Kopi O Corner, Kubah Ria

Operating since 1992, this is Kopi O Corner’s third branch. The first branch situated at Satok (Next to MARA building just nearby St Joseph’s primary school) while the second latest branch is at Kota Samarahan, just directly in front of UNIMAS.



A digital menu to add a bit of modern detail in the decoration and of course for the ease of the customers



Being in the food industry is not easy. Therefore, 21 years is definitely an achievement. Kopi O Corner newest branch at Kubah Ria is still the same style of dining, casual eating of comfort and good food.  Kopi O Corner has a wide variety of food to offer and today I had the chance to try some new menu.


Nasi Goreng Ikan Terubok Masin


This dish is a favorite of Rapik’s. A simple but healthy meal, the salted Terubok fish does goes well with the midin fried rice. The sambal takes the whole thing to a new level. Need I say more? If I am not mistaken, the style of the fried rice is aruk, or fried dry, meaning less oil or sometimes, none at all.



Mee Kampua


This dish is a very popular dish in Sibu. There was a time when it actually make headlines in the newspaper because of a certain political group. Kopi O Corner’s take on this epic dish is not bad. Perhaps I am not accustomed to Kopi O Corner definition of the dish but it is worth the try if you are looking for something new to try.



Bakso Ayam


Another simple but whole meal. This Indonesia dish may look ordinary but paired with the right amount of sweet soy sauce, chili and vinegar, it will knock your socks off. Nothing is as delicious as simple food.



Mee Jawa Kambing


The owner of this homegrown franchise, Norlia insists on coming up with new and yet delicious dishes. So, after thinking long and hard about it, she finally came up with this epic dish, Mee Jawa Kambing. The lamb is so tender (According to Aslan) and it adds more flavor to the already flavorful Mee Jawa. If did take meat, I’d have this every time I go here. Too good!



Nasi Ikan Terbang


The Flying Fish rice. As lyrical as the name sound, this is a very simple dish that requires a special device to cook it. It is basically battered tillapia fish served with sambal and rice.



Siomaw Bandung


I like this dish very much. Simple but filling. Steamed cabbage, potato, chicken meatballs and fish balls topped with peanut gravy. Almost like gado-gado lah.

Apart from these dishes, Kopi O Corner also have their nasi campur selection and other dishes like Nasi Ayam Bakar and their most popular dish, Prata Roll.



Nasi Ayam Bakar Kopi O Corner


According to Aslan, the chicken is well marinated and tasted good. Looking at this picture, I am quite tempted to stop being vegetarian. Hahaha.



Prata Roll


Available in either beef, chicken or sardine, this dish is actually a rolled filled roti canai topped with three sauces and plus, it looks pretty too. Hehehe.

I always welcome new recipes, it never fails to excite my taste buds. Furthermore, it adds more variety to Kuching food.

Cheers to the next branch, Kopi O Corner!



4 thoughts on “Kopi O Corner, Kubah Ria

  1. dhal for the roti canai tastes weird at kubah ria branch. ordered the bihun goreng it was too sweet. went second time, ordered kueh tiao goreng it was too salty. its st joseph branch is still better. just don’t order anything from the roti stall during peak hours. too slow. will give the mee jawa kambing a try. looks good

    • Hi Kimberley, thanks for the comment, really appreciate it. It is no doubt, the branch near St Jo still is the best among all of them. I will inform the owner about what you’ve said. It is hard to maintain food standard once it becomes a franchise. Same goes to Sugarbun, McD or any other franchise for that matter.


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