Lunch at The Two Fat Ladies

Hello loves! How are you? I hope you are in the best of health. Just three days ago I renewed my domain and it made me realized how much I have missed blogging. To make up for all the dollars I paid for this blog, I promised myself I must blog daily. Anyway, I am in Glasgow, Scotland now with my husband (Still not used to referring Aslan as my husband. The other day I said boyfriend to the immigration officer… Hahaha) on our honeymoon!

Our stay in Glasgow this time is very short, about four days. Since we’ve done the must do eat list, we decided to try a new restaurant and well, the mighty Google said I must try The Two Fat Ladies at Bath Lane.


I’d strongly advise for you to make a booking in order to dine here, it can get quite busy. The place is quaint and the deco is simple. We got a booth at the far end.


Their speciality is Scottish seafood and well, since I am a big fish fan, this is definitely the place for me. We made a booking for two at 1pm and the walk from our hotel at Renfrew Street to Bath Lane is a nice leisurely stroll, especially in this cold summer (A friend quoted, “Summer is like an old man on viagra… He never comes!”) ANYHOW… We located the restaurant easily and decided to order one entree each and share the main course and dessert.

Before our starter was served, the waiter offered us some bread. Mmm… The simple pleasures of life.

Who doesn't love bread? Mmm...

Who doesn’t love bread? Mmm…

I was tempted to savor my bread generously buttered but I decided to wait for my starter, the traditional Scottish favorite, Cullen Skink £5.95

Cullen Skink: Basically smoked Haddock in creamy soup with potatoes

Cullen Skink: Basically smoked Haddock in creamy soup with potatoes

Since my first trip to Scotland in 2010, I’ve tasted many versions of this dish. It is quite impossible to justify the definition of a cullen skink as some restaurants make it creamy, slightly sweet etc. The Two Fat Ladies version is the first non creamy I ever tasted. However, it is still hearty in taste and flavorful thanks to the smoked Haddock.

Aslan on the other hand, ordered the Tomato and Mozarella salad £6.95

What can go wrong with such simple but delish dish?

What can go wrong with such simple but delish dish?

As for our main course, we chose the The Fat’s Fish Platter £19.95

The Fat's Fish Platter

The Fat’s Fish Platter: Sea bream (Left), Unknown fish (Middle) and Smoked Mackerel (Right)

Roasted Vegetables

Roasted Vegetables and Potatoes

Yours truly before devouring the fish platter...

Yours truly before devouring the fish platter…

Aslan and I really enjoyed the main course. I personally like the unknown fish in the middle. The waiter did mention what fish it was but I never caught it. Haha. I just love the simplicity of how the fishes were cooked and yet, the taste was so refined.

Luckily, we shared dessert because the portion was quite generous. Sticky toffee pudding with creme anglaise  £6.50

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Creme Anglaise

Heaven on a plate!

Complete JOY. This is such a simple dessert and yet, so divine! Even Aslan, who don’t really takes toffee, enjoyed this dish to bits. Excellent!

Latte with complimentary Jack's tablet

Latte with complimentary Jack’s tablet

I must say, because of our dining experience here, Aslan and I look forward to try more new restaurants in Glasgow. We’ve been cooped up in our comfort zone for too long. Hehehe.

That’s all for today, loves, blog more soon!


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