Bites by Batik, Kuching.

Comfort food is the main concept for Bites at Batik Boutique Hotel, Kuching. Opened for business since May 2012, Bites offers delicious food in a homely setting.

For tonight’s food tasting, we were given choices of combination for our meals (Well, four actually, considering I had a special vegan meal requested beforehand) as stated on Groupon (Hurry, offer lasts till October 30!).

Before we get to my meal, let’s see what the other bloggers had. Most of them went for the mushroom soup, lamb burger and strength of Tarot.

Mushroom soup: Bites own take of the popular classic soup. All ingredients are sourced locally and freshly prepared.

Lamb Burger: A very healthy version, comes with veggies, beetroots, feta cheese and a generous serving of homemade wedges!

Beef burger: What can go wrong with beef patty, pickles, tomato, lettuce and cheese? Not to mention the wedges. Absolutely lovely!

Chicken burger: A healthier version of KFC’s Waikiki Burger minus the fried bit and heavy mayo!

The most popular drink of the night?

Strength of Tarot which is basically mint and lemon!

While everyone had iced drink, I went for a hot pot of Jasmine Green tea. Now, onto my meal. As for starter, I had Pumpkin soup.

Pumpkin Soup: I have never tried pumpkin soup before so, I wouldn’t know how it supposed to taste like. Bites version is not as sweet as I thought it would be but savory, almost gingery at a point. It goes well with toasted bread but when taken on its own, it is very rich.

My main meal is called the vegetable wrap.

Vegetable Wrap: Roasted local and imported vegetables. Simple and healthy.

The wrap goes well with the red onion mayo that comes with the wedges!

Wedges and red onion mayo, a marriage made in heaven!

Now, the star of the night would be dessert (Which I didn’t have but from the looks of those who had some, I could see the excitement!): Mooncake Jelly: Tuak infused with wolf berries (or Goji berries)!

Apparently the amount of alcohol in this moon cake jelly is not enough to make one drunk but just enough to make one happy!

It is quite a nice place to chill and enjoy the good healthy food with friends. And after dinner, you might wanna check out the garden bar just behind the hotel. Worth a visit!

For more information:
BITES by the Batik
Batik Boutique Hotel, NO. 38, Jalan Padungan
Kuching, Sarawak, 93100
T : +60.82.422845