Do I Really Need SO Many Bags?

Hello everyone. You girl is alive and well. Just a bit swamped with work and life in general.

Update on my latest job hunt: Failed. Apparently they are not so keen with part timers. If I had known that earlier, I wouldn’t have bothered. Oh well, maybe I should wait until next year and get a full time job. December will be quite a busy month for me. I am excited. You will find out why sooner or later.

I realized I haven’t been updating this blog with my travelogues of Copenhagen, Dublin, the rest of New York, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon National Park, Los Angeles, Hawaii and South Korea. Drat. I seriously do not know where to begin. I mean, I haven’t finished choosing wedding photos to be printed, what more of the honeymoon.

My slow laptop is preventing the process and I am in the midst of waiting for the launch of the latest Mac Pro desktop.


Oh yes, baby, wait for mama!

Oh yes, baby, wait for mama! (Photo Credits: Martin Hajek)


Click here to find out more about this sweet invention from Apple.

Some may think this wish of mine is going overboard since this baby could cost me one Celine handbag. And this debate of whether I should buy a gadget or a handbag always give me a splitting headache. It always lead to the one million dollar question:

“Do I really need so many bags?”

The answer is obvious though. I am a woman and there cannot be one too many bags. The more the merrier. One is never enough?

Before the bag lady years, I was a ‘carefree’ woman (Meaning: Not obsessed with the latest must have it bags) whom does not give a damn about branded bags. My bags were often brandless and well, simple. Sometimes tacky. But most of the time, I never bothered with handbags.

My transition into a bag lady begun in December 2008. At first, it was a simple Mango tote. Next, a Topshop handbag. Then River Island. It became more high end when I was introduced to the world of Long Champ. The next thing I know, boom, a Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM. You’d think I’d stop at LV but no, then along came Chanel, with Celine and Hermes tagging along. Gah.

This story will never end because Dior, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Goyard and Prada just to name a few are calling me with their beautiful handbags! (Meaning: My wish-list is never ending) I always question myself the same thing over and over again but at the end of the day, the bag lady triumphs and somehow my bag collection keeps on expanding.

I love my bags like one would love their pets or well, babies? Haha. Mental. If it rains, I’d rather get wet and shield my baby. I handle each and everyone of them with so much love and respect. I have spent so much to buy them, of course I would treat them like royalties.

I can’t comprehend why I value bags more than gadgets. I guess, with proper care, they last longer and will stay relevant for a very long time. I could hand them down to my children one day. Some brands have investment worthy pieces. Hermes handbags, for instance, could be sold for a higher value in the near future (Not that I plan to sell ANY of my bags…).

Gadgets would only be of use for a certain period and could be obsolete anytime, especially given the fast rate of technological advancement these days. For instance, today you buy an Apple iPhone 5s and tomorrow they would announce the release of the new iPhone 7! (Of course this is purely an exaggeration but you do know what I am trying to imply here…)

So, there you go. I do need that many bags because life is too short and precious to bicker with myself whether to get it and regret the decision of not getting it the next day and end up frustrated for the rest of my life because the bag I would like to get is completely sold out or worse, seized in production. End of story.

As for the Mac Pro… Well, if you could transform into a totally cool handbag, I’d so buy you. For now, mama would settle for a Boy Chanel handbag. Oh yes.

Blog more later!






Melissa @ Poppies, The Spring

It was in January 2013 when I first met Melissa. I remember that day very well. I was on holiday in Bangkok when I fell in love with Melissa.

However, our love union took a while to happen. In Bangkok, my size was available but the design did not please me.

Wait. What am I talking about? Melissa is not a person but a footwear brand from Brazil. The design is young and quirky, made from this sweet smelling rubber croc but better than croc’s material and best of all, ridiculously comfy! In short, jelly shoes!

I searched high and low for Melissa but often, people would stare at my giant feet and tell me no size before I even ask for a size 42UK.

This tale comes with a happy ending because I got my first pair of Melissa’s from Poppies at the Spring!


My first Melissa!

Better yet, Melissa’s Doris design is an absolute dream come true. It reminds me a lot of Valentino’s spiked heels. Best of all, Poppies sells only authentic items and the quality is guaranteed.

Of course I wanted to buy EVERY DESIGN in my size but that is a bit too much so I figured one is better than nothing. (I guess Poppies will have their own Melissa stalker/enthusiast frequenting the store daily soon…)


Mama will bring home you babies in time!


Wings on your heels!

Lucky I do not have kids yet because the children’s line is super kawaii!


Dorris in cream is also nice but they did not have one in my size.


Price range for Melissa is a bit steep but you cannot discount comfort and quality. For instance, the one I bought cost me RM 359 but hey, once in a while, this kind of purchase is acceptable. At least it is not as pricey as Valentino which is easily 10x the price.

Another good thing about my purchase today? I bought a limited edition Sereni and Shentel denim headband for RM30!


Three to choose from and I chose this design!

Due to the Spring’s RAD campaign lasting until October 20, shoppers whom purcased more than RM250 will get a RM49 rebate off the limited S&S headband.

Each customer is limited to one redemption and hurry, the amount is very limited!

So, what are you waiting for, get a pair of Melissa’s from Poppies, the Spring now!


I walked 25 blocks for a Bag…

Not just a bag, a Hermes bag!

Not just a bag, a Hermes Lindy!


Every Hermes SA would ask me where I got this beauty. Similar to its more popular sister, the Birkin, it is quite a popular Hermes bag and pretty difficult to find as well. It was in New York City where I fell in love with Lindy. Such a versatile bag and the colour matches with everything. I think I went overboard with the Twilly but my baby deserves the best!


Happiness is a Plastic Card

Look what I got in the mail today?


Sereni & Shentel 's Loyalty Program!

Sereni & Shentel ‘s Loyalty Program!


*Screams like a little girl*

I can’t hardly wait the next surprise from Sereni & Shentel! Oh, they have gone such a long way and I am super proud of them. My idols!

This is how we all should do business, entrepreneurs out there, take note and strive for success!


The theme for this Christmas is proudly brought to you by neon orange!

Sorry for the long title, a post as exciting as this receives a very outrageously long one. When it comes to neon, I am a total sucker for orange.

The moment I saw Sereni & Shentel new neon collection for Kawaii Christmas, I just couldn’t resist.

The BFF headband is definitely one of a kind! Braids and gem stones, can’t get any more S&S than that!


S&S BFF Headband in Orange and Orange Queen I got for 50% off at their Christmas booth at the Spring!

S&S BFF Headband in Orange and Orange Queen I got for 50% off at their Christmas booth at the Spring!


At the same time, S&S also launched their limited edition headband organizer, a collaboration with Gin & Jacqie. Being the headband addict as it is, of course, I must own one. At RM60, this baby will keep your headbands organized, whether in the luggage or the hotel room.



The uber cool and eco friendly packaging…


I love the playful font. And do visit Gin & Jacqie website for more goodies!


Made out of nylon denier, it is durable and easy to clean. Regardless of the weather, this baby will make sure you S&S treasures are safe and sound from the elements.



Compact and light, the ideal headband organizer for the jetsetting headband addict fashionistas.


This is a must buy for the S&S headband addicts. Why? It could neatly store up to 16 S&S headbands! Bless their soul for coming up with this little miracle! Teehee!



8 S&S headbands in each compartment.

I am tempted to bring 16 but since I have a certain baggage allowance, I think three S&S headbands should be enough for my travel this Friday.




All neatly stored and I don’t have to worry about my babies getting crushed in the luggage. How convenient is that???

Back to packing my bag. Will blog more soon!


P/S: Do check out Sereni & Shentel + Bower Haus Christmas booth at the Spring. You won’t regret the trip!




Situated on the beautiful ground of Lot 42, Rodway Road, Isa & Baring by Mia aims to be the all rounder design house offering fashion and lifestyle services. From  ready-to-wear design and accessories, fashion design, event management, makeover and photography just to name a few.  The home studio concept of I&B is creative and innovative. Besides that, if you are just looking for somewhere chic to chill, I&B is the place to go.


The ready to wear design gallery

The ready to wear design gallery


The fashion show took place by the pool area

The fashion show took place by the pool area


Having a firm root in design, I&B is a vision of a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds. The team behind I&B consists of Julia L. Gramong-Foo (Founder), Carol Alexander (Event Manager), Micky Martin (Senior Makeup Artist), Vera Lee (Beauty Consultant and Makeup Artist), Audrey Alison (Marketing and Promotion Executive), Goldwyn Ngui (Creative Director) and Amber Lee (Photography and Graphic Designer).


Julia Gramong, founder of I&B, said the design house is like having another child. "It's like having another child. The anxiety attacks the anticipation, uncertainties but one thing I'm sure of is that in this house there is going to be plenty of love, believe and passion!'

Julia Gramong, founder of I&B, said the design house is like having another child. “It’s like having another child. The anxiety attacks the anticipation, uncertainties but one thing I’m sure of is that in this house there is going to be plenty of love, believe and passion!’


Today’s soft launching was graced by a fashion show of the Spring/Summer 2013 collection by I&B in house designer, Harizan Khaider.


Harizan Khaider and I

Harizan Khaider and I


Always known for subtle and yet chic styles, Harizan has expanded his horizon into futuristic and sophisticated fashion. The Spring/Summer 2013 collection reflected elegance and perfection without having to wear too much prints.


The black bit of the dress adds a bit of edginess to the whole design

The black bit of the dress adds a bit of edginess to the whole design

Color blocking

Color blocking

More peplum with bold orange and rebellious black

More peplum with bold orange and rebellious black

The in look for the moment, peplum.

The in look for the moment, peplum.

Perfect matrimony of black and white.

Perfect matrimony of black and white.

Orange makes the black suits more adventurous

Orange makes the black suits more adventurous

Another beautiful combo of black and white

Another beautiful combo of black and white

A dress suit doesn't have to be all black, white makes it look lady like.

A dress suit doesn’t have to be all black, white makes it look lady like.

Playful combo of black and white.

Playful combo of black and white.

Absolutely stunning.

Absolutely stunning.


Boy shorts made elegant when paired with a formal top

My favorites are the first and last dress.

My favorites are the first and last dress.


I look forward to I&B grand launching, so many possibilities await the design house!

For more info, visit their Facebook page here.



August’s Lust

Holy cow. Today is the first day of August! Drat. What have I achieved in 2012? Oh well, another five months left for me to grab success.

I am still very busy with family and work now, so, I hope you don’t mind another want-related entry from me.

Here are the top four items I love in August.

Alexander McQueen Heroine Large Leather Tote £1,434.59

Yves Saint Laurent Arty gold-plated glass ring £174.16

Bowerhaus Lee- The Godmother Bracelet:  Rutilated Quartz Bracelet AUD800

Charlotte Olympia Dolly Leather Platform Pumps £550

Black and Gold. A perfect match!


Sereni & Shentel Made in Borneo Book Launch

Three weeks ago, when I received this invitation in my inbox, I jumped for joy and squealed with the uttermost glee.

First of all, it is a Sereni and Shentel event. Of course I would get super high, I always feel like I own the universe when it comes to Sereni and Shentel .

Secondly, their very own children’s book launch!!! Oh, how exciting! As the launch got nearer, I couldn’t help wondering what will the story be like. I had a hunch it will be about their friendship and journey to become the most ahmazhing headband designers, ever! Wooohooooo!

Third, their collaboration with the ultra chic and talented Jessica Wong of Plasterdoll. Look at the artwork, fabulous! Perhaps one day I will get it done for theborneogirl too! (I have never seen a fat plasterdoll, so, that will have to wait till I lost another 10 kilo or so… Sobs…)

Okay, I will stop fooling around and get on with the intended entry.

The day began with the birds chirping out of my window, sun shining ever so brightly and all of my animal friends came rushing to help me get ready for today’s event.

Twirling my way to the wardrobe, I whimsically chose a few dresses. It was a hard decision. Should I be wearing something pink, orange or blue?

My mind was made up when I saw the playful zigzag pattern and harmonious colors of blue and beige of a Topshop dress.

Paired with a playful limited edition Sereni & Shentel Blair, it would be the right outfit for the event. I can’t really describe the urge to coordinate the colors of my outfit, I ended up with a camel Celine Boston tote bag and unbranded camel/tan mid heels. I can be quite uniformed when it comes to choosing outfits. Meh.

The setting for today’s event at 4 Points by Sheraton, Kuching

And thankfully, my outfit matched the very colorful event. Tadaa…

From L-R: Jessica Wong, Sereni, Shentel, yours truly, Cynthia and Aslan (Photo credits: Sereni & Shentel, Fazli Taufek)


For RM50, Sereni & Shentel Made in Borneo is available online at as well as selected bookstores, such as MPH and Kinokuniya!


My guess what the book is about is spot on. So proud lah. I absolutely love their first children’s book. It’s chic, fun and very inspiring! I love the simple but very entertaining and INSPIRING storyline:

Sereni & Shentel is a true story about two best friends living in a little city in Borneo who have managed to turn their dream into reality through friendship, laughter, hard work, determination and a little headband magic. Written in rhyme and packed with colorful illustrations, Sereni and Shentel are turned into Plasterdoll characters as readers follow their adventures as accidental headband designers.

The illustration is so pretty and I admire Jessica for doing such a great job! It is not easy being an illustrator and I am happy that Jessica managed to bring out the magic of the dynamic and energetic duo perfectly, again, bravo! (Oh, I love how she draws the Chanel bags… Mmmm… And Hermes Birkin… One day, baby, one day)


One of the illustrations by Jessica


More plasterdolled Sereni and Shentel with oh so delicious bites around the venue


Especially for the kiddies but then again, we are all children at heart, aren’t we?


Kuching Cat galore!


Yours truly and her collection of Kuching Cat. (One day, baby, one day)


Moi posing with the magical book.


Throughout the event, whenever I have my photo taken, I will repeat the above pose. Automatic response. In other words, I might be practicing for my own book launch. Who knows what the future brings??? Haha.


With the ever so elegant Cynthia of Treasurebox


With Elizabeth Lee, the lovely co-founder of Bowerhaus and Shentel’s sister and Cynthia


With my girl Irene!


Before the reading started, Aslan and I had some photo booth fun!


New props, yay!


Since it was a children’s book launch, there were quite a few kiddies running about here and there. Most of them decided to hang about at the coloring station. (Photo by Fazli Taufek)


I miss being a kid, so carefree. (Photo by Fazli Taufek)


The atmosphere calmed down a bit when the reading began. All the children settled down on the cushions and was spell bound by Sereni and Shentel’s first reading of their book.

Elizabeth, the emcee of the day.


I love Jessica’s outfit!


Kuching’s (Perhaps, even the whole wide world) very own sweethearts, Sereni and Shentel


Sereni and her inspirational speech. I was and still is, super inspired, I couldn’t help thinking about taking up a space program coz there was a time when I wanted to be an astronaut. Haha.


The crowd today


My very first book reading. I should have recorded the reading so I can play it for bedtime. (Hint: Audiobook in the future, perhaps??? Hahaha)


Sereni reading Shentel’s story


Shentel reading with explosive expression, shows how awesome their book is!


Once the reading session ended, it was time for the book signing and more photos…


These ladies are truly inspiring. I want to be just like them. One step at a time. One day, baby, one day.


Regarding that, if I am 999999999999 to infinity inspired by these ladies, I wonder how the children feels for them? Must be beyond words. So, papas and mamas, buy this book for your children. Nothing inspires children more than real people. Hehehe.


Group photo!


With PR extraordinaire, Adeline.


I had a lovely time with all of my friends at today’s event. Thank you very much for inviting me to be part of this super historical day. I can imagine one day, reading the book to my children. I can tell them, “You know what, I was there when the book was launched and yes, I know Sereni, Shentel and Plasterdoll (aka Jessica)…” Hahaha. Dear Sereni and Shentel, keep on inspiring girls like me to be the best we ever could be. Thank you for painting more colors in our lives. I love you long time!!!

Yours always,