One Month Anniversary

30 Aug

Hello everyone!

I just can’t believe this blog is already a month old! Hurray! This month been lovely and I’m happy that this blog has readers, if not, wouldn’t reach up to 1000+ viewers by now. I love all of you for inspiring me to be a better blogger.

Looking back through the entries, July-August been great and I look forward to September! I wonder what’s in for me, I can’t stop anticipating. Hehehe.

I know it’s a bit odd but I want to celebrate this little mile stone by having a giveaway! It’s really simple, all you need to do is comment this post and suggest anything new for me to try. Such as restaurants, cosmetic brands, artist/group, facial, spa treatment, book title, games etc that you think is awesome and if you’re lucky, you get to win the mystery prize from me! Extremely easy.

All the best in being the lucky one(s).


Relaxing Sunday

29 Aug

I know I said I will only do treatment for my hair but Ah Be offered the whole package at such an attractive price, it was so hard to say no. Yes, I did the root touch up and treatment today. It was three hours long but it was worth it!

This is not rebonding, it's my real hair y'all! Now colour is even and hair so nice and soft. Love!

Ah Be did ask if I want to trim it a bit but I said no because I love my hair thick. I see no problem there, besides, I want to keep it long. The last time he said to trim it a bit and it will not make my hair shorter, it was a lie. I don’t blame him, probably it was just me being paranoid. Hehehe.

As for sungkey, initially, it was suppose to be a group function with the Misses, Rapik and Hamimi but only three of us went. We went to Magna Carta. I always love it there. This time, we got to sit by the window facing the Waterfront.

Rapik posing for Cammy

Almost like sitting in a cafe in Paris; good company, good restaurant with fantastic food and service and amazing view just outside the cafe!

The new DUN and the square tower... Well, still is a nice view, at least not some shady building and whatnot.

Lovely deco and chio too!

Since I’m starting the detox again, I ordered Pai Tee as starters for sharing, Caesar Salad with Chicken as main meal and Papaya Juice. I LOVE the papaya juice, 100% natural, no added water or sugar. Love love love.

Pai Tee; a favourite of mine!

Papaya Love!

As for non-dieters, Aslan ordered the Beef Burger while Rapik, Beef Stroganoff with Buttered Rice. I wish I can eat beef like them too without gaining extra kilos by the end of the meal. *Sighs*

Beef Burger; Aslan's all time favourite!

Beef Stroganoff with Buttered Rice was delish and portion of beef is super generous!

Along with Aslan’s mum takeaway, the total damage was RM130 but it was WORTH every penny. We even gave a tip of RM4+ because we were jolly people after the delish food, friendly staff and super quick service. I love Magna Carta. Hehehe.

We then made our way to Third Mile because I fancied Chocolate Milk Tea with Sago Balls but they were closed! SO sad but I wasn’t sad for long as Aslan brought us to Iglool to make up for it. Hehehe. Very nice and thoughtful of him. As usual, I ordered Marie Cookies Milk, Aslan Oreo and Rapik Durian with Red Beans.

The interior. Notice the penguins?

Rapik and the interactive menu machine just behind him.

Aslan and the Borneo Girl. I hate my eyebags. Bought a solution for that at Guardian!

That’s all for today, will blog more soon!



P/S: Any suggestions for new places to eat in Kuching? I have Moon River Cafe in mind. I heard it’s good. Will check it out soon. ;)

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All My Bags are Packed, I’m Ready to Go

28 Aug

This is the bag I'm bringing, if you think there is another bag inside, you're absolutely right!

Not long to go until I’ll leave on a jet plane. I’ve packed my bag last week. Very early because I don’t want to miss out on anything. I think it’s comforting to know I’ve packed everything I need. In total, I’ll checked in 1 big bag (with a smaller bag inside) and hand carry one small luggage, a laptop bag and the handbag. Pening.

I brought with me 9 tops, 2 leggings, 1 pair of jeans and 1 set of pyjamas. Not forgetting inner wear, if you know what I mean and a couple of socks. It was quite hard to narrow down 25 tops to just nine. I felt like bringing all of them but then Aslan said that will take up a lot of space. He justified his argument by saying how I can shop for any suppose I needed more clothes to wear. Why he mentioned that is a mystery because shopping, is by default. Hehehe.

We’ve come up with some guidelines for the tops to be qualified for the trip:

  • Dark colours: Not only for their slimming properties but I want to match the colours with the season.
  • Thick material: It doesn’t have to be really thick, as long as it can keep me warm and comfy.
  • Suitable for travel: We’re definitely going to touristy places all the time, okay, not all the time, because there will be shopping too, therefore the tops must be simple, not too attractive and durable to any weather.

After we’ve done outfit, we moved on to which shoes should I bring with me. First of all, I thought of bringing the boots but since I plan to get new ones, why bother? I know they’re a bit worn out but they are still okay. I debated with myself whether I should just save money and use the old boots or buy new ones? Torn… Honestly I haven’t resolved this yet but the temporary plan is for me to use my old worn out flats, with new paddings. I will only decide if it’s necessary to get new boots once I’m there. Who knows, the temperature is warm still? Boots are not light too. Plus, I won’t be guilty to leave the flats there suppose I need to do so due to excess baggage weight.

Another dilemma was jacket. Should I bring jacket or not? I heard the weather going to be cool but mild. I’m lazy to bring my jacket because it’s heavy and well, with all hand luggage, hand bag etc, it’s such a hassle. Solution? Buy there. Senang cerita. I don’t want to look like as if I’m going to the North Pole or something. Haha. I don’t like layering, it really is tedious and well, hard to be fashionable when I only have one awkward jacket with me. Pfft.

This is just 70% progress, haven’t done toiletries, wires, cables etc. Meh.



P/S: Anything else I should bring? I’m planning to bring along my Sereni & Shentel Ice Ice Baby Red. Hehehe.

Need VS Want

27 Aug

I’ve been asking myself a few questions for the past few days. What do I need in life? What do I want in life? Let’s make it more specific. Raya is approaching and as usual, there is a to-do list.

First on the list is new hair. Should I get it coloured? Permed? Straighten? Treated? Trimmed? I haven’t been to the salon in such a long time. In order to save money, I’ve been quite a Goddess in DIY regimes which includes hair care as well.

I am tempted to get my roots retouched but it’s so expensive, I might as well colour the whole head. At the same time, I think what my hair really needs is a good pampering in the form of a treatment. The answer is obvious, isn’t it? Hair treatment is more needed more than a touch up. Hmm.

Second on the list is facial. I’ve had my share with DIY facial and I think my skin deserve a little pampering from Kanebo. Since using Kiehl’s, my skin is in its best state, ever. Imagine waking up to a non-oily face but glowing and oh-so beautiful skin? Priceless.

The only trouble I’m having is puffy eyes due to my peculiar sleeping time. I’ve been going to bed around 2am on the dot for the past few weeks. I tried sleeping earlier but failed. Due to this, I’ve also got a serious case of eyebags. I’m considering the eye treatment at Kanebo but the price tag sorts of kill the desire. The best solution is to look for the best DIY treatment. I’ll consult with my finance advisor aka Aslan. Lol. He always have the best answer.

Third on the list is new glasses. I’ve committed myself to buying the Gucci frames from the optical store at the Spring when I paid RM50 deposit last week. I’ve given myself one month to collect enough money to pay them. I owe them quite a bit still and I have till September 23 to figure out the payment.

Oh please, someone buy something from my shop. I will have a Raya sale soon. Hopefully that will be enough to cover the cost. I haven’t changed glasses for over a year now… Luckily my degrees are still the same, just the frame getting a bit worn out.

On another note,

I think it is a bit irrelevant for me to want an iPhone 4 when I already have the ultimate phone, the Blackberry. Still, my inner desires are at war. Sometimes I loathe the phone and think it will be such a waste of money to get one since I already have a perfectly good laptop, insanely good phone and a fantastic DSLR which even has a clearer video function on it.

Certain days the iPhone 4 just keep on lingering in my mind, tempting me with all the good stuffs it has to offer. Apple is really good with its advertisements, sometimes I even fantasize how its like to have an iPad and an iPhone 4 at the same time. This won’t be an issue if I had money to spare. Reality is I have none. Boo! When will I struck gold???

Back to my original rant, after re-reading the above points, I have realised that:

  1. I definitely need a hair treatment but nothing too expensive and I can live with my roots showing, it’s black bah, not white.
  2. I need to get rid of eyebags and puffy eyes but I can do that by sleeping earlier and buy reasonably priced remedies at the pharmacy, cheaper than the Kanebo treatment anyway.
  3. Perhaps it was a bit uncalled for to buy  new glasses but it’s a bit too late now since I’ve paid the deposit.
  4. I can survive without the iPhone 4 since I have the basic necessity when it comes to gadget and whatnot, plus they’re all the top range, why bother with iPhone or iPad???

Finally, I should start counting my blessings and forget about everything I obviously don’t need. Easier said than done that.  I wish things were less complicated. Mind you, don’t be surprised if ever one day I blog about actually buying an iPhone 4. Knowing me, anything can happen. Sighs. Is that bad or good? Hmm…


Cammy Tells it All: 26.8

26 Aug



Iglool @ King Centre

26 Aug

I forgot to blog about this last weekend. Since I introduced Iglool to the dudes, we’ve been ‘haunting’ its branch at King Centre for as often as we could. Last weekend we did go there in the evening to enjoy the snow milk.

Anticipating snow milk is like waiting for Christmas. So exciting!

The interior decoration at Iglool is made as if we’re in an igloo with its snow block seats and color theme of light blue and white. Not forgetting to mention the troop of penguins surrounding the cafe. The interactive order menu thingy just near the entrance is also really cool and pro-green. Touch screen lah. Hehehe. The place is so nice for hang outs or even to go on a date. It even have free wi-fi and the staffs are always friendly.

Aslan had Oreo Milk and I had Marie Cookie Milk with Chocolate Jam Milk. Mmm...

Aslan haven't found his favorite snow milk yet but he likes everything he tasted so far.

Rapik is addicted to durian. He said it tasted like real durian and really nice. Hamimi decided to try durian too and surprised at the strong taste. Reminded him of tempoyak. Don’t get me wrong though, he loved it. The first thing Rapik asked me when he got his snow milk was, “When’s the next time we’re coming here?”

Durian Snow Milk

Dave and Augustine were still newbies when it comes to iglool, therefore they took a long time which one to try. In the end, they decided to go for the chocolate snow milk. I love chocolate but the original snow milk is always the best.

Chocolateeeeeeee... *Salivates*

Now I want iglool. Probabaly tonight. Hahaha.



Homecook food rocks!

25 Aug

Aslan and I are on a mission. We are trying to eat out less and cook at home more often. After watching The River Cottage Treatment on Asian Food Channel, we decided to be more cautious of what we eat.

You’ll never know what they put in our food if we dine out. I’m not saying all restaurants prepare food in an unhygienic manner or anything like that, just saying… Plus, I think it’s easier to eat healthily if we prepare it ourselves. Look at how delish yesterday’s dinner was:

Chicken and vegetable, the perfect matrimony

Simple to prepare and healthy too!

One would think that I would cook a great Sarawak Laksa since I have no problem cooking everything else. Unfortunately, that was not the case for me. I attempted to cook laksa today and it didn’t turn out well. Mind you, I’m talking about cooking laksa using a ready made paste and I still failed. Imagine if I made it from scratch. Oh dear.

Before I blog about my cooking adventure, I shall blog about my day. I woke up late, feeling extremely lethargic and in a complete disbelieve at how messy my room was.

A girl’s room suppose to be clean, neat and tidy. Mine is quite the opposite.

Clean and unfolded laundry on the floor. Junk that I hold on to in the basket just near the laundry area. Books everywhere, on any possible space in the room. Empty bottles vacated the dusty floor under the bed. Worst of all, dust bunnies roaming about here and there.

My study table is unorganized, I feel ashamed being a girl. Just look at the photos:

I seriously need to de-clutter.

What a mess. Look at Aslan, passed out on the bed after morning class.

I’ve tidied up the room a bit but it’s halfway done, haven’t swept and mopped the floor yet. I shall upload the after photos maybe tomorrow. Nothing too drastic but more organized and clean room. Hehehe.

Back to the cooking adventure. I had the Sarawak Laksa paste for at least two weeks already and I finally had the courage to cook it today. Aslan and I started cooking at 615pm because of the traffic jam around Kuching.

Satok road heading to Astana is hell.

If it wasn’t for the extra-beautiful clouds in the super beautiful light blue sky, I would be really stressed out in the traffic jam. I know it’s not as bad as the epic traffic jam in West Malaysia or Indonesia but I am a girl with very limited patience.

The traffic jam was less stressful with the lovely sky we had earlier on today.

I can’t explain my obsession with cloud photography these days. Clouds are such beautiful things and dramatic too, no matter what the mood of the environment is like.

It took about 50 minutes to prepare everything and well, the laksa could be better:

Not the best but okay for the first try... After the laksa from Green Height, life will never be the same.

I didn’t take photo of the gravy because it didn’t look appetizing with the oil depository floating about in the pot. Why must laksa be so oily. I think I know why it wasn’t as delish as I anticipated.

First, I followed the recipe on the overleaf when I should have followed the expert laksa cook on local food blogs. Some of the crimes I did: I didn’t fry the laksa paste, I didn’t add belacan and I went overboat with the coconut milk. Perhaps I didn’t add any MSG because I don’t believe in such things. Damn you MSG…

I predicted my failure cooking the laksa, so I decided to cook lemon chicken with left over chicken meat. It was such an easy recipe and it was good. I cheated with instant lemon sauce. Hahaha.

Easy to make and so yummeh!

After laksa and the sinfully delish dessert of ice cream and longan and nata de coco, I did 45 minutes of cycling on the machine while watching Father Ted. It felt good after burning 520 calories.

Honestly, I miss dining out. Maybe I should try local cafes next time. Hmm…


Ice Ice Baby Red by Sereni & Shentel

24 Aug

I know today will not be like any other Tuesday when Aslan brought in a little package. I asked him, what’s that? Honestly, I can be very blur sometimes.

The mysterious package

I tore off the post bill thingy and saw this:

As soon as I saw Sereni and Shentel, I went speechless, so speechless babeh!

My endorphins went rocketed high sky. Could it really be it? I opened the package greedily, I wanted to ravage the box but of course, I did it gently, didn’t wanna ruin the content of the package. Anticipation was killing me slowly. And then, there it was. In a black bag with Sereni & Shentel label on it. For a moment, this felt surreal.

It came with a small bag and a cute postcard. <3

It was so beautiful, I didn’t touch it for at least 10 minute, just adoring it. It was almost like finding love, man. Such a heavenly moment. Ahh… So addictive. Lol!

Red bling-bling y'all.

Finally, we’re united.

I'm so happy I could die.

Ice Ice Baby Red matches my lipstick y'all.

I love Sereni & Shentel, they make me feel special.

Now I can dream more.


Baju Raya by Embun

23 Aug

This year I didn’t have any intention to buy baju Raya until I saw Sara’s auntie’s collection. I fell in love with the colour, fabric and most importantly, the beautiful design of the skirt. I’m not really into elaborate prints therefore the simplicity of the baju kurung also attracted me.

I will have to do a little bit altering for the neck line because right now, it’s a bit of a round neck and it makes me look plump. Maybe a lower neck line will do and if I wanna to make it more unique, I’ll sew on some acrylic rhinestones around the neck line. Hehehe.

Let me know if you’re interested to learn more about Embun Malaysia and their collection.



23 Aug

Angelina Jolie is not Angelina Jolie with blond hair. I don’t know why, don’t really seem right. Angelina Jolie looks better as a brunette. I just watched her latest flick Salt.

I came up with the conclusion that:

No one can mess with Angelina Jolie, even in movies. No matter how bad the situation is, there’s always a way out for her. The only way Angelina Jolie goes down is by her own will. (Refer to Wanted)

Stunt men enjoyed being whooped by Angelina Jolie. The officer in the white police SUV who got tasered by Salt, for instance, couldn’t resist smiling as if he just hit a jackpot. Of course I noticed that cheeky smile in one particular scene.

Angelina Jolie have lost so much weight since Tomb Raider.

Since she’s been with Brad Pitt, in most of the movies, either she dies or her partner dies. Hmm.

I’m such a terrible reviewer. Minus the predictable plot, Salt is okay but somehow I feel that there is something totally missing from that film.

I anticipated a little bit too much for the movie and honestly, I find movies with a cliff hanger is disappointing. I wonder what will they call the sequel to Salt? That is, if there is one… Who knows?

Angelina Jolie’s acting makes up for everything in the end. Oh Angelina Jolie, can you adopt me?