Review: 360 Hotel, Tower B, Kuching.

Whenever Aslan and I travel, we always prefer to stay at a serviced apartment compared to a hotel. First, you get a bigger space at a cheaper price. Secondly, added facilities like a kitchen and washing machine plus dryer make the deal more irresistible.

In Kuching, however, serviced apartment is not as popular as hotels with deluxe/executive guestroom or suites. Among the few serviced apartment establishments I know of are Ariva Gateway (Or formerly known as Somerset Serviced Residence) and the one I stayed at a few days ago, 360 Urban Resort or 360 Hotel located at Hock Lee Centre.

The hotel is situated at the edge of Kuching CBD and have direct access to the Hock Lee Centre shopping mall (A decent mall that caters to your basic shopping needs plus a supermarket). They offer shuttle service from and to the airport, as well as nearby shopping destinations. Taxis are easy to find.

For those who are driving, there are ample parking spaces at the two levels basement carpark. In order to get free parking, just validate your ticket through the hotel receptionist at the lobby. If you prefer extra security, you can opt to park your car just outside the hotel at around RM5 per day.

The hotel lobby of Tower B is very simple, not grand or anything. It has the office environment to it. Contrary to its name, it does not feel like an urban resort. If you are entering the lobby from the shopping mall, be prepared to be greeted by the foul stench from the men and women’s restroom. Unpleasant. They should consider redesigning the layout. Urgh.

I am not one to criticize people who works in the hospitality industry because I know managing and running a hotel is never easy. But it is my duty to point out some flaws and perhaps from here, the management can improve things.

Apart from the unfortunate location of the stinky restrooms near the entrance/exit to the tower B lobby, I was greeted by a sour grape of a receptionist upon checking in.

Maybe I caught her on a bad day or I was simply unlucky having to encounter on one of those monstrous PMS day. Either way, she treated me like shit. She was bitchy, rude and most importantly, UNPROFESSIONAL. She should thank her lucky stars super bitch was not around. I almost wanted to explode but then I reminded myself that I am better than her, so why bother?

First, she could not find my reservation. Then she called up her managers and talked in this manner reflecting how annoyed she was at me. Hello? Must I remind you that I, am the customer, providing business to your employee who in turn, pays for your salary? I don’t ask for much, just a little bit of respect will do.

What happened that day was a small matter. Apparently, due to a miscommunication, my reservation at was cancelled. Therefore, she said it was MY freaking fault that I lost the reservation of the executive one bedroom apartment. Now, I have used numerous times and I have never experienced anything like this. The same scenario happened to me once, but the hotel management contacted me personally.

And then, she lectured me how I should have booked directly through the hotel blah blah blah and offered me a walk in deal for the deluxe one bedroom apartment. If that is the case, why bother liason with GAHHHHH. Oh, that tone of hers, so nasty and ildjfopjejfopawfa;wrfpjaow;f. If you are not happy with your job, don’t take it out on me lah. Meh.

Fast forward to the room itself… It is clean but decorated in a minimalist style. It is comfortable but just looking a tad aged. It is spacious but it is more of a studio rather than an apartment. It still has a separate kitchen, so, the room is alright. The hotel has a swimming pool, gym and a very sad restaurant that serves the most boring buffet breakfast spread. Everything in the room works perfectly fine and the cooking utensils are there for you to use. Not forgetting, they also have free *reliable* wi-fi!

The housekeeping,  technician and security/bellboy staff are very friendly and professional unlike that nasty dragon at the reception. The nightly rate for the deluxe one bedroom apartment is RM180 and judging the quality of the room and facilities available, it is worth every cents.

Enjoy the photos of the room:

The comfortable twin double bed

The comfortable twin double beds

The small dressing area

The small dressing area

The tv and behind it, dining area

The tv and behind it, dining area

The kitchen with basic utensils such as a pot, electric kettle, plates, glasses, tea cups, cutlery, knife, can opener and if you need anything else, you can request from the housekeeping staff.

The kitchen with basic utensils such as a pot, electric kettle, plates, glasses, tea cups, cutlery, knife, can opener and if you need anything else, you can request from the housekeeping staff.


The bathroom is simple but it is fully functional. Clean but a bit worn out.

The toilet area

The toilet area


The shower stall

I managed to cook dinner at the kitchen (Had a bit of a problem with sorting out the gas connection but luckily, the housekeeping staff came to assist us and from there, no more dramas). Everything was made easier after requesting an extra pot. With proper kitchen management, anything is possible.

Using basic kitchen utensils, I made Spinach Linguine with Beef Meatballs.

Spinach Linguini Meatball

Not a fifteen minutes meal but I was told it tasted good.


Overall, my stay at 360 Hotel is almost like a mixed candy selection. My first draw was bitter but that did not stop me from having another one from the jar.

I believe 360 Hotel has the potential to be better than they are now. It is people like Miss Sour Grape of a receptionist that tarnishes the image of such hotel. Once the first impression is spoiled, there goes the mood and when the mood is gone, everything good about the hotel becomes bad.

I had a good stay at 360 Hotel with my friends and I sure hope the receptionist was just having a bad day, thus her nasty attitude was just something temporary.

That’s all for now, will blog more soon!




Purse To Go!

One thing being a bag lady (Although with a small collection) is that I change bags often. The most dreadful thing about changing bags too often is sometimes, you tend to forget to transfer all of your stuff, especially, important ones into the next bag.

That always happens to me. Nothing like a punch in the face for leaving the purse in the last bag you used. Luckily, there is a solution to that…


Imported from the USA, this Purse To Go is a life saver.


Since most of my bags are in large size, I opted for the one in XL. I always think red is a lovely color for  a bag lining, just so classy and it makes spotting for things in a darker color bag easier. Apart from convenience when it comes to transferring items into the next bag, it helps to organize the content of your bag too! One time, Aslan commented that inside my bag, there is another universe because it always takes me ages to look for something in the bag. I might waste five minutes of my time trying to fish around for my keys… And that is just one item. Sad but true. BUT, those days are long gone now!


The awesome features of the PTG.


How it looks like inside, it could be reversed so that the pockets are outside, whichever you prefer.


It doesn’t weigh much, so you wouldn’t feel the difference, its design is also subtle that you can’t really see it when it is in the bag. It is easy to wash and also adjustable.


How the PTG looks inside my bag. My bag looks a lot more organized now!


A life saver indeed, if not, the content of my bag would be chaotic!


So, if you are interested in getting yourself a PTG, do contact the Treasure Box Kuching here. Available in different sizes and colors.