My 26th birthday was quite a special occasion. Aslan flew me to the moon and back. Well, honestly, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the trip if it was really the moon but it was somewhere nice and by the sea. Krabi, Thailand.

It was a total surprise. He only told me about it once we reached LCCT. I was asking him why weren’t we waiting for the cab to the city and then he showed me the ticket. Meh. Luckily, he did tell me to pack some swimsuits and dresses. Phew.

Some highlights from my Krabi escapade:

I love Thai cuisines and in Krabi, the food is good but expensive.



Papaya Salad with Chicken Wings


Prawn Pad Thai


At our hotel restaurant… Good Thai food but oh so pricey. Average RM45 per person for lunch. Meh.


Behind me is the hotel we stayed at, Anyavee Thubkaek Beach.

The resort we chose is nice but a bit far from the touristy town of Ao Nang. Therefore, when it comes to food and shopping, a bit limited but if you are here for relaxing, not that bad. The view of the beach is amazing though. The Hong islands look majestic!


Working while holidaying. Oh yeah… Hahaha.


Posing near the altar where we eloped here in Thailand. Just kidding. :p


Yours truly in ‘capturing photo for Instagram’ action


How Krabi got its name: Lots of crabs on the beach. Hehehe.


Pre-Valentine pose. Love birds, y’all


Hong Islands

Aslan brought me on the four islands tour. It is a nice tour but I wish there was less people. Sad to see how these beautiful islands are being polluted due to overcrowding of tourists. Hope they manage this tourism industry very well, especially in taking care of mother nature.


Hair blowing in the wind, speed boating around the four islands is nice but a bit bumpy. Trust me.


Beautiful place, unfortunately, too crowded for my liking.


Clear water, you can see the fishes!


I finished one whole book throughout the tour. That’s what I call a nice holiday. Wouldn’t be perfect without a good book in hand!


Some of the crowd…


Without the crowds, such a magnificent place. Is this how Maldives is like or even better? I can only imagine.


I’d like to imagine I was in Hawaii…


Chicken Island.


Since the water was so polluted, I didn’t bother snorkeling.


A floating cafe!


Poda Island: Very packed!


With all the caucasian tourists, doesn’t look like we’re in Asia anymore, does it?


After one whole day of island hopping, I got a birthday surprise from the hotel management!


The next day, we went to Thai Charm Cooking School. We learned how to prepare and cook Tom Yang Gung, Papaya Salad, Pad Thai, Green Curry Paste, Green Curry and Sticky Rice with Mango. Such a fun class and our teacher, Cook, is so friendly and funny. Aslan and I are now certified Thai chefs!


Before class began… A smile and a pose!


Aslan showing off his skills.


Apparently I don’t need to learn how to cook… That’s what I’ve been told lah.


Smile and pose before we eat what we’ve cooked


Prawn Pad Thai by yours truly


Papaya Salad


Prawn Tom Yam


Vegetarian Green Curry


Sticky Rice with Mango

I had such a wonderful time in Thailand, always have and always will, I am really thankful for such lovely birthday gift too. Aslan, you truly make me feel special. I love you!

That’s all from me!


Kopi O Corner, Kubah Ria

Operating since 1992, this is Kopi O Corner’s third branch. The first branch situated at Satok (Next to MARA building just nearby St Joseph’s primary school) while the second latest branch is at Kota Samarahan, just directly in front of UNIMAS.



A digital menu to add a bit of modern detail in the decoration and of course for the ease of the customers



Being in the food industry is not easy. Therefore, 21 years is definitely an achievement. Kopi O Corner newest branch at Kubah Ria is still the same style of dining, casual eating of comfort and good food.  Kopi O Corner has a wide variety of food to offer and today I had the chance to try some new menu.


Nasi Goreng Ikan Terubok Masin


This dish is a favorite of Rapik’s. A simple but healthy meal, the salted Terubok fish does goes well with the midin fried rice. The sambal takes the whole thing to a new level. Need I say more? If I am not mistaken, the style of the fried rice is aruk, or fried dry, meaning less oil or sometimes, none at all.



Mee Kampua


This dish is a very popular dish in Sibu. There was a time when it actually make headlines in the newspaper because of a certain political group. Kopi O Corner’s take on this epic dish is not bad. Perhaps I am not accustomed to Kopi O Corner definition of the dish but it is worth the try if you are looking for something new to try.



Bakso Ayam


Another simple but whole meal. This Indonesia dish may look ordinary but paired with the right amount of sweet soy sauce, chili and vinegar, it will knock your socks off. Nothing is as delicious as simple food.



Mee Jawa Kambing


The owner of this homegrown franchise, Norlia insists on coming up with new and yet delicious dishes. So, after thinking long and hard about it, she finally came up with this epic dish, Mee Jawa Kambing. The lamb is so tender (According to Aslan) and it adds more flavor to the already flavorful Mee Jawa. If did take meat, I’d have this every time I go here. Too good!



Nasi Ikan Terbang


The Flying Fish rice. As lyrical as the name sound, this is a very simple dish that requires a special device to cook it. It is basically battered tillapia fish served with sambal and rice.



Siomaw Bandung


I like this dish very much. Simple but filling. Steamed cabbage, potato, chicken meatballs and fish balls topped with peanut gravy. Almost like gado-gado lah.

Apart from these dishes, Kopi O Corner also have their nasi campur selection and other dishes like Nasi Ayam Bakar and their most popular dish, Prata Roll.



Nasi Ayam Bakar Kopi O Corner


According to Aslan, the chicken is well marinated and tasted good. Looking at this picture, I am quite tempted to stop being vegetarian. Hahaha.



Prata Roll


Available in either beef, chicken or sardine, this dish is actually a rolled filled roti canai topped with three sauces and plus, it looks pretty too. Hehehe.

I always welcome new recipes, it never fails to excite my taste buds. Furthermore, it adds more variety to Kuching food.

Cheers to the next branch, Kopi O Corner!




I turned twenty-six today at a very magical place with the one I love most. I couldn’t ask for more.


Ineffable happiness.


Happy Valentine’s day to you!


Kafe Rumah Hijau, Kuching

Dining in a homely spot is truly special but when the food you eat makes you feel good, now, that is truly divine. I’ve always been a fan of Kafe Rumah Hijau at Rubber Road. It is such a cosy restaurant and the food is totally hands down, one of the best in Kuching.

Whether you are a fan of Nasi Ayam Penyet, roti (bread) in all of its variety or desserts, Kafe Rumah Hijau is the place to go.

I only find out that they have extended the opening hours at night. They are now open for business from 6pm-11pm. Last time, they were only open from 9am-5pm. So, this is a revelation, indeed!

However, except for roti, their menus for morning, evening and desserts differ according to availability. Don’t worry though, their food will always be top notch and well, if you have a certain favorite dish, just remember the important days!

So, here are the highlights of what Kafe Rumah Hijau has to offer to foodies everywhere…


I like to start with something sweet first. Salina Md Salleh, both owner and executive chef for Kafe Rumah Hijau, prepares all the desserts by herself using the best ingredients and better yet, freshly made everyday. It is hard to pick a favorite, they are all lovely.



Cadbury Chocolate Cake


This cake reminds me of the sinful chocolate cake in the movie version of Roald Dahl’s Matilda in which, one of the kid was forced to eat a whole chocolate cake because he stole the principal’s cake. Don’t get me wrong though, this is a praise because as a child, every time I watch Matilda, that scene will break my heart because I’d like to go through the same punishment too. The things I would do for a chocolate cake… Hahaha.

If you are absolutely clueless on what am I talking about, kindly view the video below.



Oreo Cheesecake


I like my cheesecake and when there is Oreo, it is such a perfect matrimony. Kafe Rumah Hijau’s version of this popular dessert is delicious and not too creamy, which is good.



Horlick Cheesecake


A new favorite of mine. Then again, I am in love with Horlick, so this does not count. Absolutely original, I must say. Do give it a try when it is available in store.



Cakes galore!


Without the help of my friends, I would have had the Bruce moment too. Oh God, moderation! (Although this does not necessarily works during a food tasting)

Main dish:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: Nasi Ulam Ayam Percik
Thursday, Saturday and Sunday: Nasi Briyani
All time favorite: Nasi Ayam Penyet



Nasi Ayam Penyet


Before my vegetarian days, Nasi Ayam Penyet is a favorite of mine. It is a very simple dish consisting of white rice, steamed/boiled vegetables with dipping and a very tender fried chicken top with a more delish garnish. Gah.

Morning menu:

Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng
Nasi Lemak Ayam Penyet
Rojak India
Mee Kari
Laksa Penang
Mee Goreng Ayam



Mee Kari with Fried Chicken


This is my favorite dish (Now I take it minus the chicken) because it is not as fattening compared to Mee Jawa. Hehehe.

Evening menu:

Nasi Mandhi Ayam
Nasi Mandhi Kambing
Nasi Lemak
Bakso Daging
Bubur Ayam
Tom Yam Ayam
Kuay Tiaw Seafood



Nasi Mandhi Ayam


Nasi Mandhi Ayam is the Arabic inspired version of the Nasi Briyani. Chicken is well marinated and almost honey glazed.


Kafe Rumah Hijau has an extensive list of drinks but these three are what I think are unique and delicious.



Horlick+Milo, Teh C Peng Kafe Rumah Hijau and Teh Tarik Halia


If I were to list out all of their roti menu from canai, thosei, tisu, boom etc, it will be really long. Here are just some of the popular dishes from their Roti menu.



Roti Boom Garlic Cheese


It is actually deep fried canai with garlic and cheese. So good, it made me forgot about my diet. Drat.



Roti Boom Banana, Chocolate and Cheese


Once you try this, your world will never be the same again.



Murtabak ayam



Roti Tampal Telur



Muglay Ayam


If you want something different, the Muglay Ayam is nice. It is actually deep fried murtabak. Very popular dish too.



Dessert Thosei!


And finally…



Giant Roti Tissue!


It is crispy and chewy at the same time. And oh, the combination of butter and sugar is so good. Gah.

Kafe Rumah Hijau is still a favorite of mine even after all these years. I have good news for you Kafe Rumah Hijau enthusiasts… But I can’t announce it just yet. Have to wait and see!


Happiness is a Plastic Card

Look what I got in the mail today?


Sereni & Shentel 's Loyalty Program!

Sereni & Shentel ‘s Loyalty Program!


*Screams like a little girl*

I can’t hardly wait the next surprise from Sereni & Shentel! Oh, they have gone such a long way and I am super proud of them. My idols!

This is how we all should do business, entrepreneurs out there, take note and strive for success!


Welcoming the Year of the Snake at Raintree Restaurant, BCCK, Kuching

The Lunar New Year is just days away. Why, the food feast begins this Saturday with the reunion dinner. I bet some of us dread that dinner. Family reunion ought to be a fun celebration but in every family, there must be one or two kill joy of a relative. Fear not, why care when it is your life? So long as you are doing the right thing and it does not affect anyone else, why bother? So, my advice? Just smile and say thank you. That will shut them up.

Okay, back to the topic. One thing that we all dread about reunion dinner is to find somewhere to dine. Especially at the last minute, where on earth can you go? Well, I have a solution for you.

Without a doubt, restaurants in the city would be packed and traffic would be hell on Saturday. I wouldn’t want to be in Kuching when that happens but I wouldn’t want to miss the festivity of the first day of the Chinese New Year. 2013 is my final year to collect red packets. Hahaha. I don’t get any red packets once I am married. I am merely seizing the opportunity while it is still in reach.

If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of a super congested Kuching city on the eve of new year, why not go to the Raintree Restaurant at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) for the reunion dinner? It is slightly further but it is definitely quiet and you don’t have to worry about traffic jams and where to park your car.

Starting from February 8 to 11 and 23 to the 24, Raintree Restaurant will have its Chinese New Year Buffet for just RM 68+ per person!



Nothing is more prosperous than the color red.


Among the highlights of the buffet are:



Stir Fried Beef Slices with Ginger, Celery and Black Pepper


Since I do not take meat, I wouldn’t know how this tastes like. But from what I can gather, the beef slices are cooked tenderly and the black pepper made the whole dish more Sarawakian-esque. Hehehe.



Deep Fried Chicken with Lemon Sauce


A childhood favorite of almost everyone. This dish is a must have whenever my family and I went to Meisan for dinner eons ago. And this BCCK version does not disappoint. I mean, how can one can fail to cook this dish? Still, the secret to a good finger licking lemon chicken is the batter and the sauce. This is passable.



Floret of Broccoli with Braised Black Mushrooms


My favorite dish so far. Being a vegetarian, I love vegetables. I love how the broccoli was nicely cooked and oh, the mushroom, splendid. Somehow I think the broccoli would taste a lot better if it was sautéed in butter first. Mmm… But hey, that is only a matter of preference.



Steamed Tilapia ‘Teo Chew’ Style


I am completely hopeless when it comes to the endless variety of steamed fish. This is a nice dish but perhaps since I am not such a fan of tilapia, I can’t really say much about it. In my point of view, Sea Bass is nicer when steamed. Tilapia, on the other hand, is more of a deep fried kind of fish. Again, a matter of preference, my dears.



Braised Beancurd With Seafood in Crab Meat Sauce


I love the beancurd and the crab meat sauce is divine. However, not a big fan of the green.



Wok-Fried Rice with Silver Achovies


Honestly, what can go wrong with fried rice? This is a simple but flavorful dish.Can’t say healthier but hey, once in a while it is okay.



Peking duck in the making




I can’t comment much on this particular dish because I do not take duck. Trust me, my mum been trying to teach me to eat duck since I was a kid. Still insist not taking it. Usually whenever Peking duck is ordered, I eat the pancake minus the duck. Hahaha. Honestly, this style of Peking duck is quite new to me. Normally, the pancake is steamed but this one, it is grilled and it is thicker. Taste wise, with the kind of vegetable they use, it is not that bad but one would need to get used to it.

Apart from these dishes, here are the rest of food available:

Cold cuts, prawn salad, tossed top shell with dressing, spicy jelly fish marinated seaweed, boneless chicken with feet and preserved peanut with chinese herbs, prosperity yee sang with traditional condiments, smoked fish fillet, boiled prawns on iced and a variety of salad and condiments. Soup of the day Schezuan Hot & Sour Seafood Soup


Hot and Main Buffet:
Wok-Fried Rice with Seafood and Long Bean in Curry Spices
Sreamed Whole Seabass with Assam Nyonya Sauce
Noodle Station: Hand made noodle with two types of finishing served with soup or dry with chicken char siew slices, minced chicken and sie pak choy
Roast duck
Char Siew marinated chicken wings
Sambal Fish Fillet with Wrapped Banana Leaves
Deep Fried Niang Dau Glutinous Rice Cake
Yong Tau Foo With Traditional Condiments

Assorted fresh fruits
Sweet almond banana tart, yam dumpling with vanilla sauce
Assorted french pastries, bread and butter pudding with apples
Red bean mousse cake, chilled lychee and longan with almond bean curd
Agar-agar in glasses, eclair, warm sweet potato broth with ginger in syrup
5 types of ice creams with traditional condiments
Chinese pancake
DIY Ice Kacang with condiments
Dim Sum

Soft drinks
Chinese tea

On top of that, new year celebration would not be complete without a good yee sang toasting, so, it is possible to add on a more special variety of yee sang to your buffet (Although you need to order two days in advance)


Toasting the yee sang for all the good things in the year of the Snake!



Mmm… Yee Sang. You only get to eat this dish once a year, so do not miss out on it!


Chinese New Year Yee Sang (Scallop)
Medium RM68+
Large RM88+

Chinese New Year Yee Sang (Lobster)
Medium RM68+
Large RM88+

Other add on items available are as follows:

Peking Duck with condiments RM 88+

Steamed Pomfret whole per 100g RM18++

At the same time, Raintree also does a dinner package starting from RM 488+ per table. For enquiries and reservations, please call BCCK at +6082 392 888 or +6082 392 988

What are you waiting for, make a reservation now!


Happy Anniversary, My Love!

Last month, Aslan and I celebrated our seventh anniversary as a couple. We have known each other for almost ten years now and I am truly grateful that we will take the next big step soon.

Anyhow, Aslan surprised me with a nice lunch at Tanzini at G Tower Hotel.



Dress from TopShop which you can buy online here.


I like the environment at Tanzini. Modern and quiet. Perhaps we were seated at the wrong corner, the view was boring for a top floor restaurant.



My Aslan


We ordered an appetizer and main meal each. Aslan went for the Caesar Salad and Wagyu Steak while I opted for Wild Mushroom Soup and Prawn Pasta.



Caesar Salad


Tanzini’s version of Caesar Salad is different but definitely healthier. Aslan thought the barely cooked egg was a bit peculiar. It tasted good nonetheless.



Wild Mushroom Soup with Truffle Oil


A very good hearty soup, filling too. But since it is a special day, there is no harm to eat more than usual. Hehehe.



Wagyu Tenderloin


Aslan was absolutely satisfied with his main course, all 200g of it.



Tiger Prawn and Clams Pasta


I wish the clams had more meat to it but overall, it was a lovely dish. I am a total sucker for seafood so, there you go. The portion is just right, not too big, not too small. Perfect in all sense. My only complain? I wish it had two prawns. Hahaha. Gluttony speaking. Meh.

Aslan and I had such a lovely time at Tanzini. Can’t wait to explore more of what KL has to offer when it comes to dining experience.