Effadylia is a very unique name. I am proud to say I am the only Effadylia on planet Earth. Awesomeness. I am special indeed. Don’t believe me? Try googling it.

I was born on Valentine’s Day 1987 in Kuching, Sarawak. I am a Unimas graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors in Social Science (Communication Studies). I am still looking for a job at the moment. My dream job is a lifestyle journalist. :D

I enjoy reading, writing/blogging, surfing the web, listening to music, photography, cooking/baking, shopping and traveling. I am reasonably adventurous and sometimes, I like to try new things.

I started this blog so I can:

  1. Practice writing
  2. Express my creativity, emotions, feelings, ideas, thoughts etc
  3. Share my stories with others

I do hope you will enjoy this blog of mine and feel free to leave a comment.


12 thoughts on “About

    • Hello Mary,

      Your blog is super kawaii and oh, I would love to go to Japan one day. ;)
      So sweet of you to say so, I really appreciate the thought. Hehehe. If it was possible, I would love to grant other people’s wish too.


  1. Hi Effadylia.
    umm, at first i was just looking for some info on internet randomly.
    well, i really don’t know how i get here but then again I’ve found that it was very interesting to read all your stories. & Thank you so much. ;)


    • Hi there Zay,

      The Internet is wonderful, isn’t it? I am glad you have enjoyed my blog, I always try to make it interesting for my readers and myself too!


  2. Hi,
    I was just searching the internet and stumbled upon your blog. Very interesting. I love to travel and hear about the way people outside of the US do things. Thanks for sharing.

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