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One Year Ago Today

1 May

It has been a year since I began the healthy lifestyle program. I will show you some photos of me last year and my progress now.

May 2010

Pardon the red eyes, darn infection! :S

May 2010

I must get these photos printed, put them in my room to remind me to always stick to my healthy program. I’m not exactly slim yet, another 12 kilo before I reach the healthy level of BMI.

It must have been sedentary lifestyle plus all that fast food, junk food, unnecessary snacking that contributed to my obesity. Yes, I WAS OBESED then. Now, I am merely overweight. :p

One year has passed and trust me, I’ve never felt this good in a long time.

Still chubby but hey, I am getting there.

The victory pose!

Still a long way to go, wish me luck!


Long or Short Hair?

25 Mar

The last time I had my hair cut short was 2008!


I think I was feeling under the weather and Aslan took me for dinner at Jambu to make me feel better. That explains the sweater and the tired expression on my face in the photo above. Now fast forward three years later, this is how I look now.


Dyed it brown, permed it and let it grew long. Elaine looks gorgeous as ever.


Now, should I cut my hair short again or just leave it as it is? Dye it black or just get the roots done? Straighten or perm? This girl needs help with her hair!





10 Mar

I’m a bit busy so here’s just a simple post. I’ve been collecting perfumes since I was in high school. Through out those years, some of them were given away or simple finished, so I could have thrown away the bottles. I regret throwing the bottles away. Boohoo. Here’s my modest collection.


The newest addition to my collection is Radiance by Britney Spears


So, what’s your favourite perfume?


La Mer

28 Feb

When it comes to facial care, I don’t mind spending a bit of money. During my late high school years, I used Neutrogena meanwhile in my first year of university, I switched to Simple. In my second year of university, I changed again, this time to Loccitane.

The reason why I kept changing all these years was because they didn’t make much difference to my face. I noticed that all of the mentioned products made my skin so dry after usage, even after moisturizer was applied. Just last year, I decided to try out Khiel’s. For a moment it worked like magic but that didn’t last long.

So I researched for the best or something within my budget anyway and I stumbled upon this… La Mer.

First of all, like Chanel, this brand of facial care is very expensive and way out of my reach. Now that I am 24, it is important for me to take care of my face, especially in terms of aging and whatnot. I buried La Mer in the deepest region of my head and try to forget about it.

Until Aslan surprised me with a starter kit called Miraculous Beginnings from La Mer on our last day in Melbourne.


Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the box


On top of that, Aslan said the salesgirl also gave two samples of Gel Creme De La Mer! One sample can cost up to RM60 each!


My journey to good skin begins now


Here’s some information about the starter kit from the booklet that comes with it.


Years ago, aerospace physicist Dr Max Huber suffered severe chemical burns when a routine experiment exploded in his face. Neither science nor medicine offered sufficient promise of help, so Huber decide to help himself.

Twelve years and some 6,000 experiments later, Creme de la Mer and its nutrient-rich Miracle Broth were born.

Now the legendary Creme de la Mer and a selection of supporting skincare treatments are brought together in special travel sizes. Designed to be used in synergy, these remarkable treatments work to bring the skin to its center. When skin is centered, there’s a visible difference: lines relax, clarity is restored and skin reaches optimum hydration.

Presented in a custom travel case, the limited edition Miraculous Beginnings collection is an ideal way to experience the best La Mer has to offer.

Creme de la Mer The Moisturizing Cream
The legendary Creme de la Mer and its nutrient-rich Miracle Broth have the power to transform the skin. In a short time, it becomes softer, firmer, looks virtually creaseless. Aging lines and pores are noticeably less visible. Even the driest of complexions are healed. Sensitivities are soothed. And, of course, there are those who insist it has produced astonishing results.

The Regenerating Serum
Born from La Mer’s heritage of healing, this transformational serum is infused with a powerful anti-aging trio- a high concentration of the Miracle Broth, The Regenerating Ferment and the Marine Peptide Ferment- that helps skin trigger its natural production of ‘youth proteins’, collagen and elastin. You’ll see a difference as skin looks rejuvenated on contact. Use every day and the appearance of lines, wrinkles and pores is radically diminished, revealing a vibrant, smoother and firmer looking complexion.

The Eye Concentrate
This concentrated, ultraluxe treatment utilizes three unique forms of Miracle Broth to deeply condition, smooth and hydrate the delicate eye area. It significantly reduces the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, lines and wrinkles for a bright and healthy luminous new life.

The Cleansing Lotion
This milky emulsion utilizes magnetized tourmaline and exclusive Deconstructed Waters to thoroughly, yet tranquilly, draw dirt, debris and eye makeup out and away from the skin. It works equally well with or without water.

The Tonic
This soothing tonic utilizes exclusive Deconstructed Waters to infuse the skin with Colloidal Mineral Water, revitalizing, enlivening and toning the skin to prime it for the benefits of skincare to follow.


In a nutshell, this product will keep me looking young and fabulous. I do hope so too. I’ll let you know how’s the result like in 3 months time.

Click here to find out more about La Mer.


My Secret

8 Feb

I’ve been keeping this as my secret for eight months and today, I would like to share it with the whole wide world, especially you, my dear readers.

It’s nothing too scandalous though. No, I am not getting married. No, I haven’t bought that Chanel bag. No, I haven’t inherited a big amount of money from some generous American billionaire. No, I am not on the cover of American Vogue.

Ready? My secret to losing weight.  Maybe it’s not so much of a big deal to some but losing weight has been my obsession since last June! Okay, not an obsession, that sounds too scary. A healthy lifestyle? A daily regime? A goal? Whatever positive notion of losing weight, that’s been my mantra all this while.

Now, before I carry on with the secret, let us begin with “why I want to lose weight”. The most important thing you should keep in mind when going on a diet, wait, don’t use the word diet, it has this negative feel to it, as if you’re starving yourself to death. I prefer healthy lifestyle, sounds super good, too, don’t you think?

The most important thing you should keep in mind when starting a healthy lifestyle, you have to ask yourself, why am I doing this? I’m sure one can come up with gazillions of answer but to me, I have only one good answer.

Because I love myself. I am doing this because of me and no one else.

Obviously I am no expert in weight loss but I am willing to share my secret with you. 22 kg in eight months sure is slow but hey, this is not the Biggest Loser competition. Losing weight slowly is healthier and you gain weight (God forbids that!) much slower compare to an extreme weight loss. By taking time, you will get use to the healthy lifestyle, thus maintaining your diet for as long as you possibly could. Moreover, extreme weight loss doesn’t always guarantee you a hot body, what do you plan to do with all the saggy skin anyway?

Anyway, here’s what I did to get rid of useless fat.

First and foremost, control food intake: As this program is called a healthy lifestyle, I’m not asking you to starve yourself to death.

True story, before I turned a new leaf, I used to go on an ALL LIQUID DIET. It was the most torturing experience ever. Sure, I did lose 10 kg but when I stopped, I gained it all back again. Moral of the story? Don’t starve yourself… :p

For breakfast, I usually have something filling but not too heavy. For example, a bowl of cereal with low fat milk and fresh fruits, or two half boiled eggs with one plain toast and sometimes, egg omelet with one or two sausages the most.

For lunch, something simple. If I had bread for breakfast, I wouldn’t bother to take any more carb for lunch. I usually have a small portion of grilled chicken with salad or chicken ham croissant or soup!

In between lunch and dinner, I snack a lot. When I said snack, I meant healthy snack such as fruits, nuts, seaweed etc healthy.

As for dinner, I will not eat after 7pm. I only eat something light and in small portion. I don’t take meat at night. I must be honest with you, the reason why I gained so much weight was due to eating steak for dinner… All the time. My fault but now I know better. :p

If you notice, tt’s all about the portion, just right for the day’s activity. Not doing much for the day? Don’t eat as if you’re going on a hike. I also take less sugar, butter, cheese, rice (Actually I don’t take rice at all except for the rare occasion when I crave it), cream and everything else fattening. I also make less visit, almost none, to fast food chains. Oily food is a big no-no in this healthy lifestyle.

Sometimes things can get hard and you’re tempted to abandon this healthy program and pig out at KFC. You can go to KFC, it is your choice. My solution is… Exercise.

I don’t mean I only exercise everytime I have KFC, in fact, I try to make this activity a must do daily. Start slow. 15 minutes on the cycling machine or treadmill is okay for a start. I usually cycle for 45 minutes. If I am feeling extra hardworking, I will swim a couple of laps.

In every healthy lifestyle program, there is no such thing as a way out. Honestly, I’ve tried so many dieting pills and most of them don’t work. Sure they will work but once you stop, you’ll ballooned back. Scary!

So, I hope my little secret can help you out in losing weight. All the best and may we all achieve our desired weight in time!


Stars in Her Eyes

18 Dec

Sara was very kind to offer Laila to use her make-over package voucher at Stage, the Spring. Initially, she offered it to me but I thought Lai would be a better candidate as she is never seen with make-up on. Lol.



Lai is always pretty to me, it’s just that she never bothers to unleash her true potential when it comes to looks. If it wasn’t for her mum, she wouldn’t get her hair done. She used to have messy hair but now it is straighten and more organised. Lai has such a tall and slender figure, I envy her for that. If I had her figure, I’d dress myself mad with beautiful clothes.

Perhaps I can teach Lai to shop more when it comes to clothes. Hehehe. But bear in mind., it’s not that Lai is not interested in Fashion, she is not ready to embrace it just yet.


I'm not too fantastic when it comes to fashion as I prefer simple clothes which are comfortable. (In real fact, trying to lose weight so I look hot in nice clothes... Hahaha)


We managed to coax Lai not just to do a make-over but get her bushy eyebrows trimmed just a little bit, nothing too drastic. Believe me, at the start of the make-over, she was so anxious and begged for us to stay with her.


Base make-up applied, Lai's skin looks very fair (A bit too pale, really) but smooth here.


Effa (After an impromptu make-over by Sara), Lai and Sara


Lai wanted a smoky eyes look as a tribute to Kristen Stewart... Lol


Black eyeliner does wonders to one, doesn't it? :D


A more Asian-ish Dakota Fanning.


Fake eyelashes to make her look even more stunning!


Ooh La La!


Megan Fox pose. Lol! This was after lipstick was applied.


And finally… I present you the AFTER photo…


Yes, she looks different here, more beautiful!

Read the original entry here at Fashion Watch Kuching. ;)




Corrynne’s Natural Soap and Body Products

1 Nov

Aslan’s eldest sister, Katrina, got me a Pamper pack from Corrynne’s when she was in Perth Australia. It contains sampler sizes foot scrub, mud mask, body salt scrub, mineral milk bath, fuller’s earth face wash and essential oil soap.

Treat for my body. I like...

The foot scrub smells lovely, really minty. It is recommended for tired feet and aching legs. It contains coconut, olive and palm oil, pumice, lye, rainwater, organic lavender, rosemary (for their anti-bacterial and healing properties) and peppermint essential oils (for deep muscle penetration).

The mud mask, on the other hand, is harvested from lake Nerramyne north of Geraldton. Since it is pure clay, it has high absorbency and detoxifying properties. Rich in silica, magnesium and calcium which are beauty minerals. It helps to improve skin texture, pore refinement as well as general well being plus drawing out toxins plus improving circulation due to blood being drawn to the area.

I tried the mud mask on Aslan. It is a bit tricky to apply it on the face as I didn’t know how much water should I mix with the powder. Once I got the hang of it, it was easy enough. First, it’s all sticky but gradually, it dries up. It has no particular smell but it was rather pleasant. Aslan fell asleep while he had it on his face. Hehe.

Next, the body salt scrub will make the skin feels wonderfully smooth and moisturized as it contains almond, olive, jojoba, macadamia and avocado oils, also tangerine, mandarin and organic lavender essential oils. When took the lid of the container, kedondong with sambal and samboi came to mind! It smelled exactly like it! Either that, I’m craving for another… Anyway, the sampler size is obviously for one time usage, I didn’t find it hard to use it all up. I enjoyed the exfoliating part of the scrub, very nice. After showering, my skin feels smooth!

I honestly like to try the mineral milk bath but I have no  bath tub, so I have to wait till I go on holiday to use this one. Hehehe. It contains epsom salts, Jurien Bay clay, lake salt, coconut milk powder, lavender essential oil,  vanilla oil, oats and zinc to relax the muscles.

I tested the Fuller’s Earth Face Wash on Aslan and he liked it. The texture is very smooth and it smells very nice, calming even. After using it, his face is not oily anymore and it feels fresh. High in silica and magnesium which are beauty mineral for the skin, it is also blended with Corrynne’s pure coconut soap, cold-pressed olive oil and organic lavender oil, suitable for all skin types.

The last item is the Essential Oil Soap made the old fashioned way called the cold process method which makes the soap more gentle on sensitive skin as it does not contain any harmful chemicals. It is made out of coconut, palm and olive oils, essential oils, Australian clays, ochres, herbs and food colorings. It is quite lathery and boy, the fragrance can last for quite a while.

I really love this pamper pack, I might buy one the next time I’m in Australia. Thanks, Kat!


Sereni & Shentel The Borneo Collection: Semembai Literacy Project

28 Oct

What would this world be like without written words? Knowing how to read is as important as communicating itself. Why, even Shakespeare acknowledged the significance of the written words in one of his famous sonnets, Sonnet 18.

“So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this and this gives life to thee.”

In relation to this, I am most delighted when I found out that Sereni & Shentel’s latest Borneo Collection supports this cause. The Borneo Collection features Block Party, Mandy and New Money of the S&S line in a variety of pua kumbu designs reflecting Sarawak’s beautiful colours and traditions.

Block Party is available in four colours:

Borneo Block Party in Turquoise


Borneo Block Party in Black

Borneo Block Party in Olive Grey

Borneo Block Party in Regal Purple

Borneo Mandy is available in four colours:

Borneo Mandy in Turquoise

Borneo Mandy in Black


Borneo Mandy in Olive Grey

Borneo Mandy in Regal Purple

And oh, Borneo New Money is sexy as hell. It is available in red!

Borneo New Money in Red in which I will get in the future.

By the way, with every purchase from the Borneo Collection, 50% of the proceeds will go to the Semembai Literacy Project, an adult literacy programme designed for rural women. The donation will be given to the Society for the Advancement of Women and the Family, Sarawak spearheaded by dynamic duo Fiona Mowlem and Grete Fozdar.

There is nothing more beautiful than fashion and charity combined. Therefore, log on to and get yourself an exotic plus unique headband from Sereni & Shentel Borneo Collection! Price ranges from RM50 to RM180. Just keep in mind that half of that money goes to a good cause!



P/S: Yes, I bought mine. Better start buying before I buy them all!

Today, last year

21 Oct


Self portrait 2009: I look different here, younger and well, fat.



Self Potrait 2010: I'm not sure whether this is the same person. Hahaha. Not as fat but always, young (Note the disneyland headband)




P/S: Sorry for the simple post for the past few days, been busy with university stuff etc. Travel post coming up soon, wait for it!

And no wonder I’m fat

20 Oct

To think that fast food makes one fat, think again. The other day, I had a medium meal set of McDonald’s Double Cheese Burger. Today, I had a serving of Mee Jawa Special from Bimmers at Matang. I gained 600 grams from eating the mee jawa while only 300 grams from McDonald’s.

I know, surprising, indeed! I am a sponge.

I need go back to the gym if I want to be slimmer by Christmas. I’ve been so busy, I barely have the time to go to a proper gym. The most would be cycling at Aslan’s place for 45 minutes. The only way I can lose more weight even if I eat is the fruit diet.

One whole day, just fruits for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as in-between meal snacks, I don’t gain anything but will be 0.1 kg lighter.

Gym and fruit diet, definitely can be slim by Christmas. Wish me luck!