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Say hello to Fufi!

24 Apr

The list-it-out theory worked again for me. You’ve never heard of such theory? Well, I came up with it just last year.

I believe in listing out what I need/want in life and BAM, I get it. Okaylah, it is not THAT easy but with the list in hand, it serves as a motivation or reminder that I must work hard to make it happen.

One thing one has to keep in mind when starting a list is to keep it realistic. You don’t see me putting a Hermes Birkin on my list… Not yet, anyway. :P

So, without any further ado, I present the newest camera into my family, Fufi or commonly known as Fujifilm Instant Camera Instax 210.

The promotional price was so attractive, I couldn't help not buying it!

The photo of Aslan and I was the first photo taken using Fufi. Seeing the whole process happening instantly was like magic, yo! *Sakai mode*

Polaroid photography is one expensive hobby/interest/etc related. Why? 10 exposures cost me RM35. Therefore, RM3.50 per exposure! I have to be stingy with the exposures too! There’s always the polaroid app if I want to take random photos.

Fufi and I

I chose this particular model for one reason: Film size. The other model is smaller, cute and easy to carry but I didn’t like the fact its film is half the size of Fufi’s film.

Maybe it’s just my taste. Hmm…

Here are Fufi’s specifications:

  • Wide picture format
  • Low light automatic flash (Can be adjusted to make photo lighter or darker)
  • LCD display (Don’t expect DSLR quality lah, just simple digital display of modes)
  • 2-zone focus (0.9mm-3mm and 3mm to infinite)
  • 45 cm close-up lens

Candid photo of me adoring Fufi

If you want a photo of you on polaroid film, let me know! Rm4 a piece! (Why Rm4? 50c profit mahhhh…)


Current Obsession: Polaroid Camera

21 Apr

Remember that DSLR fever that hit Kuching a few years back? Well, this time a new fever just started. Polaroid camera. Unfortunately, I have the fever too.

Saw the brown limited edition at One Jaya costing around RM400+ Meh.

Maybe this is just a phase I’m going through. Last time, I had a thing for Lomo. But then I found out I do NOT have the patience with this whole film thingy. I am more of an instant photo girl. Point, shoot and see. That’s me.

Oh, vintage love!

Perhaps I should stick with my Little Photo app on Tabby. Maybe this polaroid obsession is caused by me missing my Cammy so much. Camera-deprived!

Oh well, oh Fairy Godmother, please send me a nice polaroid camera. Thank you.


Hello, March!

1 Mar

Oh, how I love shoes...



My Cheeky Monkey

13 Dec

Aslan’s Debby

5 Nov

A few photos from Aslan’s camera taken in Singapore almost a month ago:

The view from outside our hotel room at Marina Bay Sands

I look so fair here compare to the guys

View from the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands Park

Still a lot of construction going on

The park area

The jacuzzi!

Tiger balls!

Pig's ball!

No idea why Aslan took those photos. AGH!


Sugar Deer?

Such beautiful bird

Proboscis Monkey

Green Snake

Lazy newt

Orang Utan

Justin Bieber Lookalike being kissed by a sea lion

Hope you enjoy this!



Friday already?

29 Oct

I woke up this morning thinking today would be Wednesday or Thursday. But I was wrong, this week is almost to an end, it’s Friday today! Wow, time really does flies when you’re having such a good time.

Anyway, yesterday, I made an arrangement with Zsa Zsa to meet up for lunch at Magna Carta. Aslan and I arrived around 1pm, ordered our drinks and took photos while waiting for Zsa Zsa.

I always like sitting at the table near the window everytime I am at Magna Carta

Aslan ordered a Peach Spritzer while I had a Papaya Juice. I was very disappointed with the papaya juice this time, not as thick as it used to be. Totally not worth my money.

Basically, this drink consisted of soda and peaches.


Aslan reasoned that they might have ran out of papaya...

And then we camwhored a bit…


My Aslan looking very hungry


Yes, I had Sereni & Shentel Blair in Black on today, matches my diamond studded slippers. Hehehe


Zsa Zsa arrived just minutes after we finished our drinks. She brought along a friend with her, Zayyidah. Aslan ordered his meal early, Build Your Own Burger.

Beef patty with sauteed mushroom, fried beef bacons, Monterey Jack cheese and mushroom sauce.

I was torn between pasta or a sandwich but in the end, I decided to try their Steak sandwich. It was quite nice.

Look at the fat on the steak!


I enjoyed the steak sandwich a lot! The steak was well done and tasted yummy. I’m not one for mustard seeds but I didn’t mind them on the steak. Paired with the creamy mushroom sauce, oh, everything just melted in the mouth!


Zsa Zsa ordered the daily special, Chicken Cheese Melt sandwich.

Zsa Zsa really enjoyed this sinfully cheesy sandwich, worth every bite!


Zayyidah ordered Seafood Aglio Olio, a favourite pasta dish of hers wherever she goes. I find that fact cute. Hehehe.

Aglio Olio is perhaps one of the simplest and yet, delicious pasta ever!

It was really nice meeting up with Zsa Zsa and knowing Zayyidah. Maybe one day we can all once again explore a new restaurant together. Damn, how to diet like this? Hehehe.





Diet Plan Ruined

6 Oct


Roadtrip: Part Two

9 Sep

After Loch Lomond, we were brought to Glencoe using the scenic mountain route. It was quite a drive but mind you, the view was stunning!

Loch Lomond is a big lake and well, scenic!

After an hour drive, we reached this area where the scenery was so beautiful, we had to stop and took photos.

Aunty picking some flowers and look at the hill behind us, the clouds literally blanketed the hill/mountain!

The view that greeted us after climbing the little hill.

Happy campers. Hehe

One happy family

And from this stop to all the way to Glencoe, just postcard material! More photos for you below.

You can see the shadow of clouds on the mountain.

This is the Scottish countryside. Amazing, isn't it?

We were approaching Glencoe when we saw this field of full with scattered little rocks, it is believed that the Scots invented Golf.

Would you like to live here? It would be so peaceful.

This place was absolutely breathtaking.

I can't resist singing 'The hills are alive with the sound of music' when I was here. Lol.

Profile Photo material. Hehehe

Aslan on a field day, he took almost 900 photos on this road trip alone.

See how small Aslan and dad look here compare with the hill?

Glencoe is a huge area in Scotland where its mountain terrains just spread out here, there and everywhere due to the last British Ice age. A lot of historical events took place there, among them is the Battle of Glencoe between English and Scottish ages ago. We went to Glencoe Visitor Center where we learned a lot about Glencoe.

This area is part of Glencoe and nearby the Visitor Center

A lot of mountain hike paths for various level of skills and most are scenic in their own way.

I have a lot of photos with Mother Nature on this trip...

Photographer in Action

After Glencoe, we made our way to Fort William for a lunch stop. Initially, uncle was looking for a pub lunch but we ended up going to this super nice seafood restaurant near the pier, Crannog.

Compact restaurant but lovely view and fantastic food!

The view from the pier

If you get the chance to be in Fort William, please do stop by Crannog for lunch or dinner, it’s worth every penny. The seafood is so fresh, you’d think they just got it from the sea the moment you order the meal. Lol!

Cullen Skink: Basically a seafood soup or chowder. Really nice.

Smoked salmon with New Potato Salad.

Pan Fried Halibut with grilled asparagus and Potato Gratin. ABSOLUTELY HEAVEN!

Salmon Wrap with sauteed spinach

Aslan posing with the daily specials menu.

After we are full and happy with the meal (Although the price shocked us, 175 pounds!) we moved on to Oban. Spent about an hour there, looking for a Whiskey jam but it was all in vain. I bought a few souvenirs for the family back home, Scottish candies. LOL. I LOVE their tablet. Google it!

Very peaceful fishing town

Tourism is flourishing here

This is their Semantan. Hehe

The drive back to Glasgow was not as scenic because we used another route but nonetheless, still was .

We stopped in Inverary for a toilet stop, a very quiet town. Might go back there one day to visit the famous Inverary Jail. Hehehe.

The distorted mirror

The driver took us to this interesting stop call the Rest and be Thankful. More valleys and treacherous looking paths. It got its name because back in the days where people had to hike the mountains in this area in order to get around from one place to another, they must stop and rest before continuing their journey. Rest and be thankful it is then.

I doubt I would wanna travel if I have to hike across this valley...

Back then, there was no roads. Just paths. Imagine that.

Down one mountain, across valley then up another mountain, the cycle continues.

Aslan looks tired here.

Extreme photographer

Scotland, it's like living in a postcard or a wallpaper, it's just beautiful!

It was such an interesting trip but tiring too. 12 hours tour. Luckily it’s a private tour and the coach was very nice and comfortable. I’m very grateful to auntie and uncle for organizing this trip for me. Really appreciate it. :) Next post, Norwich! Stay tune…


Holiday: Glasgow Part 1

6 Sep

Today, we decided to take it easy. Since arriving in the UK, the jet lag is still with us. I woke up around 730am in the morning and decided to sort out the internet connection and it worked. Therefore it gave me the chance to blog and be connected with loved ones at home via FB.

Aslan, Gerald and I went to Glasgow Botanical Garden just across the hotel. The last time I was here, I didn’t even manage to go into Kibble Palace because we reached the park a bit too late. They’ve got flowers from all over the globe in there and quite a refuge from the chilly weather here in Glasgow. It was rather a windy day today.

The park is situated at Great Western Road opposite the hotel

The entrance to the park

Kibbles Palace

It is a big park and this is just the small bit of it.

The view towards the entrance/exit

Aslan the photography enthusiast

One of the rooms in Kibbles Palace, the Cacti Room.

Beautiful garden inside the green house

I'm trying my best to dress suitably for the season...

Apart from the garden, they are also a lot of statues inside which are really lovely.

Gerald dresses so casually, he looks so out of place here. Wearing shorts in autumn??? Funny guy indeed.

As uncle said, Gerald is always dressed as if he wants to go jogging or sleep. Lol.

Guess what I found here?

Venus Fly Trap!

After that, we went to the next green house which contained more tropical flowers and bushes. It reminded me of being back home, so humid! I didn’t stay long there, was a bit too hot.

I went out and sat on the bench, enjoying the cool breeze and just observing the place. It was so peaceful at the park.


Then we walked around the area and did some window shopping. There were a lot of shops and we almost went in all of them. But of all shops, I only took photos at I love Buchanan Cafe.

A variety of teas but I'm not too keen with the name. Hehehe.


I found across so many cool stuffs but they were pricey so I ended up only buying 2 postcards and I used the coins from my last trip to pay for them. Seriously, no money lah. We bought some fruits at Roots, Fruits and Flower. Cheap and soooo fresh!

Peach, Nectarine, Cherry and Blueberry.

We found it a bit odd that this hotel doesn’t even have a mini bar, we turned the double glazed window into a makeshift fridge.

Look at all the stuffs we've got in our fridge, luckily it's cold here and no ants etc

As for dinner, we went to Bo’Vice Restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel. We went there with Uncle Ronnie, Alaine and her kids, Louis and Abbie.

Uncle Ronnie and Uncle Kass figuring out what to eat...

Pretty Scottish Ladies.

Aslan and Gerald

I ordered French Onion Soup for starter and A Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad as main meal.

French Onion Soup: The best I ever had!

This was nice but the chicken wasn't cooked properly thoughj

Here are the photos of what the rest ordered:

Salmon Carpaccio

Mac & Cheese

Prime Steak, it came with 1 choice of sauce and 2 side dishes, Aslan enjoyed it.

Gerald's Surf and Turf, small prawns. Lol

Dinner was really filling, I felt guilty eating that much, so, detox begins tomorrow. I wonder what to do tomorrow? Hmm…



5 Sep

5 hours in Singapore. Yup, the shortest visit there to date. But it was on purpose though. If Aslan didn’t have class, we would have gone on Thursday along with auntie, uncle and Gerald. We left Kuching at 1205noon using Mas and arrived in Singapore at 130pm. We spent our brief moment there by buying last minute stuffs such as socks, belt and whatnot. I didn’t bring any thick coat with me as the weather was predicted to be mild.

Ah, brings back so many fond memories.

We went to Changi Terminal 3 around 7pm and checked in at 8pm. Auntie and uncle were on business while the rest of us on Economy. Luckily, we managed to check in and got our seats early due to uncle, therefore, enabling us to get the front row seat, row 54.

Mastercard knows Aslan is my perfect travel companion. Hehehe.

Before going to our departure gate, A10 (Refer to photo above), we went around the terminal to look for a place to eat and maybe get some books or magazines. Thank God, Changi is not like KIA, I’d be bored to death if I have to wait 4 hours in KIA. Pfft. We started to queue for the security check at 1030pm and boarded the plane around 1130pm. There was quite a crowd and most of them were caucasians, either going back home or on a holiday.

There were quite a number of Asians too, going back to UK for their studies and whatnot.

It was surprisingly a comforting flight and we slept most of the time. One reason why was we didn’t sleep the night before. Hehe. It was kind of awkward to sleep with the steward sitting opposite me. But since I was too tired, heck, who cares?

The steward's seat

Next to us were couples with their babies. The female toddler cried a lot but the baby boy was oh so adorable and rarely cried. Reminds me of Darren and Sera. Obviously, I miss them. Generally, the people seated in this section was very well mannered, no problem whatsoever.

Anxious to fly using A380!

I fell asleep two hours after the plane took off and before dinner was served. I could vaguely remember the steward asking me if I wanted dinner and I answered… “Bbbbnhhh, no, thankyou, zzzzzzz”. I slept for a good 8 hours plus and woke up just 4 hours before the plane was estimated to land in Heathrow Terminal 3.

Still looking hyper and fresh here but wait till you see the next photo

Looking tired and well, cranky because the seat wasn't comfortable after 10 hours of flight.

I killed time by watching Aladdin and played some language games, I excelled in French and German but not Russian, found it hard to memorize the font. Hehehe. Then breakfast was served. I didn’t like it but since I was hungry, heck. It was fried carrot cake. Odd. I know.

I didn't touch the sambal, in a long haul flight? No way.

After breakfast, I stared the travel status on the screen, hoping the plane would land soon. Lol.

Almost there but still 3 hours plus to go

I was above Germany, y'all!

That far eh...

We landed in Heathrow Terminal 3 at 530am local time and 25 minutes ahead of schedule. I was over the moon once I got out of the plane. We made our way to the terminal 1 for our connecting flight to Glasgow, Scotland via BMI regional.

Uncle was happy. Lol.

Once we got into Terminal 1, the fuss began. We went through 3 immigration security checks and fortunately, it all went smoothly. I didn’t like the fact that I got in looking fab and got out looking all messed up coz I needed to take off my shoes, belts and jacket. Pfft. Refer to the illustration below:

At least I wore same coloured socks. Hehehe.

Terminal 1 wasn’t that bad, I love WH Smith. And their regional terminal had brands like Long Champ, Burberry and Ted Baker to name a few. In Malaysia, even KLIA is not like that. Pfft.

You have a chance to win a Ferrari by paying for a 20 pounds ticket. Aslan wants to try his luck on our way back to Singapore later. Hehee.

I was not surprised when we found out that we’re going to use a small plane to Glasgow. The moment I saw Premium Economy on all of our boarding pass, I knew. I felt like crying when I was in the wee plane but once we took off, it wasn’t that bad.

Like Fireflies or Mas Wings lah...

Starting from now, I will lock my hand luggage no matter what. I wasn’t even allowed to bring it in but leave it for them to put in the luggage compartment in the back of the plane. I didn’t have the chance to lock it. Thankfully, nothing was lost or put inside my bag. Phew.

Small, 1-2 arrangement on each row and there were about 16 rows?

A380 love... Singapore Airlines (The same one we used earlier) and Qantas.

Goodbye England, see you in a week's time!

Aslan and I couldn't stop taking photos out of the window, awesome clouds!

For someone who is afraid of heights, a bit odd that I love window seats. Lol. Aslan took this photo of me, really love the shadow lighting thing.

We were so high up, not many clouds above us.

Approaching Glasgow!

It would be such a boring flight if it wasn’t for the view outside of the window. Just 15 minutes into the flight, the couple behind us were arguing, the woman cried, the man was speechless. I think the woman upset about something, she kept on bringing up the past and how the man doesn’t understand her, judge her bla bla bla. I tried not to eavesdrop but how could I possibly not do that? She was so loud, especially when she started sobbing. Drama on the plane, y’all.

We arrived in Glasgow at 10am and this time we got all of the checked in luggages and got in the taxi with at least 11 bags. Lol.

Bags galore. Uncle and Gerald in the front seat and the three of us snugged in at the back. Lol.

This time, uncle decided to try the Grosvenor Hilton just opposite the Botanical Park along Byres Road. It is not a bad hotel but it’s kind of depressing they don’t have any mini bar in the room. So, Aslan and I put any stuffs inside the double glazed window. Lol, our makeshift fridge. I’ll post up photos of the rooms later. It was hard to accept that this hotel is not even air conditioned, they do provide us with fans though. Luckily it’s autumn, therefore it’s not such a big deal.It can get quite chilly here, especially at night.

After we’ve checked into our rooms, Aslan and I went to Argyle Street by the underground coz I needed to buy a more comfortable shoes. We went to Evans and I bought 1 pair of flats and a cheap pair of nice heels for just 8 pounds! A steal! We went to Waitrose next to our hotel and stocked up on food for our room. I love going to supermarkets in the UK. BEST aie!!! Sakai!

INSTANT Starbucks? How crazy is that??? The potato chips so damn nice! And oh, the juices, lovely!

Heating up the sandwich for the hairdryer. Lol

So sweet! Cheaper from Kuching, only 1.99 pounds.

We went out for dinner at Mario’s, a Fish and Chips shop just a few blocks away from where we’re staying. It was okay but I only had salad since I’m dieting.

Testing them for comfort and practicality, pass! I still want to get myself a good pair of boots, maybe tomorrow!

Mixed salad, a bit boring but what to do?

As for the non-dieters, they had Fish and Chips (Or Fish Tea, as they call it) or Mac & Cheese.


Aslan's fav meal.

We got back around 9pm and since we were all exhausted from the journey, we decided to call it an early night. I was out cold by 930pm or 530am Malaysian time. Lol. Feels odd thinking it that way. Hmm. Will blog more soon! Going to the city centre tomorrow but no shopping yet lah. Hehehe. Save the best for last.