Technological Upgrade

There was a time when I was obsessed with having the latest mobile phone. Luckily, it was just a desire that rarely comes true. Coming from a middle class family with a rather tight monthly budget, it was ridiculous to demand a new phone from my parents every now and then.

In my opinion, whomever did manage to change their phones every time something new and better came up probably wasted enough money that their loss could have bought them a Perodua Kancil or something of similar value.

The 26 year old me is very frugal when it comes to mobile phones. I will not buy a phone until it is deemed unusable. And after so many beautiful years together, my loyal iPhone 4 and I have to part ways.

It was all my fault. It drown in a green bag because I didn’t secure the bottle cap properly when we were in Maui, Hawaii. I still remember that day clearly. On a biking trip and without a phone nor camera to capture the moments. Luckily Aslan was generous with his phone.

Anyway, I saw the opportunity to upgrade my phone when I was about to pay my Digi postpaid bill at the Spring. I saw the brand new Samsung Note 3. Honestly, I thought of getting the new iPhone 5s but the new OS kinda killed Apple for me. I justified getting a Samsung would be a better choice as I already have an Apple iPad in which I use more for gaming purposes and of course the occasional blogging and online shopping. Ahem…

What sealed the deal was Digi’s offering price. RM1639. Two years contract at RM88 a month. 4GB data and other bonuses included. Including advance payment and extra warranty, it all came up to RM2119. Still cheaper than most stores. I get RM20 rebate every month for the next two years so my bill is only RM68 per month.

Samsung Note 3 is a bit big but so far, everything is going fine. I will type a proper review but for now, enjoy the photos!

Maybe the accident is a blessing in disguise. Since I updated the OS, the wifi couldn’t be turn on. The button won’t move…

Still getting to know my Samsung Note 3.

I am happy but secretly I do miss my iPhone… Boohoooooo…

Blog more soon!

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