Melissa @ Poppies, The Spring

It was in January 2013 when I first met Melissa. I remember that day very well. I was on holiday in Bangkok when I fell in love with Melissa.

However, our love union took a while to happen. In Bangkok, my size was available but the design did not please me.

Wait. What am I talking about? Melissa is not a person but a footwear brand from Brazil. The design is young and quirky, made from this sweet smelling rubber croc but better than croc’s material and best of all, ridiculously comfy! In short, jelly shoes!

I searched high and low for Melissa but often, people would stare at my giant feet and tell me no size before I even ask for a size 42UK.

This tale comes with a happy ending because I got my first pair of Melissa’s from Poppies at the Spring!


My first Melissa!

Better yet, Melissa’s Doris design is an absolute dream come true. It reminds me a lot of Valentino’s spiked heels. Best of all, Poppies sells only authentic items and the quality is guaranteed.

Of course I wanted to buy EVERY DESIGN in my size but that is a bit too much so I figured one is better than nothing. (I guess Poppies will have their own Melissa stalker/enthusiast frequenting the store daily soon…)


Mama will bring home you babies in time!


Wings on your heels!

Lucky I do not have kids yet because the children’s line is super kawaii!


Dorris in cream is also nice but they did not have one in my size.


Price range for Melissa is a bit steep but you cannot discount comfort and quality. For instance, the one I bought cost me RM 359 but hey, once in a while, this kind of purchase is acceptable. At least it is not as pricey as Valentino which is easily 10x the price.

Another good thing about my purchase today? I bought a limited edition Sereni and Shentel denim headband for RM30!


Three to choose from and I chose this design!

Due to the Spring’s RAD campaign lasting until October 20, shoppers whom purcased more than RM250 will get a RM49 rebate off the limited S&S headband.

Each customer is limited to one redemption and hurry, the amount is very limited!

So, what are you waiting for, get a pair of Melissa’s from Poppies, the Spring now!


4 thoughts on “Melissa @ Poppies, The Spring

  1. The last time I went to Poppies, I only saw the Fit Flops brand on the display. Yeah, the Mellisa’s children section really caught my attention. Oh no, my foot are itchy to go there…. ;)

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