Updates and Stuff…

Hello everybody!

How are you all keeping. I am fine thank you. Before I proceed with this blog entry, I would like to announce that I no longer will do any food reviews here. Why? Very simple.

I am gaining weight and I am getting tired of being a food critic. Hence, I have retired from Kuching Food Scene. Although, I will still eat out now and then, just that I won’t be reviewing them and posting them here. Maybe just on Instagram.

Anyway, recently I have turned 27. GASPS. One freaking decade since SPM! Whoa. Unbelievable. Honestly though, I still feel young. And where did I celebrate my birthday this year? Of course in another beautiful paradise.

Kandooma, Maldives.

Kandooma, Maldives.


We wouldn’t had the chance to visit the beautiful country of Maldives if it wasn’t for Air Asia X. It is unfortunate they will suspend this route indefinitely. Luckily, Aslan and I flight wasn’t cancelled. Definitely blessed. From Male, a 40 minutes speed boat ride to this beautiful island called Kandooma. Amazing place. Can’t wait to be back.

On top of that, I have another announcement to make…

Notice anything spectacular?

Notice anything spectacular?

I can’t deny the background is indeed spectacular. The Laccadive Sea is an amazing sight. If you are totally clueless, here is another clue:












































It will be spectacular, I promise you but I think an air of suspense is totally relevant here.




























































Are you ready???



































I have an awesome bun in my oven!

I have an awesome bun in my oven!


Yes, Aslan and I are having a baby! Isn’t that exciting? We will be twelve weeks tomorrow and the due date is in September. Aslan and I found out on New Year’s day and couldn’t wait to announce to the world then and then but we thought it would be wise to wait until the end of the first trimester.

I have had an easy pregnancy so far. No complications like morning sickness but I do need to use the loo very often these days. And yes, I also flew to Maldives while 10 weeks pregnant. It was worrying but the doctor told me both baby and mummy are in top health, so we were given the green flag to fly. Alhamdulillah, baby is growing well and we both couldn’t wait to see our precious one in September.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been quite busy growing a human in my tummy. Fatigue does get me.

Will keep you updated!