I Got a Hammer.

What an odd title but it has something to do with today’s entry. Obviously not in a literal sense, more of a metaphor. I am now officially booked by Aslan. In Sarawakian Malay term, already bertekol or loosely translated as ‘being hammered down’. Haha.

Showing off the bling is obligatory.

The bertekol or more commonly known as the merisik ceremony in West Malaysia is where the boy’s parents as well as their siblings, would come over to the girl’s house and ask her parents for her hand in marriage. In those days, a big number of marriages were usually arranged. That is why there is a need for the merisik ceremony. It was usually done without the girl’s nor family’s knowledge, so they could find out whether the girl is a suitable candidate. For example, when the merisik party arrived and the girl was in the kitchen doing chores, she would be considered a good candidate and if she was just lying around and not helping out with the chores, she is hopeless. That was how things roll back then. Today, however, is a different story. People don’t really do this anymore, they usually skip it.

Traditionally, the boy wouldn’t be allowed to join the ceremony but tradition can be altered a bit. Aslan was present and not only me received a ring, he did too! Hillarious. We exchanged a total of three gift trays.

His and her’s gift trays

This is just a small fish compared with the bigger fishes we would be tackling next. So many to dos in my wedding planner, wish me luck!


P/S: I will update this post with more photos. Stay tune!

3 thoughts on “I Got a Hammer.

  1. congratulations darl! you look stunning, not forgetting the blue RM1 note that matches the theme as well. hehehe, can’t wait for the updates. congratulations!

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