King Lalapan, 7th Mile, Kuching

There was a time when 7th Mile was quite a distance from Kuching city itself. It was a town on the outskirts of Kuching. Now, with better access and road networks, that is a thing of the past.

I kept on seeing King Lalapan’s advert on Facebook and well, it truly did its magic because a few weeks after, Rapik invited me to tag along for a food review there! Situated just opposite the Chinese Temple at 7th Mile, King Lalapan is almost a year in the food scene. I wonder what took us that long? Hehe.


Easy to spot the signboard from the main road...

Easy to spot the signboard from the main road…


As the name stated, they do specializes in Lalapan dishes and their recipes are authentic Indonesian. I absolutely love their sambal. It is the best I ever had so far. Plus, if you think it is not spicy enough, simply request for them to add more chillies into it.

Their drinks menu is basic but satisfying. Here are the drink highlights:

White Lady

White Lady

Apple with Plum

Cucumber with Plum

Iced Longan

Longan With Nata De Coco

Sprite with peach

Tropical Soda


Now, prepare to salivate because here come the best-selling dishes!


Special King Lalapan

Special King Lalapan


I absolutely love the rice for the Special King Lalapan. It has salted fish and fried onions mixed with it and tastes so good, especially when you add in the salted duck eggs. Oh. Sinful. You can choose two meats, for instance, this once is a combonation of chicken and beef.



King Lalapan Chicken

King Lalapan Chicken


What makes Lalapan Chicken differs from Penyet Chicken is how it is cooked. Penyet is tenderized first and then deep fried. But for Lalapan, boiled and then fried. Therefore, the meat is more tender.


King Lalapan Keli

King Lalapan Catfish


Apparently, this is their most sought after dish. In one day, they can sell more than a hundred plates! Most people do not like catfish because of their strong fishy scent even after it is cooked but not at King Lalapan. Here, their fish are fresh and marinated over night to achieve the best flavor with no smell.


King Lalapan Lamb

King Lalapan Lamb


It is quite rare to see lamb being served Lalapan style but it is quite delicious. It is quite odd to take lamb with the sambal but strange how good it tasted!


Sup Tulang or Oxtail Soup

Sup Tulang or Oxtail Soup


Full of flavor and really meaty. This dish is for those who really loves their meat. The sauce that accompanies it make it more delicious.

Apart from that, other types of Lalapan dishes like cuttlefish, pomfret, prawns and other dishes like Bakso Rice, Pomfret Assam Pedas are also available. Ala carte items from the Lalapan dishes are also available if you wish to have more.

They also have an all day breakfast menu serving up Western and local favorites such as American Breakfast, Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai just to name a few.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore 7th Mile and make sure to stop by at King Lalapan for a nice meal!


More info and enquiries:
King Lalapan Restaurant,
Greenville Park Shophouse,
7th Mile, 93250, Kuching,

Services available:
Private Function
Take away
Cash and Credit Cards are accepted








4 thoughts on “King Lalapan, 7th Mile, Kuching

    • Yes, the one at Plaza Merdeka. Okaylah but I still prefer the sambal at King Lalapan while my husband likes Kuching Station’s Lalapan. :)

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