U Bistro, Kuching

My endless gratitude goes to Sarawak Bloggers for introducing me to yet another wonderful eatery here in Kuching.

Talking about food establishments in Kuching, once in a while, a gem pops up among the many mushrooms you see around you.

U Bistro is one of the few gems. Located at Jalan Song Thian Cheok (Next to Lyn’s Tandoori), U Bistro offers delicious food made from the freshest and natural ingredients available.

They serve fresh food only!

U Bistro dishes are grilled, not fried. I absolutely adore such belief as food tastes much better grilled than fried. Frying does not retain the flavor and oh, the bad cholesterol you get from eating fried food is not worth it! Plus, grilling not only retain the flavors, it also helps to enhance it! Nothing like promoting good food and eating healthy! Way to go, U Bistro!

I shall waste no more time, here are the highlights from my food tasting session at U Bistro today:

Situated in one of Kuching’s many hot spots, it is busy in the day but quiet at night. Still, parking is not an issue and the area is generally safe. The ambiance at U Bistro is casual but relaxing. U Bistro can cater up to 40 guests at one time. They do private function(s) upon request. Opening hours is 930am-10pm from Monday to Saturday.

Cosy corner to chillax and enjoy the food.

Outside seatings (Where you can ‘wash your eyes’ and breathe in Kuching)

U Bistro deco and layout is simple but clean. The staff are friendly and professional. The chefs are surprisingly young but I must say, they really do know what they are doing though! Hence, never judge a book by its cover.

The kitchen as seen from the entrance

The drink station

U-Bistro Free Wi-Fi, something quite necessary in this day and age! :P

Now, on to the food!

U Bistro drink menu is simple and consisting of the usual soft drinks, juices, tea, coffee etc but I find the Mint and Sprite drink interesting.

Refreshingly interesting! A non-alcoholic mojito, perhaps?

U Bistro has quite a few selections of starter. We had the Garden Green Salad, Coral Salad with Pesto, Bruschetta Conpomodoro and something especially for your recently turned vegan Borneo Girl, Wild Mushroom Soup.

Garden Green Salad in caesar dressing: Simple but satisfying, you can opt to add chicken or lamb or beef to it at an extra cost

Coral Salad with Pesto: If you want a healthier option, this is the one for you. U Bistro homemade pesto sauce is rich but delicious!

Lovely onion, tomato and herbs bruschetta. Crispy and light, a joy to share with friends and family.

This wild mushroom soup can give the 5 stars international hotels in Kuching a run for its money! Absolutely divine! A perfect matrimony of garlic bread and mushroom soup.

U Bistro will leave you torn between oh so many good food to choose from as a main course. However, I will show you the showstoppers!

Introducing U Bistro Tropical Grill! What makes this dish special is the side dishes consisting of grilled potatoes, eggplants, pineapple and midin rather than the usual mashed potatoes, broccoli and carrot. This lamb shoulders tropical grill is only RM22.80!

I don’t take meat but from my observation earlier on, the grilled selections are a must try! All the bloggers were eating quietly and on their faces, pure joy was very obvious.

The meat is well marinated and perfectly grilled, dry on the outside but moist and tender inside. You can always inform the preference of how well you want your meat to be, wether well done, medium raw etc to the waiter.

Scrumptious: Close up of the side dishes

U Bistro unique homemade green chill sauce, excellent pairing to the grilled meats. Don’t worry if you are not a fan of chili, you can always request for the normal sauce such as black pepper etc.

Suppose you are not such a big fan of lamb shoulders, you can choose from chicken, to beef sirloin, lamb cutlets, fish, or combo of everything for the tropical grill!

Beef sirloin grilled with love!

These lamb cutlets will please your taste buds!

U Bistro also have other selections of grilled dishes in their menu. They sure take pride in their grilled chicken.

U Bistro Grilled Chicken does not only looks good, tastes even better!

Want some tender chicken loving? Go on and give U Bistro a try!

Cyril is a big fan of U Bistro pizza, so, things would not be complete without some! We had Cheese and Herbs Pizza and Pepperoni Pizza.

Cheese & Herbs Pizza: Simple but precise in taste. The dough is just right, not to crispy nor too thick. Perfect.

Can never go wrong with a Pepperoni Pizza

If you are not such a big fan of grilled food, U Bistro has other dishes in their menu that might take your fancy. From pastas, sandwiches to local favorites like fried rice, char kway tiaw to name a few, there is always something for someone at U Bistro.

In a nutshell, U Bistro offers simple but delicious food made from the freshest and natural ingredients available. They don’t fry nor add any MSG into their dishes. They believe that food should be simple but wholesome. They want you to enjoy eating food and feel good afterwards. Breakfast is available in the morning and their lunch set is irresistible!

U Bistro does not serve pork or use any byproduct of pork. They do serve alcoholic drinks but do not infuse alcohols in their dishes.

Thank you so much to U Bistro for the invite, I truly enjoyed myself and you might be seeing me again, soon!


21Bistro, Kuching

Replacing SoHo at Jalan Padungan, 21Bistro is a bar and restaurant established just two months ago. Curious to check out the place, Rapik, Aslan and I went there for dinner.

Turning vegan is probably one of the hardest thing to do in Kuching. I can’t blame the restaurants in Kuching for serving only 10% vegetarian menu since the population of hardcore vegan like myself is probably less than 10%. Hence, the only vegan meal suitable for me is the Thai Mango Salad. They have Wild Mushroom soup on their menu but unfortunately it was not available.

(Pardon me for the blur photos, I forgot to bring Cammy with me, iPhone was my only option)

Thai Mango Salad: A healthy option for a starter

I enjoyed the Thai Mango Salad. It was tangy, sweet and spicy (Nothing too hot) at the same time. The combination of ripe and young mangoes, cucumber and shallot is lovely. It is a fusion of the east and west as there were also some green leaves in the dish.

Aslan and Rapik shared a starter of deep fried calamaris. 21Bistro’s take on this super popular finger food is truly unique.

Deep Fried Calamaris with a twist

Instead of unhealthy mayo dip, the dish comes with a cencaluk dip! It is a bit unusual considering the fact that battered calamaris walk hand in hand with tartar sauce or mayo but because of the alternative dip, which is the cencaluk dip, makes this dish truly unique. Somehow it reminded me a lot of eating suntong ketuk (Literally hammered grilled squid or flattened with some sort of machine, usually available during the fasting month after the tarawikh prayers). Give it a try and I am sure you will love it!

Rapik had a tough time deciding his main course. He was torn between the selections of local dishes. He just arrived from a work trip in KL where he had a bit too much of Italian food and in desperate fix of something local. In the end, he chose the house speciality, 21Bistro Bee Hoon.

21Bistro Bee Hoon: Heaven for seafood lovers

Rapik absolutely enjoyed his meal. An avid fan of all things seafood, he thought the dish was perfect. One can either have this dish dry or wet style. The fish gravy simply tied together all the seafood goodness. Come on, nothing can go wrong when it comes to bee hoon, it is rice but in noodle form. Hahaha.

Aslan also had difficulties choosing. After a while, he settled for the NZ Rib Eye Steak.

NZ Rib Eye Steak

Aslan loved this dish. The meat was well cooked, not too dry nor bloody, tender and tasted wonderful. (Having a hard time typing this as a vegan, luckily, not a fan of beef since 2010 so, I am alright)

Overall, we had a pleasant dining experience here at 21Bistro. I can conclude that if you are a seafood enthusiast, this is the place to go because most of their dishes have seafood in it. Still, they have quite a selection of grilled meats like beef, chicken and lamb. They also have Penang Char Kway Tiaw (Perhaps I should request the chef to make a vegan version the next time I am there!). If you plan just to have something light, they have an extensive selection of drinks from the bar and yes, lovely finger food to compliment your drink.

Pricewise, I’d say it is sensibly priced. Of course don’t expect kopitiam price lah, it is a classy establishment.

Nevertheless, 21Bistro is definitely worth a try. Good place to refresh your taste palette from all the generic food you’ve had in Kuching.


The Long Road to Athens

After a few short days in Manchester and Liverpool, it was time to say farewell to the United Kingdom and hello to Greece. I have been dreaming of visiting Athens for a very long time. Since a wee lass, the tales of Greek Gods and heroes never fail to fascinate me. From there, my longing to experience Greece came about.

Even with the unstable economy, Athens is worth the visit. The city is beautiful. The people are so wonderful. The food is lovely (And not as overpriced as Paris).

Manchester International Airport is boring but nothing beats KIA though…

I had high expectations for Air France, the airline we used to Athens from Manchester. Probably due to the small size of the aircraft, Business class on Air France on that particular route was rather disappointing.

Aslan looking very tired. 

Yours truly

The seat was slightly firm, the legroom was more or less like Economy on Air Asia.

It was quite an old aircraft. Nonetheless, the interior was clean but plain when it comes to decoration. Then again, who cares about flipping decoration.

Still, cabin crew was very friendly and didn’t mind when we spoke in broken French. I must praise their food quality though.

Light lunch but absolutely delicious!

Hello, France!

My first time at Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris. I used the Eurostar train for my last trip to Paris. Unfortunately, it was a short transit at the airport. We were chasing after time, hence, no photos of the airport. I love the design of CDG, very chic and youthful although can be a little bit confusing, especially for flight transfers from one terminal to the other.

CDG Airport, Paris

By the time we reached the departure gate, it was already time to board the plane. I thought I could check out the Hermes store but nah, screw that. If it is meant to be, it will meant to be…

The connecting plane was almost as similar as the last one. Dinner was roasted chicken with seasonal vegetables which I truly enjoyed. Dinner also came with a generous serving of blue cheese which I enjoyed (I am surprised myself because not really a fan of the infamous blue cheese before this flight).

Blue cheese, France’s national pride.

French version of tiramisu for dessert


Lovely chocolates courtesy of Air France

It was already dark when we landed at Athens International Airport or Elefthérios Venizélos. Duh, 1030pm, of course it would be dark. Silly me.

Athens International Airport from the tarmac

I was slightly puzzled when I realized there was no need to go through immigration after we got our luggages. It turned out that, when we got into Paris, customs already checked and stamped our passports. EU zone, so Paris to Athens is considered domestic flight.

We had three transportations to bring us to our hotel from the airport. Specifically, two cabs and Jo’s friend’s car. Once out from the air-conditioned airport, heat came over to greet us. Such a shocker after a nice cool summer in the UK. Meh. It was not so bad in the evening lah.

The journey to the airport took about forty minutes. Our taxi driver is friendly and quite philosophical. Typical Greek, eh? He made us feel very welcomed. The view of the city from the hilly highway is breathtakingly beautiful (from what I can tell from Aslan’s expression). Pity I lost my glasses somewhere in Glasgow, so, all I saw was blurred city lights. Meh.


As usual, uncle handed me the task of looking for the right hotel. After hours of researching and comparing, I recommended AVA Hotel & Suites situated in Plaka. It was the best decision ever.

Yes, Plaka is touristy but it was such a convenient and safe area to stay in Athens. I must admit, food is obviously more expensive compare to other areas in Athens but if you count in transport costs, it does not make much difference. Besides, nightly rate for AVA Hotel & Suites is affordable and decently priced compared with crazy expensive Hilton which is quite far from central Athens.

Every room at AVA is a suite, so, it is a steal when luxury is affordable. Does that make sense?

My bedroom; the duvet is a bit thin but it was alright lah.

The tv just next to the bed

The dressing table

The wardrobe and next to it is the lounge sofa, directly opposite the tv

The kitchenette

The wee but good bathroom

The cute shower stall

Uncle and auntie got the nicer suite, the Executive with the view of the Acropolis from their balcony. Apart from that, the bedroom is separated from the living room and kitchenette.

Just a sneak preview of uncle and auntie executive suite

Once we were all settled down, it was almost 1230 in the morning! Tomorrow will be an exciting day, so, stay tune for the next entry!


35 Years Together

After I covered the SEDC event at Grand Magherita, I rushed to Rock Road Seafood Restaurant to join Aslan’s parents 35th anniversary dinner. By the time I got there, the starter dish was being served. I am quite disappointed they ran out of the preserved cabbage and the cold beancurd. So sad.

Throughout the years, Rock Road Seafood Restaurant food quality is unpredictable. Sometimes, delicious, sometimes not. A gamble, I daresay. Luckily for us, the food tonight was good and high quality.

Middle: Prawn salad Clockwise from top left: Crab meat dim sum, jelly fish in sweet chili sauce, turkey ham and baby octopus.

The common mistake when going to a seafood establishment is… Going overboard with the dishes. Fortunately, there was quite a number of hungry people, so, we didn’t waste a lot of food.

Oyster Pancake.

Fried bean curd with vegetarian sauce. I still prefer the cold dish version with century eggs, fried garlic and soy sauce topping.

Lovely fish, really juicy. I don’t know what it’s called. :s

Two dozens fresh oysters!

Peking duck, in which I don’t take but apparently, it is nice.

I taught Rapik how to prepare a Peking duck pancake thingy-bob.

Squid in satay sauce, excellent when taken with the steamed rolls!

Simplest joy in life!

Vegetables only came in later when everyone was already full. Wrong move. Should be served first.

Midin Garlic

Long beans with fried anchovies (pusuk)

Desserts consisting of fresh fruits, my favorite!

Papayas with limes

Pamelos and mangoes.

And of course, the night was made merrier when auntie and uncle sliced their anniversary cake!

35 years together and still deeply, madly, truly in love.

Happy 35th anniversary, auntie and uncle, many more years to come and hope God will always bless the both of you!


Kafe Ayam Tulang Lunak

When I first saw their cafe signboard a few days ago, I was excited. The first time I tried this dish was in Bali. As usual, I have made it a habit not to get overexcited just in case reality spoils it for me.

Recently opened, I brought my roommate back in the university days, Amira, to try out this place with me.


Amira haven’t changed a single bit!


We decided to share their one and only signature dish, the Nasi Ayam Tulang Lunak RM 9.90. In Bali, they would pressure cook the chicken till its tender to the bones. Here, I am not sure how they do it. Perhaps the same method? Hmm.

I was a bit disappointed when I found out there was only one variety for the ayam tulang lunak dish, I was expecting a menu similar to the one in Bali. Told you reality would ruin everything for me. Meh. Apart from that, they have other usual dishes you can find in almost every cafe in Kuching. Whether they are nice, I am not entirely sure.

We waited for about 10 minutes before the dish was served. Drinks-wise, nothing too special.


Nasi Ayam Tulang Lunak


Serving size was quite generous. The chicken was undeniably tender, flavor was alright, a lot of local herbs and spices. The sambal was a bit bland, perhaps they decided to tone down the spiciness.

Overall, if you want to break the usual food routine, this can be a good place to start. Although I must warn they are going through the dreaded teething period. Waiting staff can be a little bit forgetful. The food presentation is not consistent. Cafe environment is quiet but mediocre.

To be honest, I am not really a fan of this cafe but if they improve more, maybe I will come back again.




Berulam with My Nenek

One thing I love to do on a lazy Sunday is eating with my family. What I love most about eating on a lazy Sunday is the type of food usually served. Mostly finger food and oh, delicious local salad we lovingly dubbed as ulam.

Last Sunday, mum brought us over to Nek Aki and Nek Wan’s house for an impromptu ulam session. Apparently, nek Aki found this very rare type of local mango, the Asam Kumbang, hard skin with a tint of purple before the yellow flesh (Please correct me if I am wrong…) and prepared a lovely kerabu with lots of fresh wild ferns, chillies, belacan (dried shrimp paste) and dried anchovies.

Warning: Very graphic food photos coming up next… It will make you terribly crave for them.

Kerabu Asam Kumbang

My nek Aki makes the best kerabu ever. Okay, that is an understatement, my nek Aki is THE BEST cook in Kuching. If you are wondering why I am fat, it is because my family feeds me extremely well with oh so delicious food! Dang!

The kerabu is an explosion of flavors! First, sweet, tangy, zesty from the mango, then the crispy and savory taste of the fresh wild ferns greeting you before the salty and spicy zest of belacan kicks in with a slight after taste of chili. Food orgasm!

Kerabu Asam Mudak

This dish is almost acar style, sour but oh… So good. A little bit of sugar is added so to balance out the taste a bit. Mmm…

More local veges for ulam

Sambal kassam to go with the local vegetables… This one is for serious ulam enthusiasts…

Tempe goreng sambal

Ever since I got back home from my travel, mum kept on spoiling me with my favorite food, among them is the tempe! Ohhhhhh, dang!

Sayur masak lemak 

This one is a favorite of my nek Wan and Nisa. I tried to stay away from it because once you get a taste, you will want more. So good especially eaten with steamed rice. Oh, heaven.

Some fried fish, don’t ask me what kind, I am clueless.

As for dessert? Tapai bandung…

Fermented tapioca.

Oh dear, what am I going to do with my diet? Hehe.

Candid. Hahaha.

So, what do you love to do on a lazy Sunday?




Life Terminal @ Kuching Central

Today I was hungry for something new. We headed out to Kuching Central and thought Life Terminal would be interesting.

Rapik and Hamimi were my test subjects today, including Aslan.

The deco for Life Terminal is simple. It has the terminal-ish ambiance to it. Staff are friendly and the menu is simple. Not a lot of food choice but if you want to escape from all the fast food, this is a good place.

The combo set is RM11, cheaper if you were to buy the meal and drink separately.

L-R: Black Shake Tea, Sago Milk Tea and Honey Lemon Juice.

In my opinion, the drinks here are alright, nothing too special. It is slightly pricey, RM4 each if you buy ala carte without combo.

Mushroom noodles with Mushroom Chicken

Aslan enjoyed his meal. The portion was slightly small but flavor-wise, it was alright. I found the dish a bit boring, no soul.

I opted for Combo E which consisted of Chicken Dumplings and Sago Milk Tea.

I found the dumpling bit was a bit thick for my liking but everyone else thought it was nice. Slightly oily but it was edible lah.

As for the sago milky tea, I found the sago balls were a bit soft, I prefer them to be chewy. The milk tea was alright. Still, nothing beats the Milk Tea from Hopoh or Polar Cafe at Third Mile.

Both of the dudes tried combo K which had Black Shake Tea and Chicken Curry with steamed rice.

Prepared fresh from the kitchen, still steaming hot when it arrived.

They found the curry a bit different from what they usually have. It was alright lah.

Well, if you have any suggestions of new cafe/restaurant I should try, let me know.



Resort Tea Party in the City

Today I was invited to Marissa’s Resort Tea Party at Magna Carta. The setting for the party was almost resort-like, I forgot I was actually in the city centre. Hehe.

A secret garden tucked in our already green city.

I swear, being here made me miss Bali so much. Boohoo. Anyhow, since the theme was Resort Tea Party, I dressed the part. I finally got to wear the dress I bought from F21 in KL.

With my post-holiday bloated tummy. Meh. Minimal make-up too.

L-R: Lady of the day; Marissa herself, my favorite duo, Shentel, Sereni and of course, yours truly.

Take two this time with my auntie Bina!

Aslan posing with Sereni’s quirky hand fan which Shentel got online. Lol.

Before I attacked the buffet table, I managed to take a photo with Marissa!

Don’t you just love her hat? So bold! I wore flats coz I don’t want to be too tall. Hehehe.

Marissa is such a talented lady. She can do event planning, make-up and styling services, a model agent etc and most importantly, baking!

The fact that today was her party did not stop her from baking the desserts herself!

Marissa with her baked goodies (minus the curry puffs lah)

Cheese tarts

Baked cheese treat!

Kueh Lumut

Kueh Lapis India

I love Magna Carta and the food served today was amazing!

Oriental Chicken Salad

Vegetable linguine

Fried fish

Roasted chicken

Sheperd’s Pie

After we spoiled ourselves with good food, it was time for the cake cutting ceremony!



Wonder what did she wish for? Hehe.

Group photo!

Take one

Take two!

The beautiful Marissa, finally letting her gorgeous hair down! Jealous much! So kacak!

I also met Amin of Borneo To The World at her party. LOL. Didn’t realize he was around until I was about to leave. So sad!

Two inspiring people surrounding me.

Aslan and I had such a wonderful time, thank you Marissa for letting us be part of this very beautiful event of yours. Again, happy birthday! Hehehe.


Queenstown to Auckland

After such a tiring day-out yesterday (Plus all that bruises and sores), Aslan and I had a nice sleep in. Two days before we barely slept because of the super tight schedule. Sleeping is such a luxury these days. Anyway, since our room had no breakfast package, we decided to walk to town and get some pies from Ferg Baker.

Queenstown had such lovely weather today.

Feeling chilly because no food in my tummy

Sun was out!

To cut the story short, once we got back to our room, the front desk called saying that it was already time to check out. We thought check out time was 12 noon, turned out it was 11! So, we had to rush everything and that included breakfast.

Ferg Baker beef pie!

Arrived at the airport on time. Queenstown airport is small but still more entertaining than KIA. :p

Aslan posing with his latte with a mock airplane over his head.

The flight to Auckland via Jetstar was boring so I will fast forward to our serviced apartment. We took a van from the airport, it was more convenient and direct compared with the bus. We enjoyed our stay at Auckland City Oaks during the last visit, we decided to stay there again this time.

View from the entrance


Shower stall

Washing machine: Helpful when it comes to the dirty laundry

Cooking area and sink


Living/Dining area



Tired from our journey, we only went to the grocery shops nearby to buy ingredients for dinner as well as breakfast.


I cheated, can food for dinner… Haha

Our dinner setting: Aslan spreading butter on his bread.

The room package comes with a breakfast basket.

Bananas, muesli bar, orang juice, yoghurt and muffin.


Sorry for the simple entry. Will blog more tomorrow!



Kia Ora!

In the last post of this series, I left you wondering, where the heck is this girl going to next? Well, when it was time, Aslan and I made our way to the departure lounge.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to Auckland, New Zealand! Woohoo!

It will be my second time to that beautiful country and I am very excited coz it will be winter and oh, such an escape from the heat in Kuching/Singapore.

Our metal bird

This time, we will visit two NZ locations, Auckland and Queenstown!

While waiting to board the plane

This time, Aslan and I were seated at row 41, aisles J and K. Kinda regret that decision, should have purchased the front seat for extra legroom. Nonetheless, it was not that bad.

Aslan looking happy before discomfort gave him a visit.

Me looking weird.

Aslan and I

Okay, as much as I love doing the budget haul, I must confess, it was a bit hard to adjust to budget economy from awesome luxurious Emirates business class. Aslan and I could not stop comparing this flight with our last one. Meh. Spoiled brats.

I think paying a bit extra flying on SQ or QF or EK just to name a few, even on economy class can be more worth it than flying budget. At least you get free entertainment and free food. Oh well, beggars like me, cannot be choosers! :p

Anyhow, we spent the 9 hours plus flight sleeping. Before that, filled in immigration card, eat the smuggled goods we bought from the city and airport and perhaps told each other silly stories. Gossiping. Haha. Or try to outdo each other’s score in Temple Run.

My aching back savior

Yours truly sleeping.

Finally, day light.

Aslan still asleep just minutes before we were about to land

Auckland from air!

Immigration clearance and baggage retrieval was fast. It was 10am when we arrived at the arrival hall.

Aslan said it felt surreal to be back here again so soon!

Due to miscommunication, waited for half an hour for the hotel shuttle.

Because we have another flight to catch in the wee hours of the day tomorrow, we decided to stay at a Auckland Airport Kiwi Hotel just about 15 minutes drive away from the airport.

The hotel shuttle

Hotel exterior. Notice the big Kiwi bird on top? Hehehe.

Check in was a breeze. We had to pay $30 since we wanted the room before 2pm. We waited for about 5 minutes plus before the room was ready.

Waiting again…

It was such a relief to find out our room was situated on the ground floor. No need to bother to lift the bags upstairs.

Excited and nervous to see how the room actually looks like…

The room was a pleasant surprise. It was exactly how the hotel management described it. The only trouble with the room is it is a bit worn but don’t worry, it is clean.

It does reminds me of an American motel.

The beds

The tv/workstation/coffee tea making facilities area

The open wardrobe

The bathroom

Power shower with hot water. Awesome!

It is unfair that some people say the room is small, I bet they never stayed at AirAsia’s Tune Hotel before. Auckland Airport Kiwi Hotel is not bad for short stays. Affordable and comfortable, a irresistible deal indeed!

After a quick rest and shower, it was time to go to the city to meet up with our friend Teh Kah. Since we are on a budget, we decided to take the bus to downtown. We waited for a good fifteen minutes at the bus stop nearby our hotel before being picked up.

Waiting for a bus in the middle of nowhere. Or so it seemed like to me.

The ride took almost 45 minutes and cost $5.60 per person. I guess that is A LOT cheaper compared with the cab, easily can cost up to $30!

Bus ticket

Aslan and I bored in the bus, so we took this photo.

We were dropped nearby Queen Street and not long after that, we met up with Teh Kah. She was in the midst of buying a new pair of Ugg boots when we arrived. Hehe. After her purchase, she brought us to Mission Bay for lunch at our seafood cafe, Fish Pot!

Quirky deco

The before meal pose

Fearing I would overeat, I went for a soup while Aslan and Teh Kah ordered fish and chips each.

Seafood chowder: I am a bit disappointed with this soup, not the best. Should have ordered the fried calamaris. Boohoo.

Luckily we ordered this Whitebait Fritters to share. It was nice.

Tarahiki and chips! Oh, the best ever! Crispy on the outside but so juicy and moist on the inside! Lovely!

Posing with our food!

Our lovely friend, Teh Kah. Always spoil us with crazy delicious meals whenever we meet up. Hehehe.

Aslan enjoying his meal, been waiting for it since last year!

Satisfied from breakfast/lunch/tea, we then walked to the beach front to take some photos of the majestic Rangitoto.

Teh Kah and I before going onto the beach itself. Still too full from late lunch.

Hello Rangitoto, we meet again.

Before making our way to Teh Kah’s place, we stopped by Vector Arena to check out the scene and purchase some concert merchandise…

Eh, what concert, you wonder? Well, to be honest, I never planned any of this at the time I arranged the whole holiday, it just happened…

I am going to watch Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball! I will tell that story in more details in the next post, so wait for it!