Nasi Kuning, Plaza Merdeka

Rapik wanted to try out the Indonesia restaurant at Plaza Merdeka, Nasi Kuning.

I love Indonesia dishes because they are so yummy and spicy. I love anything spicy. I guess the Asian in me is quite strong.

I mean, when I was in USA for over a month, I did not have a lot of spicy food and when I got to Seoul, I had all the spicy things I could get.  Not to say American food is not nice but I have to have that spiciness man. Sometimes the solution was to flood my meal with sweet chilli or hot sauce. Hehe.

Anyway, back to Nasi Kuning. Average drink and meal for one person is about RM10.  I had Nasi Kuning Set because I fancied the salted egg shown in the photo.


The disappointment when there was no salted eggs was epic. Meh. Overall, it is a decent meal. I like their fried chicken. Flavourful and well cooked.  The yellow rice reminds me of pulut kuning. Their sayur masak lemak is nice. Good they prepare their own carrots rather than use frozen vegetables.

Rapik tried their Ayam Penyet. Portion of chicken is very generous.  Their sambal is nice but nothing too special about it.


Aslan was absolutely clueless on what to eat. It took him a while before deciding to try their Bakso Kway Tiaw.


To be honest, Aslan found the bakso rather tasteless. Perhaps they forgot to give him the sambal to go with it? Mediocre meal.

Overall, we had a pleasant meal at Nasi Kuning. Their service is exceptionally fast. The restaurant setting is basic, simple but clean.  The price is a bit expensive. What do you expect from a restaurant in town right?

I find their nasi kuning delicious but I don’t think it would be my everyday staple though.

Out of 5 stars, I give Nasi Kuning 3.8 stars. I’d definitely come back, only when I crave their nasi kuning. I hope they have the salted eggs the next time I am there.