, my entry could be flawed due to the rush! Hahaha.

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