Wish List

2012 Wishlist:

  • Chanel Reissue 2.55

Every girl should have this reborn classic in their wardrobe. I am still RM12k behind. I have till August to save for this baby.


  • Hermes Kelly Wallet

I have made my goal more realistic compare with previous years. Instead of aiming super high for a Hermes Birkin, I’ve lowered my goal to a simple wallet with equally crazy price tag. Oh well, to own a Hermes product is already priceless as it is. (If you want to donate your old-never-used-don’t-like-anymore Birkin, let me know. Hahaha. God bless you always!)


  • New Blackberry Bold- the one I have now is over three years old.
  • Paint by Numbers set- I like to paint but I am not exactly skilled. I need some good old fashioned help in making my dream of becoming a painter comes true.
  • Slimming package. The last 10kg is a biatch.
  • 2013 awesome practical planner.

One thought on “Wish List

  1. Thankyou For Obcessing on the Cloud Faces This Month!
    I Really do Like to know if other people see them to or if it might just be me. 8) New pages coming for 2011.
    I wish you satisfaction with your weight.It unfortunately does affect our everything. I lost 40 lbs. in four months by,
    1) No Liquid Calories – No soda regular or diet. seltzer only. takes 2 hours to walk off one soda. (not worth it)
    No Hot Cocoa,No Flavored Coffees.
    2)No Soy (of any kind in any form)No preservatives (it builds fluid in the body)
    3)Walk a half hour of the day. Heart pumps out fluid
    4)SWEAT- Do Hot Yoga or a Sauna ,Its just fluid build up that builds up at pms time that needs to be sweated out.
    Easy Stuff , no real exercise and no real dieting.
    eat meat ,veggies,and friut and dessert with no soy.
    Hope you see a differnce that makes you never worry about you weight.this world is enough to deal with, be happy.

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