Kafe Rumah Hijau, Kuching

by theborneogirl

Dining in a homely spot is truly special but when the food you eat makes you feel good, now, that is truly divine. I’ve always been a fan of Kafe Rumah Hijau at Rubber Road. It is such a cosy restaurant and the food is totally hands down, one of the best in Kuching.

Whether you are a fan of Nasi Ayam Penyet, roti (bread) in all of its variety or desserts, Kafe Rumah Hijau is the place to go.

I only find out that they have extended the opening hours at night. They are now open for business from 6pm-11pm. Last time, they were only open from 9am-5pm. So, this is a revelation, indeed!

However, except for roti, their menus for morning, evening and desserts differ according to availability. Don’t worry though, their food will always be top notch and well, if you have a certain favorite dish, just remember the important days!

So, here are the highlights of what Kafe Rumah Hijau has to offer to foodies everywhere…


I like to start with something sweet first. Salina Md Salleh, both owner and executive chef for Kafe Rumah Hijau, prepares all the desserts by herself using the best ingredients and better yet, freshly made everyday. It is hard to pick a favorite, they are all lovely.



Cadbury Chocolate Cake


This cake reminds me of the sinful chocolate cake in the movie version of Roald Dahl’s Matilda in which, one of the kid was forced to eat a whole chocolate cake because he stole the principal’s cake. Don’t get me wrong though, this is a praise because as a child, every time I watch Matilda, that scene will break my heart because I’d like to go through the same punishment too. The things I would do for a chocolate cake… Hahaha.

If you are absolutely clueless on what am I talking about, kindly view the video below.



Oreo Cheesecake


I like my cheesecake and when there is Oreo, it is such a perfect matrimony. Kafe Rumah Hijau’s version of this popular dessert is delicious and not too creamy, which is good.



Horlick Cheesecake


A new favorite of mine. Then again, I am in love with Horlick, so this does not count. Absolutely original, I must say. Do give it a try when it is available in store.



Cakes galore!


Without the help of my friends, I would have had the Bruce moment too. Oh God, moderation! (Although this does not necessarily works during a food tasting)

Main dish:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: Nasi Ulam Ayam Percik
Thursday, Saturday and Sunday: Nasi Briyani
All time favorite: Nasi Ayam Penyet



Nasi Ayam Penyet


Before my vegetarian days, Nasi Ayam Penyet is a favorite of mine. It is a very simple dish consisting of white rice, steamed/boiled vegetables with dipping and a very tender fried chicken top with a more delish garnish. Gah.

Morning menu:

Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng
Nasi Lemak Ayam Penyet
Rojak India
Mee Kari
Laksa Penang
Mee Goreng Ayam



Mee Kari with Fried Chicken


This is my favorite dish (Now I take it minus the chicken) because it is not as fattening compared to Mee Jawa. Hehehe.

Evening menu:

Nasi Mandhi Ayam
Nasi Mandhi Kambing
Nasi Lemak
Bakso Daging
Bubur Ayam
Tom Yam Ayam
Kuay Tiaw Seafood



Nasi Mandhi Ayam


Nasi Mandhi Ayam is the Arabic inspired version of the Nasi Briyani. Chicken is well marinated and almost honey glazed.


Kafe Rumah Hijau has an extensive list of drinks but these three are what I think are unique and delicious.



Horlick+Milo, Teh C Peng Kafe Rumah Hijau and Teh Tarik Halia


If I were to list out all of their roti menu from canai, thosei, tisu, boom etc, it will be really long. Here are just some of the popular dishes from their Roti menu.



Roti Boom Garlic Cheese


It is actually deep fried canai with garlic and cheese. So good, it made me forgot about my diet. Drat.



Roti Boom Banana, Chocolate and Cheese


Once you try this, your world will never be the same again.



Murtabak ayam



Roti Tampal Telur



Muglay Ayam


If you want something different, the Muglay Ayam is nice. It is actually deep fried murtabak. Very popular dish too.



Dessert Thosei!


And finally…



Giant Roti Tissue!


It is crispy and chewy at the same time. And oh, the combination of butter and sugar is so good. Gah.

Kafe Rumah Hijau is still a favorite of mine even after all these years. I have good news for you Kafe Rumah Hijau enthusiasts… But I can’t announce it just yet. Have to wait and see!