A-Wet Thai Restaurant, 4th Mile, Kuching

by theborneogirl

One destinations the dudes and I love is Thailand. For our 2011 divacation, we went to Phuket. As for 2013 divacation/hens escapade, we have chosen Bangkok. We have missed Thai food so much, we decided to check out this new restaurant at 4th Mile, A-Wet Thai Restaurant.

Located just before Boulevard Hypermall (Hard to miss when there is a big sign just outside the restaurant), A-Wet offers authentic and delicious Thai cuisines at an affordable price.

Before the food arrived, posed for the camera.

Before the food arrived, posed for the camera.


Before I show you what we had, the total cost for five persons is around Rm177 or an average RM35.40 per person. It was a satisfying meal, so, no one really complained about the price. In that sense, A-Wet is reasonably priced.



We officiated dinner with a hot and spicy seafood red tom yam. It was at the right level of spiciness and tasted good.


We waited less than 10 minutes before the flood of dishes came to us.



Pandan Chicken. I didn’t have this but from what I could tell from the look on the guys faces, they enjoyed every single piece.



Pineapple fried rice with seafood. In Thailand, it is a bit hard to get this dish because it usually has pork in it.



Young mango salad. I love this dish most. Then again, I am hopeless when it comes to this sort of dish. Hahaha.



Deep fried fish in Hot and Spicy Thai sauce. The guys favorite.



Paku Pakis with Tau Cu, another favorite of ours.


The dishes were so spicy, we couldn’t help sweating as we had dinner. Keeping slim while we ‘farm’ our body. Hahaha.




We had no plan to order dessert but the staff recommended this durian and jackfruit popia.


Jackfruit is the orange one while yellow is durian. A lovely treat, the durian and jackfruit were creamy to say the least! And the popia was crumbly. A good combo though.


My friends and I had a lovely time at A-Wet Thai Restaurant, definitely coming back for more!