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Happiness is a Plastic Card

Look what I got in the mail today?


Sereni & Shentel 's Loyalty Program!

Sereni & Shentel ‘s Loyalty Program!


*Screams like a little girl*

I can’t hardly wait the next surprise from Sereni & Shentel! Oh, they have gone such a long way and I am super proud of them. My idols!

This is how we all should do business, entrepreneurs out there, take note and strive for success!


The theme for this Christmas is proudly brought to you by neon orange!

Sorry for the long title, a post as exciting as this receives a very outrageously long one. When it comes to neon, I am a total sucker for orange.

The moment I saw Sereni & Shentel new neon collection for Kawaii Christmas, I just couldn’t resist.

The BFF headband is definitely one of a kind! Braids and gem stones, can’t get any more S&S than that!


S&S BFF Headband in Orange and Orange Queen I got for 50% off at their Christmas booth at the Spring!

S&S BFF Headband in Orange and Orange Queen I got for 50% off at their Christmas booth at the Spring!


At the same time, S&S also launched their limited edition headband organizer, a collaboration with Gin & Jacqie. Being the headband addict as it is, of course, I must own one. At RM60, this baby will keep your headbands organized, whether in the luggage or the hotel room.



The uber cool and eco friendly packaging…


I love the playful font. And do visit Gin & Jacqie website for more goodies!


Made out of nylon denier, it is durable and easy to clean. Regardless of the weather, this baby will make sure you S&S treasures are safe and sound from the elements.



Compact and light, the ideal headband organizer for the jetsetting headband addict fashionistas.


This is a must buy for the S&S headband addicts. Why? It could neatly store up to 16 S&S headbands! Bless their soul for coming up with this little miracle! Teehee!



8 S&S headbands in each compartment.

I am tempted to bring 16 but since I have a certain baggage allowance, I think three S&S headbands should be enough for my travel this Friday.




All neatly stored and I don’t have to worry about my babies getting crushed in the luggage. How convenient is that???

Back to packing my bag. Will blog more soon!


P/S: Do check out Sereni & Shentel + Bower Haus Christmas booth at the Spring. You won’t regret the trip!

Sereni & Shentel Made in Borneo Book Launch

Three weeks ago, when I received this invitation in my inbox, I jumped for joy and squealed with the uttermost glee.

First of all, it is a Sereni and Shentel event. Of course I would get super high, I always feel like I own the universe when it comes to Sereni and Shentel .

Secondly, their very own children’s book launch!!! Oh, how exciting! As the launch got nearer, I couldn’t help wondering what will the story be like. I had a hunch it will be about their friendship and journey to become the most ahmazhing headband designers, ever! Wooohooooo!

Third, their collaboration with the ultra chic and talented Jessica Wong of Plasterdoll. Look at the artwork, fabulous! Perhaps one day I will get it done for theborneogirl too! (I have never seen a fat plasterdoll, so, that will have to wait till I lost another 10 kilo or so… Sobs…)

Okay, I will stop fooling around and get on with the intended entry.

The day began with the birds chirping out of my window, sun shining ever so brightly and all of my animal friends came rushing to help me get ready for today’s event.

Twirling my way to the wardrobe, I whimsically chose a few dresses. It was a hard decision. Should I be wearing something pink, orange or blue?

My mind was made up when I saw the playful zigzag pattern and harmonious colors of blue and beige of a Topshop dress.

Paired with a playful limited edition Sereni & Shentel Blair, it would be the right outfit for the event. I can’t really describe the urge to coordinate the colors of my outfit, I ended up with a camel Celine Boston tote bag and unbranded camel/tan mid heels. I can be quite uniformed when it comes to choosing outfits. Meh.

The setting for today’s event at 4 Points by Sheraton, Kuching

And thankfully, my outfit matched the very colorful event. Tadaa…

From L-R: Jessica Wong, Sereni, Shentel, yours truly, Cynthia and Aslan (Photo credits: Sereni & Shentel, Fazli Taufek)


For RM50, Sereni & Shentel Made in Borneo is available online at sereniandshentel.com as well as selected bookstores, such as MPH and Kinokuniya!


My guess what the book is about is spot on. So proud lah. I absolutely love their first children’s book. It’s chic, fun and very inspiring! I love the simple but very entertaining and INSPIRING storyline:

Sereni & Shentel is a true story about two best friends living in a little city in Borneo who have managed to turn their dream into reality through friendship, laughter, hard work, determination and a little headband magic. Written in rhyme and packed with colorful illustrations, Sereni and Shentel are turned into Plasterdoll characters as readers follow their adventures as accidental headband designers.

The illustration is so pretty and I admire Jessica for doing such a great job! It is not easy being an illustrator and I am happy that Jessica managed to bring out the magic of the dynamic and energetic duo perfectly, again, bravo! (Oh, I love how she draws the Chanel bags… Mmmm… And Hermes Birkin… One day, baby, one day)


One of the illustrations by Jessica


More plasterdolled Sereni and Shentel with oh so delicious bites around the venue


Especially for the kiddies but then again, we are all children at heart, aren’t we?


Kuching Cat galore!


Yours truly and her collection of Kuching Cat. (One day, baby, one day)


Moi posing with the magical book.


Throughout the event, whenever I have my photo taken, I will repeat the above pose. Automatic response. In other words, I might be practicing for my own book launch. Who knows what the future brings??? Haha.


With the ever so elegant Cynthia of Treasurebox


With Elizabeth Lee, the lovely co-founder of Bowerhaus and Shentel’s sister and Cynthia


With my girl Irene!


Before the reading started, Aslan and I had some photo booth fun!


New props, yay!


Since it was a children’s book launch, there were quite a few kiddies running about here and there. Most of them decided to hang about at the coloring station. (Photo by Fazli Taufek)


I miss being a kid, so carefree. (Photo by Fazli Taufek)


The atmosphere calmed down a bit when the reading began. All the children settled down on the cushions and was spell bound by Sereni and Shentel’s first reading of their book.

Elizabeth, the emcee of the day.


I love Jessica’s outfit!


Kuching’s (Perhaps, even the whole wide world) very own sweethearts, Sereni and Shentel


Sereni and her inspirational speech. I was and still is, super inspired, I couldn’t help thinking about taking up a space program coz there was a time when I wanted to be an astronaut. Haha.


The crowd today


My very first book reading. I should have recorded the reading so I can play it for bedtime. (Hint: Audiobook in the future, perhaps??? Hahaha)


Sereni reading Shentel’s story


Shentel reading with explosive expression, shows how awesome their book is!


Once the reading session ended, it was time for the book signing and more photos…


These ladies are truly inspiring. I want to be just like them. One step at a time. One day, baby, one day.


Regarding that, if I am 999999999999 to infinity inspired by these ladies, I wonder how the children feels for them? Must be beyond words. So, papas and mamas, buy this book for your children. Nothing inspires children more than real people. Hehehe.


Group photo!


With PR extraordinaire, Adeline.


I had a lovely time with all of my friends at today’s event. Thank you very much for inviting me to be part of this super historical day. I can imagine one day, reading the book to my children. I can tell them, “You know what, I was there when the book was launched and yes, I know Sereni, Shentel and Plasterdoll (aka Jessica)…” Hahaha. Dear Sereni and Shentel, keep on inspiring girls like me to be the best we ever could be. Thank you for painting more colors in our lives. I love you long time!!!

Yours always,

Christmas with Sereni & Shentel

A big smile was plastered on my face when I saw the box from the postman this morning. Heeeeeee.


Yes, I did not miss the 20% Christmas discount, so I ordered one Ice Ice Baby Shine in Off White and Mandy in Gold. It was quite a hard decision. If given the chance, I would have ordered everything. But since that was not the case, two would do for now.

I should have requested for them to put a warning on the box, ‘Do Not Open Till’ Christmas’. This was suppose to be a Christmas gift for myself. Oh well, more reasons to get more, is it not? Haha.

Ice Ice Baby Shiny in Off White and Mandy in Gold. My theme for Christmas this year. ;)


I chose these two because I wanted something simple but still over the top for Christmas. Talk about being indecisive. As much as I appreciate being subtle, somehow, I can’t resist shiny things!

Ice Ice Baby Shiny in Off White: Simple and yet, still is glamourous in its own way.


Off White goes well with the bling-bling


I relate snow to the colour white, suitable for Christmas in the Tropics. Shows how enthusiastic I am about Christmas even there is no snow here.


Mandy in Gold


Baby, I am the Shining star of Christmas.


For a twist, I think I'll hang some of my S&S on my Christmas tree in Singapore hotel room. Hehehe.


They say all that glitters is GOLD. Gold reminds me of shiny things and shiny things reminds me of Christmas decorations!


The first one is the headband I got from H&M in Windsor but nothing can compete with the beauty of Sereni & Shentel's headbands!


Hmm. Everytime I get my S&S, I get high.


Just a preview, I will take more photos of me and the lovelies soon. :D

The photo reminds me of why I chose Ice Ice Baby Shiny in Off White. I want to be the Ice Queen. Hahaha. Well, that’s all for now, will update this post with more photos.






The Ultimate Borneo Princess

The delivery boy had  a bit of a trouble trying to locate my house. Fortunately, he didn’t give up and walla, found my house! Yay to Tan & Tan Courier Xpress! Finally, my babies are here!


I love receiving this parcel!


What did I order this time?  Well…

Borneo Mandy in Black & Gold Digga: Ooh La La! Bling bling y'all! I didn't photoshop this!


I’m ecstatic about the Borneo collection, plus, I’ve been eyeing Gold Digga for such a long time and finally, I have them I can’t describe my feelings when I had them on me. Definitely the happiest gal on earth!


Just enough bling-bling to compliment the already beautiful print of the Pua Kumbu


I absolutely love Sereni & Shentel’s Borneo Collection. I guarantee you can’t find anything as amazing as this collection! Ridiculously good looking! (I got this from Sereni & Shentel)


I also love the simple design of the Pua Kumbu used for Borneo Mandy in Black


By purchasing this, not only have I contributed to the Semembai Literacy Project but also, I always have a piece of my home with me. Truly Sarawakian in a way. Hehehe.


Gold Diggaaaaaa! Look at how shiny it is! And oh, so classy!


I love how shiny the fabric used for Gold Digga.


Because I love them so much, I’m gonna post more close ups!


Ahhhh... I feel so calm just looking at them, what more to wear them?


I love this photo. Oozes glamour and luxury.


When I wear them, it totally makes me feel like the ultimate Borneo Princess! Trust me, I can never be more vain than this (Or can I???)


Borneo Princess (In my dreams) using her gold tiara. :D


Borneo Princess with her ultimate tiara. Hehehe. <3


Mmmm… One of these days I’m going to fall off my tree for dreaming too much. Oh well, not this one, I did work hard for it and I deserve everything!






Sereni & Shentel The Borneo Collection: Semembai Literacy Project

What would this world be like without written words? Knowing how to read is as important as communicating itself. Why, even Shakespeare acknowledged the significance of the written words in one of his famous sonnets, Sonnet 18.

“So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this and this gives life to thee.”

In relation to this, I am most delighted when I found out that Sereni & Shentel’s latest Borneo Collection supports this cause. The Borneo Collection features Block Party, Mandy and New Money of the S&S line in a variety of pua kumbu designs reflecting Sarawak’s beautiful colours and traditions.

Block Party is available in four colours:

Borneo Block Party in Turquoise


Borneo Block Party in Black

Borneo Block Party in Olive Grey

Borneo Block Party in Regal Purple

Borneo Mandy is available in four colours:

Borneo Mandy in Turquoise

Borneo Mandy in Black


Borneo Mandy in Olive Grey

Borneo Mandy in Regal Purple

And oh, Borneo New Money is sexy as hell. It is available in red!

Borneo New Money in Red in which I will get in the future.

By the way, with every purchase from the Borneo Collection, 50% of the proceeds will go to the Semembai Literacy Project, an adult literacy programme designed for rural women. The donation will be given to the Society for the Advancement of Women and the Family, Sarawak spearheaded by dynamic duo Fiona Mowlem and Grete Fozdar.

There is nothing more beautiful than fashion and charity combined. Therefore, log on to http://www.sereniandshentel.com and get yourself an exotic plus unique headband from Sereni & Shentel Borneo Collection! Price ranges from RM50 to RM180. Just keep in mind that half of that money goes to a good cause!



P/S: Yes, I bought mine. Better start buying before I buy them all!

A Girl Can Always Dream

Before I begin, I would like to quote India Knight in her book, The Shops (2003):

“In recent years, I have… become obsessed with the magic of online shopping. You have to kiss a lot of frogs, but eventually you find a real prince of a shop… You sit there in your pyjamas, click a few buttons with your wee mouse, and a few days later a wonderful, thrilling parcel arrives. There is such a special delight in opening a parcel, tearing through the cardboard, feeling like you’ve got a fabulous, perfect present from someone who knows you really well. Which, in fact, you have. Only yesterday a lovely pistachio-and-violet coloured suede backgammon board arrived from an online shop (and it was cheap), which probably explains my good mood today. Hell being other people, you don’t get a mood like that from schlepping up and down Oxford Street on a Saturday afternoon.”

She described exactly how I felt when I received a package from Mr Postman this morning. Especially the bold phrase. Spot on!


Hmm... I wonder what's inside?




I smiled from ear to ear when I saw Sereni & Shentel.


Honestly, all I expected was the Black Gift Bag but Sereni & Shentel was kind enough to give me a complimentary lookbook for this season’s headbands. Now I can stare at them beautiful headbands all day long. Okay, that sounds freaky. Sereni & Shentel are so beautiful. I wanna be just like them when I am slim one day. Hmm…

I wanted to rip open the box but Aslan advised me to take my time, enjoy the moment and unwrap the treasure inside gracefully. And then I saw what was inside the box.



Sereni & Shentel Lookbook and two cotton bags?


I was amused when I saw there were two cotton bags. I thought there would only be one bag because it is the Black Gift Bag that I bought. Nonetheless, I was really excited. I took out the contents and my jaw dropped opened. Why?




I couldn't believe it, NEW MONEY! And ohhhhh, the trio from the Black Gift bag are sooooo pretty too! Shiny bling bling y'all!



Sereni & Shentel granted a wish of mine to own a New Money and plus, they’ve given me the one in Black, my favourite colour! I love you, Sereni & Shentel!




New Money Black by Sereni & Shentel: A dream come true. Sereni & Shentel, you are such a star!





Black Gift Bag: From Top to Bottom: Ice Ice Baby Mini Black, Blair Black and Block party Black. Suitable for any occasion, that's the beauty of Sereni & Shentel!



Pretty Little Things.



Here are some photos of me and the beautiful headbands from Sereni & Shentel.

New Money: For that classy and luxurious look


Block Party: For that chic and fun look, oh, makes you look French too!

Blair: Beautiful and posh, that's me doing my best impression of Blair in Gossip Girl.

I love them all, I want to wear them all at one time. Crazy, I know!

I can’t stop smiling.  Thank you Sereni & Shentel for telling me that a girl can always dream.



Ice Ice Baby Red by Sereni & Shentel

I know today will not be like any other Tuesday when Aslan brought in a little package. I asked him, what’s that? Honestly, I can be very blur sometimes.

The mysterious package

I tore off the post bill thingy and saw this:

As soon as I saw Sereni and Shentel, I went speechless, so speechless babeh!

My endorphins went rocketed high sky. Could it really be it? I opened the package greedily, I wanted to ravage the box but of course, I did it gently, didn’t wanna ruin the content of the package. Anticipation was killing me slowly. And then, there it was. In a black bag with Sereni & Shentel label on it. For a moment, this felt surreal.

It came with a small bag and a cute postcard. <3

It was so beautiful, I didn’t touch it for at least 10 minute, just adoring it. It was almost like finding love, man. Such a heavenly moment. Ahh… So addictive. Lol!

Red bling-bling y'all.

Finally, we’re united.

I'm so happy I could die.

Ice Ice Baby Red matches my lipstick y'all.

I love Sereni & Shentel, they make me feel special.

Now I can dream more.

Sereni & Shentel

Sereni & Shentel; Made in Borneo. I love that, so catchy, so exotic, so appealing… That is why the Borneo Girl supports them. <3

If it wasn’t for my shopping instinct, I would have missed a one day 25% discount for any products from Sereni & Shentel last night. I even rushed to the bank at 11pm just to top up the debit card in order to pay for it. I paid RM135+ plus shipping for an Ice Ice Baby in Red. I never stop smiling since then. I’d smile wider if it’s in my mail box.

I knew of this particular brand from my aunt and how can I not miss it on Facebook and Twitter?  The obsession for their headbands only kicked in after I saw it live. Either that, I’ve been brainwashing myself by going to their website for far too often. Hehehe.

I remember the first time I saw the red headband at Rock, Paper, Scissors at Green Height Mall. It was love and hate at first sight.

For one, I love the idea of a bejeweled headband, especially in ruby red and secondly, I always have a thing for headband in general. Hehe. Honestly though, I was taken aback by the price tag which was a bit too expensive for a student like me. Why would I wanna pay RM160+ for that?

I resolved my frustration by trying to make my own bejeweled headband. Bought the materials needed at Tabuan Jaya for under RM20. I know I’m supposed to hand sew the jewels on the fabric but since I’m too lazy, I just super glued them. Mind you, temporary only lah until I get the will power to sew them and buy a better fabric. This is how it looks like:

Not exactly Sereni & Shentel but this will do until the real McCoy arrives in the mail!

Even with the DIY headband, I am not satisfied and I figured, maybe I should invest in a Sereni and Shentel headband. That explained the whole rush to the bank last night. It was my good luck that I decided to buy one when they have a 25% sale. I feel so happy. After one hour of debating with myself in regards which one should I buy, I’ve narrowed down to two. Gold Digga or Ice Ice Baby in Red. It was a tough decision. I wanted both, actually, I wanted ALL of their headbands.

In the end, I went for the red one, the one I am always in love with and yet seemed so impossible to get… Hehehe. I call it my forbidden love and after all those time apart, we shall be united. I sound like a psychopath here. Okay. This is a photo of my red Ice Ice Baby which I got from sereniandshentel.com

Look at them bling-bling! Red bling-bling, couldn't get any better than this!

And once I have collected enough money, I will get my hands on these babies too:

I have a thing or two for Gold...

Yes, I need you, Mandy!!!

I can already see how sophisticated this will look on me.

If I can't buy all the colours from Ice Ice Baby range, this will do for now. Hahaha.

New Money: I like the sound of that. Sexy. Hahaha.

All I need to do now is dream, dream, dream.


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