The Fun Learning Tuition Centre, Kuching


During the ribbon cutting ceremony by Dato’ Ong, accompanied by the Director of The Fun Learning Tuition Centre, Datin Judy Ling. Also present was Olivia Ling and daughter. 


Today I was invited to attend the grand opening of The Fun Learning Tuition Centre. Their mission is to offer a quality learning experience to students and that they in turn enjoy learning to speak, listen to, read and write English.

Located at a new development block at Tabuan Desa, it is a first class tuition centre with experienced, excellent tutors; comfortable, fun study environment equipped with the latest teaching aids.


As quoted by Dato' Ong during the launch, The Fun Learning Tuition Centre is definitely a new kid on the block.

As quoted by Dato’ Ong during the launch, The Fun Learning Tuition Centre is definitely a new kid on the block.

Such fun and vibrant sign. Sure does lifts the spirit of kids who are enrolled here.

Such fun and vibrant sign. Sure does lifts the spirit of kids who are enrolled here.


What I really love about this tuition centre is the cheerful design layout of their classrooms. It is really a fun learning place with the cheerful and vibrant colour theme. Normal tuition centres look so dull, like school itself.


What a welcoming sight this is, isn't it?

What a welcoming sight this is, isn’t it?

More books will fill up these shelves in the near future.

More books will fill up these shelves in the near future.


According to a study, school’s layout can affect students’ performance. (Click here to read more about it) A cheerful and safe environment like The Fun Learning Tuition Centre will no doubt help the student excel in their studies!


Now this is what I call a comfortable and cheerful learning environment. Unlike the ‘jail’ I know when I was schooling eons ago…


A homely environment does help in nurturing students to perform at their best.



A comfortable, cheerful and safe environment alone is not enough in order to produce high achievers, a class equipped with the latest teaching aids however, could contribute further.

Kids these days are not impressed with the old school teaching aid of blackboards or simple whiteboards. In order to catch their attention, we need something high tech like a Smart Board! The iPad hoarding generation of kids will be pleased with the many interactive functions of the Smart Board. Learning periods will be so much fun with videos, photos and it also makes the job easier for tutors. Whatever data that has been generated on the Smart Board can be stored and retrieved later. For instance, a student did not attend a class, the tutor could email that class notes on the Smart Board to the student. Easy peasy. Tutors could also use the Smart Board online to access information for the class. As they say, these days, knowledge is at the tips of their finger.. (Click here to learn more about the Smart Board)


Aslan posing with their uber cool Smart Board.

Aslan posing with their uber cool Smart Board.

Then again, no matter how cheerful the classroom environment is or how modern the teaching aids are, it won’t mean anything if there are no tutors to get the ball rolling! Here at The Fun Learning Tuition Centre, their tutors are experienced and qualified!


The Power People behind The Fun Learning Tuition Centre.

The Power People behind The Fun Learning Tuition Centre.


Their current products:

Primary Level English using
- comprehensive curriculum
- the internationally acclaimed Sunshine Online Programme, complemented by a successful Singapore Primary English programme

Early Secondary English working towards
- the Cambridge ESOL exams
- University Entrance test

Apart from small group classes, they also offer one to one tutoring. More subjects such as Bahasa Malaysia and Mathematics will be added later.

The Fun Learning Tuition Centre, also known as Pusat Tuisyen Riang Ria is located at Lots 13938 & 13939, First Floor Block 11, MTLD, Tabuan Square, Lorong Keranji 4F, Jalan Keranji, Tabuan Desa Utara, Kuching, Sarawak 93350.

Assessment and enrollment for 2014 is currently open. Call 082-367110 for more information. Or check out their Facebook page for the latest promotions and updates.


Detox, Diet and Exercise…

After my honeymoon, I have gained quite the amount of weight. It is quite obvious really coz the first thing people  would say when they see me is, “Wow, you so fat now… How was your honeymoon?”


Tell me I am fat and then change topic so I won’t be able to respond to that remark.

Honestly, it bothers me… A lot. I am now obsessed with how I look, especially with my bestfriend, the flabby tummy.

Still, my priority to lose weight is for health reason and looking good for my self and subsequently, others is just an added bonus.

I must admit it was tough to start the healthy lifestyle after the no fuss honeymoon phase which lasted about two months but I managed somehow. 

Today I ate less than 500 calories and burned a total of 437 calories through jogging and running. 


Who knows, once I lost weight, pregnancy would be easier?

I will blog about that when the time comes.  Wish me all the best!


Rice Krispies Treat


When I was a kid, I loved making this treat for my siblings and I. It can be a bit sticky and really sweet, not to mention the high calories, but it is not called a treat for nothing.

The most important key of this recipe is patience. The marshmallow will take some time to melt at a low heat. Anyways, here is the recipe:

3 tablespoon butter
300g of marshmallow
6 cups of Kellogg’s Rice Bubbles

Melt butter in saucepan on low heat. Add marshmallow and melt completely.
Add and stir in rice bubbles until completely covered.
Move to a tray lined with wax paper.
Leave to set and cut in square blocks.


If you can't wait, put it the freezer.


Ready to be served!

If you want something sweeter, you can melt some baking chocolate and cover the treat with it or sprinkle with chocolate rice, nuts etc of your choice.


Technological Upgrade

There was a time when I was obsessed with having the latest mobile phone. Luckily, it was just a desire that rarely comes true. Coming from a middle class family with a rather tight monthly budget, it was ridiculous to demand a new phone from my parents every now and then.

In my opinion, whomever did manage to change their phones every time something new and better came up probably wasted enough money that their loss could have bought them a Perodua Kancil or something of similar value.

The 26 year old me is very frugal when it comes to mobile phones. I will not buy a phone until it is deemed unusable. And after so many beautiful years together, my loyal iPhone 4 and I have to part ways.

It was all my fault. It drown in a green bag because I didn’t secure the bottle cap properly when we were in Maui, Hawaii. I still remember that day clearly. On a biking trip and without a phone nor camera to capture the moments. Luckily Aslan was generous with his phone.

Anyway, I saw the opportunity to upgrade my phone when I was about to pay my Digi postpaid bill at the Spring. I saw the brand new Samsung Note 3. Honestly, I thought of getting the new iPhone 5s but the new OS kinda killed Apple for me. I justified getting a Samsung would be a better choice as I already have an Apple iPad in which I use more for gaming purposes and of course the occasional blogging and online shopping. Ahem…

What sealed the deal was Digi’s offering price. RM1639. Two years contract at RM88 a month. 4GB data and other bonuses included. Including advance payment and extra warranty, it all came up to RM2119. Still cheaper than most stores. I get RM20 rebate every month for the next two years so my bill is only RM68 per month.

Samsung Note 3 is a bit big but so far, everything is going fine. I will type a proper review but for now, enjoy the photos!

Maybe the accident is a blessing in disguise. Since I updated the OS, the wifi couldn’t be turn on. The button won’t move…

Still getting to know my Samsung Note 3.

I am happy but secretly I do miss my iPhone… Boohoooooo…

Blog more soon!

Jiwang Songs

Today marks the third month of our wedding anniversary. Dang, next thing I know, it would be our first year wedding anniversary. I must stop worrying and live in the present. On this special day, I’d like to share seven songs that reflect our relationship.

1. Spend My Life With You by Tamia and Eric Benet

2. Teenage Dreams by Katy Perry

3. Someone to Watch Over Me by Amy Winehouse

4. So Nice by Bebel Gilberto

5. Big Jet Plane by Angus and Julia

6. The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson

7. That’s How Strong My Love Is by Alicia Keys

Here’s to more anniversaries!


Lunch at The Two Fat Ladies

Hello loves! How are you? I hope you are in the best of health. Just three days ago I renewed my domain and it made me realized how much I have missed blogging. To make up for all the dollars I paid for this blog, I promised myself I must blog daily. Anyway, I am in Glasgow, Scotland now with my husband (Still not used to referring Aslan as my husband. The other day I said boyfriend to the immigration officer… Hahaha) on our honeymoon!

Our stay in Glasgow this time is very short, about four days. Since we’ve done the must do eat list, we decided to try a new restaurant and well, the mighty Google said I must try The Two Fat Ladies at Bath Lane.


I’d strongly advise for you to make a booking in order to dine here, it can get quite busy. The place is quaint and the deco is simple. We got a booth at the far end.


Their speciality is Scottish seafood and well, since I am a big fish fan, this is definitely the place for me. We made a booking for two at 1pm and the walk from our hotel at Renfrew Street to Bath Lane is a nice leisurely stroll, especially in this cold summer (A friend quoted, “Summer is like an old man on viagra… He never comes!”) ANYHOW… We located the restaurant easily and decided to order one entree each and share the main course and dessert.

Before our starter was served, the waiter offered us some bread. Mmm… The simple pleasures of life.

Who doesn't love bread? Mmm...

Who doesn’t love bread? Mmm…

I was tempted to savor my bread generously buttered but I decided to wait for my starter, the traditional Scottish favorite, Cullen Skink £5.95

Cullen Skink: Basically smoked Haddock in creamy soup with potatoes

Cullen Skink: Basically smoked Haddock in creamy soup with potatoes

Since my first trip to Scotland in 2010, I’ve tasted many versions of this dish. It is quite impossible to justify the definition of a cullen skink as some restaurants make it creamy, slightly sweet etc. The Two Fat Ladies version is the first non creamy I ever tasted. However, it is still hearty in taste and flavorful thanks to the smoked Haddock.

Aslan on the other hand, ordered the Tomato and Mozarella salad £6.95

What can go wrong with such simple but delish dish?

What can go wrong with such simple but delish dish?

As for our main course, we chose the The Fat’s Fish Platter £19.95

The Fat's Fish Platter

The Fat’s Fish Platter: Sea bream (Left), Unknown fish (Middle) and Smoked Mackerel (Right)

Roasted Vegetables

Roasted Vegetables and Potatoes

Yours truly before devouring the fish platter...

Yours truly before devouring the fish platter…

Aslan and I really enjoyed the main course. I personally like the unknown fish in the middle. The waiter did mention what fish it was but I never caught it. Haha. I just love the simplicity of how the fishes were cooked and yet, the taste was so refined.

Luckily, we shared dessert because the portion was quite generous. Sticky toffee pudding with creme anglaise  £6.50

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Creme Anglaise

Heaven on a plate!

Complete JOY. This is such a simple dessert and yet, so divine! Even Aslan, who don’t really takes toffee, enjoyed this dish to bits. Excellent!

Latte with complimentary Jack's tablet

Latte with complimentary Jack’s tablet

I must say, because of our dining experience here, Aslan and I look forward to try more new restaurants in Glasgow. We’ve been cooped up in our comfort zone for too long. Hehehe.

That’s all for today, loves, blog more soon!