Do I Really Need SO Many Bags?

Hello everyone. You girl is alive and well. Just a bit swamped with work and life in general.

Update on my latest job hunt: Failed. Apparently they are not so keen with part timers. If I had known that earlier, I wouldn’t have bothered. Oh well, maybe I should wait until next year and get a full time job. December will be quite a busy month for me. I am excited. You will find out why sooner or later.

I realized I haven’t been updating this blog with my travelogues of Copenhagen, Dublin, the rest of New York, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon National Park, Los Angeles, Hawaii and South Korea. Drat. I seriously do not know where to begin. I mean, I haven’t finished choosing wedding photos to be printed, what more of the honeymoon.

My slow laptop is preventing the process and I am in the midst of waiting for the launch of the latest Mac Pro desktop.


Oh yes, baby, wait for mama!

Oh yes, baby, wait for mama! (Photo Credits: Martin Hajek)


Click here to find out more about this sweet invention from Apple.

Some may think this wish of mine is going overboard since this baby could cost me one Celine handbag. And this debate of whether I should buy a gadget or a handbag always give me a splitting headache. It always lead to the one million dollar question:

“Do I really need so many bags?”

The answer is obvious though. I am a woman and there cannot be one too many bags. The more the merrier. One is never enough?

Before the bag lady years, I was a ‘carefree’ woman (Meaning: Not obsessed with the latest must have it bags) whom does not give a damn about branded bags. My bags were often brandless and well, simple. Sometimes tacky. But most of the time, I never bothered with handbags.

My transition into a bag lady begun in December 2008. At first, it was a simple Mango tote. Next, a Topshop handbag. Then River Island. It became more high end when I was introduced to the world of Long Champ. The next thing I know, boom, a Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM. You’d think I’d stop at LV but no, then along came Chanel, with Celine and Hermes tagging along. Gah.

This story will never end because Dior, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Goyard and Prada just to name a few are calling me with their beautiful handbags! (Meaning: My wish-list is never ending) I always question myself the same thing over and over again but at the end of the day, the bag lady triumphs and somehow my bag collection keeps on expanding.

I love my bags like one would love their pets or well, babies? Haha. Mental. If it rains, I’d rather get wet and shield my baby. I handle each and everyone of them with so much love and respect. I have spent so much to buy them, of course I would treat them like royalties.

I can’t comprehend why I value bags more than gadgets. I guess, with proper care, they last longer and will stay relevant for a very long time. I could hand them down to my children one day. Some brands have investment worthy pieces. Hermes handbags, for instance, could be sold for a higher value in the near future (Not that I plan to sell ANY of my bags…).

Gadgets would only be of use for a certain period and could be obsolete anytime, especially given the fast rate of technological advancement these days. For instance, today you buy an Apple iPhone 5s and tomorrow they would announce the release of the new iPhone 7! (Of course this is purely an exaggeration but you do know what I am trying to imply here…)

So, there you go. I do need that many bags because life is too short and precious to bicker with myself whether to get it and regret the decision of not getting it the next day and end up frustrated for the rest of my life because the bag I would like to get is completely sold out or worse, seized in production. End of story.

As for the Mac Pro… Well, if you could transform into a totally cool handbag, I’d so buy you. For now, mama would settle for a Boy Chanel handbag. Oh yes.

Blog more later!